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This process has taught me not to be afraid to feel. Feeling sad is a part of life. Grief is a part of life. Heartbreak is a part of life, just as much as falling in love is a part of life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that those emotions are bad. They are just as necessary as the happy ones. So don’t be afraid of them – welcome them, let them in. Because as soon as you accept it, talk about it, accept that it’s happening, the sooner you’ll be able to move on from it.
—  Camila Cabello

You know you made it when your poster is next to One Directions 😳

One Direction, Little Mix, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Fifth Harmony confession by anonymous

Imagine how glorious would be kissing Lauren’s lips, smelling her neck, looking right into her eyes, touching her skin, or just waking up next 2 her. she was like born to be everything I want and need in life but I can’t have.

Little mix won the x factor, three years ago, obviously because they’re very talented. Two girls at the age of 22, one at the age of 21 and one at the age of 20. They have two albums out. They’ve had 7 singles with one soon to be released. They’ve had 6 music videos. They have public relationships, one which involves one of the members in one of the biggest boybands to ever grace the earth. This has introduced them to the world of paparazzi and gossip mags, which whether you accept it or not, gives them more of a buzz and gives them more attention.  All four of them are extremely talented and they have worked hard to get where they are, so of course their success or recognition isn’t just down to the fact that Perrie is engaged to Zayn, even though that has brought them a little extra push. Here they are, right now, opening up for Demi Lovato on tour. 

Fifth Harmony came third in the x factor, two years ago. Only the winners of the competition were guaranteed a record deal, they managed to get one anyway because of their talent. Two girls at the age of 16, two girls at the age of 17, one at the age of 20. They have an Ep out. They’ve had two singles. They’ve had two music videos. They haven’t had any relationships with any big names in the industry (you can argue about Camila and Austin but no because nothing’s confirmed). They haven’t yet been bothered by paparazzi and gossip sites/mags. Which means the attention they have got is completely from their fans, hard work and music, no other gimmicks. All of them are very talented. Here they are, right now, opening up for Demi Lovato on tour.

Basically, you can try all you want to compare these two, but either way, it’s unfair and pointless because they’re currently doing the exact same thing. Only difference is Little mix has had more time, relationships, tours, exposure, gossip, and experience than fifth harmony has, yet here they BOTH are, right now, opening up for Demi Lovato on tour.

Wait until fifth harmony are all above the age of 20, Have two albums out, 7 singles with one on the way,6 music videos, One very public and talked about relationship with a member of one of the most talked about boybands, Get mobbed by paparazzi and show up on gossip sites AND THEN COMPARE THEM. Until then bah felicia.

(Not shading Little mix I love them and respect them and their success bunches, but to compare them to fifth harmony isn’t fair due to reasons stated above)

Am I the only one who sees one direction as the older brothers of fifth harmony? I mean all adopted by Simon cowell in the same way two years apart both having a number in their group name both die hard fans “name” ending in “ers” both making incredible music both having millions of people crushing on them both working with julian both having well known ships (Larry-Camren) and both about to takeover the world TOGETHER especially once reflection is released!!! God bless these 2 groups waakeme-up onedirection ssweet-dispositionn fifthharmonynews allybrookeofficial showhimyoudaflyest normanikordeiofficial