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  • Wrong - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • TIO - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Slow Hands - Niall Horan (Flicker)
  • Strange Love - Halsey (Badlands)
  • Young God - Halsey (Badlands)
  • Outside - The Weeknd (Trilogy)
  • Good For You - Selena Gomez (Good For You)
  • Chill - Trey Songz (Intermission I & II)
  • Ride - SoMo (SoMo)
  • Hold Tight - Justin Bieber (Journals)
  • Slow Motion - Trey Songz (Slow Motion)
  • Often (Kygo Remix) - The Weeknd (Often Kygo Remix)
  • Nasty Naughty Boy - Christina Aguilera (Back to Basics)
  • All That Matters - Justin Bieber (Journals)
  • Rocket - Beyoncé (BEYONCÉ)
  • SEX - The 1975 (SEX EP)
  • We Can Make Love - SoMo (SoMo)
  • Sex on fire - Kings of Leon (Only By The Night)
  • Do I Wanna Know? - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Hatefuck - Cruel Youth
  • Earned It - The Weeknd (Fifty Shades of Grey)
  • Trust - Justin Bieber (Purpose)
  • Daddy Issues - Demi Lovato
  • Pillow Talk - Zayn (Mind of Mine)
  • Back To Sleep - Chris Brown (Royalty)
  • Dangerous Woman - Arinana Grande (Dangerous Woman)
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Artic Monkeys
  • R U MINE? - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Arabella - Artic Monkeys (AM)
  • Dark Times - The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  • Angel - The Weeknd (Beauty Behind The Madness)
  • Valerie - The Weeknd (Trilogy)
  • Good Girls - 5 Seconds of Summer (5 Seconds of Summer)
  • Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
  • Strip That Down - Liam Payne
  • Sexy Dirty Love - Demi Lovato
  • Be my Daddy - Lana del Rey
  • Bad Bitch - Bebe Rexha
  • Havanna - Camila Cabello
  • Versace on the Floor - Bruno Mars
  • That’s what I like - Bruno Mars
  • Ruin the Friendship - Demi Lovato
  • Games - Demi Lovato
  • Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee
  • Mayores - Becky G ft. Bad Bunny
  • Diles - Bad Bunny ft. Ozuna, Farruko, Arcangel, Ñego Flow
  • Shape of You - Ed Sheeran (Multiply)
  • Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna
  • Side to Side - Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
  • Criminal - Natty Natasha ft. Ozuna
  • Se preparó - Ozuna
  • Sola Remix - Anuel AA ft. Daddy Yankee, Wisin, Farruko, Zion y Lennox
  • Chillax - Farruko ft. Ky-Mani Marley
  • Safari - J Balvin ft. Pharrell Williams, BIA, Sky
  • Chateu - Blackbear
The stunt

‘Thank heavens January is coming’ grumbled Liam, looking at a fresh pile of bills that morning. ‘The gym has been absolutely dead these last three months. I just don’t understand it. The Fall promotions just didn’t draw people in like they did last year.’

‘Don’t worry honey’ smiled Danny. ‘People always overeat and feel guilty in January; they’ll soon come flooding back in and boost your numbers.’

‘I hope so,’ sighed Liam. ‘Otherwise, I think we’re finished by Easter’.

Danny and Liam both owned and managed two gyms in the city. They had met two years ago at a fitness convention in Texas and soon formed a romantic relationship, earning themselves the reputation of being the hottest gay couple in the area. Liam was the slightly taller, more muscular guy with big arms, large thighs, pulled together by a firm, flat stomach. He had thick dark hair and just the right amount of stubble. Danny was a slightly shorter, blonde pretty boy with a toned and fit frame that looked great in absolutely anything. Both boys could turn heads and often did. Danny had the pretty boy face and fit body, but Liam had the muscular physique and alpha male look most of the straight guys were after.

‘What you need is some sort of gimmick’ pondered Danny, thinking about Liam’s gym. ‘What can you do that other gyms aren’t doing?’ Unlike Liam, Danny’s gym was close to student halls and so he only had to worry about drawing people in during the summer when the halls emptied.

‘I dunno, I hate that sort of stuff’ said Liam, rolling his eyes.

‘Alright. Just see how your numbers are in January and then we can come back and think about it’ reasoned Danny.

Danny was concerned for Liam. He loved his gym so much and knew he wouldn’t cope well losing a business he had spent 10 years building. And so, Christmas came and went, heralding the arrival of the regretful over-indulgers; or so they both hoped.

‘Oh my! You would not believe how fat one of the guys at my gym got over the holidays!’ laughed Danny. ‘He has this whole new roll of fat around his stomach…’ he had to pause, laughing too hard ‘…and he didn’t even know it was just sitting there, sticking out of his t shirt as he sat at the side during the class today.’

‘You’re mean! I don’t know why you find it so hilarious when someone puts on weight’ teased Liam.

‘Me neither’ chuckled Danny. ‘I just find it hilarious!’ He took a deep breath to calm down and then looked more seriously at Liam. ‘Well, go on then. How are the January numbers?’

‘Not good. We only had 60% of the subscribers we gained at the same time last year.’

‘It’s not terrible’ reasoned Danny, trying to sound positive.

‘It’s not great. I need to do something, and fast!’

‘You need a gimmick, some sort of stunt to get people talking about your gym’ said Danny, sounding more enthusiastic and energetic. ‘Come on!’ he shouted as he saw the look on Liam’s face. ‘We just need to find something to get people coming in to the gym. We’ll get looking online and see what other gyms are doing’

Three hours later and the boys had systematically discounted a huge range of promotions other gyms had tried. Just then, Danny stumbled on to something that he thought might work.

‘Maybe the stunt doesn’t have to be about the gym. Maybe it could be about you, the owner.’

‘Go on’ said Liam, sounding more interested.

‘Look here. There’s this trainer in Kansas. He wanted to understand how his overweight clients felt when they embarked on a weight loss journey. So, he purposefully gained 100lbs of fat so that he could lose it again.’ Danny showed Liam the pictures.

‘Fuck, you think I should do that?’ shouted Liam, looking concerned as he saw the trainer’s before and after pictures.

‘Why not? He did lose it all. Look at him now’ said Danny, showing Liam the picture of the trainer after he lost all the extra fat. ‘He looks even better than he did before and I bet his numbers have skyrocketed at his gym. It’s perfect. Your client base is mostly men looking to bulk up or lose weight, they’d definitely be interested in seeing this.’

‘I dunno, this guy wasn’t as muscular as I am. I already weigh 200lbs. I mean, what would I even have to do?’ said Liam, nervously.

‘Well, this guy quit exercising for 9 months, and just let his appetite do the rest. It says here he just ate what he wanted, when he wanted. You could do the same; 9 months, no exercise and eat whatever you like.’

‘Ha, I like the idea of eating whatever I want…’ said Liam, sounding slightly more cheery.

Within a week, the boys had drawn up all of the promotional material and set about preparing for Liam’s big stunt. January 31st would be the last day Liam would do any exercise because, come February, he was going to start to learn what it meant to be a lazy boy.

February began and Liam found himself getting bored at home, missing his gym sessions. Monday was arms and shoulders day, but here he was sat at home watching TV. It was mind-numbingly dull and he found himself eating a load of snacks out of the cupboard out of pure boredom. By the time Danny arrived home he had fallen asleep on the sofa, surrounded by his leftovers.

‘Liam!’ whispered Danny as he shook Liam awake. ‘I’m home’.

‘Hey babe!’ smiled Liam as Danny bent down to kiss him. Danny looked so cute, in his gym gear as he stood over Liam; his pert little ass calling out to Danny. As Danny pulled away from the kiss, Liam grabbed his shorts and pulled him down on top of him. Not going to the gym certainly gave Liam more energy for other activities. Liam just had to take him upstairs straight away, rip off his shorts and smash his tight little ass.

Tuesday was pretty much the same; followed by the rest of the week. Liam snacked, slobbed out in front of the TV and then anxiously awaited Danny’s return so that he could fuck him. By the end of the first month, Liam started to realise that it actually wasn’t too bad a lifestyle.

‘So, it’s not been too bad’ said Liam as he made his video blog for the gym website. ‘I’ve eaten loads and you can sort of see my stomach is starting to look a little swollen. I’ve lost a little definition in my arms, but other than that, there’s not much change. Let’s step on the scales and see shall we?’ Liam moved the camera so that he could have a full body shot as he weighed in. ‘Last month I weighed 200lbs. This month I weigh…’ he waited for the numbers to settle. ‘202lbs’. He paused, trying to muster up some enthusiasm to carry on the video. ‘Well, 2 lbs isn’t too bad I guess. I suppose most of that will be because I lost a bit of muscle mass. Um, well, that’s it I guess. Catch you all next month!’

Danny watched the video back with him that evening. The video had attracted two viewers on the website so far.

‘It’s boring isn’t it?’ said Liam, throwing his hands up into the air.

‘Well…’ cringed Danny, trying to find something positive to say. ‘It could be better. But not many people are going to tune in to see you gain 2lbs a month. I think we’re just going to have to get you eating a lot more calories ready for the next vlog.’

Liam set about eating more over the next week. Danny would arrive home with something tasty each night and ensured that Liam ate it before bed that night. During their time off, Liam was introduced to a wealth of tasty food outlets, totalling up the calories each day.

By the time the next vlog was made, Liam had gained a further 8lbs and looked visibly softer all over, but it was still a slow trickle of views on the website. Liam had never eaten so much in his life. He had bulked many times in the past but he could not believe how hard it was to gain fat. He had to force himself to overeat every day and still the gains were nothing like he was anticipating. He had no idea how that trainer from Kansas had done it.

Something changed by the end of month 3 and Liam suddenly found his body was becoming used to the excess food. He found himself feeling hungrier than ever and happily overate his calorie targets each day. It wasn’t long after that that the results started to show more clearly. Liam had worked hard to build up a large muscular ass, but 3 months of no exercise and overdosing on calories had left it looking softer and wider. It still had the large spherical appearance, but the moment Liam started to walk, the new bounce was incredibly obvious to both him and Danny. Liam’s gut had blossomed. Despite the ‘overfed jock’ look he had going on with his small pot belly, Liam was surprised by how soft it was as he took a roll of fat into his hand and jiggled it. His pecs softened as well and he poked his nipples, surprised at how far in his finger squished into the softness.

‘Stop laughing!’ moaned Liam as he walked along the sidewalk with Danny.

‘I’m sorry, I can’t help it. That t shirt is just so damn tight on you. You look ridiculous!’ laughed Danny.

‘Yeah, well, I’m going to get some new stuff, so quit your giggling.’

Liam needed new clothes for pretty much everything. Even his underwear were digging in to his fleshy hips. He found he went from needing a 32” waist to a 36” but ended up buying 38s to ensure he didn’t have to worry about buying anything new for a while. The 38s should last him until the end of this stunt for the gym.

In month three, Liam had added a further 10lbs to his body, which was surpassed by an amazing 15lbs gain in month four.

‘Well, I’m wearing the same clothes I wore in my first video. As you can see, they’re really tight and uncomfortable.’ He weighed in, shocked at himself for the big gains, but pleased the hard work is paying off. ‘Wow, that means I’ve gained 35lbs since February 1st! I’m quite pleased with that’ he said, rubbing his stomach. ‘I have to admit, I do quite like not having to exercise. Also, eating what I want is pretty sweet as well! Anyway, I’ll catch you all in another month. See ya guys!’

Liam’s website was getting a lot more hits after month 4 and he enjoyed checking in each day to see the website’s counter going up and up. So far, so good. He had fans! Liam sat back as the numbers in the gym started to trickle upwards. He suddenly found he had more new subscribers than ever for the summer.

By month five, he had a small collection of emails asking when the next update would be. He couldn’t help but cheat and check the scales each week to see that he was making maximum progress. He squeezed himself into his original outfit and started recording: ‘Hey guys! I’m still loving the lazy lifestyle, but I can’t wait to get back to the gym! I’m blowing up fast! Look at this gut on me. I’ve just been eating and eating like crazy. Anyway, I know you’re all looking forward to seeing how much I’ve gained.’ He repositioned the camera and stood on the scale. ‘Another 15lbs! Wow, that means I’ve gained 50lbs in 5 months!’ He found himself rubbing his gut again. ‘Damn, I can really see how easy it is to gain weight now and I hope you’re all going to be with me when I get back in the gym to lose all this. We’ve got out summer promotion on, so there’s never been a better time to sign up. Come in and see us at any time! Catch you soon guys!’

After the vlog, Liam took a hard look at himself in the mirror. There was no getting away from it now. He was fat bellied. It launched out in front of him and was now bulging out to the sides as well. Turning on his side, he could see just how thick he had grown, with his ass rounding out behind him, his crack already on show in his XL underpants. ‘Fuck!’ he marvelled as he gazed at the size of himself.

Things changed not long after that when Liam and Danny were attending a fitness convention together in San Francisco. It was the same old crowd who did the rounds at these sorts of events. Gary, Henry and Frank all owned similar gyms in Chicago and tended to hang around with Danny and Liam at each conference. They were all big, alpha muscle men who strutted about the place like they owned it. Liam smiled warmly as he saw the trio heading down the corridor to the first day’s event.

‘What the fuck happened to you?’ bellowed Gary. ‘What’s this fat belly doing on you?’ he laughed, elbowing the other guys who were laughing beside him.

‘Oh, it’s a stupid stunt I’m doing for the gym…’ started Liam.

‘What, are you eating all your clients?’ laughed Henry. ‘I can’t believe you’re letting him get away with this’ he said, nodding at Danny who stood with them. ‘I wouldn’t put up with my partner turning into a fatty like this’ he stated, reaching out to pat Liam’s pot belly. ‘Fuck, feel how soft it is guys!’

‘Fucking hell!’ laughed all of them, grabbing a roll of fat each. Frank even reached around to pat Liam’s chubby butt. ‘Even his ass is soft!’ he grinned, nodding for the other guys to feel.

‘Danny, you’ll have to start getting this pig into shape’ bellowed Gary. ‘That fat gut on him is seriously disgusting!’

Liam had always been big and masculine. Whenever he went into a room, people looked at listened to him. But now, here he was, overfed and soft, with the big guys completely dismissing him, humiliating him in front of Danny. And there was Danny laughing along, agreeing with everything they said. Liam didn’t understand why, but he felt strangely aroused by the situation and couldn’t wait to get upstairs to do his next vlog for the gym.

‘I’m here at the fitness convention, learning about all the new amazing things we want to introduce in our gym. I’ve met up with a few of my friends who are all really shocked to see me and how fat I’ve got.’ He paused, feeling that arousal again, but having to carry on. He didn’t hear Danny returning to the room, peek into the bathroom and quietly lie on the bed so as not to disturb him. ‘Anyway, as you can see, my gut is pretty hefty now. And if I turn around, my buttocks are a lot bigger and softer. A few of the guys have been making fun of me for that!’ he chuckled, but still trying to calm himself down so as not to get a boner on camera. ‘Um, so I guess it’s weigh in time. Let’s see what I’m on today’. He stepped on the scales. ‘270! Oh man, I’ve gained 20lbs this month! I guess I didn’t realise how much I must have been eating!’ He paused looking down at his belly, the arousal starting to take hold of him; he realised he had to end the vlog quickly. ‘Anyway, thanks for watching guys. Catch you all soon!’ Liam breathed a sigh of relief as he switched off the camera. He took off his underwear and stood there, looking at himself in the mirror, his cock already standing to attention. He reached down and started tugging at himself, watching as the fat in his belly bounced along, making him even more aroused. He looked at himself hard in the mirror, thinking about what the guys had said to him today. He whispered to himself: ‘You’re a fat pig. Look at this disgusting belly on you. You should be ashamed.’ The words seemed to turn him on even more. ‘A big, fat, disgusting pig… with a huge fat gut and… a soft, fat ass.’ He couldn’t believe how horny he was making himself. ‘You’re just getting fatter and….fatter…’ Liam couldn’t hold it in any more. He came all over the bathroom, looking at his overfed, soft body. By the time he had cleaned up and went back to the bedroom, Danny had gone, like he’d never been there.

‘We should have a game of basketball while we’re here’ said Gary as the guys were having their final drink in the bar that evening.

‘Oh you guys can, but, I think Liam is a little fat for basketball these days’ chuckled Danny, patting his boyfriend’s gut. He’d been making similar gags with the guys all evening. ‘ I don’t think you even own any sports gear that fits you any more now your ass is so massive do you Liam?’ he asked with a slight grin.

‘Um, no, I don’t think I do’ stuttered Liam, a little unsure how to answer. He’d never seen Danny make fun of him like this before.

‘Anyway guys, I think it’s time to call it a night,’ said Danny, commanding the circle of friends. ‘We’ll catch up with you in the morning’.

The five men all sat up and took themselves to bed. Liam was feeling even more turned on than he was before. He couldn’t wait to get Danny upstairs in to bed. As soon as the elevator door closed he turned in to Danny, kissing him passionately; the pair of them practically racing in to the bedroom a minute later. Danny undressed and stood in front of him, the absolute epitome of fit and sexy, his tight ass, cute six pack and beefed up chest. Liam pushed himself in to him, rolling his hand into Danny’s ass the way he always did when he wanted to fuck Danny’s ass. But suddenly, Danny pulled away from him.

‘You think I’m going to let my sexy ass get fucked by a fat boy?’ he looked seriously at Liam. ‘You think a fat pig like you should get to fuck a guy like me?’ He looked seductively at Liam, rolling his hand up and down his belly. ‘Look at this fat gut on you. What on earth have you done to yourself fatty?’

Liam felt himself getting so hard, he thought he would come there and then.

‘I let you fuck me when you had a tight little ass, but…’ he jiggled Liam’s soft bubble butt. ‘…oh dear! Looks like I’ll be the one doing the fucking from now on, fat boy!’ And with that, Danny skilfully pushed Liam on to the bed. ‘Ass up, pig!’ he commanded, lubing up his cock and stuffing it into Liam, pounding him with incredible strength whilst using his hands to explore Liam’s bulging love handles; grabbing a handful of fat in each hand and shaking it as he made both of them come.

The boys never talked about it, but the power had firmly shifted in their relationship. Liam couldn’t get over how much this new fat made him enjoy being dominated. From then on, overeating wasn’t just a stunt for the gym, it was an exploration of his own sexuality. He became excited as he outgrew clothes, imagining what Danny would say to him when he saw he saw he could no longer fit his overweight body in to something.

‘Eat up’ commanded Danny, slapping a tray of pastries on to the table as he arrived home late at 11pm, waking Liam up as he slept in front of the TV.

‘Huh?’ he said, stretching himself in the chair to wake up.

‘You heard, pig. I want those gone. Now.’

‘But I already ate loads and it’s bedtime…’

Danny rolled his eyes and sped into action, pulling the leaver on Liam’s chair to recline him back, then sitting on his crotch, pulling his t shirt up to reveal his fat belly. ‘Do I have to do everything around here?’ he complained, taking the tray of pasties and stuffing the first one in to Liam’s mouth. ‘ I work hard all day to keep my fat pig happy and the fatty won’t even eat a box of pastries when I get home! No, I have to do it myself,’ he moaned, stuffing the second and third into Liam’s mouth.

‘Some of my clients in work were talking about you today. They had no idea you were my pig. They were just talking about this gross fat guy from the other gym and what he was doing to himself.’ He chuckled as Liam swallowed, feeling himself getting harder and harder. ‘They were laughing about this huge fat gut he was getting and how ginormous his ass was, not to mention his chubby, soft thighs!’ He laughed even harder, working hard to ensure every single pastry was eaten. ‘So I told them that I knew you. I told them to wait for the next vlog, because the last time I saw that fat boy, he looked so much bigger. His t shirt couldn’t even cover his fat underbelly as he gorged on a whole box of pastries, I told them’ laughed Danny.

Liam ate and ate, feeling so turned on. Danny took his shirt off and stroked his six pack and pecs as Liam watched, swallowing the last of his pastries. ‘Look at me, fatty. You used to look like this. Look at what you’ve done to yourself’. He leaned in closer to whisper in to Liam’s ear. ‘Look at what I have done to you…’ he teased, making Liam come in his pants without even touching himself.

Liam gained a steady 15lbs in month seven and then again in month eight, celebrating stepping over the 300lbs mark. His gut was ginormous and round and his ass had lost any sort of tone, settling in to a wide, soft shape. He carried a lot more fat on his thighs and started to feel them rubbing together more than ever. The tops of his arms lost their muscular look, bulging under the layer of fat that was surrounding them. A ring of fat rested under his chin and his perfect stubble relaxed into an untidy fat man beard.

Liam arrived home, almost breathless with excitement. ‘The home exercise channel!’ he stuttered. ‘They called today and they want me to come and do their morning slot. Said they liked what they saw on that celebrity shoot I did last month! Can you believe it? I have a six month trial! We’re moving to LA!’ he beamed.

‘What?’ said Liam, trying to take it all in. ‘I didn’t even know you wanted to do something like that. What about your gym?’ ‘Gary is moving down here now he’s divorcing his wife. He said he’d take it on.’

‘What about my gym?’ said Liam, concerned. ‘I’ve been promoting my big weight loss for almost 9 months now. I can’t just leave.’

‘Gary is going to take over your gym as well’ said Danny, matter-of-factly.

‘But what about the weight loss stunt?’ stuttered Liam, a smile betraying his excitement at the idea of moving to LA.

‘Oh honey, you didn’t really think I was ever going to let you lose all this fat did you?’ grinned Danny. ‘Not when I’ve got my fat pig ready for the next step.’

‘The next step?’ asked Liam, feeling butterflies in his stomach.

‘Yeah. The next step’ confirmed Danny. ‘There was this huge, disgusting fat guy who came in to our gym this week. He must have been close to 400lbs. Massive gut on him and this big, wide ass that barely squeezed in through the doors’ He chuckled to himself, looking down at Liam’s comparatively small gut. ‘And I thought to myself, well, Liam might be a fat pig, but what I need is the whole hog…’ He grinned at Liam, enjoying the obvious effect it was having on him.

Liam swallowed, turned on by the future Danny laid out in front of him. ‘You really want that?’ he said, nervously.

‘Oh baby…’ he smiled, turning Liam’s wide hips around so he had his back to him and then pushing his broad back down over the top of the chair, exposing his wide tubby backside to Danny, whilst he tugged at his cock ready to fuck him. ‘You don’t know the half of what I’m going to do to you…’

An Unexpected Surprise - Part 5

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 2,672

Warnings: A very mean mother

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Y/N looked at her exposed stomach in the bathroom mirror. She was wearing a sports bra and a pair of gym shorts with the elastic waistband rolled under her growing belly. She was now 7 months pregnant and the summer heat wasn’t helping. She was constantly hot. She walked around with one of those water bottles with a fan, keeping herself cool when she needed it.

As Liam predicted, things didn’t work out between him and Hayden. Hayden didn’t want to be with someone who would constantly put her second, or in this case, third. Plus, she knew how important it was for Liam to be a father to his unborn baby. She decided to break up with him. Liam didn’t fight for her. As much as he liked her and would miss her, his main priority was the baby.

Shortly after, Y/N moved into the spare bedroom across from Liam’s room. He was there for Y/N 24/7. He held her hair back every time she got morning sickness. He went grocery shopping with one of his parents to make sure they wouldn’t buy anything that would make her sick and he always managed to sneak in her latest craving in the shopping cart, which was constantly a pint of her favorite ice cream.

Also, he wouldn’t hesitate to run out in the middle of the night when she was suddenly in the mood for tacos. He would stay up with her and watch random movies on Netflix when she couldn’t sleep. He would make sure to write down all of her appointments with Melissa and Deaton on the calendar in the kitchen. He would walk with her around the neighborhood every morning and evening to make sure she was getting some exercise. Liam made sure he was on top of everything.

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Liamy you deserve all of this


Who dares call Liam fat?! … HA! This person is obviously blind!!! If they think this is fat… I would like to know what they think skinny is… Eek!

anonymous asked:

Oh my god you call that tub of lard perfection???? Please, liam's body is so much better! Liam hasnt got an ounce of fat on him unlike niall!

Okay, sit down and listen to me you ungrateful thing.

Do you know what I see? Two men who are completely happy and confident with their bodies. Liam is obviously ripped while Niall has more of a “dad bod” or is a lil pudgy here and there. And you know what?

Both are completely fine.

For Niall to walk around shirtless with a high chance of having his photo taken, it shows that he is confident with his body. Not many of us can do that. Sure, he watches his diet and he works out but he also enjoys knocking back a few pints every once in a while as well as enjoying the occasional takeout. Niall takes care of his health, but he knows how to have fun as well. Niall is healthy and happy, that’s all that matters.

If it’s not your ideal body, then that’s your views. We all have our own preferences, I understand. But to me, Niall’s body is perfect as I love my men to be soft yet slightly toned or have slight definition to their bodies and Niall is the perfect example.

I am not taking anything away from Liam, please know that. I’m not saying that Liam doesn’t know how to have fun or anything like that. Liam has an amazing physique, he knows it, he is proud of it, and I am happy for him.

Both these men are happy with their bodies… can we please just let them have that?


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167: Relapse.

Contains self-harm and eating disorder references.

Harry: You sit at the window seat, waiting for his arrival. You hadn’t seen Harry since you had been admitted to the psychiatric ward. Your doctors and therapists had had various meetings, recommending that, as you needed to get better for yourself and not for anyone else, visitors were not permitted at the beginning of your recovery. Phone calls were all you could rely on, and sure enough, with the limited time you had, Harry always answered his phone to speak to you, and he would occasionally phone the ward himself in the hope to speak to you. You grin from ear to ear when you see his figure entering the building, and Harry is sure from the distance, he can see it’s you sitting at the window box. He enters the building, and is asked to empty his pockets. “Can you remove your belt as well please, sir” the security guard asks him. Harry frowns, confused at the statement, but obliges nonetheless. He watches the article of clothing being placed in a plastic bag and is removed from his view. “Precaution” the security guard murmurs, looking at Harry’s furrowed brows. He nods, still confused. He notices the security guard checking his shoes before giving him a quick nod and allowing him through. “You’ll get it back at the end” your voice pipes up, referring to the belt he had to remove, skipping towards him. You throw yourself into his arms and he wraps his own so tightly around you. “It’s ok. It’s so as I don’t do anything stupid” you whisper, still referring to the belt. No sharp objects in case I cut, and nothing I can hang myself with, such as belts or shoelaces” you try to make it lighthearted, but his stomach lurches at just the thought of any one object being able to be used to hurt yourself, and the fact that you would know how to cause your body damage. After a cuddle and a few short kisses, you lead Harry into the scenic gardens, taking a seat at one of the tables. “How are you?” you ask him and he chuckles slightly, almost nervous. “I think I should be asking you that” he smiles. “You look better” he acknowledges. It was true, you look healthier having gained a little more weight and the cuts on your wrists were healing nicely, but both you and Harry knew it would take a lot more to get to where you needed to be. “Thanks” you murmur, blushing slightly. “I know it will be at least a few weeks until they even consider me going home, but honestly Harry, things are going to change. I am going to work so hard when I’m back. I’m going to keep going to therapy sessions, and I’m going to follow the meal plan I’ve been given. I’ve even been helping to cook some meal as part of my recovery” you smile. Harry smiles, and whilst he knows you have so much work to do, he’s happy that you’re getting better. Running a hand over the back of his head and ruffling his hair, he pipes up. “I’ve been seeing someone too, darling. So as when you do come home, I know how to help you and support you. This is a massive learning curve for us both and it’s not going to be easy, but we have each other, and that’s the most important thing, yeah?”

Liam: He’s finished a long day in the studio, his mind having constantly wandered elsewhere. You had been acting strange recently and he couldn’t put his mind at ease or figure out what was wrong with you. Entering the apartment, he calls your name. No answer. Calling your name again, you reply with a shaky, yet agitated, voice. “Two minutes, Liam!” Sighing heavily, he enters the kitchen. Delving into his pockets, he empties the contents before lifting the bin lid to dispose of them. His stomach lurches as he sees various empty food wrappers in the bin, his heartbeat pounding against his chest. Quickly going through them, he sees wrappers for sweets, chocolate, cakes, biscuits and crisps, just to name a few. Whilst your bulimia had played a huge part in your life, affecting both you and Liam, you had begun the recovery stage, with various hospital visits and counselling sessions, and with Liam’s help, things had got better. He knew relapses happen, and he had never forgotten that this situation had been experienced far too many times by you both. He could only hope his worst fears hadn’t come true as he begins to fear that this is another binge and purge episode. As fast as his feet can carrying him, he runs to the bathroom, barging through the unlocked door. As he expects, you’re hunched over, emptying the contents of your stomach. He gasps, reacting quickly to the situation. “Babe, that’s enough” he exclaims, pulling you away from the porcelain bowl. Tears are streaming down your face, your fingers are red, and there’s even a little blood on them. Pulling you into his chest, he presses kisses to your hair as you shake your head. “I wasn’t done Liam, I’m gonna get fat” you cry, trying desperately to pull out of his grasp and finish your intended job. He wraps his arms around you tightly, restraining your petite body. “Shh, shh” he whispers softly, reassuring you. “You’re ok, darling” he murmurs, ignoring the topic of weight to avoid more distress. “I’ve got you, baby. You’re ok, we’re gonna be ok.” Tears stream down his cheeks as he holds you, rocking your body gently. “Shh, shh, shh” he whispers in an attempt to calm you down. The sounds around you both are quiet, but they seem to reverberate; the water running from the tap which was used to prevent Liam from hearing your forced vomiting, your strangled cries into Liam’s chest, as well as the occasional sniffle, and Liam’s heartbeat which is pounding in his chest. He continues to hold you, soothing you softly as he pulls out his phone, ready to punch in the number of your therapist. He just wants you to be better. To be happy and healthy. And he knows that he’ll continue to do whatever it takes to get his girl back.

Louis: You stare down at your bandaged wrists and you can hear Louis faffing around outside at the boot of the car, taking much longer than needed to put your bag in there. You jump slightly when the door suddenly clicks open and he climbs into the drivers side. Without saying a word, he puts the key in the ignition and begins driving. You spend most of the car journey staring out of the window, sitting in silence whilst watching passers-by going about their busy lives. When the car comes to a halt outside your shared apartment, you’re surprised that Louis doesn’t immediately unbuckle his seatbelt and jump out the vehicle. Instead, he sighs heavily, one hand skimming his face and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Dammit, (Y/N)!” he exclaims. “Relapses happen, but fuck, I could have lost you. You’ve never cut so badly before” he cries, finally expressing his emotions that he’s built up for a few days now. He turns to look at you but you hang your head shamefully, picking at the cuticles on your nails and biting your lip as tears pool in your eyes. “Do you have any idea what it was like?” he asks in a strangled cry. “I thought you’d left me. I thought you were dead.” Taking your wrists in his hand, he gently massages the bandages covering the various cuts and scars. “There was so much blood” he whispers, more to himself as his mind wanders back to the night he had found you unconscious on the floor of the bathroom, blood covering almost every surface. His reactions had been quick as he rocked your limp body and dialled for an ambulance, occasionally begging you not to leave him. “I’m sorry” you finally whisper, your eyes meeting his. He quickly shakes his head and uses the back of his hand to wipe away his own tears. Silence fills the car, both of you wandering into your own thoughts. “Where are they?” he asks gently. Ever since you had been admitted to hospital, Louis had barely left you. He hadn’t had time to raid the apartment for the tools that caused this much damage. You knew that once you step inside, he’ll take extreme measures, just as he has done in the past. Blades and razors would be hidden, knives would be removed from the drawers and kept locked somewhere only he had access to. “My purse” you whisper. He nods gently, swallowing the lump in his throat. He had forgotten that this illness could make you a master of deception; hiding objects and telling lies in order to keep your secret so hidden from the people that love you most. “This isn’t a fuck up, (Y/N). Please don’t think otherwise. Like I said, relapses happen and that’s a part of recovery” he whispers softly, tears subsiding as he runs a hand over the back of your head, entwining your loose strains of hair in his fingers. “We’ll do whatever it takes to get you better again, ok? We’ll go back to therapy sessions for however long you need, I’ll pay for them” he quickly adds. “And we’ll do this together, yeah?”

Niall: Being weeks into therapy sessions and recovery, and finally gaining weight, you should have known that relapse was just around the corner. Everything had been getting better for you. Niall had supported you in your eating disorder, attending some therapy sessions where he was allowed to, and he even paid for you to get the help you needed. But the paparazzi were always commenting and releasing articles. When your anorexia was first diagnosed and you were hospitalised, paparazzi had lingered outside the hospital upon your release, waiting for a statement from either you or Niall. Neither of you gave them the satisfaction and so the media just speculated about your weight loss, but the headlines could be hurtful and thoughtless. This time was no different as you recollect earlier in the week the article that you had seen in the newsstand, focussing on your weight gain, causing your relapse. “Babe?” Niall calls, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti carbonara?” he asks for the second time. You shrug. “I really don’t mind, Niall” you tell him. “I’m not too hungry actually, I met up with my sister and had a big lunch” you force a smile, quickly mustering up a lie. “Oh ok” he murmurs. “You didn’t say?” he questions. You smile once again, your knee bouncing slightly as you sit on the sofa comfortably. “It was pretty last minute, actually” you lie again. Through your years of suffering, you had become a master of deception and was able to cover your tracks so well regarding your eating patterns, but when your condition became clear, it was obvious to many people that you had become so good at lying. He frowns and you offer him a quick smile before turning away. “So she’s back then?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. “Only according to her Instagram, she was still in Spain on holiday this morning” he tells you, folding his arms, and you know you’ve been caught out. “So unless you have a secret sister that I know nothing about, you didn’t go out for lunch with her today.” Chewing your lip softly, you silently scold yourself for not checking her holiday dates accurately. “We’re not doing this again (Y/N). I’m not going through it again, I can’t” he tells you, coming to kneel in front of you. “The last time I watched you self-destruct, you had starved yourself almost virtually to death and you were lying to everyone who loves you and wants to help you” he murmurs softly, skimming his thumbs over your knees. He closes his eyes, sighing deeply as his mind wanders to darker and unhappier times where he was begging you to eat, begging doctors to help you, and watching your distress when you were forcefully tube fed. “Hey” you whisper softly, holding his head in your hands and cupping his cheeks. “I’m not going back there” you reassure him as you know what vision is clouding his mind. “I’m never going to be that person again. I don’t want to be. I’m much healthier and happier now. I just” you sigh, chewing your lip nervously. “Sometimes, I need to push myself to go to therapy sessions. I need to talk about social media and news articles and how it affects us. I promise, i’m going to open up more in my sessions, ok? I don’t want to lose you either and I know that could happen if I don’t get better” you smile softly. He nods. “You’ll never lose me, darling. But please, come to me, talk to your therapist. Just talk. No secrets. No lies. I love you too much to lose you to this shitty illness.”

Zayn: He sits you on the kitchen side, silence filling the room as he reaches for the first aid box. Taking out what he needs, he places everything on the side. Cutting the bandages to size, he quickly removes the scissors from your sight and reach. You lower your head in shame and embarrassment as you realise that Zayn doesn’t even trust you around sharp objects in his presence. “I thought we were doing well” he whispers, almost in question as he rips open the anti-septic wipe. “This will sting, darling” he informs you, something he used to tell you regularly when your self harming was a daily occurrence. Whilst you tried to keep it from him, he had always known when something wasn’t right, and he wanted to be the one to reassure you and comfort you and clean your wounds. You remain silent, replaying the events of the evening. You had left Zayn asleep in bed and whilst you tossed and turned, stress overcame you almost like a darkness. Having dealt with family problems, stress at work and experiencing struggles with your coursework the past week, everything had become too much and after six months of recovering, you relapsed, taking a blade to your wrists and cutting continuously. You hadn’t heard Zayn awake and stand outside the bathroom door. He knew you were taking far too long and he had opened the unlocked door as the blade came into contact with your skin again. “No no no no” he had gasped out, snatching the silver object away from you. The rest was a blur which resulted in you now being on the kitchen side with Zayn tending to your injuries. “I know you’ve been under a lot of stress recently, but I want you to come and talk to me first, before things get this bad again” he tells you, snapping you out of your thoughts. “(Y/N)? Please say something, darling” he begs as he sets everything down. You stare at your bandaged wrists, tears pooling your eyes as you choke on a sob. “I’m sorry, Zayn. I’m so, so sorry. I don’t deserve you. You’re so good to me and I’m just a huge fuck up” you cry. He shakes his head, wrapping his arms around you and helping you jump down. He pulls you into him, pressing kisses to your hair. “No darling, you’re not. You are so, so strong and unfortunately, the coping mechanisms you choose aren’t healthy. And that’s what we’re going to try and change, yeah? And one day, we will. Remember the list we made? All the distractions we came up with? One day, instead of doing this” he whispers, picking up your wrist and pressing a kiss to the material covering the fresh cuts, “you’ll find something else to help you cope. Until then, we’re just gonna keep trying, ok? If that means more therapy, then that’s what we’ll do. If it means me hiding every sharp object in the house, that’s what we’ll do. And I’m here, I’m going to be here every step of the way and supporting you. I love you so much and I can’t lose you, not to something like this, beautiful.”

Ex Girlfriends Suck
  • Liam: I love your hair, your smile, your clothes
  • Theo: I love your cankles and your elephant nose
  • Liam: I love your freckles and your eyes
  • Theo: Don't forget about her thunder thighs
  • Liam: Girl, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Theo: It hurt, she landed on her face
  • Liam: Girl, I need to put you on my "to do list"
  • Theo: Or my hit list, whichever really works
  • Liam: If you were a booger I'd pick you first
  • Theo: Well I'd LICK you first
  • Liam: Girl, you're everything I
  • Theo: DON'T
  • Liam: want
  • You're everything I
  • Theo: DON'T
  • Liam: need
  • Without you I can barely
  • Theo: FINALLY
  • Liam: breathe
  • Theo: You're so fat
  • You got arrested at the airport for 10 pounds of crack
  • Not even Clinton would sleep with you
  • When trucks back up they beep like you
  • And no one wants to be with you
  • I never want to see you again
  • You're like the elephant man
  • It looks like you seriously stopped a van with your face
  • Liam: Your face is like the sun
  • Theo: Yep, it burns my retinas
  • Liam: You have beautiful puppy dog eyes
  • Theo: Maybe you should go to the vet
  • You smell like a pig and you look like a fish
  • If you were a cow I'd put you right on a dish
  • You're crazy like a monkey you belong in a zoo
  • If you were a horse I'd turn you right into glue
  • Liam: Your eyes are like a pond in which the fish of beauty swim
  • Theo: You have a mustache like my dads, you really need a trim
  • Liam: All I really wanted to say
  • Is I love
  • Theo: HATE
  • Liam: you
  • Theo: YOU SUCK