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Liam’s new tattoo: Who’s eye is it?

Okay, so our precious Lima bean was spotted leaving some club or something like that after weeks of being MIA (he was spotted the same day as Zayn AND in the same city, let me tell you). And he’s got a few new tats, but the most talked about is his eye tattoo.

Chiam-shippers were quick to assume that it was Cheryl’s eye since she’s his girlfriend and his baby mama and bluh bluh bluh.

Yeah, sure, you wish. 

Me, being an intelligent individual, who can easily tell where is truth and where is pr bullshit, because she’s been through a lot in this fandom, decided to prove their blind asses that this is not Cheryl’s eye. But rather someone else’s, whose name starts with Z. 

Yep, you heard me right, after a bit of research I’m now convinced that this is Zayn’s eyes. 

So let’s get started. (I’m actually ashamed to say that I spent my weekend evening comparing three eyes, why am I like this?)

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