liam dickinson


TDM filming starts this week. THIS WEEK. This week the actors and actresses that we’ve seen come together right before our very eyes are going to become our favorite characters. They’re going to act out the scenes that we’ve read 100 times. They’re going to say the lines that made us laugh and cry and scream.


“You were the gawky one,” he corrected, “Lee was the reckless one, Zu was the cute one, and I was the wise one.”


“For your information, my stepdad is a mechanic down in North Carolina and, as far as I know, alive and well. But I was born in the backseat of a bus.”

“You’re joking.” I honestly couldn’t tell.

“Am not. It made the newspapers and everything. I was the Miracle Bus Boy for the first three years of my life, and now I’m—”

“’Trying to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can’?” I finished. 

He laughed, the tips of his ears tinged with a faint pink.

It’s Liam’s birthday today so I made him a lil diddly because I love my Miracle Bus Boy and his puppy-like tendencies.