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Liam Dunbar x Reader

Warnings: None.
Word count: 1 395

A/N: Yet another one of @lazyneonmonster‘s ideas, but I decided to use Liam instead of Brett this time, since I think that Liam fitted more into this. But the more I think about it more after I wrote it, this could be about any wolf.

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An Unexpected Surprise - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested: Nope. Just an idea I had for a Liam imagine.

Word Count: 3,320

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of implied smut/sex, Teenage pregnancy

Author’s Note: It’s been a while since I’ve written a Liam imagine. I miss writing about my SMOL. I hope you like it. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated :)

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Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 

“Come on, come on, come on,” Y/N repeated as she paced back and forth in her bathroom while looking at the timer on her phone in her hand.

Two days ago Y/N realized she was late and bought a pregnancy test at the drug store on the way home from school. For two days, she had the brown paper bag with the test hidden inside behind her towels in the linen closet of her bathroom. As soon as she woke up this morning, she double-checked if the house was empty as her parents were supposed to leave early for a business trip. When the coast was clear, she took out the test, peed on the stick, and was now experiencing the most torturous three minutes of her life as she waited to see if the test was positive or negative.

Y/N’s phone vibrated as the timer finally rang. Y/N closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she grabbed the test and sat on the toilet. She silently prayed the test would be negative. She was never a religious person, but right now she hoped some higher power would answer her prayer. She was only a junior in high school and a werewolf. She wasn’t ready to be a mother.

She took a deep breath before she opened her eyes and turned the test around to look at the results.


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||Someday|| A Brett Talbot Imagine

{Requested:Can u do an imagine when y/n is really a badass hunter and she with scott pack from the start and then they meet Brett cocky little bastard and y/n dont give a fuck about him make it cuute👍}

(Reader’s P.O.V)
Malia groaned in pain as my arrow pierced her skin, lodging itself in her back. I shot another arrow into her leg before withdrawing another arrow. I looked around and spotted Liam who was running by. I smirked before shooting an arrow at the tree he was running towards. As soon as it hit the tree, sparks flew, messing with Liam’s vision. I quickly withdrew an arrow and aimed at Liam before letting it fly into his leg. I heard footsteps behind me, making me turn around quickly and firing at the person legs. Scott groaned as the arrow lodged itself into his leg. I withdrew two arrow and shot his shoulders while he was distracted. I turned back around to see Theo taking an arrow out of Liam’s leg. I shoot Liam and Theo with many arrows as they start dashing in the other direction. Once they collapsed, I felt Scott and grab my cross bow and throw it into the bushes.
“You sure you want me to train like this?“I asked as I took out my daggers.
"I’m sure."He whispered as he looked behind me.
I swiftly turned around and slashes a deep cut into Malia’s shoulder and kicked her away. She was going to attack me while Scott distracted me.
"Thank god I’m still human."Stiles muttered as I dug one of my daggers into Scott’s back.
Scott snarled at me as I dragged the dagger down his back. Scott elbowed my face, making me stumble backwards. Once I regained my composure, Scott lunged at me. I waited until he was close enough before sticking my feet up, kicking him further away from me. I grabbed a spearI I had in my pocket. The great thing about the one I have was that it shrinks itself as small as it can so it can fit in my pocket. I pressed the button, making it expand into its actual size. I swung the spear at Liam and Theo, throwing them towards a tree. As soon as I spotted Malia running towards me, I swung the spear again, making her fall on her butt as it came in contact with her face. I cursed under my breath as I saw Liam, Theo, and Scott rise to their feet. Malia smirked as she stood back up, making me glare at her. As soon as I saw Theo take one step, I threw the spear at Malia. It lodged itself into her shoulder and the tree she leaned on.
"I’m stuck!"Malia yelled as she tried to remove it from her shoulder.
Theo, Liam, and Scott charged at me, making my eyes widen. I reached for the knives on my belt and threw them and Theo, making him fall backwards. Liam and Scott where the strongest ones, so I was worried for a few seconds. I grabbed the wolfsbane can and took the the ring off, making wolfsbane fly into the air. Scott and Liam started coughing as they tried looking through the fog of wolfsbane, trying to find me. I ran over to the bush and grabbed my crossbow, I aimed at Liam who was the first one to make it out of the fog. As soon as he spotted me, I fired five two arrow at his legs, and four arrows at his chest. Liam’s gasped for air, collapsing on the ground. The fog started to clear as Scott fell to his knees, coughing and gasping for air. I appeared right in front of him, shooting two arrow into his chest before kicking his face. I placed my foot on his chest, keeping him from getting up. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw another werewolf growling at me. He started charging at me, making me shoot as many arrows as I could.
"Wait, wait (Y/N)!"Lydia yelled as I withdrew my last arrow.
"He’s not in our pack and he dares interrupt our training session?"I asked, letting my last arrow fly.
The tall werewolf stumbled back before collapsing, making me clench my jaw. I grabbed my two daggers out and rushed over to him. As I was about to dig my daggers into his chest, a pair of arms held me back.
”(Y/N), don’t! He’s a friend of ours!“Stiles yelled as he held me back.
I glared down at their so called friend, he groaned before opening his eyes. At first he seemed angry until he looked up at me.
"Tell your friend to not get in my way next time."I muttered before walking away.
I pulled the spear out of Malia’s shoulder, making her yell in agony.
"Remind me not to train with (Y/N) ever again."Malia muttered, grabbing her bleeding shoulder.
Scott groaned before getting up, pulling the arrows out. Theo and Liam and cursed under their breaths as they pulled arrows out of them.
"That was good practice (Y/N) but was the wolfsbane necessary?"Liam asked as he and Theo walked over.
"In a real fight, your enemy won’t go easy on you. They’ll do whatever it takes to kill you as quick and easily as possible."I answered, making Scott nod.
"She’s right."Scott spoke up.
"So who’s going to introduce me to my soon to be girlfriend?"Brett asked, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"You better be talking about someone else, anyone else but me."I spat, making him smirk.
"I’m talking about you sweetie-”
“Don’t call her that!"Stiles yelled, covering his mouth.
I clenched my jaw as I glared at Brett.
"But she’s so cute and tiny-"Brett started to say before I pulled out a knife and throwing it at him.
Stiles screamed, running away and hiding behind Lydia.
Brett’s knees buckled in pain as I lodged a dagger into his thigh.
"Listen here pretty boy, I don’t like cocky little bastards like you so I suggest you shut your mouth and stay out of my way."I muttered, staring him dead in his eyes.
I started walking away from them, no longer wanting to be in the woods.
"She’s new…I like her."I heard Brett say as I hopped onto my dirt bike.
I clenched my jaw, trying to stop a smile from creeping onto my face. I started my dirt bike before speeding through the trees all the way to my house.
(Brett’s P.O.V)
Yesterday I had met a very feisty yet adorable girl named (Y/N). She was a hunter that had been in Scott’s pack from the start. I smiled as the school bus stopped, meaning we were in Beacon Hills Highschool where Scott and his pack attended. I spotted the pack outside our bus, walking outside their school. Liam frowned as he saw me, he and I still weren’t the best of friends. (Y/N) seemed to notice him tense up, she looked to where he was looking and spotted me. She glared at me before pulling Liam to her side.
"Kick his ass on the field for me."She muttered, making him smile.
I smirked at her, she can pretend to hate me all she wants but at the end of the day, she’ll be mine. I stepped down from the bus and was met by the pack who all seemed welcoming except for Liam, Theo, and (Y/N). Then again Theo never really seemed welcoming of anyone.
"I am, my facial expression is just always menacing.” Theo shrugged, making me jump.
“Did I say that out loud?"I asked.
Scott nodded before sticking his hand out for me to shake. I smiled and shook his hand and watched as (Y/N) and Liam folded their arms.
"Look at Dunbar and his girlfriend!"Someone from behind the pack yelled.
Liam and (Y/N) groaned before rolling their eyes.
"That’s creepy how they copy each other…"A girl said, making them roll their eyes again.
"Stop doing that."Stiles muttered.
"We’re not doing anything!"Liam stated.
Scott smiled before wrapping his arm around Liam and (Y/N) as the pack followed Scott.
"I didn’t know they were dating."I mumbled.
"They deny if all the time but we always see them together, they’re like inseparable."Someone from the other lacrosse team answered.
I sighed before walking into their school’s locker room. I really hoped (Y/N) would be mine.
As soon as I finished changing, I opened the door to find Liam and (Y/N) walking side by side down the hall. (Y/N) was wearing an extremely short white skirt and a white crop top.
”(Y/N) (Y/L/N), how many times have I told you about our school dress code!“A teacher yelled as they opened their door.
(Y/N) balled her hands into fists as she turned around.
"About the same amount of men who have left you-”(Y/N) started to say but was stopped as Liam covered her mouth.
(Y/N) kept talking but everything she said was muffled my Liam’s hand. Once Liam removed his hand from her mouth, he grabbed his jacket from his back and put it on her.
“Happy now?”(Y/N) asked, turning to the teacher.
The teacher glared at her before slamming the door. (Y/N) and Liam continued walking down the hall, making me jealous. Her hips swayed side to side, making my mouth water. I’m not giving up on her. The rest of the team walked out to the field and met with Beacon Hills Highschool’s team. I kept scoring goals, hoping (Y/N) would be impressed. After a while that Kira was disqualified from the game, Scott raced off in the middle of the game. Coach Finstock yelled for him but Scott kept running.
“Does anyone know how play lacrosse?’‘Finstock asked the crowd.
Everyone exchanged looks before I noticed (Y/N) stand up.
"I do coach!”(Y/N) spoke up.
“(Y/L/N), are you sure? I don’t want you complaining about a broken nail-”
“Coach, just let her play."Stiles said.
Finstock sighed before throwing her a spare jersey and burgundy shorts. (Y/N) put the jersey over her crop top and removed the crop top after having the jersey on her. She put the shorts on and then removed her skirt, I only managed to see her bare stomach. She gave Malia and Lydia her clothes and grabbed Scott’s lacrosse stick and helmet. Even if lacrosse gear, she looked stunning. She walked to the middle right across from me as the referee put the lacrosse ball in the middle of the circle. (Y/N) looked up at me and glared at me. She looked down at ball and before I knew it, the referee blew the whistle. Once I realized he had, (Y/N) had already picked the ball up with her stick and dashed through my team. She kept running until four of my team mates charged at her, she immediately jumped, doing a front flip before landing near the goal. She threw the lacrosse ball in the goal, making the crowd cheer. I watched at Finstock screamed at (Y/N).
"I never doubted you for a second (Y/L/N)!"Finstock yelled, making her scoff.
Liam and Stiles ran to her and hugged her. She smiled as they peppered her with kisses. As they pulled apart, she ran back to the middle of the field.
"I didn’t know you were good at Lacrosse (Y/N)."I whispered.
"I didn’t know you even played Lacrosse Brett."She replied, making me smile.
For the first time, she smiled back at me. I was caught off guard again, making her grab the ball first. She ran past me and dodged a few of my team mates before passing the ball to Liam. Liam scored and made the crowd cheer again. (Y/N) ran to Liam and highfived him. Minuets later, Beacon Hills High had caught up to us, thanks to (Y/N). As much as I liked this girl, I couldn’t let her win this for her school. So when the referee blew the whistle, I tackled (Y/N) once she had picked the ball up. I fell on top of her and heard something crack. Everyone gasped and stood up to get a better look at us. I quickly got off of her and saw her shutting her eyes tight as she rolled to her side. Stiles quickly ran to her side and so did the rest of her team.
”(Y/N) I am so-“I started to say before something hit the back of my legs, making me fall to the ground.
I groaned as I held my legs, looking up to see Liam who was fuming. He dropped the lacrosse stick as Malia and Theo ran to the field. Right before he could lunge at me, Malia and Theo held him back.
”(Y/N) how many fingers am I holding up?“Finstock asked as (Y/N) sat up.
"Three crusty fingers coach.”(Y/N) answered, making the whole team laugh.
“You-"Finstock muttered before stopping himself from strangling her.
"I’m fine, let’s continue with the game.”(Y/N) spoke up.
Stiles helped her up to her feet and walked towards me.
“You’ve got a lot of guts Talbot."She mumbled as we both walked to the middle of the field.
"I think I might like that about you."She whispered before the referee blew the whistle.
I stood there shocked at her words and once I snapped out of my trance, I turn to see (Y/N) score. The crowd stood up as they screamed, cheering because their school had finally defeated us.
Stiles and Liam ran to (Y/N) and picked her up. Stiles helped Liam put her on his shoulders as the team chanted her name as they crowded around her.
"What happened?"Scott asked, appearing by my side as he and Kira watched the team carry (Y/N) into their school.
”(Y/N) filled in while you left and won the game for you guys.“I answered, making him smile.
"Awesome."He whispered before rolling after the team.
I sighed and started walking to the school bus, as soon as I was about to step in I heard someone call my name.
"You’ve got balls to tackle me."She said as stormed over to me.
I shut my eyes as she lifted her hand up to slap me, but it never happened. Instead I felt her warm month breathe on my ear.
"You earned a little bit of my respect."She mumbled, her lips pressing against my ear.
"But no one gets away unharmed when hurting me."She whispered before kneeing my in my stomach.
I groaned as I held my stomach, making her smirk.
"And I thought you were starting to like me."I muttered, making her laugh.
"I don’t care about anyone but the pack, I don’t give a fuck about you Brett Talbot."She spat, making my heart drop.
"Not yet at least."She whispered before walking away.
I stared at her as her hips swayed side to side, lust filling inside of me. She might not like me now, but she will one day. She knew I liked her and she was using that against me, oh boy was she smart.
"Someday."I whispered, smiling at her.
I hoped I to the bus, ready to go back to my house. Someday she’d start caring, someday she’d be mine.- Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day/night!

The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royal AU [Chapter 1]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

Also on and AO3.

Word Count: 4,386

Alright, here we are! I’m so excited to be FINALLY writing this story and I wanted to have a few chapters written in advance so I wouldn’t have to wait ages to update (I’ll be shooting for weekly updates, god willing). Keep in mind that this is a modern royal AU that’s got a Prince Harry type version of Killian (who I’m kind of in love with already) and there’s going to be a lot of feels/angst ahead. There will be some M-rated stuff eventually, but it’s a long ways off so I’ll post a warning before those chapters. Thank you all for being patient and lovely :) enjoy! XOXO

“You’ve truly outdone yourself this time, little brother,” Liam grumbled, a soft curse under his breath before throwing a sideways glare. “Above and bloody beyond.”

A roll of his tired eyes before lowering his sunglasses was the only response Killian could muster at an early hour like this on a Saturday. Aside from the harsh sunlight battling the tinted windows of the black SUV, the hazy state of his brain had certainly left him in no mood for a lecture or an honor inspired chat - especially one that was clearly about to be riddled with rather specific vocabulary and those well known accusations he truly couldn’t care less about.

Well, at least that’s how he was planning on stubbornly playing this.

“Been fighting cameras and reporters all morning,” Liam continued, silencing his cellphone as the vehicle rounded the corner of a palace surface road. “It’s an absolute royal mess, Killian.”

There it was - irony intended or not. It was that single word he’d been smacked with a thousand times over.

Royal. Royal, royal, royal.

The term had labeled him - well, them - for as far back as his recollection stretched, but even after a few decades of being wrapped up in that title, Killian still found himself a little uncertain on how such a word was defined. It wasn’t easy to fend off his amusement at his brother’s unnoticed pun, but Killian leaned back against the leather seat and considered the approaching speech he’d heard so many times over the course of his privileged life. Talk about a king complex, he thought as he watched Liam type out some sort of message with very obvious irritation.

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Niall: It still hurts.

Liam: But…why?


Liam: Ok, bloody hell. I was just having fun.


Cause when both of your boys are in your beautiful city, you get inspired. 

Liam was buzzing. Watching the New York City skyline whiz by as he was taken back to his hotel. It was rare to see such a massive city like this, quiet, almost desolate. Few people walked by on the streets, stumbling out of bars or making their way to and from work. It reminded him of London a little bit, or Los Angeles. But New York is the city that never sleeps, unless it’s five in the morning on a Tuesday that is. He knows he should be exhausted or at least a little groggy with all the traveling Liam’s been doing. He was just in Los Angeles not even a full two days ago, Boston this morning and now New York. His body was just use to the rapid time changes, he had to learn quickly. The east side of Central Park game into his eyesight and he knew he was almost there, almost at the one place he wanted to be so desperately all night. The car was parked in front of the hotel a few minutes later, he thanked then driver and wished him a goodnight before jetting out the car and into the lobby. Exchanging head nods with some of the staff as he walked towards the lifts heading up to the penthouse suite.

The beautiful thing about staying at the Plaza hotel was that the lift doors just opened and he was in his suite. You need a special keycard to even activate the lift to make it to the top floor. Pretty fancy stuff for a bloke who didn’t see himself as all that fancy. Bags and clothes were scattered all over the living room area, shoes lined up perfectly by the large windows the lined the room. Boots, trainers, even a pair of adidas flip flops that he must’ve nicked from Louis during the last time they hung out at his and Harry’s place. The view was incredible, as soon as he got to the suite earlier that afternoon he must’ve taken close to a hundred pictures. He could see the park perfectly, even seen the bloody horse carriages that trotted along the perimeter of the area. Poor things. The best view of all though was the body nestled on the king sized master bed. The bed was massive but he made himself look so small, smaller than he usually looked. Liam tried to unrobe as quickly and quietly as possible. He didn’t want to wake sleeping beauty.

“Hey,” he was greeted groggily from the body in the bed.

Liam cursed under his breath, upset. “Go back to sleep, babe. It’s late.”

“It’s okay,” he told him. “I just went off an hour ago.”

“Do anything interesting?” Liam asked, crawling into bed and wrapping is arms and legs tightly around Zayn.

“Watch the Mets lose, again and saw Harry on James Corden,” he answered, stifling a yawn as he spoke. “Have a good night?”

“Better now,” he confirmed, giving Zayn’s middle a squeeze. “It’s good to be back here with you, Zed.”

“Gotta make the most of our time together,” Zayn agreed, nodding his head. “I gotta go for my weekly exercise tomorrow.”

“Must be tough walking to and from an empty apartment building all afternoon,” Liam joked, a giggle leaving his mouth. He nestled his face into Zayn’s back, kissing between his shoulder blades softly.

“Thank god the weathers gonna be nice,” he jokingly added. “What time is it anyway?”

“Half pass five,” Liam yawned, looking behind him at the clock next to the bed. He looked out the window that was looking over the park as well. “Babe, look.”


“The sun is rising over the park,” he marveled. “Let’s take a picture.”

Leeyum,” he moaned. “It’s late, I’m knackered, let’s go to bed.”

Liam untangled himself from Zayn’s limbs and hopped out the bed in a hurry. He grabbed his phone off the desk that was on the far side of the bedroom. Time for more gorgeous pictures. He opened his camera and clicked, taking more pictures. He’d been in New York more time than he could count in the last six and a half years but he had never seen the sun rise over Central Park before. It was a moment he didn’t want to forget. “Babe, look. It’s beautiful.”

Zayn groaned. He had been in New York for the last month, seeing his fair share of sun rises and sets. Liam was right though, it wasn’t everyday you got to see the sun rise over the east side of the city, especially with the love of your life. He groaned once more as he got out of bed and joined Liam by the window. He wrapped his arms around Liam’s waist, resting his head on his shoulder and looked out the window. “You enjoying this?”

“Now I am,” he sighed, letting his body relax against Zayn’s.

“I’m proud of you,” he whispered into the silent bedroom.

“Wha-why?” He asked, taken aback.

“You’re doing your solo thing and I’m proud of you for that. You’re staying true to yourself,” Zayn explained. “Getting to do what you want to do.”

“You paved the way for me to do that,” Liam countered. “If your music was so raw and authentic, I wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do.”

Zayn blushed at the compliment, only Liam could turn him into a schoolboy and complete mush. “Love you.”

Liam turned off his phone, stretched and placed it back on the desk, trying not to disturb their position. “Let’s go to bed now.”

“Yeah,” Zayn agreed, grabbing Liam’s hand and dragging him back into bed. They resumed their earlier position, hands and legs tangled together in mess of limbs.

“Love you,” he told him softly, kissing the back of Zayn’s neck.

Teen Wolf Preference - Brother’s Friend

Derek Hale

“This is probably a really bad idea,” Derek mumbled against your neck, his hands sliding up your shirt as he began to explore your body. 

“You’ve been saying that for the past 3 months,” you pulled his face back to yours, kissing him fiercely, “I didn’t know you were afraid of you’re beta.” 

A growl escaped his lips as he picked you up, you tightly wrapping your legs around his waist as Derek put you down onto the bed. You couldn’t even begin to describe your relationship with Derek - it was like when he was with you all his senses were lost and all he could see was you and only you. His inner wolf couldn’t get enough you, your t-shirts both now thrown onto the ground as he kissed down your chest, smiling when he heard your giggling. 

“What the fuck?” 

Slowly, you and Derek looked over to where your brother, Isaac, stood with his school bag now dropped to the floor and his eyes glowing bright yellow. The two of you were frozen and Derek cursed himself mentally, forgetting that whenever he was with you all his guards went down and he forgot to channel his hearing. 

“Well, there’s no easy way to explain this,” you began to say slowly, Derek now regaining his confidence as he pulled the blankets over your chest. 

“I’m sleeping with your sister,” he said, “and I’m in love with her. Is that going to be a problem?” 

“Is it going to be a fu-,” Isaac balled his fists, beginning to do a few deep breaths, “I’m going to murder you.” 

“No, you’re not,” you piped up, “because I love him too. I never thought I’d be saying my first ‘I love you’ half naked with my brother present but I do. Go walk it off.” 

Isaac, with one final glower, muttered a threat only loud enough for Derek to hear before grabbing his stuff and storming out of the loft. Smiling sweetly at you, Derek pulled down the sheet and put his head on your stomach, giving it a small kiss. 

“You love me,” he said quietly, “should I go make some mac ‘n cheese?” 

“You know he will be back to challenge you, right?” you were still trying to process the situation, the man you had only just realised you were in love with looking up at you with the smile still glued to his face. 

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt himself,” he laughed, “your phone is buzzing constantly right now, by the way. We can continue this later but I’m sure you’re little friends are all aware of our sexy times together now.” 

Derek leaped out of bed just in time for you to smack his butt, glowering at him but not being able to contain your laughter at how strange the situation you just had was. 

Isaac Lahey

“I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you,” Isaac wrapped his arms around your waist as you tried to look through your locker, resting his head on your shoulder and a blush rose on your cheeks.

“Do you want my brother to see?” you nudged his ribs but he didn’t move, kissing your cheek. 

“I don’t care if your brother sees. I want everyone to see,” you couldn’t help but giggle, turning around in his arms and throwing your own arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Moments later, your locker slammed shut and standing there, holding the straps of his bag with a sweet smile on his face was your brother - Scott.

“You don’t care if her brother sees?” he asked, Isaac moving so quickly he was close to the other side of the hallway, “please, continue.” 

“Sco-,” you began but your brother turned around, still smiling in such a way you were almost freaked out. 

“Let me just remind you whose house your sleeping in- who feeds you-,”

“Mum’s house and I actually feed both of you,” you injected into Scott’s rant and he gave you such a glare that you were surprised his eyes hadn’t turned red or that steam wasn’t coming out of his ears. 

“Just remember who sleeps two doors down from you,” Scott went back to saying to Isaac, “and it’s not (Y/N) - it’s me. She sleeps downstairs. I will listen so carefully to every one of your movements - I will be like a hawk. Sleep with your eyes open, Isaac.” 

And then your brother strolled away, still managing to look like a little cheery freshman with his backpack but you and Isaac stared at him with a feared expression. 

“He took that well,” you said but Isaac shook his head. 

“He just went into the boys’ locker room and punched a hole in the wall.” 

Jackson Whittemore

“Jackson,” you laughed, having him poke your sides as you looked through the library shelves for a book for your research assignment, “I told you not to come because you’ll get bored. You’re proving my point.” 

Your boyfriend, who’d you been dating in secret for a month, leaned against one of the shelves carefully with a sly smile on his face. 

“I won’t get bored. I could look at you forever and not get bored (Y/N). I even noticed the other day you have a little freckle just-,” he went to poke the spot where your ‘little freckle’ was and you grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards you. 

“If you wanted to touch me, all you had to do was ask.” you said confidently, Jackson quickly dipping his head down to give you a kiss, his hands moving to your waist and you heard someone go ‘woops’ at the end of the aisle of books, walking away from the scene they were seeing of the two of you. You both giggled, pulling one another closer until you heard “she’s doing what with WHO?”

Your brother’s voice echoed the library and you and Jackson pulled a part swiftly, seeing him now at the end of the book aisle and storming towards the two of you. 

“Was Stilinski lying, (Y/N)?” he hissed, trying to keep his voice down and not start a scene, “were you and Jackson just - making out? In a library when we’re meant to be studying?”

“I’m serious about her, Danny,” Jackson began and Danny glared at him.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” he looked back to you, “tell me.”

You looked down at your feet, “yes?”

“You - don’t speak to me,” he stuck a finger towards Jackson and then back to you, “you - we’re going home and studying.” 

As Danny took your wrist and began to drag you away, you saw Jackson trying not to laugh at his friend’s tantrum and you gave him a sweet smile. 

“He’ll get over it in a few hours, babe!” you called to him, Danny cursing at you quietly when all eyes were on you, you then looking to Stiles Stilinski, “tattle tale!”

Liam Dunbar

You stood on the sidelines of the Lacrosse game, clapping and cheering excitedly as you watched the team, or more specifically, your boyfriend, play and beat the other team. 

As they came jogging to the sidelines, the team cheering and the coach yelling excitedly at them for their win, you stood on your tippy toes trying to look around for Liam among the other boys (and Kira).

“Hey there, cutie,” you felt a pair of arms around you and lift you off your feet, you squealing half happily as you knew it was him 

“You won!” you cheered, Liam pulling off his helmet, “and you stink.” 

“You say the sweetest things, (Y/N),” he put his hands on your waist, a large smile on his face, “a kiss for the winner?” 

“It was a team effort!” you heard Scott McCall yell and you laughed, putting a finger underneath his chin and then pulling him gently in for a kiss. 

“Liam! I didn’t know you had a girl!” 

It felt like time stopped for you. 

You and Liam stared at each other in fear momentarily, thoughts racing through your mind of ways to escape this situation but there were none. 

“Uh, hey Mason!” 

You hid behind Liam and his massive uniform, just imagining the confused look on your brother’s face. You and Liam decided it was best not to tell Mason until things were serious - which they were - but neither of you had gained the courage to break the news to him. You were certain he wasn’t coming to the game today, saying he was hanging with Brett Talbot for the night but it seemed he changed his plans. 

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your little friend?” 

He was completely oblivious. 

Scott and Stiles on-looked the situation and you looked to them for help. Scott seemed to be concerned, giving you a sorry expression but Stiles was already cracking up. 

You then very carefully, still using Liam as your shield and holding onto his waist, poked your head around him and you watched Mason’s expression completely change. 

“My sister!” he half cried, Stiles’s laughter now growing and you smiled sweetly at him, “this is why Brett made me come tonight! You - I can’t believe!” 

You heard Liam curse about Brett underneath his breath and you gave an apologetic look.

“We’ll discuss it when we get home?” you suggested and he glared at you.

“Damn right we’ll discuss it when we get home.” 

Scott McCall

“I love spending time with you,” Scott sighed as you curled up on beside him, drawing small patterns on his chest. 

“Because of my stunning personality, right?” 

He gave a small laugh before pulling himself up so he was hovering over you, his face dangerously close to yours. 

“Because you’re amazing,” he said, “you’re funny, you always do such adorable things without meaning to; even your sarcasm makes me happy. You make me happy.” 

Just as Scott was about to kiss you, he suddenly pulled up and his hand swiftly reached out to grab what seemed to be a giant book flying towards his head. 

“What the fu-,” you began to say but Scott interrupted. 


You looked around your boyfriend to see your brother, Stiles, standing at the door absolutely fuming about what he was seeing. 

“You seem to have forgotten that I have a key to your house,” he said, “and that you’re my best friend and that’ my sister. I mean - I knew this day was coming… I knew from day one but I never thought - I never thought you’d hide it from me. This completely ruins my plan I had of murdering you! I’ll have to come up with a new one,”

“Stiles!” you hissed and he threw his hands in the air as Scott buried his in his hands. 

“No, no. You two continue your little thing. Don’t worry about me! I’ll just go be scarred somewhere else! Does dad know? Who else knows?!” 

He began to walk down the hallway, continuing his blabbering and you and Scott looked at one another apologetically. 

“I’ll go after him, don’t worry,” Scott murmured, kissing you quickly and you pulled a face. 

“Well, now I have to call my dad so I don’t know what’s worse…”

Stiles Stilinski

“Star Wars, Star Wars,” Stiles cheered over and over again as you rolled your eyes, the two of you finally getting he house to yourselves and you flopped down on the couch beside him, his arm automatically going around you as the movie began. 

“You always know how to cheer me up,” he kissed your cheek and you snuggled into his side. 

“Doesn’t take much. Star Wars, some nerdy thing and kisses,” 

“And letting me touch your butt,” Stiles interjected and you nudged him, not being able to help your laughter. 

“Well, there is still several ads to go,” you started, watching his face light up, “so we can do a little kissing and butt touch-,”

You never got the chance to finish your sentence as Stiles was kissing you and pulling you onto his lap, you giggling against his mouth as you felt his hands grope your butt and he made a satisfied groan. Neither of you even bothered pressing play when the ads were over, too caught up in the moment that you were in. 

“Hey (Y/N)! Are you watching Star Wars?!” your brother’s voice echoed the house and as a reflex, Stiles pushed you (gently) onto the ground, pulling the blankets down with you. 

“Stiles?” Scott looked at the couch then looked at you, “(Y/N)? Why did you just fall onto the ground?” 

Silence fell between the three of you and you wished in that moment your brother wasn’t a werewolf.

“I can smell the sexual… atmosphere,” he stared once more, “you have one minute to explain.” 

Stiles was speechless. 

“Stiles and I are dating. I really like him. He’s your best friend - I know, but he makes me happy and I promise it won’t ruin your friendship. And yes, we were just making out.” you rambled on slightly and Scott blinked a few times then proceeded to walk over to you, picking you up off the ground and then sitting down and patting the seat next to him which made him between you and Stiles.

“Lets all watch Star Wars then, shall we.” 

You knew he was about to make your lives difficult. 

The Kiss // Liam Dunbar

Summary: You’ve been in love with Liam since you can remember. You were always sure Liam never felt the same. At least, you thought he did until he kissed you at Lydia’s party. But when your 17, love is never as easy as it seems. 

Warnings: Cursing, Implied Abuse, Mentions of Bruising 

Author: Ash

Requests: Yes. @hazftcor

A/N : I changed #14 just a bit because I felt it fitted the story better. Sorry this took so long, life has been insane!

Characters: Liam Dunbar x Reader, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia, Random Asshole

Prompt List Request: #14: So I kissed you to get a girl off my back but I do have feelings for you. #22: Did you just say you love me? #24: It’s always been you. You and only you.

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“(Y/N), Quick! Kiss me! Kiss me!” 

You barely had time to register what was happening before your best friend Liam grabbed you by the shoulders and kissed you. It was a scenario you had dreamed countless times before. Liam grabbing your hips, your waist and kissing you passionately. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. 

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Day 1086: It’s both a blessing and a curse that I didn’t see a take me home show. But I think it’s more of a blessing because I honestly would have died if I saw Harry in person during that era. Not to mention the fact that the show I would have gone to had everything I ever would have dreamt happen (i.e.: candy thong and “I’m in love with Lou”)

Gifs are not mine, let me know if you want credit

anonymous asked:

Jaal/Sara (Rydaal) Prompt: Sara taking naps (intentionally or not) on Jaal

This was a fun one! Thanks for sending it!

The first time had been entirely an accident.

Liam wanted to drive. And since Sara had been the one to drive every other time they were in the Nomad and it was a relatively straight and flat shot between the forward station and the outpost, Sara relented.

So, she climbed into the back to sit next to Jaal, who smiled, all friendly.

Liam grumbled something about being a chauffeur, which Sara ignored. She was too busy swallowing the butterflies in her stomach that came up every time she was near Jaal.

A little crush, a little distraction, she kept telling herself ever since Jaal joined their crew. A break in the insanity that came with trying to be a savior.

It was exhausting.

She settled in, crossing her arms across her chest.

A false start and Liam cursing about the driver’s seat being on the wrong side, and they were off.

Her eyes shut during the lull.

She dreamt of nothing.

A jolt tore her out of sleep, making her scramble upright, trying to find her bearings.

“What? What did I miss?” she sputtered.

Jaal looked like he was blushing and Liam looked way too smug for Sara’s liking in the mirror.

“Ah, nothing, Sara. We’re just a couple minutes away from the Tempest.”

Sara was suspicious, but didn’t question it. She put it out of her mind, getting underway and the post-mission debrief taking up all her attention.

Later, back on the Tempest, she heard Liam whispering to Vetra.

“You know when someone looks at someone else like they hung the bloody moon in the sky? That’s how Jaal looked at Ryder when she was sleeping on him.”

Sara’s face flamed in equal parts shock and embarrassment and she beat a hasty exit.

Okay, she had a crush on Jaal, something she had already accepted wasn’t going to be requited. But, apparently, there was some hope to be had.

That didn’t mean she was going to do anything about it.

The next time, it was around a fire. Same as in the Nomad, it was entirely on accident.

Drack was in the middle of a ghost story that really should’ve kept her up. Her eyes drifted shut anyway.

Her eyes drifted back open an indeterminate time later to the fire dimming. The left side of her body was cold, exposed to moon’s air. Her right side was warm, pressed against something shifting and alive.

It was then she realized that she had leaned over to press against Jaal, who was speaking quietly to Cora.

And it might’ve been her tired brain playing tricks on her, but she could swear he was leaning against her as well.

Sara pulled away from him with a soft apology, immediately regretting the loss of warmth.

He only patted her thigh, telling her there was no harm done.

She didn’t know how much Jaal had savored every second of it and how he had to fight the urge to hold her hand as she slept against him.

Finally, on Havarl, under a hologram of stars.

Her memories of the planet couldn’t just be of a clearing, of an army and a standoff that almost ended her life and the life of the man lying next to her.

The wound on Jaal’s cheek still stung and she knew it. She had her bruises from the fight and he knew it.

Sara snuggled close to him and closed her eyes. His arm moved to cradle her against him.

She would think of Havarl and think of this. The hushed drone of a family just behind the door and Jaal’s breathing close enough for her to appreciate.

Sara awoke to Jaal almost draped over one side of her body, snoring in her ear.

She was entirely content.

Awwww Jaal is Sara’s pillow!

Just A Shot

Requested?: Yes

This is a pack mom imagine

Could you do an Imagine were the reader is Scott’s girlfriend and Scott and Liam have to get injections for werewolf reasons so Scott goes and picks Liam up then Liam gets really scared and upset as he doesn’t want them and Scott calls Y/N and she comes and looks after Liam and let’s him sit on her lap and cuddle him. Thank you xx

JESUS CHRIST YOU GUYS PROBABLY HATE ME I’M SOOOO SORRY. I apologize for being absent when it came to writing, I just hit a major writers block and didn’t know how to get past it. Although that little drabble I wrote for Scott helped me a teeny bit. I’m seriously so sorry, guys. I didn’t think my writers block would take so long.
Plus, Watch Your Tongue Part 2 should be out sometime this week for those of you who liked it! Please enjoy xx

There was an injection that werewolves had to get to prevent them from getting rabies (or something like that, you weren’t too sure.) Derek recently found out about it and had told Scott that he needed to get it, along with Malia and Liam.

                Malia was fine with it, she was even down to do it then and there. The only problem was Liam, he was hesitant to get it done and

                “You’re going to get rabies if you don’t get the shot, Liam.” Scott argued.

                “Then let me get rabies, what’s the worst that could happen?”

                “You could die.”

                Liam was quiet for some time before quietly agreeing to the injection. Scott called Derek and told them that he, Liam, and Malia agreed to the injections and they’ll get them after school.

                Liam never really told Scott that he disliked needles because, well… it was never brought up. Who randomly decides to tell their pack mates that they’re afraid of needles when it’s not relevant to the situation?

                There were times when Liam felt okay enough to get the injection, and there were times when he was thinking about running away so he wouldn’t have to get them. That was childish of him, but he really hated needles.

                “Hey, you ready?” Scott asked as he came up behind Liam who was putting his books back into his locker.

                Liam cursed under his breath, stood up to face Scott and nodded.

                Scott smiled, and Malia showed up, her car keys in hand. “Are you guys ready or what?” She asked, clearly impatient. The alpha nodded and led Liam and Malia out the front doors of the school.

                During the car ride, it was evident that Liam was nervous. Scott and Malia could both smell it on him. It was overpowering at times, “Could you stop being nervous? It’s just a shot!”

                The younger boy was caught off guard, “W-what me? I’m not scared.” He smiled, trying to play it off, but him bouncing his leg gave him away.

                “You’re shaking your leg,” Scott mentioned, a small smile on his face. “Liam, there’s nothing to be scared of, it’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.”

                “I’m not nervous!”

                “I can hear your heartbeat.”

                “Your nervousness is stinking my car up.”

                Liam looked down at his hands in embarrassment, his cheeks heating up. He mumbled something along the lines of, “Okay, I guess I’m nervous.”

                Malia scoffed, one hand leaving the steering wheel to make a point. Scott found it alarming and put his hand on the wheel while she made her point, “It’s just a shot, don’t be such a baby.” Her hand returned to the wheel. “You were thrown at a building last week and you’re afraid of being stuck with a needle?”

                “That’s different.” He grumbled, turning his attention to the car window where he looked at the scenery.

                The car finally stopped at animal clinic where Scott worked. All three teens got out and Scott led them to the side door that the employees use.

                As they entered, Liam saw three needles sitting on the counter. His heart rate went up as he tried to calm it down, his hands were getting sweaty and he wiped them on the front of his jeans.

                Deaton turned away from what he was doing and faced the three teens in front of him. “Who is going first?” He clapped his hands together, glancing at each one of them.

                Liam looked from the needles to Deaton and back again. He was sure he was going to faint, but held himself together.

                “I’ll do it.” Malia raised her hand and Deaton motioned towards the counter. She hopped up on it gracefully an stuck her arm out.    

                As Deaton was cleaning her arm, he explained, “This is basically a rabies shot that dogs get. Unlike dogs, you only need this shot one time.”

                “Are you saying we need the shots that dogs get?” Malia asked.

                “No,” He said, sticking the needle into her upper arm. Not a flinch what-so-ever. “This is the only ‘dog shot’ you’d need.” He took out the needle after injecting her and threw it in the sharps container. “Next?”

                Scott decided to take one for the team and got on the counter, removing his lacrosse hoodie in the process. Deaton cleaned his arm and stuck Scott with the needle, injected the vaccine and threw the needle in the sharps container. He put his hoodie back on and told Liam, “Really, it’s nothing to worry about.” He assured. “It doesn’t even hurt.”

                Even though he felt like he was being a baby, Liam said that he didn’t want to. Malia, Scott, and Deaton assured him that it was basically painless, the only pain that would happen is if he tensed up. Again, he said no.

                Liam excused himself to the bathroom, while he was in the bathroom, Scott and Malia discussed how to go about Liam getting the shot.

                “I can hold him down?” Malia suggested.

                “No. He’ll get out.”

                “We can knock him out?”

                “I am not knocking him out.”     

                Malia was clearly out of ideas at this point and stayed quiet until the lightbulb lit up in her head, “We can call (Y/N)!”

                Scott was taken back at first because he wasn’t sure why he didn’t think of you first. You were his girlfriend, but Liam had mentioned that you felt like a mother to him in a way. (Stiles thinks you baby him too much but that’s beyond the point.)

                He got out his phone and dialed your number, you picked up after two rings and Scott explained the situation to you. You agreed to meet at the animal clinic.

                Liam came back from the bathroom and Scott told him to sit on the counter. “Only if you promise to give it to me when I’m ready.” He said to Scott and Deaton. Both agreed and he hesitantly got up on the counter.

                Ten minutes passed and Scott’s phone dinged with a text message. He checked his phone and excused himself. A minute later, he came back with (Y/N), Liam’s face lit up.

                “So, I heard you won’t let them give you a shot?” You asked, making your way to Liam. “Why?”

                Liam shrugged, his eyes moved to the ground, embarrassed. “Because shots hurt.” He mumbled.

                You smiled and playfully rolled your eyes, you now reached Liam. “Shots don’t hurt, sweetheart.” You rubbed his arms in a comforting way. “Not if you don’t tense up, at least.”

                He still looked unsure and stared at you with his puppy eyes.

                “Liam, you need this shot.” You pleaded with him, when you saw that he wasn’t budging, you hopped up onto the counter next to him. “Hug me.”


                “You heard me… Hug me.” You told Liam who quickly wrapped his arms around your body. “Now get comfortable because you’re going to get this shot.”

                He had a hard time getting relaxed at first, until you made him breathe with you while you gently played with his hair. In… and out… In… and out. When you felt like he properly relaxed, you nodded to Deaton. He gently grabbed Liam’s arm while you kept a gentle hold on his head.

                Liam jumped a tiny bit when Deaton was cleaning his arm with a alcohol pad, you continued to keep him calm, whispering what Deaton was doing so he wouldn’t be surprised or anything.

                Deaton was readying the needle, “Okay, deep breath in.” You quickly, but quietly said. Liam obeyed, “and let the air out.” You said, he exhaled and Deaton stuck him with the needle. Exhaling had pre occupied him so he didn’t feel the stick.

                The shot was finally over and Deaton threw away the needle in the sharps container, applauding Liam for a job well done.

                “Why are we applauding him for acting like a baby?” Malia asked, mainly to herself, but clapped anyway.

                You smiled and gave him a pat on the shoulder, “See, Liam. I knew you could do it. Needles are nothing to be scared of!”

                Both you and Liam got off the counter while Scott came up to both of you. “Next time we need a different shot, I’m sure you can do it on your own.” He joked while putting an arm around your waist. You nudged Scott, telling him not to be teasing Liam like that.

                “Yeah,” Liam laughed, as he was laughing, his head started to shake his head no. “No.” He smiled joyfully and walked out of the office.

                “At least he was honest.” Malia shrugged, following him out.

sorry that sucked lmao

Watch Your Mouth (Ian/Mickey)

Summary: Mickey doesn’t know how to watch his language; Ian teaches him a lesson. (I started watching Shameless and I’m so hooked. Hope you enjoy this!)

It started quite simply. They were in the kitchen, and Mickey was talking about some gig he helped his cousins with. In the midst of his story, he said ‘fuck’ about twelve times, and baby Liam looked up in curiosity after about the tenth, grinned up at Mickey, and happily repeated, “fuck!”

Ian and Mickey stared at the child for a second before beginning to laugh, as Ian picked Liam up and told him, “Don’t repeat anything that comes out of his mouth. And you,” he pointed at Mickey, “watch your mouth.”

Mickey held up his hands defensively, but he was smiling.

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Request; Hello can you please do a Spencer x Reader imagine where Spencer is forced to spend the night at the reader’s due to bad weather and he discovers that she has a child who is autistic and her child takes an very fast liking to Spencer and they bring a bunch of books out because the reader’s child likes hearing people read to them and they want to hear Spencer read to them. 

 Warnings; not that I know of :)


Disclaimer; I’m sorry if I couldn’t capture this perfectly! I don’t know how an autistic child acts and I know that each case of it is different so I looked up characteristics and did my best to write them in!


 To say the weather is bad would be an understatement. The weather was absolutely terrible. The whole day while at the BAU it was windy and the booms of thunder were a forewarning of what was to come. Now it’s pouring rain and the road is beginning to pool with water.

Before it started raining, Spencer offered you a ride home like he did almost every night. It was like a routine to you guys. The two of you would always be the last ones out the door of the BAU building and since you had gotten close to Spencer, he started offering you rides home instead of you having to take the bus. 

 However, you never had to deal with this situation. On the way home it began to sprinkle and then the heavier rain came. Now that you’re down the block from your house, rain had started pouring down like there was no tomorrow. You pointed out that it sounds like hale but Spencer threw in a fact on how hale is supposed to sound like so you rolled your eyes and changed the subject. 

You were getting worried. You didn’t want Spencer to drive home in this weather when he lives another fifteen minutes away. You wanted him to stay, but you had a secret of your own. You’re a single mom. Long story short, you met a jerk and he got you pregnant only to have him leave you when he found out. It was hard for you in the beginning, but you’re content with your life and your happy child.

 Your child, Liam (you can choose a different name if you’d like !), is five and autistic. When you noticed the signs and took him to get checked, the doctor confirmed your thoughts. It never bothered you, in fact, you were just glad your baby was healthy. And that’s all that has ever mattered to you - that Liam is safe, healthy, and happy. 

 The only problem is that the team, which is basically family to you, has no idea that you’re a mom. JJ always jokes about how you’re such a mom and you have the instincts and thoughts of one, but you would always bite your tongue to keep from saying the truth. The only people who know about Liam is Penelope, after she went through your file, and Hotch, who has known since he hired you. You swore them to secrecy about Liam. You only do it to protect him. Your son doesn’t do well in big groups and meeting new people, he feels uncomfortable. That and the fact that your job has the potential of putting him in danger has you keeping him locked away from people’s knowledge just in case something drastic ever happens or if an unsub wants to get too close.

 As you pulled up to your apartment building, you deeply sigh.

 "Spencer, I don’t want you driving home in this weather,“ you admit. You kept thinking about Liam, but Spencer’s well-being was in your head too.

 "Y/N, I’m fine,” he brushes it off. “I can get home safely.”

“No, Reid,” you frown. You reach across and quickly turn the car off before ripping the keys from the ignition. 

“Hey!” He calls out like a whiny two year old. 

 "I already said no,“ you warn. “Come on, you’re staying with me tonight.”

 "Are you sure?“ He asks nervously. “I’m not intruding on your privacy or anything, am I?“ 

 "Not really,” you shrug. “But there is one thing I need you to be careful about." 

"What is it?” He quizzes. 

 "You’ll see.“ You open your door and throw your coat over your head before carefully running to the tarp covered doorway to the large apartment building. The rain was slapping against your back and dripping off your already drenched coat. Spencer followed quickly after and you took his keys from your pocket and locked the car. You lead him throughout the lobby you’ve grown to know and head into the empty elevator.

 "What is this thing I have to be careful about?” He urges in worry. “You don’t have like a large aggressive dog, do you?" 

 "No,” you laugh and shake your head. You quickly press the button that stops at your floor, shivering in your slightly dampened clothes. “Much better than that.”

 As the doors open with a “ding”, you try to rush through the long hallway and into your apartment, desperate to see your baby that you haven’t seen since you tucked him in last night. You quickly search through your bag and find the ring of keys with a custom bracelet made by your child that you attached to them. Entering your apartment, you kick off your wet shoes and hang up your drenched coat on the hanger by the door. You help Spencer hang his coat and you tell him he can leave his bag right next to yours on the brown table sitting next to the shoes and coats.


 Your smile widens as you hear the angel like voice of your Liam. You can hear him jump off the couch and goes to where you and Spencer are at, his shaggy light/dark hair sticking in all different directions as he runs towards you. You bend down with open arms and he happily throws his short arms around your neck and pulls you close. 

 "Hi baby,” you coo and ruffle his hair as you hug him back. “Liam, can you do a favor for mommy?”

“Yes,” he says loudly and nods.

 "Can you say hi to my very good friend, Spencer,“ you point at Spencer and Liam peers up at him through his long eyelashes. 

 "Hi, Liam!” Spencer waves his hand and slightly bends his knees to make himself shorter. Liam doesn’t respond, he only looks at Spencer curiously before he hides behind me. 

 "Go finish watching your cartoon with auntie Tess,“ you playfully spank his bottom to send him off and he laughs before skipping away to the living room where he joins your niece, Tess. She is your hero when it comes to Liam. She lives here and instead of having her pay rent, she gladly accepts watching Liam. It’s a win-win situation for you. 

"Mommy?” Spencer questions in awe. 

 "Yeah, now you know,“ you tease sheepishly. 

 "I had no idea,” he tilts his head and begins to observe you in a new perspective.

 "Don’t tell anyone, please,“ you put your hands together and plead.

"Of course,” he agrees right away. “Is he?” Spencer trails off, not finishing is question in fear of overstepping any boundaries. 

 "Yes, he’s autistic,“ you answer.

"I would give you some facts or statistics but I’m pretty sure you know what you’re doing,” he comments with a chuckle. 

 "I still don’t understand how your brain can remember every single thing you read,“ you shake your head in disbelief. 

 "It’s all in the eidetic memory,” he points at his head. “Both a blessing and a curse." 

 Liam comes back into view, a neat stack of books in his small hands. He looks up at you and you know what he wants to do. He wants you to read to him. 

"Hey, Spence, I’m just going to read him to sleep and then I’ll come back to you,” you say as you walk towards Liam.

 "Your friend too, mommy!“ Liam yells. You look down at the child in surpris. He wasn’t usually this friendly with strangers. You look over at Spencer and he has a wide smile on his lips. 

 "I would love to!” He exclaims enthusiastically and skips over to you and Liam. You shot over a grateful smile at Spencer before guiding the two boys through the dimly lit hallway and into Liam’s neatly decorated room. You went in first and flicked on the beside lamp that shed a soft light throughout the room. Liam excitedly jumps onto his bed and gets himself tucked in before looking up at you and Spencer with a smile.

“Which one do you want to read, Li?” You ask as you hand him the stack of his favorite picture books.

“This one!” 

Liam carefully pulls out the book, “Where the Wild Things Are,” his favorite book as of last week.

“That is a good choice, Liam!” Spencer compliments with a wide smile and Liam returns the gesture.

You and Spencer spent the last thirty minutes flipping through almost every book in the pile Liam had selected before he finally fell asleep. You exhale a large breath and let your back fall onto the backboard of the bed.

“Y/N, if you want to go to sleep, you can,” Spencer quietly suggests. He gets up from the side of the bed and begins to tip-toe his way out of the room. “I can show myself to the living room and just sleep on the couch.”

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that,” you protest and attempt to stand up but Spencer takes quick long strides towards you and makes you sit back down.

“No, really, I’ll be fine,” he chuckles.

“Thank you, Spence,” you reach for his hand and lace your fingers with his. “Liam isn’t good with company and him actually wanting to be around you made me really happy.”

“I guess that means I’ll be around here quite a bit,” Spencer flashes you a smile.

“Oh expect to be here every day,” you joke. “Liam is never going to shut up about you.”