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You didn’t want to. You didn’t want to go to this stupid dinner but you had no choice. You’re mother had drug you into it. The only bright side was that Harry was going to be at your side, hopefully being enough of a distraction and comfort to help you get through this evening. 

“Can we call my mom and just say I’m sick and can’t come?” You ask your boyfriend as he helps slide into your jacket. 

“Come on, love, time to go.” He presses a kiss to the side of your head and then takes your hand and tugs you out of the house and towards the car. You groan and allow yourself to be lead. “So explain to me again why you don’ wan’ to go to this?” Harry questions as he begins to drive. 

“There’s this girl going to be there…” You start, shaking your head. “She’s just one of those girls that… bug me.” Really you hated her. She was a family friend and the two of you had never gotten along. 

“Why?” Harry continues to question, clearly confused. 

“She just always tries to act perfect and like she lives this spectacular life. She has to one up everything you say that you’ve done and act like she’s better. It just always gets on my nerves.” You explain, giving a sigh. 

“Well jus’ ignore her tonigh’. We can have a chat if she starts to but you.” He suggests, giving you a smile but still keeping his focus on the road. 

“If?” You ask. “You mean when.” He also gives a laugh and reaches over for your hand. 

“It’s gonna be fine, love.” He brings your joined hands up and kisses the back of your hand. 

Midway into dinner, just as you expected, you wanted to stab a fork in your ear just so you didn’t have to listen to this girl drone on and on about some trip she just took with her new super rich boyfriend. 

“I’m gonna kill her.” You mutter, leaning over just so Harry hears. Harry had been trying to be nice and courteous the entire evening, just as Harry always was, but he now very clearly knew what you were talking about and had been dreading. 

“Shh.” He pats your thigh, trying to hide his laugh into your hair as he kisses your temple. You just shake your head and reach for your drink, hoping more alcohol will help you handle this. But ten minutes later, she was still going on and on. You and Harry had tried to tell about your upcoming plans together but she cut you off almost as soon as you had started talking. “For fuck’s sake, just shut up.” Your head shoots up from where you had been rubbing your temples and see that Harry’s hand shot over his mouth. 

“Excuse me?!” The girl screeches but everyone else was trying to contain their amusement at Harry’s outburst as they all had clearly been thinking about saying the same thing. 

“Harry and I are just gonna.. go.” You stand from your chair then, Harry quickly following too. “Bye, mom.” You kiss your moms cheek hastily before taking Harry’s hand. He was still slightly horrified that he had spoken those words out loud but you were full on laughing at that point. 

“I’m so sorry, love, I don-” You cut him off with your lips as soon as the two of you were out of the restaurant. 

“You just spoke what was on everyone’s mind.” You tell him when you pull back. 

“I feel terrible. Maybe I should go apologize. It was rude of me to-” You press your lips back to his, laughing a bit. Finally, once his arms wrap around your hips and he kisses you back, you know he’s done with his thoughts of apologizing. 

“Out of everyone who I thought would put her in her place, never thought it would be you.” You tell him as the two of you start to head for the car. He sighs, shaking his head. 

“She jus’ wouldn’ shut the fuck up.” He groans and together the two of you begin to laugh. 


Teen Wolf Imagine:#119

Word Count: 622

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Summary: 7 Years of friendship!

A/n: So itโ€™s official, 1 year ago today I created this blog to post my writing on. 1 year ago today I created this blog and made an introductory post, then one week later I posted my first imagine so over the course of the next 7 days Iโ€™ll be posting imagines related to friendship, anniversaries and birthdays for my blogaversary and on the last day, after the last themed imagine is posted there will be a surprise so keep an eye out for that! Iโ€™m so excited to share this with you all and I hope you enjoy :)

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*Requests are open.ย 

*Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Isaac, and Liam.ย 

*should I continue this series?ย 

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hey did you notice everybody cares about stiles and doesnt give a shit about scott?

Apologies (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request:ย Can you do a Liam imagine where he cheats on you with Hayden and he tries to make it up to you and you ignore him but he does something so cute and end up back together:))) love your imagines !!

ย A/n: If a guy cheats on you, you dump his stupid ass because you deserve better, but enjoyy this imagine x

ย Sometimes you think that the person youโ€™re with will love you with all his heart. And that heโ€™ll never hurt you in any way. But even the nicest guy can break people hearts.

Me and Liam were dating ever since he transferred from school. In the beginning we were happy. We were the couple that everyone wanted to be. We were happy, in love and we care for eachother. But everything changed since Hayden came to town.

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25 Days Of Christmas 2017


I know itโ€™s a little early for christmas but I wanted to start early this year and I want to do things a little differently than last year. This year I would like to get as many other writers as I can to do it with! Optimally each writer would take 1 character and each day everyone will use the same prompt for their character.

If youโ€™re interested in joining please message me and let me know what character youโ€™d like to write for (if there is someone youโ€™d like to write for who isnโ€™t on the list let me know and I can add them) and once I have the prompt list finished Iโ€™ll send it to you.


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You and Liam have been friends for a super long time. Last night he came over in a mess. He looked tired and worn down. He told you about how he’d broken up with him girlfriend and didn’t have a place to stay. 

It was hard hiding your excitement. You’d hated his girlfriend, but knew better than to say anything. Liam and you ended up ordering pizza and catching up on some bad tv. By the time you went to bed he seemed in a much better mood.

The next morning you went downstairs to find Liam lying on the floor. You snuck past him to make some breakfast. When you came back into the living room with some waffles. Liam had cleaned everything up.

You sat down beside him handing him a plate. “Thank,” He said.

“No worries.” You replied take a bite.

“I mean for everything. You were awesome last night. I’m really lucky to have you.” You blushed at the compliment. “I love you.”

“You too, Lee” You both ate in silence, but it felt nice just being with your best friend.

Orientation - Harry Styles Imagine

You sat at the kitchen table waiting for Harry, today was an important day. Your daughter has her kindergarten orientation, where she would meet her teacher and just see the school. Considering it was a new setting for her.

You had told Harry that you would love for him to go with you, you didn’t want to be the only one involved with her schooling. You told him that in the long run she would appreciate it and appreciate school more knowing how dedicated you both made an effort to become involved.

He had told you he would make be home by 3, that you three would go together. He had planned to come home to get out of his suit and into his normal clothes, he also planned that he would get your daughter ready.


It was already 5 in the evening and you had to be at the school by 6. Your daughter was dressed and ready to go, you figured to get her ready considering Harry didn’t show up yet. She was sitting on the sofa watching cartoons waiting for you. Her hair out, her curls loose as a red headband kept the curls out her face. Her little black dress falling to her knees as red shoes covered her small feet.

You both loved your daughter to pieces, you still couldn’t believe that she was here after the trouble you and Harry had while trying. Harry was scared but as soon as the day came when you had to deliver the fear went away. It was like he knew how to parent, like if he did plenty of times.

You were amazed.

Your phone vibrated against the counter, you looked down and saw the photo of Harry and your daughter appear. You swiped your finger across the screen and brought the device to your ear.

“Where the bloody hell are you!” you hissed as you looked over at your daughter, she was watching her cartoons and giggling to herself.

“Babe, I had a meeting. I’m sorry, I’m heading out now.” Harry said as you heard multiple voices in the background.

“You are across town, you won’t make it in time! How many times did I tell you how important this was to me!” you hissed as you stood up and walked over to the door that guided to the large backyard.

“I kn-”

“No, you clearly don’t know! You little shit, you have me and your daughter waiting over here, hopes up that YOU would get her ready and no. You don’t come through, I don’t know what’s going on with you Harry but you have been pushing me and her to the side a lot!” you hissed into the phone, you were furious because this wasn’t the first time. This was familiar, it was common.

“[Your Name], I’m over here at work busting my ass for you two! I can’t help it that work just keeps piling up for me!” Harry spat as you stood there getting more furious, as if you asked so much from him when you truly didn’t.

“Fuck you Harry, because I ask for so much shit right? Because I want material things, and the most expensive. I don’t ask NOTHING from you, all I ask is for you to be involved with your daughter. All I want is your affection for me and HER.” you spat as you could feel your body tensing up and your heart beginning to race. “Don’t even bother showing up anymore, don’t even bother coming home. Sleep in your bloody office, I don’t want to see you!” you hissed as you hung up, leaving him to talk to himself.

You walked over to the living room, your daughter wasn’t on the couch anymore. She was standing by the tv facing you, she looked at you with a pout and her eyes glazing over.

“Daddy’s not comwing, wight?” she asked as she looked down at her feet.

Seeing her this sad about not seeing him broke your heart, this wasn’t what you saw when you were holding her for 9 months. You never envisioned Harry being so busy to the point where he missed out on her.

“You know what babygirl, he really wanted to come with us. He’s just busy, he had to do something important at work.” you said immediately feeling guilty, for lying to your daughter.

She looked away and let her arms fall to her sides. “He’s always dowing somethwing importwant at work.” she said as she stomped her way to the front door.

You followed her and grabbed your bag with your car keys. You two walked outside and she made her way to the car and inside it, you locked the door behind you and you walked over to her. You helped her with her seatbelt and closed the door behind her, you slipped inside. You were off, heading to the school without Harry and with your upset daughter.

You parked your car and hurried out to assist your daughter out, her small frame jumping out the car excitedly to go to school. You two walked to the school hand in hand, her small hand in your hand as you noticed no one else walking in. Signaling you were slightly late. You found your way to the small auditorium where the parents had to be while the kids were sent off to the cafe to sit with their teachers.

You walked into the auditorium to only have all eyes on you, the principle stopping what she had to say to let you find a vacant seat. You set down and she proceeded, she talked about how excited she was to get new kindergarteners. She went on about dress code, bus rules as well as pick up rules.

You couldn’t really focus because your mind drifted off about Harry, what if this was it for you two? Your relationship has became distant in the past 4 months, so distant that you two haven’t had the time to be intimate. No affection towards another, no kissing or cuddling. You tried, you really are but how could you try if he was rarely home and always in that office?

You were too wrapped in your thoughts and concerns about your relationship that you didn’t notice it was time to go meet with the teachers. The principle had to come up to you to tell you personally.

You stood up and walked over to the classroom, you stepped in the classroom and looked for your daughters folder on the table. You sat at the designated seat and listened as the teacher was going over what she plans to do with the kids this school year.

You followed along as she read through the papers, she explained what papers needed to be filled out before leaving and what had to be brought in on the first day of school. You began to fill out the forms, nearly writing your contact information as well as Harry’s.

“I’m surprised you put my name down considering you are pissed at me.” you hotly heard that voice in your ear causing you to jerk in the seat and your heart race.

You looked over your shoulder to see Harry standing behind you, his hand on your shoulder. Hair neatly combed back as he was still in his work suit, his tie hanging loosely as his suit fit him nicely.

“I told you not to come.” you hissed quietly not wanting to cause a scene.

“I know, I came for my princess. I know she would be worried, I didn’t come for you.” Harry said as he removed his hand from your shoulder, placing it in his pockets.

You sat there looking down at the form in front of you, his words echoing inside your head. You sat there frozen, letting time pass you by as you repeated his words to yourself. ‘I came for my princess, I didn’t come for you.’ You couldn’t help but let the words build anger inside of you.

Those words having so much meaning, you were starting to believe that he was giving up on the relationship. You had no other choice but to think that by his words, he was just going to stick around for your daughter. That was good for her and him but that meant the picture of a “happy” family would vanish.

You pushed those thoughts away, you continued to fill out the forms and finished filling out all of the necessary. The teacher had finished what she had to say, parents slowly leaving the room and meeting up with their kids that were in the corridor.

You abruptly stood up and walked out, handing the forms to the teacher. You walked down the corridor to reach your daughter, you quickly hurried off with her. You let Harry behind, letting him to catch up to you two.

You had reached your car and began to fasten your daughter, you heard footsteps padding your way. You looked over to see Harry running towards you two. You could feel your eyes brimming, you couldn’t help but feel an ache in your heart by your thoughts of earlier. Your assumptions.

“Daddy!” Your daughter screamed as she quickly unfastened her seatbelt and ran out the car to him.

“Babygirl, how was it for you?” Harry asked as he scooped her up, her face lighting up as she talked to him.

“I wuved it daddy, I saw so mwany kids.” She beamed as she talked as she opened and closed her arms. “I thought you weren’t going to cwome with us.” Natalie said as her expression dropped and watched Harry intently with her brows furrowing.

Harry looked over at you and you just pursed your lips together as you watched him with your daughter. You saw as he took his bottom lip between his teeth, his forehead slightly crinkling as he thought about what to tell Natalie.

“Who told you that babygirl?” Harry questioned as he looked over at you quickly and looking back at your daughter who was still in his arms.
Your daughter giggled and brought her hands to her mouth, she turned her body towards you. “Momma.” she squealed as she smiled at you.

You couldn’t stay mad at her, you weren’t mad in fact. You smiled at her and adored how adorable she looked in Harry’s arms. You could see the similar features that she inherited from him but you could also see the few features that she had inherited from you as well.

“What did momma tell you?” Harry questioned her as he looked at you coldly.

“That you had to do swomething importwant at work.” She said as she played with his hair.

“More like someone.” You muttered as you cocked a brow at him and glared at him up and down.

Harry had no words for you, he simply placed a kiss to your daughter’s lips and sat her in your car. He buckled her in and closed the door leaving for you two to talk, you tried to slip inside your car but he caught hold of you. He pulled out and slammed the car door shut.

You looked at him wide eyed and quickly looked around the school parking lot. You noticed a good amount of people turning back to look at you two. You swallowed the small lump in your throat, he released his grip and took a step back.

“You can try to act like they didn’t see you grip me up, their opinion doesn’t matter but mind you that SHE saw you.” you said emphasizing on ‘she’ and directing it to your babygirl.

You quickly slipped into the car and locked the door, Harry hitting the window for you to open the door but you simply ignored him. Your daughter yelling at you to let him in, you blocked her out and reversed from the parking space as soon as the banging on the window stopped.


You drove from the school to the house, your daughter was in the backseat crying and screaming for Harry. You simply ignored her and you ignoring her caused her to slowly drift off into a sleep. You felt bad for ignoring her but you didn’t want to answer her questions. She asked why you were mad at Harry and what he did.

You didn’t want to answer her because a part of you was mad at Harry. You were mad at the entire situation for today. The fact he didn’t come through with his plans to get her ready, to go to the orientation with you two as a family. Simply because he had a “meeting”.

You did trust Harry, a part of you still does. You were on the fence about trusting him, you couldn’t help it. Every time you showed up at his workplace with Natalie on your free time you saw everything, well how some employees behaved.

The females flirting with your husband, the females wearing provocative clothing and being too touchy feely with him. The girls would simply be around him too much, more than they should be. Sure they are his assistants but that didn’t require them to act the way they would.

You knew Harry was fit, the lad every girl wanted and clearly still wants, girls would throw themselves at him but you thought and hoped it would stop. You told yourself it would stop after your wedding but it didn’t, you even told yourself after you gave birth to your beautiful babygirl it would finally stop but it didn’t. It hasn’t.

You love Harry a lot, and he loved you but there was a small part of you that believed it was too good to be true. A part of you believed that he would stop, causing him to eventually leave you and your daughter for someone else.

You were now sitting alone in the kitchen, at the kitchen table with your phone and keys in front of you. You looked at your phone, watching the screen continue to light up as you watched another missed call from Harry. He had called you 6 times and this was his seventh time, he had texted you as well but you didn’t bother to read the texts.

You were going to read the texts but you were hesitant. A part of you assumed that he would be nasty in the texts, tell you that what you two have is over. Yet you where the one to blame for pushing him away. You sighed heavily and swiped your finger across the screen, the text messages popped up one after another.

7:26 pm “What did you tell Natalie?”
7:31 pm “Are you going to fucking ignore me?”
7:35 pm “Fucking hell! Talk to me! I’m heading over!”

You looked over at the clock and noticed it was 7:51, he should be here any minute. You stood up quickly and walked over towards the door. You were feet away from the door when it opened, there you saw Harry walk in. He slammed the door behind him, his brows furrowed as he stared at you. His jaw clenching, his fingers curling up into fists as his stare became more intense.

You stood there still, wide eyed. A part of you was scared, you weren’t exactly ready to see him. You knew that he was going to confront you for your antics but you weren’t ready to go down that road with him. You deserved to have this talk, more so of this argument because that’s what you two did lately.

“What the fuck is your problem? What the bloody hell did you tell Natalie? Where is she!” Harry spat as he walked closer to you, staring down at you backing you up to the wall.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and pushed him away from you. You stared up at him as he looked down on you, you didn’t say a word. You looked away and walked away from him.

“Don’t you fucking walk away from me! I’m not finished with you!” Harry spat as he grabbed you by the arm, pulling you back towards him. His grip slowly tightening as you body crashed with his.

“Get off of me! Get the fuck off of me!” You spat as you tried to pry his large fingers off of you. He released his grip causing you to stumble and lose your footing, you fell on the hardwood flooring and looked up at him with your brows furrowed.

“You fucking bastard, she’s upstairs sleeping!” You spat as you sat there on the floor. “Why does it matter what I told her, you are NEVER here! You don’t even bother calling, I have to call you in order to find out where you are or if you are even going to come home the same night!” You spat as you stood up on your feet again.

“So that’s what this is all about, me not being home enough for you? I’m sorry I’m not home, I’m busy making money to keep this bloody house! I’m busy making money to better our lives! It’s always the same crap with you, you always BITCH and NAG about me not being home enough! You knew I would be in the office a lot more ever since we had her!” Harry spat as he got into your face, his chest pressing against yours.

You could feel the tears well up in your eyes, you were trapped between him and the wall. You couldn’t escape, all you wanted to do was to walk away but he refused. You tried to push him away but he stood his ground, not budging to move each time you tried to push him away.

“Don’t you fucking dare act like we are in need of money! I help you out the best I can, we have PLENTY of money but apparently it’s not enough for YOU! You are the one that has become OBSESSED with your bloody job! Why? Why do you choose to be at your job more than to be here with US?” You spat as you gave him one hard shove causing him to finally back away from you.

“Answer me Harry! Why do you choose your JOB over me and your ONLY daughter?” You spat at him, pausing yourself to catch your breath. “Don’t answer the question, I already know your answer.” You panted out as you tried to catch your breath.

Your heart beating rapidly, your chest heaving up and down. Your palms becoming clammy and you were beginning to feel the room spin around you. You were getting sick, just by the thoughts of him actually preferring the females at his job over being home with Natalie and you.

You looked at Harry through the corner of your eye, he was nervous. He had his bottom lip between his teeth as he looked at you. Something he always did when he was nervous.

“Ba-” Harry said as he walked towards you.

You shook your head at him and distanced yourself from him. “No, no, no, no! Don’t you dare touch me.” You pleaded as a tear escaped and rolled down your cheek.

“Let me explain.” Harry pleaded.

“Explain what, explain why you aren’t attracted to me? Explain why you are drawn to those whores at your job! I don’t want to hear it, and frankly I don’t want you around. Please leave Harry.” You spat as the tears spilled.

“No, why won’t you FUCKING listen to me! I don’t want anyone, but YOU. If I truly wanted someone else we would’ve have been LONG gone! I wouldn’t have stayed around for all these years that I did! If I really wanted some other whore I wouldn’t have married you, I wouldn’t have spent all that time trying to conceive OUR babygirl!” Harry spat at you, seeing the fear run through your body as he began to back away. He let himself calm down.

“I love you, I wouldn’t want to mess it up. I’m sorry that I managed too, I really thought you trusted me enough to not let yourself wander to those thoughts.” Harry stood there eyeing your body. “I don’t know where we stand if you can’t trust me. I don’t want to lose you, but I’m starting to think I did a while ago.” Harry said exasperated.

You couldn’t help but feel guilty, you assumed what you promised yourself you wouldn’t. You didn’t want to admit that you were in the wrong but you were starting to become worried that you lost it all. Your best friend, your other half, the love of your life. The one that you finally opened up to, even though it took months.

You looked at him, he was scared that you weren’t his anymore. You were his everything, you kept him going and everything he did he had to have your input or it wouldn’t feel right.

“I don’t know where we stand either, I don’t know how you can go on about your day without thinking about us. Are you really that interested in work, to the point where it is almost a burden to talk to me or her?” You hissed as you couldn’t stop yourself from going on.

“I can’t help it that I get lost into what I’m doing, you know what. Think what you want to think, believe what you want to believe! But don’t you EVER question my love for the both of you, you two are the best fucking thing that has happened to me.” Harry spat as he walked over to you again, pressing his body against yours as you were pressed against the wall.

“You clearly don’t have any trouble doubting me, I can be faithful and you will just continue to doubt me! I know my past wasn’t all that great but YOU made me a better man. I haven’t been nothing but faithful to you!” Harry spat as he grabbed your face, cupping your jaw and chin in his large hand as he kept your head still.

You couldn’t help but get scared, this was starting to become a nightmare. You knew what would come next, you witnessed it too many times. You knew he was going to shove you and push you down to the ground. He would then start to kick you then lean down and slap you or pull you up by your hair.

You closed your eyes tightly as you waited for the events to happen, you were waiting for that burning sensation. You felt a tear slip as you thought about it more, he would hurt you in the worst way and truly break you. You were starting to regret about letting those thoughts come to mind, believing that second voice in your head.

Now you knew he wouldn’t have cheated, you brought the best of him out.

You felt his lips linger on your forehead, you felt his lips on the tip of your nose. You then felt his lips against yours, you slowly opened your eyes to see him looking down at you. His eyes that once filled with anger and fear were now looking at you with admiration and lust.

He grabbed you by the waist, pulling your body close to his as he cupped your head by the nape of your neck. Pressing his lips to yours roughly, his tongue slipping into your mouth as he held you tightly to him. Your tongue moving along with his as you gave in, your hands resting by his waist as you two stood there lost in the deep kiss.

You could feel yourself loosen up in his hold, your body slowly developing that tingly sensation. You were slowly becoming aroused as he held you to him despite what happened today. You felt comforting, this was all that you needed.

Harry slowly pulled away from the kiss, leaving you there with your eyes closed and lips puckered wanting more. You slowly opened your eyes and slowly pushed him away. He stood there eyeing you, for the hundredth time today.

"You think that’s it, you’re wrong. I’m not finished, not even close.” Harry said hotly into your ear, causing goosebumps to arise on your skin. “You’ve been a bad, naughty girl. I think it’s time for me to teach you a lesson, one you will NEVER forget.” Harry said as he nipped at your earlobe causing you to let out a whimper.

You were a mess, a confused yet aroused mess. You two haven’t really spoken about where your relationship stood, you were starting to think that everything was okay but was it? You didn’t want to ask questions because he was now in charge, overpowering you.

He grabbed you by your upper arm, pushing you to walk up the stairs. You walked up the stairs trying to catch up to him, you would stumble ever so often almost falling completely down. You two got to the door of your shared bedroom, the double doors closed, you were about to open the door until he stopped you.

You looked up at him with brows furrowed, he knelt down and threw you over his shoulder in a swift movement. He opened the doors and didn’t bother to close them shut behind him, he walked you over to the large king size bed. He dropped you onto the mattress causing your body to bounce back up, you looked at him with slight fear running through your body.

He smirked down at you and walked over to his closet, you sat there on the bed unsure of what was going to happen next. One minute he was a monster, the next he showed you the man who you fell in love with and then he was back to his “monster” ways. You were seeing both sides.

“I want you to know something, and I want you to not forget.” Harry said as he walked out of the closet and towards you with his hands behind his back. You were puzzled and a bit uneasy of what he was going to let you know. You knew how faithful he was before but some voice in the back of your head was telling you that he was going to confess about cheating on you.

“I love you, you might not believe it right now but I’m going to make you change your mind. You are MINE and I am YOURS, no one will EVER get in between what WE have.” Harry said as he sat at the edge of the bed, looking directly at you.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, you gave him a weak smile. He kept his gaze on you and before you knew it he pushed you down on the bed, your hands above your head as he held them together. “Harry, what’re you doing?” you questioned as you tried to squirm underneath his body.

“I already told you, I’m going to teach you a lesson.” Harry said as he nipped at your neck causing you to scream and then release a whimper. “It’s been a while since I fucked you good.” Harry said as he nipped along the column of your neck, down to your collarbones.

You closed your eyes as you felt his teeth nip at your soft skin, his mouth lightly sucking onto the skin and having his tongue quickly run over the spot. Leaving a trail of love bites down to your collar bones, once you felt him move away your eyes quickly opened. He smiled down at you and he tied his tie to his suit around your wrists above your head.

You looked at him with confusion and anger, you wanted nothing more than to have your fingers touch him. You wanted to lock your fingers into his soft hair, you wanted to rake your nails down his toned and muscular back. You wanted to mark him up, claim him as yours just like he marked you claiming you as his. YOU were HIS and HE was YOURS.

“Harry, pl-please.” You pleaded through gritted teeth as you watched him stare down at you.

“Please what, you think that I’m going to let you talk down to me. You think I’m going to let you run your mouth on how much I don’t love you or Natalie?” Harry spat as he looked at you with his brows furrowed and his jaw tensing.

“When I’m finished with you I’m going to make you regret thinking I would want another woman, thinking that I would want to ruin what I have for some dumb whore at my office.” Harry hissed as he held your face still, so you were looking towards him. You could feel his grip tighten and usually this would piss you off but you were underneath him, arms tied above your head.

You wanted nothing more for him to fuck you, after all it has been months since he last touched and properly tasted you. You moaned at the thought, his head between your thighs as his tongue ran up your wet slit, you closed your eyes and went back to the times when you two made sweet love. The sex was heated, loving but also filled with so much passion and burning desire.

You broke away from your thoughts once you heard his chuckles, you opened your eyes and saw him smiling down at you. For the first time tonight. He pushed himself away from you, he sat at the edge of the bed and opened the side table by the bed. He pulled out a handkerchief of his, one that is usually in his suit jacket pockets. He climbed back onto the bed and began to blindfold you.

The material covering your eyes, making you blind and seeing nothing but darkness. You were scared, you lost your important sense and all you had now was feeling. You were scared what Harry would do, was this his way of leaving you tied up in the bedroom? Sure enough you deserved that, you said things to him that you didn’t mean but yet you did.

Yet it was your own way of protecting yourself, and protecting your babygirl.

“I’m hoping you will learn after tonight, to not question my love for you and Natalie.” Harry whispered hotly in your ear causing the small hairs on your nape to lightly stand up. “You two are the best fucking thing that has happened to me, I wouldn’t mess it up.” Harry said as you felt his long fingers brush against your jaw.

You were panting and breathing harshly, you were scared but aroused and it was a good feeling. You enjoyed how you felt because you didn’t know what to expect next. You wanted nothing more than to have his lips against yours and trail down the column of your neck. You wanted what you craving and that was his simple touch.

“I love you.” Harry whispered into your ear as he nipped at your earlobe causing a quiet whimper to escape past your lips. “I love you so fucking much.” Harry said slightly above a whisper as he placed a quick kiss to your jaw. You closed your eyes behind the blindfold and breathed in heavily, your body was becoming so aroused and you could feel yourself become wet.

“I love you [your name].” Harry said hotly letting his breath fan over your lips, placing a quick kiss to your lips and pulling away before you could react and kiss him back. “I just wish you would believe me, trust me like I trust you.” Harry said as you felt his head in the crook of your neck, his hair tickling your skin as you felt his lips linger on your collar bone.

You gulped and that’s when you knew, you were in the wrong. You were wrong for accusing him of him sleeping around. You didn’t want to admit it but you felt like you had too.

“Harr-” you were starting to say before he placed his large hand over your mouth.

“Don’t.” Harry said as you felt his touch leave your body. You felt the bed dip and that’s when you realized he had left you tied and blindfolded in the bedroom. You laid there in silence twisting your mouth back and forth thinking why you jumped to conclusions, why you had to open your loud mouth in the first place. You hurt him in a way he wouldn’t have hurted you.

You felt the bed dip again, you knew he was in your presence again. You had to say something to him, anything. You needed to make things right considering you made things this way between the two of you.


“Don’t! I fucking told you already don’t!” Harry hissed as he grabbed you by your ankles and sliding you down the bed. “If you plan to apologize save it, too fucking late.” Harry hissed in your ear as he pulled on your button down shirt in a swift movement. The buttons ripping off and landing sporadically on you and on the bed.

You felt him reach behind you and unclasp your bra, pulling it off letting the cool air touch your nipples causing them to slowly harden. You say there bare chested not feeling his warmth, that moment that was all you wanted. To feel his touch along your skin.

You breathed out deeply, tugging at your restraints eager to be free. He grabbed hold of your arms and began to kiss your neck softly. His open mouth kisses become eager, his mouth trailing down towards your chest. His plump lips making their way down between the valley of your breasts.

You felt his mouth stop but linger, you couldn’t help but continue your fast and harsh breathing. He pulled his mouth away completely, his tongue quickly latching onto your right nipple. His tongue swirling around the hardened nub as he pulled away to blow cool air causing a moan to escape past your lips. You want nothing more to be free, to push his mouth closer and hold him close to you.

He attached his mouth to your breast again, adding pressure as he sucks on your nipple and light grazes it with his teeth. You push your body off the bed, slightly arching your back and asking for more contact. You moan underneath him as he continues to suck on your right nipple while playing with your other nipple. He pulled away from your breast and continued to trail down your stomach until he reached the waistband of your leggings.

You were panting as he reached closer down to your core. You were under his control now, he was going to make you beg for it. Beg for his cock, you wanted nothing more than to have him fuck you good.

“Harry pl-please.” you panted as you felt the back of your neck become moist as you were trying to control your breathing.

You heard Harry chuckle, he placed a quick kiss to your abdomen area and hooked his fingers at your waistband. “Please what darling? What is it that you want?” Harry asked with clear amusement in his tone.

“You know damn well what I fucking want!” you hissed as your tone was harsh and demanding. All you wanted was his cock, his beautiful long cock. You wanted nothing more than to ride it, bounce on it while your ass slapped against the tops of his thighs. “Please baby.” You pleaded calmly.

“Why should I give you what you want right away?” Harry asked as he slides the thin material down your toned legs.

You were trying to process an answer until you felt his erection against your leg. How you craved to touch it, run your hand down and up as his head would fall back in blissful pleasure. Wrap your lips around the head and slowly pushing it deep into your warm mouth.

“It will benefit you and I.” you simply answer as you want him to give in.

He doesn’t say a word, he runs his fingers up your legs to your thighs. He lets his fingers lightly touch your lace knickers, causing you to become even more aroused than what you already were. He runs his thumb over your lace clad slit, feeling the wetness at his fingertips.

“God, you are fucking soaking for me.” Harry said as he pulled his finger away causing you to let out a throaty whimper. “If all you wanted was a good fuck than you could’ve said so.” Harry whispered hotly with amusement in his tone.


“What do you want? Tell me what you want.” Harry said demanding as he placed both hands on either side of your hips.

“Fuck! You know what I bloody want, what I need!” You spat as you were beyond teased.

“Say it, tell me.” Harry ordered as he leaned down towards your core and blew warm breath against your wet lace clad center.

You moaned out loud, as if you were on the verge of cuming even though he barely did anything to you. You wanted him to slip your knickers off and eat as if he hadn’t eaten in days. You wanted him to pleasure you, you wanted to pleasure him too. You needed him and he knew damn well of it and damn well of what you needed and wanted.

“Harry, fuck me! Fuck me good, fuck my wet pussy so good. I want you to leave my fucking pussy sore. I want you to suck my clit, run your tongue up and down my slit and in between. I want to ride your dick, I want to bounce my ass against the tops of your thighs. I want to clench my pussy around your cock so you can fill me up.” you blurted out as you couldn’t handle the teasing anymore.

You laid there quietly, panting as you tried to regain your breathing. You waited for a smart comment to come out Harry’s mouth but instead he pressed his lips against yours. The kiss eager as he slipped his tongue into your mouth,his skillful tongue stroking yours as he kept his hands in your waist. He pulled away from the kiss and began to place needy kisses down your neck and chest.

He trailed his way down and hooked his fingers into your knickers. He slid them down your legs and began to place kisses the soft flesh of the inside of your thighs, ever so often nipping at your skin causing you to release moans. You felt his tongue run up your slit and over clit, he pulled away and stood up on his feet.

He didn’t want it this way, he reached behind your head and untied the blindfold but kept your wrists tied. He placed a quick kiss to your lips and kneeled himself down again. He wrapped one arm around your thigh letting it rest on his shoulder. He let the other hand pin your hips down to keep you still.

He slipped his tongue between your folds and up to your clit. You threw your head back in pure bliss, moans escaping past your mouth as he circled your sensitive clit. You wanted nothing more to shove his face against you but you couldn’t, you were restrained from doing so.

You forced yourself to look down, your eyes meeting with his as he watched you. His tongue circling your clit quickly as it also slipped between your folds. You couldn’t help but arching your back slightly, your body becoming tense as you felt your climax beginning to stir inside you.

Harry pulled his mouth away, he placed his digit to your nub and lightly rubbed applying slight pressure. You moaned and breathed uncontrollably as you felt that familiar feeling in the pit of stomach beginning to become unbearable. That feeling rushing throughout your body, your body jerking as it prepared for your orgasm.

“Say my name, say it.” Harry hissed as he watched over you with dark yet lustful eyes.

You shook your head but he just smiled and add pressure to your over sensitive nub. You eyes shut tightly as you threw your head back, your mouth clenched together as you felt your muscles tight and contract on their own.

“Say my FUCKING name you SLUT.” Harry hissed as he watched over you.

You shook your head, the dirty talk was driving you to the edge. You didn’t know how long you could hold it back. You wanted to let go but you were trying to hold off just so he didn’t think he had so much power over you.

Harry smiled down to you, he positioned himself between your legs again. He placed his mouth onto your clit, he flicked his tongue quickly over it as he slipped two long fingers inside you. He looked up at you hoping to catch your gaze and face when your body finally released.

His fingers slipping in and out of you quickly as he flicked his tongue over your clit. You moaned and whimpered as the tension was becoming too much, you were close. Any second you would release, release everything you tried to hold back. A few more pumps and flicks was it for you.

“Ahh, shit! Y-ye-ess!” you moaned out as you looked down at Harry. Your face scrunched up as bucked your hips and released into his mouth.

He slipped his fingers into his mouth, tasting every drop of your orgasm. He dipped his head back and began to clean you with his tongue, his tongue seeping between your folds. You could help but jerk your body as you were just too sensitive from the orgasm still.

“You taste, so damn good.” Harry said huskily as he brought himself to hover your bare body. He smirked at your state and pressed his mouth to yours.

You kissed him back roughly and nipped at his lip. You could taste yourself off of him but you didn’t care, you just wanted him. You wanted to taste him now, you wanted him inside your mouth as his hand tangled within your silky hair.

He pulled away from you, he slipped his hand down at your center. Letting his middle finger fall between your folds to select your wetness.

“Again darling?” Harry asked as he continued to run his finger between your folds.

You bucked your hips to feel him and he just smiled down at you, slipping his hand away.

You whimpered at the loss of contact, he smiled down at you and whispered into your ear. “Are you going to be a good girl and obey me?” he asked huskily as his hot breath fanned your skin.

You bit your bottom lip to stop you from making a noise. You looked at him and nodded vigorously.

“Answer me.” Harry ordered as he brought his hand over to your hardened nipple. His rough digit making brief contact knowing it would drive your hormones, at this point, crazy.

“Yes yes yes, I will be a good girl and obey you!” you whined out as you watched him smirl up at you.

“Good. I would hate to leave you like this, without satisfying your wants.” Harry said amusingly as he pushed strands of hair out of your face.

You rolled your eyes at him, he chuckled to himself as he ran his tongue over you hardened nipple and pulling away quickly. You looked at him wide eyed with your breathing hitched in the back of your throat. He smiled at your reaction, he placed a soft kiss between the valley of your breasts.

“Remember darling, be a good girl for me.” Harry whispered as he stood on his knees between your legs. He reached above your head and began to tag onto your restraints.

You felt the silky material become loose on your wrists, he pulled away the material and freed your wrists. You slowly brought your hands down to your side. You looked at him and looked at you with warmth and lust. He placed a kiss to your forehead, letting his lips linger on your skin.

“I love you.” Harry whispered quietly as he laid on his side and pulled your bare body towards his.

“I love you.” Harry whispered quietly as he laid on his side and pulled your bare body towards his.

You couldn’t help but feel your stomach tighten at his words, despite how you acted he was still here. By your side, that just showed how much he cares and loves you. You couldn’t help but feel bad even though that small voice keeps telling you that he somewhat deserved it.
“Come on.” Harry said as he shifted so he was standing on his knees.

You laid there looking up at him. He reached his hand out and you took it. He pulled you up and placed a quick kiss to your lips, he turned you around. He pushed your upper body down, your breasts pressed onto the duvet as he kept your ass up.

You knew what was happening, he was going to fuck you with your ass up in the air. You closed your eyes tightly because he knew this was a good position, his cock hitting your g spot perfectly. With every thrust he hits it perfectly and the right speed.

You let out a small whimper as you felt his hand run down your spine all the way to your bum.

“Fuck, this is such a good view.” Harry groans as he runs his fingers up and down your lower back.

You were getting impatient, all you wanted was to feel his long cock. You wanted to be connected with him, you wanted the connection. He was aching for you just as much as you were aching for him. You both craved to give each other pleasure.

“Be a good girl, take it in.” Harry said as you heard him stroke himself, you wanted nothing more than for his hand to be yours.

You wanted to touch his cock, you wanted to run your tongue up from the base to the tip. You wanted to circle your tongue on the head, you wanted to give him the pleasure that he gave you merely 20 minutes ago.

You nodded and slipped your hand down to your center. you ran your finger between your slit and felt how soaking you were. You looked over your shoulder to find him stroking himself and looking at your swollen slick pussy.

“I’m ready for you baby.” you moaned as you watched him. “My wet pussy is ready for your thick, long cock.” you whispered as you continued to run your finger between your soaked folds.

You knew Harry loved dirty talk, he also loved when you would touch yourself. The site of you would be enough to have him cum already. He groaned as he watched you, his fingers curled around his length as he watched you with hooded eyes.

You smiled at how you had him, you were in control but somewhat not. Harry pushed the head of his cock inside your entrance, you let out a moan and whimper. The feeling was foreign but felt so right. You have been longing for this and about fucking time was he going to fuck you. And he was going to do it right.

He slowly pushed himself inside, he stayed in place as he let you adjust. He began to pull himself out until the head was only left inside, he pushed himself back into you without hesitation. You grabbed onto the sheets beneath you as you let out a cry of pleasure.

“Tonight is the last time that little scenario will be thought of, I love you and will NEVER cheat on you.” Harry hissed as he gripped your waist.

He pulled himself back out and drove himself back inside you. He continued his actions and his pace quickly grew, your ass smacking against him as he drove himself in and out of you. You were a panting mess, your cheeks flushed as your face slightly moistening with a thin layer of sweat.

“F-fu-uck Ha-Harry!” You moaned as your grip tightened, your knuckles turning white and your nails digging into the palm of your hand.

You closed your eyes tightly as you threw your head back, your lip between your teeth as the familiar feeling was growing in the pit of your tummy. Your thigh muscles tightening as your knees were growing weak, you wanted nothing more than to run away but you also wanted to let go. You wanted to release and you wanted him to release, inside you.

“You like how my dick feels, right. You like my dick hitting your g spot while your tight little pussy clenches around it, right?” Harry hisses as you feel your body jerk.

“Ye-Yesss.” You moaned out loud as you felt yourself pull away from him slowly, feeling him slip away.

He slipped his arm around your waist and brought your body close to his, pushing himself back into you as he thrusted himself in and out of you. You tossed your head back as you felt your muscles tighten, your pussy starting to slowly clench around his dick as he slipped in and out of you quickly.

“Cum for me, cum for daddy.” Harry whispered hotly into your ear pushing you over the edge.

You whimpered as he slipped his hand to your front, his finger circling your swollen clit. Your body jerked uncontrollably as you gripped the sheets tightly, your jaw clenched as you let out a loud moan releasing all over him. He placed kisses along the column of your neck down to your shoulder as you rode out your high.

You rode out your orgasm and you were calming from the high. You looked over your shoulder to see him smiling down at you. Your eyebrows slowly furrowing as you realized he didn’t release. He slipped himself out of you, he released his grip from you.
“Harry, yo-you didn’t cum.” You whispered as you laid on the bed.

“I know.” Harry simply stated as he stood up and slipped his boxers on.

You laid there with confusion, he always released with or right after your release. You slowly crawled over to his side where he stood, he looked down at you while you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Why didn’t you?” You quietly asked as you looked up at him.

“I wanted to feel you release, I like pushing you over to the edge. I wanted to relea-” Harry was saying before you slipped your hand into his boxers.

“Well, now I want you to release.” You said as you slipped his length out and began to stroke it.

He let out a throaty groan as he stood there watching you, your small hand wrapped around him. Your hand moving slowly up and down his length, you place a kiss to his lips as you continue to stroke him.

“Fuck. Just suck it darling.” Harry pleaded as he watched your hand.

You smiled up at him and began to leave a burning trail of kisses down his torso to the base of his aching cock. You slipped his head into your mouth, your tongue quickly circling the head while your eyes look up at him. He looks down at you as you are laid across the bed as he stands there, your mouth taking him in.

You pushed him as far as you could, the head hitting the back your throat as you moaned. Sending vibrations through his body, his cock beginning to twitch inside your mouth. You wrapped your hand around what couldn’t fit your mouth, your hand matching the rhythm and speed of your mouth.

“Fucking hell, you look so fucking sexy.” Harry groans as he wraps your hair around his hand, pushing you to take him in more.

You pull him out, you continue to stroke him as you stand on your knees a press your lips to his quickly. You pull away and bring yourself down to him, you slip his head back into your mouth and slowly begin to suck on it while stroking him.

“Cum for me, daddy.” You whisper seductively as you wink up at him.

His grip on your hair tightens, you take him in again and look up at him. His cock twitching inside your mouth as you bob your head quickly. You don’t take your eyes off of him and continue to take him in as far your can, his head hitting the back of your throat with each bob.

“AH, sh-shit baby.” Harry grunts as he releases into your mouth.

You feel his release, salty on your tongue and thick. You let him ride out his orgasm, you pull him out of your mouth and continue to stroke him. He leans down to you and kisses you, he deepens the kiss not caring that he can taste himself.

“I fucking love you, to the moon and back.” He whispers against your lips. He pulls away and looks down at your bare body.

“I’m sorry Harry, for earlier.” You whisper as you pull his body on top of yours. “I love you babe.” You whisper wrapping your legs around his waist.

He smiled and began to leave kisses and love bites along your shoulder and collarbones.


You two laid there within each other for a good hour, under the duvet and talking about everything. He told you how busy he was with work, you told him how busy you were with work too. He told you that he would be home more, for you and Natalie.

You were happy to hear that, you were finally going to be a family. Things were going to change and for the better. He placed a kiss on top of your forehead as he pulled your bare body with his.

“Let’s have another go, this time slow. Just like how you like it.” He whispered as he played with your hair.

You looked up over at him, you smiled at him and nodded, placing a kiss on his lips.

“Mummy, daddy!” you heard a frantic voice yell as well as pitter patters of small feet coming from the hallway.

Running in came your daughter, she hurried over to you two. “I can’t find Teddy.” She squealed with worry washed over her face.
You looked over at Harry who smiled at you and stood up, slipping joggers on. He walked out the bedroom with your daughter, you were left alone in your bedroom. You stood up and slipped a t shirt of Harry’s over your head, you slipped on some knickers and made way to the washroom.

Everything was back in place, your relationship with Harry was back to how it should be. You pulled your hair up in a ponytail and looked at your reflection, smiling at the love bites he created throughout tonight.

“She’s tucked away.” Harry said approaching you, placing his large hands on your hips. You smiled at him in the mirror. “You know what I was thinking babe.” Harry questioned as he nudge your jaw with his nose.

“What, what were you thinking?” You questioned him.

“Let’s try, try to have another baby. I know it won’t be easy but let’s try.” Harry said as he pulled away from you and brought you to face him.

You looked up at him, you could tell he was serious. He truly wanted to try, to make your family grow.

“Okay.” you said quietly as he cupped your face in his large hands.


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Teen Wolf Preference

How he reacts to you dating someone else after you two broke up

Scott: He would smile and tell you it’s okay when the truth is he’s dying inside. He really loves you and wants you to be happy, so he would act like everything is alright if that makes you happy, even if it hurts like hell for him.

Stiles: He would be distant with you. It would hurt him like hell, but instead of showing it or forcing a fake smile, he would simply try to be a little distant. Yes, he still loves you, but he can’t be selfish with you and he would hate himself if seeing him unhappy makes you unhappy.

Isaac: He wouldn’t accept it. He knows where you belong, in his arms not anyone else’s. He wouldn’t stop telling you that until you accept it. Yes, he could be a little selfish doing this, but seeing you with someone else drives him crazy, he still loves you.

Derek: He would at first act like it doesn’t affects him at all. He would fake a smile and pretend everything is alright, he would even congratulate your new boyfriend. But, in some moment he would just break, he can’t fake it anymore. That would be the moment when he starts to be more distant with you.

Liam: He wouldn’t accept it neither, but instead of being like Isaac he would show you how much me misses you. Maybe with some roses, chocolate and lots of ‘I’m sorry, I still love you’ messages. That would make him a lot of troubles with your new boyfriend, but he’s a freaking werewolf and doesn’t care what the guy thinks, he still loves you and would show it every time he could.