liam leeroy

  • Liam/Jaal: (sitting outside a kett facility discussing a plan of attack)
  • Ryder: (gets bored) Ok let's go! LEEEEROOOOOOOY JEEEENKINNNNS! (runs into facility guns blazing)
  • Liam/Jaal: (sitting there stunned
  • Liam: Did Ryder just Leeroy Jenkins us?
  • Jaal: What does that mean?
  • Liam: I'll explain it later. Let's go! (runs into facility)
  • Jaal: (still extremely confused but follows)

50. “This is girl talk, so leave.”

Harry felt his heart beating out his chest. He didn’t know why. There was no legitimate reason to be nervous. He was only showing the ring he bought for Y/N to Liam. Still, he couldn’t contain the nervousness he felt. It just seemed so real now. Like it was something he was actually about to do. Like it was the beginning of an era. He didn’t even feel this nervous when he was asking her parents for their blessing. It wasn’t as tangible then. But having this engagement ring in his hands felt all too real. 

He was sat at the edge of the couch, nails bitten down to the pads of his finger, waiting for a response. “What do you think?”


“It’s too different, isn’t it? I should’ve just went classic, shouldn’t I?”

“It’s per-fect,” Liam replied in his Leeroy voice.

He chuckled nervously. “You think?”

“She’s going to love it,” he reassured, holding the ring up closer to inspect it. Harry let out a breath, he wasn’t entirely sure when he started holding in. “When are you gonna pop the question?”

His heart sped up again and he broke out in a cold sweat. This was possibly the most terrifying thing he had to do in his life, and that’s saying something considering he was on the X Factor. He knew she wouldn’t say no, (or at least he hoped) but this was a major life event. “I’m not sure. I want it to be soon, though. She always said she wanted an early fall wedding, so I figure if I ask now-” he began but was cut off.

“Honey! I’m home!” they heard Y/N yell from the corridor leading into the family room. Both their eyes bulged out of their head as they scrambled to hide the ring. Liam stuffed it back into the box and tossed it to Harry. Harry then proceeded to sit on it, just in time for her to walk into the room. “Oi! Liam, what’s going on mate?”

“Nothing much.” How he was able to keep his composure was a mystery to Harry.

Y/N leaned across the sofa and wrapped her arms around H’s neck whilst kissing his temple. He visibly relaxed into her touch, but was still shaken up. “Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

“I- I don’t. I am, um, you,um, you’re interrupting.”

“Am I now?” she said, raising an eyebrow.

He nodded. “This is girl talk, so leave.”

“Whatever you say, H. Whatever you say,” she replied and pecked his lips before sashaying away.

He exhaled heavily and Liam laughed, clapping him on the back. “You’re a wreck. You really do need to do this soon.”

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