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••• Part 2

Thiam Headcanons

  • Theo always being the big spoon, because he likes clinging to Liam and breathing him in.
  • ALWAYS looking deeply into each other’s eyes
  • Liam getting really angry when someone insults Theo
  • Longing looks
  • Theo being overprotective of Liam
  • Always fighting together
  • Calling each other “babe” in front of their friends
  • Always ending up kissing passionately after a fight
  • Liam shouting, “Why do you always have to do such stupid and reckless things in order to protect me”? and Theo shouting back, “ Because I love you, you idiot”!
  • Theo making Liam breakfast
  • Theo grinning every time Liam does something cute or awkward
  • Liam wearing Theo’s t-shirts
  • Going on double dates with Mason and Correy
  • Always ripping each other’s clothes apart during steamy moments
  • Staring at each other’s lips
  • Flirting shamelessly with each other in public
  • Secret looks and smiles
  • Theo helping Liam with his anger issues
  • Liam talking about history and Theo listening intently every time
  • Liam helping Theo redeem himself and convincing the pack to give him a second chance
  • Theo saying “You know I am not dying for you, right?” and before Liam can answer, he continues, “I am gonna live for you and fight for you. Always”
  • Liam losing control while kissing and Theo telling him that it’s okay
  • Watching the full moon together
  • Theo kissing Liam’s forehead

Thiam Subtext 💕

Liam: *drops something on floor* oh fuck me

Theo: *raises eyebrow with seductive smirk*

Liam: *glares at him blushing* that’s not what I meant!

Theo: *walks over to him wrapping his arms around his waist* was that an invitation?

Liam: *blushing furiously trying to escape* no Theo

Theo: *trademark smirk*


Liam: *sits next to Mason with scruffy hair and messed up clothes*

Mason: What happened to you?

Liam: *blushing* I dropped my pen…

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