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30 Days of Narnia - Day 18: Best Casting of a Character

The Entire Cast [Part 2 of 2]

(I thought about this one really long and hard, but I guess I knew from the start that I could never pick a favorite here. To me, the entire cast is completely spot on and I totally love every single one of those adorable dorks; so here have some of the adorkable idiots :D)


To the glistening Eastern Sea, I give you Queen Lucy, The Valiant.

To the great Western Wood, I give you King Edmund, The Just.

To the radiant Southern Sun, I give you Queen Susan, The Gentle

To the clear Northern Sky, I give you King Peter, The Magnificent.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe movie I decided to do an art project of all the main characters, whom I love to death. The coloring work isn’t as nice as I wanted but I ran out of time. I wanted the backgrounds of the Pevensie’s pictures to correspond to the lines above, like sunset colors for Susan, sky colors for Peter, etc. but that bit me in the ass. Susan and Peter look alright but Lucy and Edmund aren’t…great. as always the sketches look so much better, and I suck at coloring jobs. But I still really wanted to share this today. 


30 Day Film Challenge : Day Three

Favourite Action/Adventure Movie - The Chronicles Of Narnia

The Chronicles Of Narnia are actually one of my guilty pleasures. I know it’s not a typical adventure film and is for a family audience but I love them and the messages and morals they try to emit. Aslan is one of my favourite animal characters ever and Liam Neeson’s voice just adds the cherry on top.


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) - dir. Michael Apted

It was probably always my least favorite novel of the series, and it’s no wonder it ended up being the first disappointing film in the franchise. A family-friendly adventure film with talking CGI-animals and child actors has an incredibly low ceiling, but Dawn Treader wasn’t able to reach it. All of the choreographed fight-sequences and action sequences left much to be desired. An overwhelming budget didn’t feel appropriately used as it was stretched too thin to incorporate too much from the source material.

Who honestly remember all the details from Dawn Treader? It’s not like the Narnia novels are are gaining in popularity, so why not spend a little less time worrying about faithful adaptations and a little more time developing an intriguing movie world. This version of Narnia may have taken place almost entirely on the high seas, but it didn’t even feel like the same place as the first two films. Still, if I were a dozen years younger I probably would have eaten it up, and it had Tilda, and even if it was overly-digital, the end-of-the-earth ending was still pretty awesome. Call it a wash.