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12 Days of Teen Wolf: Day 9 - Fashion (Hair &/or Outfit) 

All of the Above !

Betrayed - Theo Raeken Imagine

Prompt: your in Scott’s pack and the dread doctors recently turn you and end up being a failure. And the pack are helping you out. And Theo brings you back when they kill you and Theo expects you to be in his pack and do all these things for him. But you say your in Scott’s pack and that will never change. And he gets mad and threatens you but your not scared of him and yea. Thanks

Word Count:


**1 month ago**

“Y/N maybe you shouldn’t come tonight” Scott said

“What why?” I asked shocked

“We don’t know what we’re dealing with yet” Malia said

“We just don’t want you to get hurt” Stiles said putting a hand on my shoulder

“But you guys know I can defend myself right, I’m a hunter, Allison was a hunter she would always go, I’m going”

“She does have a point” Lydia said

*fighting the dread doctors*

Malia was fighting The Surgeon, Scott was fighting The Pathologist and Liam was fighting The Geneticist. Scott was thrown against a brick wall pretty hard and I saw the Pathologist walk towards Lydia and Stiles but he was soon kicked in the stomach by Malia. 

As they were fighting Scott started to fight the Surgeon. The Pathologist defeated Malia and started walking towards Lydia and Stiles so I started shooting at it with the arrows. He turned around and it started coming towards me. Malia still wasn’t up and I had to fight it so I got knives that I had in my boots and started to try and fight it.

“Y/N don’t!” I heard Scott yell and I was thrown against the wall as well Scott was thrown again, and then Liam was too.

I felt two people grab me and put me on my knees. I heard the noise they made through their masks. Suddenly I felt them push my head back and needle injecting me. The person who injected the needle in me was Theo. I didn’t even know he was there.

“Theo no” Stiles and Lydia yelled

When they noticed that it didn’t turn me into a Chimera they declared me a failure and killed me then and there.

The last thing I had seen was the look on everyone’s faces including Theo’s who looked shocked. Lydia who was on the verge of tears was being hugged by Stiles, Liam, Scott and Malia all had the look on their face as if they were blaming themselves for what happened. Theo didn’t think they’d kill me at all as I heard him yelling at the doctors before I fell to the floor and I was gone.


“You did this to me Theo” I yelled at him

“Yeah but I also brought you back when they killed you” He yelled back at you “This means I need you to be in my pack”

“What if I don’t want to Theo do you not understand that they killed me because of you! You took me away from Scott’s pack to be in yours and now I’m back with Scott and that’s not going to change” 

“Listen you’re either with me or I can kill you Y/N” he said with anger in his voice

“You don’t scare me!” I said through gritted teeth and he scoffed

“Really who’s going to protect you huh? Scott? Lydia? Liam? Stiles and his bat?”

“I think you must’ve forgotten that I came from a family of hunters, I know how to defend myself.”

“Really because it didn’t seem like that a month ago when you died”

“They told me they weren’t going to kill you, just know that if they betray you I won’t be here for you”

“They would never betray me, they’re not you” and with that I left.


Hope you like it! Ask box is open for imagines or if you’d like to just talk! I might publish another imagine tomorrow.