You Are Beautiful (Liam Dunbar Imagine) - Requested

Request: Imagine where you’re Liam’s other best friend and you find out he’s a werewolf the wrong way and he likes you so he’s hurt when you start avoiding him.

A/N: I loooooved writing this one. Enjoy reading! :D

Words: 1260

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Why are we running?!” I asked, still breathing heavily as we took a break to catch our breaths. I stood there with my hands on my knees and my head facing the floor, whereas Liam’s breathing was normal. “How the fuck aren’t you…” I couldn’t even finish my sentence. “I’ll explain later. Come on, let’s go!” He pulled on my arm and I tried to run again. It didn’t take long or I tripped over my own foot and fell to the ground. I groaned out of pain and frustration and looked at my knees. “Y/N, stand up!” Liam said, but I couldn’t. My legs felt too weak to stand up. I shook my head. “Liam, I- I can’t okay!” I yelled and he put a finger in front of his lips, telling me I needed to be quiet. And then we both heard a loud growl. “Is that… a wolf?” I asked as I looked at Liam. He gulped and nodded. “Y/N, I want you to back up okay?” “What about you?” “Trust me.” I did what he told me to do and crawled away from him and the wolf.

And then something happened that I had never expected. Liam growled back at the wolf.

I stood up, still weak in the knees, and stumbled away from him and the wolf as fast as I could. He was yelling my name, but I didn’t stop. I kept running until I was at my bike and made my way back home.

“Y/N, are you paying attention?” Mr. Yukimura asked as he was holding a stick in his hand. “Yeah, yeah.” I brushed my fingers through my hair and tried to get the thought out of my head. It’s been two weeks since it had happened and I still couldn’t focus on anything else. “Then answer the question, please.” Everybody turned in my direction and looked at me. “Uh, I don’t know.” The whole class burst out laughing and I could feel my cheeks turn red. “Y/N, you’re one of my best students, but you didn’t know that George Washington was the first president of the United States? I’m disappointed.” Mr. Yukimura sighed. “Oh well, let’s move on to the next question.” After 10 more minutes filled with questions, I was relieved when the school bell rang. I quickly put my books in my bag and ran off to my locker.

I didn’t want to face Liam. How could he keep this from me? I mean, we’re best friends. We always tell each other everything. Well, not everything. I would never tell him he meant more than a best friend to me. I grabbed my books out of my bag and shoved them in my locker. In exchange, I pulled my books for the next hours out of it and put them in my bag before closing my locker. “Y/N!” I heard someone yell. I turned my head and saw Liam jogging towards me. I quickly turned back and walked away from him. “Y/N, wait!” He yelled again, but I did the opposite. I quickened my step and made my way outside the building. I knew he would catch up on me, but I just wanted him to get the message.

The message to leave me alone.

A hand wrapped itself around my wrist and I tried to pull out of his grip. “Leave me alone!” I shouted. “Please, talk to me.” He was pleading, but I didn’t fall for it. Some guys, probably seniors, walked over to us and Liam immediately let go of me. I ran away from him and decided to skip the rest of the day and headed home. My mom wasn’t home until midnight, thanks to her night shift in the hospital. Once I was home, I went to my room and let myself fall on my bed.

Time flew by and before I knew it, it was 7 pm. “Time to eat some food.” I said to myself as I ran down the stairs. I grabbed some lasagna from yesterday and put it in the microwave. After the beep, I heard the floor creak. My hand made its way to the drawer with the knives and held it in front of my body. “Who’s there?” I murmured. My mom would never be back this early. Something fell in the hallway and I heard someone muttering. “Show yourself!” I yelled and I saw a shadow coming closer. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding in my chest. The person appeared and I didn’t lower my knife.

Not even when it was my best friend.

“Y/N, please drop the knife.” Liam said with his hands in front of him. I shook my head and an unexpected laugh escaped my throat. “Leave my house, or I’ll kill you.” “I know you would never do that.” I raised an eyebrow at his answer and took a few steps forward. “Soon, you’ll turn into that thing. That monster.” I spat out and I could see the hurt in his eyes. For some reason I didn’t even realize he had grabbed the knife out of my trembling hands. I instantly sunk to the ground and let the tears fall down my cheeks. Liam walked over to me, but he stopped when I put one of my hands in front of me. “Please, go.” I sobbed and placed my hands in front of my eyes. He didn’t listen and dropped to the floor to wrap his arms around my body. His warmth calmed me down and I leaned into his body. “Shh, it’s alright. I’m here.” He whispered as he placed soft kisses on top of my head. “Wh- Why didn’t you tell me?” I almost choked on my words. “I was afraid you didn’t want to be friends with me anymore.” He murmured and I shot up from my position. “Liam, werewolf or not, I’ll always love you. As a friend of course.” Liam’s face fell at the last sentence. “Yeah, I need to tell you something else…” We both stood up and leaned against the kitchen counter. “I,” He took a deep breath before finishing his sentence. “I like you, more than any best friend could ever do. From the first day I saw you, I fell for you. I can’t get over the way your eyes sparkle, how happy you are when we watch your favorite movies, how you snuggle up against me when you’re cold, how you hug me, your arms wrapped around me like…” He went quiet when I leaned in to gently kiss him on his lips. His hands cupped my cheeks and he deepened the kiss.

I let go of his lips and couldn’t contain a smile. “What are you smiling about?” Liam asked as he placed a strand of hair behind my ear. “I never knew you would like me back.” He grinned and placed a kiss on my nose. “I’m sorry about everything I said.” “It’s okay, I understand.” I wrapped my arms around his torso and he nuzzled his face in my neck, placing soft kisses against my skin. “Are you able to, like, shift? Right now?” His face left my neck and nodded. Liam’s eyes began to glow yellow, hair began to grow from his cheeks and teeth turned into canines. I looked down and saw the long nails. My hands cupped his cheeks and I knew he would never forget the 10 words I was about to say.

“You are beautiful. I love you, Liam. Werewolf or human.”

I Want You, Now - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Anonymous said: Could you please do a Liam Dunbar imagine where Liam is really sexually frustrated at school and he becomes really protective, and jealous over you. Then the reader finds at school and teases him under the table/desk or something. And Liam then comes to her house and they have a heated make out session. Thanks!

Warnings: Smut, public ‘sex’, pleasing in public

It started around lunch, when a guy you were having a group project with came up to you to ask you about something concerning the project. Liam had just out of the blue come up to you, sneaking his hands around your waist from behind, resting his head on your shoulders. 

Now this might have seemed normal to anyone, when your boyfriend just did this out of the blue, but it was what he did next that was slightly out of character for him. While you were giving the guy the last details, Liam had started to trail small kisses on your neck, drawing your attention towards him, as well as showing the guy you were talking with that you were his. You quickly and with a blush on your cheeks said goodbye to the guy, who hurriedly walked away. 

 «What the hell, Liam?!» You hissed at him, but didn’t turn around. 

 «What?» He said innocently, drawing you closer to his body. You could feel his member pressing into your butt, and you chuckled lightly. 

 «Liam, is that him that I feel poking me?» You teased, deciding to confront him about his protective and jealous behavior later. 

«Maybe….» You could practically feel him smirking behind you.

 «Good to know.» You whispered, as you sneaked yourself out of his embrace, quickly getting your books out of your locker and heading to your next class, leaving a confused Liam behind. 


Half of the people in the class was bored out of their minds, and honestly it would actually have been an interesting class for you if it hadn’t been for the fact that you knew the book the teacher was analyzing in and out like your own pocket. 

So you decided to tease Liam a bit, who was sitting beside you, his back straight as he seemed to be having some sort of problem, as he tried not to look at you. Something he failed miserably at. You reached out your hand to squeeze his thigh. His head immediately snapped your way, but you ignored him, keeping your eyes at the front of the classroom. Your hand travelled higher up, stroking circles with your thumb as you travelled higher. Liam became even straighter in the back if possible. 

 «Y/n…» Liam whispered warningly as your hand reached his member, palming him through the fabric. You only hummed innocently in response to your boyfriend’s warning, as your hand travelled a bit higher, unbuttoning his pants. 

Liam gripped the edge of the table as your hand reached down into his boxers. You gripped around his member, beginning to slowly move your hand up and down. Liam’s breath quickened at your movements, and you could feel him growing even harden in your hand. 

Liam tried his best on suppressing a moan, although you could hear something in his chest, something like a growl. No one seemed to notice though. When you felt Liam starting to twitch in your hand you quickly withdrew your hand, leaving him unfinished and hot breathed beside you. Liam looked at you with desperation evident in his eyes, but you just laughed lightly at him, before the teacher called on you, making you answer a question about the book.


As soon as class ended, Liam had taken your hand in a hard grip, walking fast out of the school and over to your car. He had quickly taken your keys, deciding to drive himself. Probably to be sure you wouldn’t torture him any further by driving him slowly. 

 You arrived at your house shortly after. The lights were out and your parents car was gone, due to that they both had night shifts today. Liam still hadn’t said a word to you, nor looked at you since the school, and he looked like he was really trying to control himself as you were locking up the door. 

As soon as you both stepped into the house, closing the door behind you, Liam pinned you up against the wall in a lustful kiss. He put his hands under your butt as he made motion for you to jump up, so you did, wrapping your legs around his waist. 

 His hands roamed your body, as he soon started to trail kisses down from your lips to your neck. Sucking and biting on the way down, to be sure he left marks. Liam held you close to him as he started to walk down the corridor and up that stairs while carrying you in his arms. Before you knew it your back met something soft, meaning you had made it to your room. 

 Liam was hovering over you, lust shining from his eyes as he dipped his head down to yours, capturing your lips with his as one of his hands made its way to the hem of your shirt, lifting it up slightly. Liam parted your legs with his, positioning himself between them, thrusting his hips against yours. Pleasure shot up from your core at the movement, a gasp leaving your lips. 

 «No more teasing this time, Y/n. I want you, now.» Liam whispered into your ear, as he started to drag your shirt over your head.


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Fourth time in that minute the boy sighed.There was clerly something on his mind,something he wanted to share with someone,but he couldn’t find strenght nor bravery.His older friend noticed it,he knew that something was on boy’s mind that bothered him for awhile now.Looking in younger boys eyes,he asked him,’’What’s wrong,Liam?’’The other,younger boy absently said,’’Y/N.’’The older boy suddenly realised that he began to act strange when she came to their school.It looks like she really messed him up.He was in clouds,constantly thinking about her beautiful eyes and irresistable smile.’’What about Y/N?’’ ‘’I’m in love with her Scott,I constantly think about her,thinking about words I would say to her when I see her,but when I actually see her my tounge ties,my mind just goes blank.’’ Scott sat beside Liam,tapping him on his shoulder. ’’Yeah,it sounds like a crush to me.But what are you afraid of?Why won’t you just ask her out?’’ Liam looked at Scott,fear in his eyes. ‘’But,Scott,what if I hurt her?What if I just can’t control myself around her?’’ ‘’Liam,that’s the same thing I was worried about when I was dating Allison,before she found out that I’m a werewolf.But when I was with her I could control myself,she was my anchor,she kept me human.Maybe Y/N is your anchor too.I’m sure you will be able to control yourself around her.’’ ‘’But,Scott,you make it sound so easy.’’ ‘’But it’s not easy Liam,it’s definetly not easy.It requires strenght and bravery,and I’m sure you got that.’’ The younger boy sighed again,putting his head down and looking at his feet. ‘’But,Scott,if I hurt her I would hate myself for the rest of my life.And what if she rejects me?’’ ‘’Don’t talk nonsense,Liam.Have you heard her heart when she’s around you?She likes you too,I’m sure.’’ ‘’Thank you Scott.’’ The older boy pulled younger one into warm,brotherly hug,’’I believe in you,Liam.Now go ask her out.’’ The younger boy looked at his cellphone beside him and smiled when he thought about her.  

I Have Controll - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Anonymous said: Please write a piece where Scott or Stiles is pretty much Liam’s dad/older brother? Like, when he goes on his first date or brings home a bad homework grade. Or he forgets to do a chore. Thank you!!!!

This turned into a drabble, a really short one, but I hope you like it anyway~

«Everything under control?» Stiles stood impatient in front of the young beta, while Scott stood more calmly by his side, looking almost thoughtful. 

 «Yeah, I have full control.» Liam repeated for the hundred time that night. 

 «Let me see your hands.» Scott ordered, and the young beta reluctantly did as he was told, holding out his hands. They were slightly blood stained, as he had been pressing his nails into his palms, drawing blood to the surface. 

 «And you’re going to meet Y/n like this?» Stiles shot in from the side, sounding like he never had doubted the beta more than at this very moment. 

 «I’ll be all better by the time I’m with her.» Liam sighed at his two overprotective seniors. 

«You sure?» Scott furrowed his eyebrows in concern. 

 «Yes.» Liam said impatiently. «Now if you two don’t stop soon, I’ll be losing my temper over you.» «

Okay, okay. We’ll shut up.» Scott tried to hide his smile, as Liam turned his back to the two. 

 «Go get her, wolf!» Stiles yelled after Liam, earning a amused laughter from Scott. When Liam was finally out of earshot from them, Stiles turned to Scott, actually looking genuinely worried this time. 

«You think he will do alright?» 

 «Yeah, I know he will. Liam’s got more willpower than we think.» 

Sin In A Suit (Chapter 63)

Chapter 63


The Christmas madness is over. The holiday cheer has simmered down along with everyone’s moods. It’s like Christmas brings out the best in everyone, but once it’s over it is almost like it never happened. Which is upsetting, because not everyone enjoys these precious days like they used to in the old days. I guess I’m just a bit more old fashioned than I let on. Is there any shame in that?

However I am glad that it was successful. It felt good to just get everyone presents for once. Everyone seemed satisfied which was the task. Especially my brother. He assured me last night that he doesn’t think any other Christmas could top this one unless he ever got a car, something of that sort.

This morning at the post office was a disaster. Grumpy workers are never a pleasure to encounter, but really who would want to work the day after Christmas? I couldn’t blame them. But unlike me, Liam wasn’t having it. The guy who helped me with my passport was kind of an ass, of course Liam told him off.

The process was a bit annoying but at least Liam made some arrangements for the passport to be ready by today, which is absurd how much power he has. Enough power to make something that takes weeks to process happen in one day. He has terrible timing.

He didn’t also didn’t fail to remind me about my appointment this afternoon for my birth control. In all honesty I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous.

I’ve never done such a thing. Going to the doctor has always intimidated me. It’s weird. Jason doesn’t leave until tomorrow and if he knew that I’d be going to the doctor’s for birth control he’d be traumatized.

Good thing I left that part out.

Asking Alexis to come with me wasn’t any easier either. She sounded surprised at first but agreed. It’s so odd knowing she hated me for seeing Liam, now she knows that our sex life is about to change, not drastically but still.

“No more condoms for us. Thank fucking God. I can’t wait to toss them all out.” Liam said before handing me the keys to his luxury SUV’s. I insisted on taking my old Darla but that was a lost cause.

The drive to Alexis’ house isn’t as long as I thought it would’ve been. She quickly climbs into the car and inspects the vehicle with a raised eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you got this as a gift?” She gasps.

“No, it’s his. He just doesn’t like me driving my car. Wonder why.” I mumble sarcastically as I pull out of the driveway and let my new and improved iPhone guide me to the hospital. Surprisingly it’s not that hard to use. I like using the emojis and being able to download music from my phone.

Liam also said he’d help me download porn, which only made me jealous at the thought of my boyfriend looking for videos of people having sex. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had any in his phone though. God knows what kind of things Liam’s downloaded on it.

“So, birth control?” Alexis speaks up randomly.

“I know, don’t ask.” I giggle, keeping my eyes focused on the road. “How have your anger management classes gone?”

“Good. Really good. Having Harry with me has really helped. He’s the best anyone could ever ask for.” She gushes, noticing the way her cheeks flush for a split second. My initial reaction is to tease her about the possibility of her liking him but I spare her the moment for now. Although I think they’d make a perfect couple, but I’m not match maker. “Honestly I don’t get how you even forgave me after the things I said and did. I still feel like shit because you’re the only good and real friend I have.”

“I shouldn’t have lied and kept it from you. You had every right to be mad.” I assure her again for the millionth time. It’s better if we just keep that old drama in the past instead of bringing it up when the year is so close to ending. We are starting fresh. All of us. Even Zayn and I. Things can’t be weird between my professor and I forever.

“Which hospital is it?” She asks after a few moments of silence.

“Northwestern memorial.” I say and she stays deep in thought, as if trying to remember something about it. She stays like that for a good few seconds before shaking her head and pushing away any thoughts she might’ve had.

When we arrive to the hospital the waiting room is almost empty with only a few other women with their young kids and others expecting. My ankle nervously shakes as I wait for the nurse to call my name. It should be anytime now.

Alexis happily distracts herself with the Cosmopolitan magazines provided for those who come in moral support. I want to comment on her obnoxious chewing of gum but it’s working great as a distraction from my racing mind. I should’ve searched up what happens at these appointments.

Part of me starts thinking what if I was here for another reason, as in the same reason some of these expecting mothers are here for. What if I was in their position? If it ever turned out that I was pregnant I think Liam would freak, and so would I. Having kids isn’t on my agenda, not now at least. Besides, Liam’s already said he doesn’t want to be a father.

But if I was, would he leave? Would he walk out? I don’t think I could bear having a kid without their father in their life, but I’d like to think I’d be responsible enough to take care of a kid on my own. I’m too young. I have so much to live for. That’s why this birth control is our best bet.

“You’re nervous.” Alexis states the obvious.

“I am. I don’t know what to expect.” I explain honestly, because this is so out of my element. “Anyways, so Liam wants to know if you and Harry are busy for New Years.” Now would be a good time to bring up Aruba. I am so excited for that.

“Well I tried making the party happen at my parent’s cabin but it’s not happening.” She snorts a laugh. “Why?”

“He’d like to know if you guys would like to come to Aruba with us. He has real estate down there.”

Her mouth practically drops and her eyes go wide. “Aruba? Really? Oh my god, that sounds awesome. Are you serious?”

I nod. “Yeah. We leave on the twentieth, I know it’s last minute but—”

“No, no that’s fine.” She eagerly insists. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this excited over something like a trip to Aruba. “I will let Harry know. He’s gonna love that idea. I’ll even start packing today. Thank you, thank him for being kind of enough to invite us. Especially me after what I did to you.”

“He doesn’t hold grudges against anyone. Except Bennett.” I emphasize because no matter what Liam hates him. Bennett has been kind to me for the most part, even after he kissed me against my will. If Liam knew of that kiss, there’d be nothing to stop him from kicking Ben’s ass.

“Well he tried to force himself on you, I don’t think you could really blame him could you?”

“No. I guess not.” I pick at my thumbs and twiddle them around.

My nervousness is then piked as a man in dark blue scrubs comes into the waiting room with a clipboard in his arms. “Piers? Violet Piers?”

Alexis and I quickly stand from our seats and hurry over to the guy who smiles kindly at us before leading us into an average sized room with a desk on the far wall. There’s all sorts of medical posters and weird decor pieces that I’m sure belong to the doctor.

“Take a seat. I’m just going to run some tests and check your vitals. The doctor will be in soon.” The nurse says, whose name I believe is Miguel.
He has me remove my coat and shoes to weigh me and check my height. “Have a seat again.” He instructs and I comply.

He wraps the blood pressure pump around my arm to check my heart beat and all that necessary stuff, quickly writing down the info onto a chart that I’m sure the doctor will go over to know which method of birth control is best for me.

Once he’s done and exits the room, it doesn’t take long before the doctor comes in with a white coat and a dark suit. She’s a woman. Oh thank god. Had it been a male doctor I think I would’ve been really uncomfortable.

“Hello, hello. Sorry for the wait.” She says, takin a seat behind the desk. “My name is Dr. Ryce, and you are Violet?” She smiles while keeping eye contact.

“Yes, Piers. Violet Piers.” I cough and clear my throat.

Dr. Ryce pauses for a beat as she stares at me with curiosity, holding her fancy pen by her mouth. She presses her lips together and tilts her head to the side. Almost like she knows who I am or something. Suddenly I am feeling uncomfortable.

“Is something wrong?” Alexis snaps at her.

“You wouldn’t perhaps know Bennett Ryce, would you?” She asks and my stomach drops.

“Um, yes. I do.” I mumble nervously.

“I’m so sorry for being so straight forward.” She laughs. “Bennett is my son. I’m his mother.” Oh my god. This cannot be happening. I mean I knew she was a doctor but I didn’t think out of everyone she would be my gynecologist. This is so embarrassing. She knows me, so that means Bennett has talked to her about me.

“There was a reason this place sounded so familiar.” Alexis says. “Bennett’s mentioned this before.”

“Well this is awkward.” I manage to say, hiding my hands behind my face. “It’s nice to meet you.” I tell her because overall she’s my doctor and she seems nice. It’s crazy how much Bennett looks like his mom. They have the same smile, the same hair color. The resemblance is uncanny.

“Likewise Violet.” Dr. Ryce says. “So I see here that you came in for birth control?” She asks as she examines my chart.

“Yes.” I nod. As if this couldn’t get worse, now his mother knows about some part of my sex life.

“First things first, I see the nurse forgot to do the pregnancy test so we’ll start off with that.” Pregnancy test? Is that necessary?


The doctor scoots back her chair and produces a small cup from one of her drawers.

“Pregnancy test? I’ve always used protection.” I mutter. I shouldn’t lie to her. We’ve only done it without condoms twice, but either way those times were risky. Plan B might have failed the first time and we didn’t use one when we had sex in his office a few weeks ago.

Dr. Ryce notices my concern right away and gives me a reassuring smile to calm my nerves. “It’s just for precaution.” She murmurs, taking the cup from her hand and rushing to the bathroom to do as I’m told.

I hand the nurse the cup full of my bladder release and return to the office with a thoughtful mind. Please be negative. Please be negative. Is all I think at the moment.

A few minutes later the nurse returns with a paper and hands it to the doctor. Dr. Ryce skims it and I stop breathing for a second. Oh my god, what if I am? I can’t be. Not now.

“Alright, you’re not pregnant so now we can begin.” She sets it down and I breathe of pure relief. “Telling by your reaction, had it said otherwise this would have affected you wouldn’t it?”

Well yeah. I’m eighteen. Isn’t that obvious?

Dr. Ryce starts off with a bunch of questions. Most of which have to do with my sex life and how frequently do I do it with my partner. I am so glad Alexis is here because this would’ve been so much more tense if I was alone.

“Unprotected sex at any time?” She asks and I flush.

“Y-yes.” I stutter. “Twice. Just two times. I took a Plan B pill once.”

“Okay.” She nods, writing down everything I say onto her pad. Will she tell Bennett about this encounter? Like hey the girl you’ve kissed was my patient today and she came in for birth control because of obvious reasons. Though I’m sure she is professional. Those diplomas on the wall aren’t just there for decoration. She earned them.

Dr. Ryce takes out pamphlets of the different methods of birth control. She carefully explains them to me, making sure I get the idea of this whole thing. In the end we pick the shot method since it’s the easiest and best way to deal with. It’ll last me three months so there’s no hassle of me remembering to take a pill every day.

She writes me down a prescription for Depo-Provera, instructing me to take it to the nurse who will inject it into my arm. “So Miss Piers, the shot will last for twelve weeks. After the three months is over, come back if you wish to get it again. Since you are currently menstruating, the shot will be in full effect in approximately one, two days tops.”

“When do I get the bill?” I ask out of curiosity. Surely this isn’t cheap. I want to be able to pay some of it.

“The costs were already taken care of.” She informs me. Of course they were. Liam’s always one step ahead of me.

I try not to roll my eyes. “Thank you, Dr. Ryce.” I say and stand from the seat. “And tell Bennett I said hello.”

“Of course Violet. It was a delight to meet you.” She grins widely, taking my prescription to the nurse with Alexis by my side.

“That was educational.” She laughs.

The nurse has me sit down and wastes no time in wrapping a rubbery like band around my arm. He taps the needle a few times before rubbing an alcohol cloth near my veins. I wince at the sting but feel immediately relieved when it goes into my bloodstream.

I am period free. I don’t know for how long, I’ll have to read it somewhere on this pamphlet or online but I can finally kiss cramps goodbye.

Alexis and I end up going to IHOP for lunch, on my behalf because no more periods and condoms, which is a very valuable reason to celebrate.

“Thank you for the trip. I needed to get out.” Alexis says when I pull up on her driveway. “But now I have to start packing and go shop for bathing suits because we have a trip to Aruba to get to.” She squeals out of excitement.

“I’ll see you then.” I wave her goodbye and drive back into the city. Traffic is horrible and it delays me at least forty five minutes before the crazy downtown drivers let me through to get into the garage where all of Liam’s cars are parked.

I lazily drag my feet through the lobby and in the elevator, pressing on the PH button that leads me up to my home. I mean his home. Not my home. It’s not my home. But it could be. My subconscious says but I push the thought away.

“No that won’t be necessary… Fax me the info, I’ll get on it… It’s fucking brilliant mate… I will definitely look into it.” I hear Liam talk into the phone as I walk into the living room.

“Hi.” I breathe, catching his attention and stopping him from pacing the room.

“I’ll call you later.” He clicks on the phone without skipping a beat. “Hey, how was the appointment?” He stretches his arm out for me and I let him lead me towards the couch.

“Good. Very good.” I say. “My doctor was friendly. She was informative. Also the mother of the man you hate.”

“Bennett?” Liam scoffs. “Fuck, are you serious? Do you want me to find you another doctor?” I knew he would freak over this.

“What? No. No, Dr. Ryce is perfect. She was really kind.”

“Are you sure?” He seems determined to try and change my mind but I am fine. Bennett isn’t any of my concern.

“Yes.” I say and he gives in, knowing he won’t get me to accept the change of gynecologist.

“So,” he prompts silently. “Now what?”

“Now,” I mumble, “we wait for the vacation of our lifetime.” I wink and think about how a few days from now I will be able to feet the sand between my toes and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

• •

The next two days are anything but not chaotic. Like every other couple Liam and I fought over the dumbest thing and he wouldn’t talk to me. Luckily it only lasted a few hours, which is probably a new record.

Jason’s already left to Wisconsin by the time that Thursday morning rolls around, meaning we leave to Aruba today. I have my passport ready and my luggage ready to go as well. I packed lightly. I don’t own any bathing suits so I will have to buy them down there.

Niall is also joining us on the trip which is delightful because now Liam can have a good time with the guys while I spend some time with the girls. The butterflies are eating at me as each minute passes by, getting closer to boarding the plane.

“My family is already at the airport. We should get going.” Liam comes into the room as I finish packing some last minute items.

“Sorry I just want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything.”

“That won’t be a problem.” He says, trying to decipher what he means by that.

After taking our luggage to the car, we don’t waste time on driving off to the airport. The plane is scheduled to leave at noon, and we need to beat traffic for get there on time. But then again the plane wouldn’t leave without Liam. It’s his plane after all.

The butterflies slowly eat at me as we make our way to the airport. I have my passport, my ID, anything and everything needed. I would know, I checked about a hundred times just to make sure.

When I let out a shaky breath, it gives Liam the impression that I’m nervous. He detects it right away. So I’m thankful when he grabs my hand and pulls it over the console.

“My jet is very comfortable. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay.” He kisses my hand.

“I know. I trust you.” I say and look out the window. “Thank you for this. For the experience. It means the world to me.”

“I do it because I love you. And I want you to have so many firsts with me, like I want with you.”

I can’t help but look at him with enamor at that. I love him. I love this man more than anyone could ever describe and we are about to embark on a trip to a tropical island where there’s endless of possibilities that could happen there.

During the trip to O'Hare, Alexis lets me know she and Harry carpooled to the airport and they’re almost there. I think we are too. The closer we go to our destination the closer I see the planes get bigger and bigger with the small distance between us. One of the signs above us says Terminal, Drop Offs, Security check, just a few examples to name. Only Liam takes a different route, noticing that he turns where it says “Private jets”. It’s in a much more secluded area.

From afar I can see the smaller planes aligned in an orderly conduct. My view is then obstructed by a large wall. The butterflies flutter even more now. Holy shit. I am seriously about to get on an airplane for the first time. This is so surreal.

“Can you sit still?” Liam chuckles at me, referring to my fidgeting body that moves relentlessly on the passenger seat.

“I can’t.” I rub my hands on my jeans. “I am scared.”

“Don’t be. I would never put your life at risk. You know that right?” Of course I know that. He doesn’t even have to ask.

“I do. I know.” I sigh and feel relieved when we enter a garage where I assume he will leave the car for a few days. I see Harry’s Jeep parked too, that means they’re here too. Oh my goodness. This is really happening. I get to share this vacation with my friends.

I could never thank Liam enough for this. He doesn’t have to go through the trouble but it means the world to me.

Once parked and ready to get out, Liam grabs our luggage from the trunk and we hurry to meet up with the others. My pulse quickens with each step we take, my hand holding his as he leads us through the garage, inside an elevator and out to a reception room with mini model airplanes used for decoration.

“Mr. Payne, you’ve made it.” A guy in white says.

“Always.” Liam smiles at the man. The man then directs us into a room where I presume is where the security check happens for private flights like ours. This isn’t the usual airport experience but it’s still really nerving. They have us remove our shoes and put our phones on a container.

Our luggage gets checked and scanned through the X-ray screen. The full body scan has me a bit uneasy considering all of the stories I’ve heard about airports keeping the tapes without anyone’s consent. But I comply with the rules anyway.

“Here, miss.” One of the TSA guys smiles at me as he helps me put my shoes back on.

“Thank you.” I smile back at him. Chivalry isn’t dead after all. As I slip my shoes back on, I take a quick glance at the guy’s face go from smiling to frightened in a second. When I look to the source I see that Liam is practically shooting daggers at the young guy.

“Hey,” Liam’s voice directs me straight to his face. “I love you.” He mouths, purposely placing his hand on my ass as he leans down to kiss me. I mentally roll my eyes and the gesture but kiss him back because it’s moments like these that I realize just how lucky I am to have him.

After the process is over and our passports are approved of, we’re escorted outside to a huge garage full of smaller airplanes. Others bigger than the rest but it’s still shocking. Shit, this is really happening. I am really about to go on an airplane. Or jet. Whatever it is, it’s still the same concept.

From a distance I see Liam’s mother, father and Riley all waiting beside a white plane with bold letters written on the side that says “Payne Corporations” as their luggage gets hauled under the plane’s belly. Some of the workers take mine and Liam’s luggage from our hands, welcoming him with a friendly grin.

“Mum, dad.” Liam goes to his parents first before hugging his sister. Much to my surprise his mother doesn’t spare me a look. She doesn’t even bother to acknowledge my existence and I try my best to ignore the ugly pang in my chest.

“So glad you’ll be joining us Violet.” Robert says as he pulls back from our short embrace. At least one of his parents likes me. If his dad felt the same way as Claire I’d be mortified about going with them to this beautiful island. It would all be so awkward so I am glad Robert accepts me as his son’s girlfriend.

“I’m glad too.” I pull off a weak smile and proceed to hug Riley.

“Thank god you came. This trip would have been terrible without you.” Riley mumbles quietly into my ear. “Are your friends here yet?”

“They should be arriving soon.” I say and look at my phone. I still have yet to master the art of working an iPhone but so far it’s a lot better than my old thing. With this phone texting is so much easier and especially the FaceTime option. I’m eager to use it. A few minutes pass by before I get a text from Alexis that they’ve arrived and they should be in here in no time.

“Payne, welcome back sir.” The man who I assume by his uniform is our pilot comes up to Liam and shakes his hand. “It’s so good to see you again.”

“Yes it is.” Liam murmurs blandly. “You obviously know my family and this lovely girl here,” he grabs my hand and let’s my body nuzzle next to his, “is my girlfriend. Violet this is Samuel also known as my trustworthy pilot.”

“Dating now?” The man finds it hard to believe. Well it does come off as a shocker to everyone. “How do you do miss?” The pilot asks me and I answer back timidly.

“Very well. Thank you.” I mutter.

“It’s her first time on an airplane. Go easy on her.” Liam winks at him and I almost want to hit him for telling him that. As if my nerves weren’t bad enough this is only making it worse. I don’t know what to expect. All these new experiences frighten me but at least I am experiencing them with him.

“I will make this flight as enjoyable as possible.” Our pilot says before nodding and walking past us.

“It’s bloody cold out here.” Liam’s mother blurts out of nowhere. “Can we board the plane now? It’s a bit ridiculous.”

“By all means mum. Help yourself.” Liam motions over to the door and has the workers open up the plane to allow them inside. Just from a small glance I can see how luxurious it is in there. It also seems like the inside is bigger than the outside gives off. His mom and dad climb inside of the plane as Riley huffs and shivers but gasps when her eyes are directed to the blond that is speed walking towards us.

“Shit. I’m not late am I?” Niall asks as he comes to a complete stop in front of us. It’s almost hysterical watching Riley’s mouth open with amusement as the sight of this man she is obviously head over heels gone for. I know she hasn’t admitted it but it’s obvious that she feels something for Niall.

“Hello Violet.” He gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. “You’re looking good.” He compliments genuinely, earning himself a deep scowl from his best friend.

“Thank you.” I giggle, flushing at the use of his words but more over Liam’s possessive hand sneaking up my waist. “You look well too.” I say to him and ignore the brooding man next to me. He’s not the only one that will ever look good, but he is the only man I will only ever have eyes for.

The flight attendants take Niall’s luggage as well as he grins at Riley for a moment, an admirable stare that shifts the atmosphere above us. Especially Liam’s demeanor. He’s on guard, and I am getting the feeling that he doesn’t like the way Riley and Niall exchange flirty looks.

“Hi,” Riley breathes softly, her shy smile giving away that she is flustered over the fact that Niall will be joining us on this extravagant vacation. This is definitely going to be interesting.

Minutes later I am beyond relieved when I see Harry step into the open garage with Alexis by his side. I notice right away how awed they are by the amount of planes in this area. They are quick to spot us as they hurry to catch up with hurried steps, Alexis’ smile so big and wide I swear she could rip her cheeks at any second.

“Sorry for the hold up.” Harry apologizes but is forgotten when he turns to speak to Liam. “Thank you, again, for inviting us.”

“Anytime mate.” Liam murmurs sincerely at my best friend. I am so happy Liam invited them to join us. This is all going to be so much fun. Maybe too much fun, but I’m not complaining. “Come, the jet awaits.” He instructs, pointing towards the stairs that lead up into the cabin.

One by one everyone began to hop on, the flight attendant dressed in a pencil skirt and white shirt greeting each of them with a smile that is almost too painfully fake to witness. She doesn’t bother smiling at me though, and I take it she doesn’t like the fact that I’m Liam’s girlfriend.

Liam carefully grabs my hand as we begin to make our journey into the jet but I pull back, suddenly frightened at the thought of flying. On a plane. On some machine that is going to be up in the air.

“What’s wrong?” He cups my face into his hands.

“I don’t know if I can.” I gulp, my shaky breath proving that I am not feeling so well. I feel so nauseous.

“Yes you can.” He assures me. “I’m right here. Everything will be okay. I promise. Think of it like a rollercoaster.” His soothing voice calms me. “You like those right?”

I nod eagerly. “Yeah. I like them.”

“Good.” He smiles, pressing a kiss to my forehead that has the woman in the uniform rolling her eyes.

“Problem?” I huff annoyedly at her and watch the color from her face wash away. She bites her lip nervously, shaking her head whilst quickly replacing that bitter expression of hers with an even more bitter grin.

Gingerly I stepped onto the stairs of the plane with Liam’s hands plastered across either side of my waist as I push away my nerves and focus on the guy waiting for us at the entrance.

Just as I had suspected, the cabin is much bigger and fancier than my mind led on. It’s almost too beautiful in here for it to even be real. The interior is a pristine, warm beige with blacks trimmings that makes everything all stand out. There’s a big TV in here mounted on the wall that sits directly in front of the long, suede couch that forms a U shape.

There’s also other single couches with seat belts that we will have to use when this plane takes off. My eyes can only travel so fast to take in every little detail of the area. There’s also a bar on the far wall, a door next to it that pikes my interest. And I know it can’t be the bathroom considering it’s at the front of the cabin.

“Here,” Liam goes over to the mini fridge packed with cans of carbonated beverages, snacks and water bottles. He hands me a water bottle to calm me, to which it works and I feel myself getting more comfortable to this. Everyone else is doing their own thing, too busy to notice Liam and I travel to the far end of the plane.

Liam opens the door to the mystery room that happens to be a bedroom, a bigger than average bedroom fully equipped with a full size bed and its own private bathroom.

“If it gets too much, we can come in here. Just you and I.” He promises from behind me.

“Are you sure you’re not getting any other ideas?” I raise an eyebrow, feeling my stomach tighten all of a sudden.

“No. Not yet.” I can feel his smirk grow on my neck.

“Ladies and gentlemen aboard in the cabin, this is your pilot speaking. I ask of you to take your seats as we prepare to begin our journey to take off.” He says when we return to the main room and take a seat on one of the cushioned seats. Everyone is instructed to take a seat as we prepare ourselves for the plane to fly off into the sky.

Two women in flight attendant uniforms are in charge of showing us the plane’s safety features and what to use in case of emergencies. My subconscious and I are hoping they won’t be necessary. That wouldn’t be so pleasant. The girls glare at me for a brief second as they go take their seats at the back, their catty faces obviously telling me they don’t like me very much.

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out they’ve done something with Liam. It doesn’t bother me, or maybe it does, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s mine. Liam is my boyfriend and whatever he might have done with these women, it doesn’t matter.

“You ready?” Liam asks when the plane starts moving, turning the corner that causes me to yelp. Instinctively Liam grabs my hand and brings it up to his lips and kisses it.

As the plane picks up speed and makes the plane jump, my heartbeat increases by the second. I grip Liam’s hand and close my eyes, hoping that maybe this way I’ll avoid the way it moves along the runway.

“You can let go now.” Liam tells me, my grip so hard on his hand that my knuckles have turned white. When I open my eyes, the plane is already up in the air, flying. Literally flying.

Minutes later the pilot gives us the green light to move free about the cabin, the pressure in my chest released when Liam unbuckles my seatbelt for me.

“That wasn’t bad.” I snort, more than relieved. “However your female flight attendants don’t like me very much.” I point out the elephant in the room.

“How can you tell?” He raises an eyebrow.

I sigh and roll my eyes. “Trust me, I know.”

Who knows if I’m just being paranoid, but I can’t help but notice when people give off the vibe that I’m not likable. That happens a lot when I’m with Liam. It’s just something I have to get used to.

When I finally muster up the courage to stand from my seat, I’m stopped by Alexis who is so enthusiastic about how fancy Liam’s jet is. “This is so awesome.” She squeals quietly. “Thank you Violet. I really needed this and in a few hours we’re going to be laying on sand.”

“Is that exciting?” I ask even though I already know the answer to this question.

“Obviously.” She playfully scoffs. “I brought some of the cutest swimsuits. And of course cute outfits in case any guy wants to buy me dinner.” She giggles but I know she is being serious. I’m sure there will be plenty of people that would take her out on a date, she deserves it. Especially after doing so well with her anger management classes.

I’m sure Harry would love to be the one who takes her out on that date she longs for, soon enough though, it will happen. At least I’m hoping.

Within the next hour of our long flight to Aruba I try my best to ignore the catty flight attendants who check up on everyone but me. Okay, I know Liam is hot and all but is it really that serious? Part of me wants to ask them what the deal is but I refrain from creating a scene thirty thousand feet from the ground.

Everyone on the plane so far seems to be having a good time. Niall is engaged in a conversation with Harry about sports and other topics that really don’t appeal to me. Liam is busy on his laptop looking far too concentrated on the screen when he should be conversing with us. You can the CEO out of his work but you can’t take the work out of the CEO.

“God he’s so attractive. I mean really, who is that hot?” Riley practically yells at the TV as her and Alexis gawk over Theo James talking about his next, big movie.

“He really is.” Alexis agrees, both of them looking quite hilarious because of Theo James. But I must admit the man is gorgeous, he’s definitely worth drooling over. “Not all of us are in relationships sis.” Alexis says to me, shrugging, her laugh so jubilant I decide to join them on the couch.

“That doesn’t mean every other man in the world is ugly to me now.” I giggle, glancing at the way Liam’s eyebrow raises just a bit. “But Liam is definitely the cutest.” I add and he approves.

After multiple discussions over who was more hot, Theo, Jamie Dornan and my own boyfriend there was no official agreement, although Riley was quick to veto Liam out of the poll and despite past instances, Alexis didn’t disagree with me at all. There was a time she fawned over him, I’m sure she’s never going to stop being flustered over Liam’s presence and I do not blame her.

On my small journey to the bathroom, I have the chance to overhear the two female flight attendants bicker and rant about things I can’t make out but it’s clear what it’s about when I hear my name fall from one of their mouths. “Her name’s Violet or something.” One of them says bitterly.

“Kate this is so annoying. Mr. Payne’s never brought a girl with him when he flies on his jet and now he has a girlfriend? She could have at least been hot.” The other girl who is not Kate scoffs.


“And now he pretends like we don’t even exist. As if he forgot what happened between us. That’s just like him. That’s just like every guy.” The girl who I assume is Kate whines and I can’t help but think what she means by what happened between them. I mean maybe it’s obvious and I am just being oblivious but it could mean anything. That still doesn’t stop my curiosity.

When I’m done washing my hands, the door clicks open as I step out and startle both girls with a friendly smile. “Sorry.” I mumble, pressing my lips together.

“Shit,” one of them whispers.

“Can we get you anything miss?” Kate asks with a fake grin.

“No. Thank you.” I murmur as I make my way back to Liam who is still on his laptop. Whatever he’s doing can’t be any more interesting than my inquisition about his history with these girls.

He is seated at the table as I slide into the booth beside him. “Busy?” I peek at the screen and see a bunch of stats, money signs, ranks and a big Payne Corporations logo at the top of the page.

“A bit Miss Piers. Why?” He doesn’t bother to look at me.

“Aren’t we supposed to be on vacation?”

“We are. I just want to get some unfinished work done. No harm in that right?”

“I guess.” A soft groan escapes my lips.

His eyebrows center together. “Everything okay?”

“Mhm.” I mumble quietly.

“Violet,” he presses.

“I overheard your flight attendants talk about me, then you, then you and them.” I purposely drag my finger over his scruff, watching him stiffen at the mention of them talking about whatever adventure they had with Liam.

“What did they say?” He’s automatically defensive, his tone dark and heavy.

“It was too vague for me to understand what they were trying to say.” But I want to know. And I want to know, now. “They said that you are acting like they don’t even exist after what happened.”

“They’re just jealous babe. They are trying to make you worry about nothing.” He responds briskly.

Are they? To me it sounds like those girls are genuinely hurt over the fact that Liam isn’t single anymore.

“Okay.” I shrug and scoot away from him because he is obviously leaving something out that he would rather keep from me. Noted whatever he has done in the past doesn’t matter anymore but there’s so much more I want to know.

“Violet,” he groans again. “Whatever may have happened between me and those girls means nothing now. Please stop worrying about it.” Now he’s getting frustrated. Good. Maybe in the spur of the moment he’ll just blurt it out.

“I’m not worried.” I lie. Okay I am, just a little.

“You’re such a bad liar.” He rolls his eyes at me. “Come here.” He commands softly, holding his hand out for me to grab it. I do so and he scoots me closer to him again, tilting my head up to kiss me. “I should really just fuck your worries away.” He mumbles against my lips.

I gasp. “You would like that wouldn’t you?”

He smirks. “Yes, and I know you would too.”

Instead of denying that, I scrunch up my nose and proceed to move his laptop to the side. That’s enough work for one flight. “Let’s play a game!” I suggest, a little too enthusiastically and I may be playing with fire here, but I’d rather get burned than not satisfy my curiosities.

“A game?” Liam chuckles, his reaction to my bizarre suggestion a little humorous.

I nod, serious. “Well more like my inquisition needs to be fed.”

“Does it now?” He challenges.


“Okay, I’ll play your game.” He concurs and I take it by surprise.

“You've—you know you’re very experienced. Very. And I know that with that experience, you’ve been with many women, intimately.” I can already tell this topic is going to become uncomfortable for him. And me. Maybe, but I am the one who brought it up in the first place.

“What about it?” He asks, his eyebrow cocked in the slightest.

“I’m just curious. Like, have you really done it all? Like all?”

Instead of admonishing me, he laughs, nervously but he laughs. “Define all,” he whispers.

“I don’t think I can.” I say and look away. What do I mean by all? Am I insinuating that he’s done everything that there is to know about being intimate? “Like um, have you… Have you ever done someone, from like… Um behind?”

If it wasn’t because his laugh distracts me from feeling embarrassed over asking such a ridiculous question, I’d just run and hide. “What kind of question is that?”

“A serious one.” I attempt to hide my flushed cheeks. “Have you?”

“No.” He murmurs rather quickly. “I have not. Why?”

Well that’s a surprise. I thought he would have like, done that before. He’s never discussed it with me, so maybe it’s just never appealed to him. What would I know?

“I don’t know, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to…”

“To what?” He presses.

“Have a first with you.” I answer shameless, ignoring the way my bloods pumps radically through my veins, causing my heart to palpitate even faster. “Is that weird? Not that I’m suggesting I want us to do that but for once, I want a first with you. I want you to have a first with me and—” I’m cut off by his full lips crashing onto mine in a sweet manner. He does it subtly enough so no one sees the way he pulls at my bottom lip and makes me whimper in his mercy.

“I don’t know what the sudden question is, but please never feel weirded out by asking me shit like this. Ever.” He assures me, the pad of his thumb stroking my cheek softly. “I’ve had many firsts with you Violet. Plenty.”

“Not sexually.” I reply with my head down. “I just want us to share, I don’t know, be our firsts and lasts of something of that nature.” If he’s never done and neither have I, I mean we could both try, together.

Really all of this spawned out of inner rage and jealously because of those girls talking. I know I can’t change anything about his past but I want myself and him to have something other women haven’t gotten from him.

“If you want us to do an—”

“Don’t say it.” I nearly beg. “Don’t say the A word.” It sounds so, not right. I cringe at the thought of even hearing it come out of his mouth.

“You are morbid, love.” He chuckles, planting a light kiss on my forehead. “I want to though. Only when you’re ready.”


He nods. “Yes. I want to have a first time with you, in that nature.”

Oh god, this went better than I thought. It makes me nervous to think we could share a first time, it means he’s never done that and he would do it with me.

“Good.” I smile.

“Anything else you want to know?” Well…

Softly, I bite down on my lip and look at our surroundings to make sure no one is listening to our not so safe for work conversation. “Have you ever, like, been with um… Two women at the same time?” I ask jokingly.

Liam’s body goes rigid and stiff once again. When I look up at him there’s nothing that tells me otherwise. He presses his lips together and leans forward. “Want an honest answer?”

“Yes.” I give him my honest answer.

“I have.” He tells me, my mouth becoming dry all of a sudden. Oh, oh gosh, I wasn’t expecting that but then again I am not sure what I was expecting, really.

“Oh,” I squeak unintentionally.

“Does that bother you?”

“No,” I mumble. “You’re into that?”

“What man isn’t?” Touché. “It was a while ago, before I met you. Don’t freak out.”

“I’m not. I mean I won’t.” I gulp and let the lingering question on my tongue sit for a silent minute as I let it process that Liam’s been part of a threesome. “Is that something you would want to try out again? With me?” I don’t think I’m cut out for that type of stuff but if that’s something he wants to try again…

“I don’t think I could fathom sharing you with anyone else Miss Piers.”

“Me either.” I snort, relieved in a way. “So who did you do it with?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He says.

“I thought we were being honest here?” I giggle, thinking that this sounds much too casual to be having such a discussion with my boyfriend about the two women he’s been with at the same time.

Liam doesn’t answer me though, not with words. He sighs roughly, looking down then back up and past my shoulder. When I turn, I see the two female flight attendants checking in on something, and then that’s when it hits me that they’re the ones Liam was with at the same time. It makes sense now. It makes sense why they don’t like me.

“Oh,” I mumble again. “Them?”

He nods. “Yes.”

This time I don’t know how to feel about it. I know I asked but I just, I didn’t think it would have been with those catty girls who have been talking about me this entire flight. Maybe it’s best if I stopped asking about his sexual adventures because chances are I won’t like some of them.

“Babe?” He calls out for me when I don’t respond. I stay silent as I get up from the booth and slide out before he catches my wrist. “Are you upset?” His gaze bores into me, but I look away and release myself from his hold, rushing towards the door in the back that leads to the bedroom and not look back at all.


Fucking hell. I knew that this would upset her. I knew she wouldn’t like any of the shit I would have to say but she asked me about it and I was only being honest. Guess being honest means shooting yourself in the god damn foot.

I swear to fucking god those girls are going to get a damned earful for even talking about Violet but right now they are the least of my fucking worries. I have go check and see if Violet is feeling okay with all of this information about how much of a lothario her boyfriend used to be. Deep down I know she hates it, that I’ve been with people before she came along. Who wouldn’t?

I know damn well I’d be a jealous fuck if I knew there was another man in her life before me. But I’m her first, I’m the first she has ever had and I have nothing to counter back with.

When I follow her up into the bedroom, watching her huddled up over the small dresser. I hate this, I don’t like seeing her upset because of this but asked me and…

“Are you mad at me?” I ask, locking the door behind me so no one can interrupt our soon to be argument. “Violet, I—” silence takes over until she charges towards me and grabs a fistful of my hair to bring my head down and meet her lips as she darts her tongue in my mouth and moans uncontrollably.

Alright. Okay. What the hell? I sure as hell wasn’t expecting this.


“Shh,” she silences me as she kisses me harder, pushing her body against mine so that her tits rub on my chest. Fuck, what is she doing? “You said if it got too much we could come in here, right?” She asks as she kisses my neck, sucking and licking so rough that I feel a mark forming on my skin.

I let her take complete control of me as she pulls my jeans belt hoops with her fingers, flipping me so that she can push me down on the mattress. Violet doesn’t give me the chance to compose myself before she climbs on top of me and kisses my jawline and neck. “Fuck,” I hiss when she bites me.

“Did they kiss you like this? Or am I better?” Now I know what this is about. She wants to compare, but really what is there to compare when I’m already so fucking hard I can’t even think straight. “Did they make you feel this good?”

“Fuck no.” I answer, gasping when she rubs herself on me. “Violet.” I whisper.

“I want to make you feel good. Always.”

“You do. God you fucking do.” I grunt and dig my fingers into her hips as we kiss and let our tongues dance relentlessly into each other’s mouths. Every moan that escapes from her sweet lips I catch and revel over how amazing it is to hear her pant unevenly.

“Tell me, did they touch you like this? Make you shudder, like this?” She presses her finger on my lips, whimpering when I bite down on them.

“Never.” I pant, catching her lips with my teeth before she tugs my shirt over my head and begins to leave a trail of kisses from my bare chest, to my torso and below my stomach as her fingernails rake up and down my skin. “Violet,” I tighten my jaw.

I close my eyes as I feel her hands unbutton my jeans and she pulls them down until they’re on my knees and she has easier access to kiss my hard erection through my boxers. “Could any other women make you feel like this?”

“Hell no. Never.” I move her hair to the side as I watch her pull at the waistband of my boxers, dragging them down my thighs and waiting no time to get her hand around my cock. Violet begins by teasing me, kissing and licking the tip until she bravely takes most of what she can fit into her mouth while using her hand to assist her in her movements.

“Oh, fuck, keep going love.” I groan, twisting my fingers into her soft locks as she sucks me harder, looking at me through her lashes because she knows how fucking weak that makes me. Christ, she is so fucking hot. I will never fail to realize that.

“Did they touch you like this?” She briefly stops to ask such an annoying question. She fucking knows they didn’t. None of them ever did. Not like this. I’m at her complete mercy.

Before I can speak up and answer her, she takes me back into her mouth, working her tongue divinely around my cock, hollowing her cheeks like a god damn pro. Her mouth is so warm, so snug and wet, and I want to fuck the entirety of it. When I flex my hips to push deeper she stills for a moment, taking me in her hand to look at me as I thrust slowly, admiring the way her soft lips stay wrapped around me.

“Violet,” I breathe, letting my head fall back as she sucks me deeper, moaning low enough so that no one hears what we are doing in here. My chest moves rapidly up and down the more she bobs her head, bringing me closer to my orgasm. “I can’t wait to fuck you on every surface of my fucking villa.” I can’t help but picture it. I will fuck her everywhere and anywhere, because I am so intoxicated.

I am gone and lost for this beguiling woman, but overall I am so in love with her, I am so enthused and I never want to let her go. I will never allow it. Never again.

“I love you.” She says, working my spent dick in and around her previous mouth until I twitch and come with a deep groan, shooting all of it down her throat. My girl doesn’t stop until every drop is gone, kissing the tip once more before I grab her arm and pull her down to kiss her.

“I love you sweet girl. I fucking love you.” I whisper against her swollen lips, pulling my boxers and jeans back up to my waist. “And for the record, no one has or ever will make me feel as good as you do.”

“Good.” She says breathlessly, pressing her forehead next to mine. “I’m a bit tired now.” She giggles softly and I agree with her. We won’t be arriving to Aruba for another two hours max, squeezing in a nap won’t hurt anyone.

“Come here.” I command, letting her body lay in front of me. “Sleep.”

Before I can close my eyes, Violet opens her mouth. “So how many more fantasies have been fulfilled?” Her tone is whimsical.

I roll my eyes and shut her down. “Miss Piers, sleep.” I chuckle, kissing her head and tightening my arms around her as we fall into a deep sleep filled with dreams about us and what our future has in store for us. I just hope she will be there with me, to share so many new experiences and live to reminisce every single memory, just like how I intend for it to always be.