Ooh the tension. Theo’s face when Liam suggested getting in there. My poor baby. Theo’s looking at Liam like- “I would never bae. I wuv you.” The gay was sooooo real. I can’t wait.


Dylan pics i love most as lockscreens/wallpapers ♥

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i’m so relieved that Liam didn’t get taken (and well ya know the whole gang) but Peter and Argent. I cried when Peter got taken, he came back just for Malia, I’m so wounded inside i can’t stop crying and I have stupid chem hw but teen wolf is just so much better.

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I know your request box is closed right now but when you get the chance could you possibly write something where the reader is taken by Ghost Riders and is forgotten. Though they freak out and Stiles finds them and calms them down and helps them.?!?!?!

I already wrote something similar but with Liam. You can read it here: Remember

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