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We’re celebrating National Coming Out Day a little bit early this year with our friends at everyoneisgay.

Join us on October 6th at housingworksbookstore in NYC to meet, mingle, drink free drinks, and celebrate the new book This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids. Hear stories from dannielle, kristinnoeline, holabrody, liam-lowery, and jennyowenyoungs!

This party is free, all ages, and open to the public. Tell your friends!

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WATCH: This Is a Show for Parents of Gay* Kids, Episode 2

We are so excited to share our second episode of This is a Show for Parents of Gay* Kids! Everyone is Gay and Parents Project contributor Liam Lowery joins us to talk about the differences between gender identity and sexuality. We also got to interview Jazz Jennings, 13-year-old author of “I Am Jazz”! 

You see, the hardest person to come out to is always yourself. Because when you come out to yourself, it sets you on a path lined with decisions only you can make. When I realized I was trans, I wanted to shove the realization deep into the recesses of my mind and never deal with it again. But I couldn’t, and I’m glad for it now. I have news for you, new trans man. Since you’ve come out to yourself, you are not so new after all—in fact, you’ve already done the hardest thing. Congratulations!

Everyone Is Gay | Dealing with Anxiety and New Trans Identity

Liam Lowery, who will talk about coming out at tonight’s party.

Come meet Liam and each other and celebrate This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids tonight in NYC!

Inside you, there are oceans of contemplation that no one but you will sail. You are on a journey. Don’t let the way others see you or the way you may see others slow you down, just do what you must to get to a safe port. You can always sort out the problematic nature of conflating some physical qualities with gender identity later.
—  Liam Lowery, Everyone Is Gay