liam is not fat

Liamy you deserve all of this


Who dares call Liam fat?! … HA! This person is obviously blind!!! If they think this is fat… I would like to know what they think skinny is… Eek!

Booty rubs.

Summary{Requested}: Smut based off of preference #30 when Liam’s booty rubs turn into more.

{Warning: Fingering, sexual, and a little dirty talk.}

It was no surprise when Liam’s hand touched your booty, It was the usual for you two. Any chance he could get he’d touch, grab and spank the thicker fat that sat there. “Liam.” You groan, laying flat against your stomach so he had the upper hand to touch it.

“I can’t help it.” He mumbles, “It’s so noiccce.” A small laugh fell from your parted lips as each of his hands messaged a cheek.

“I need a better grip.” He mumbles an lame excuse while he peels your shorts and panties from your legs, discarding them somewhere in the room. Blowing out a long breath of air he admired you like this. Fat ass facing him, but the lips of your pussy on display for him, as you still laid on your stomach.

You moan as his hand met once again with your ass, but slipping to your now aching pussy. Two fingers slipped deep inside you, coming back and roughly thrusting into you again. “Fuck babe.” He breathlessly mumbles, feeling your tight wetness around his two fingers.

“Liam.” You whimper as his fingers continue their attack, stretching you completely. After Liam’s fingers found your g-spot, he stayed inside you completely flicking his wrist to hit it dead on and repeatedly before you knew it your face grew red, body growing hot.

“I’m gonna cum.” You moan, his fingers flicked faster against your g-spot. “I can’t wait to burry my cock into you fuck.”

You groan at his words, clenching and cumming around his fingers. You sit up, only to see Liam sucking on his two fingers with a smirk. “You taste amazing baby.”

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