liam chose it for him


Are you gonna kill him? I mean, I don’t care if you do, but have you thought this through?

6x17 was another great episode for Thiam fans. Although Cody Christian did not have as much screen time as in the last two episodes, he had another brilliant time on screen, along with Dylan Sprayberry.

We see Liam Dunbar nearly losing control and thus almost killing Gabe in the process. He was on the brink of losing it entirely. However, Theo emerged out of thin air and calmed him down.

 Again, Theo Raeken proved how clever he is. He managed to calm Liam down by pointing out the consequences of killing Gabe: “Any idea where you’re gonna dump the body? Nobody saw you grab him, did they?”

 You didn’t kill him. It’s progress.

Hence, Theo does not oppose to the idea to killing him. Not openly, at least. Liam lets go of Gabe in the end.

Liam: You made your point.

Theo: You didn’t kill him. That’s progress.

Liam: Why do you keep trying to save me? You think it’ll make Scott forget about everything you did?

You might want to remember what’s been Scott’s goal all along: keep people alive.

That’s exactly what Theo’s doing: keep people alive. He knocked Liam out at the abandoned zoo so that Nolan could get away. He stopped Liam from losing control and kill Gabe in the process. Is Theo really trying to help the pack? Or is he just protecting himself, pursuing a plan of his own?

Liam commenced to put his trust in Theo. He chose Theo to accompany him to carry out his plan at the zoo. He also allowed the chimera to talk him out of killing Gabe. He realised that Theo was right, as experienced as he is.

There are only three episodes left before it all ends. Fans really adore the growing “thing” between Theo and Liam. Thiam seems to have become one of the most popular bromances of the show. Some ship them as friends, others just want them to kiss already. Whichever you prefer, Theo and Liam share some great scenes together.

The chemistry between Cody and Dylan is phenomenal. You can really see the way their relationship developed from the moment that Liam brought Theo back from hell and to the last scene they shared in 6x17.

Liam definitely seems to trust Theo now. He must also be somewhat important to Theo since the chimera actually stayed around, assisting and advising him.

Some people have expressed their concern about Theo’s motives. Would he betray them all again? Let’s hope not.

Missed me? || Liam Dunbar (part 2)


“She didn’t say anything about coming with Theo?” Liam growled as stiles and scott tried hard to hold him back from running to the other side of the parking lot where the girl he thought he knew so well stood with the shady boy.

“I told y'all he was into something and now she is too” Stiles exclaimed as they managed to pin Liam against the bus stopping him from attacking.

“We don’t know if there is something shady about them , they might just know each other. You know both being new students nd stuff” Kira said trying to reason with stiles.

“We can torture them int-” Malia’s suggestion was very quickly cut off by almost a roar of disagreement.

Scott sighted looked to where Y/N and Theo previously stood noticing they were both gone now “How about we get to class now, there are gone now anyways”

Stiles looked ready to disagree but after a while nodded picking up his own backpack from the ground. Liam looked over his shoulder one last time to where Y/N stood before quickly walking back to his history class. Y/N was as accepted not there in the history class but when Liam entered his math class , she was right back in the corner. A part of him wanted to walk as far away and sit on the other side as class but it seamed like his legs carried him to the chair beside her.

“Where were you last period?” Liam asked once he sat down on the chair.

“Nowhere , dad” she smirked tearing her eyes from the book and up to him.

His breath caught in his throats when their eyes met , the color he remembered from their young ages. He remembered it like it was burned in his memories forever , the smile that would light up her entire face but most visible around her eyes , small crinkles would appear on the right side under her eyes while a small dimple would appear on her cheek.

“Speaking of not being in class , where did you run of to?” She asked hands crossed over her chest and the smirk still visible on her features.

“The couch wanted something” he explained , tearing his eyes way from her.

“That sounds real” she said turning around returning to her book “ if the couch had being in history class tying to talk people into joining the team”

In the corner of his eyes he sow her smirk growing wilder for each moment and he could himself feel the frustration smell his body was radiating. As he opened his mouth to come up with some lie the teacher walked in cutting the conversation short.

Focusing in that class seamed to be an impossible task form Liam , after Stiles pointed it up he couldn’t help but focus on it. Her scent. It was unlike anything he had ever smelt before , not a werewolf like himself or scott, not a werecayote like Malia and definitely not a kitsune. He wasn’t gonna die , it was distracting, not only the scent but rather the lack of it. Even with the trace of scent of her , there was nothing even slightly suggesting a feeling. She was calm , unlike their young ages where even without wolf powers he could smell the reeking anxiety and sadness from her.

“Mr. Dunbar” the teachers voice woke him up from his daydream to see an empty classroom “ the class is dismissed and in all honestly I doubted that you love algebra so much”

From the corner of his eyes he caught Y/N walking out the class , with a apologetic look at the teacher he stood up from the seat and nearly ran out the door.

“I swear she was just here ” he mumbled to himself before making his way to the lacrosse field.

“Finally Dunbar , thought you forgot about your lacrosse priority like the rest of this team” Couch yelled once Liam ran in the locker room and walked toward the back where stiles and scott stood.

“Did you talk to her?” Stiles asked quietly as Couch starter giving them a lecture.

Liam gave a small glare to stiles before returning to changing into his lacrosse gear “ No and if you want to know her evil master plan talk to her yourself” and with a final glare he made his way to the field followed by Scott.

“Unbelievable ” Stiles mumbled and hurried , tripping over his own legs to follow them.


By the time they had finished practice it had already been dark. Stiles had offered to drive him home but Liam chose to wait for his step dad. He had only been there for a few minutes when he heard a sound from the school. With a last glance at the parking lot , he decide to take a look before his step dad would be there. It would be an understatement saying that the school look scary in the dark but he quickly with the help of scent found his way to the source of sound. Around the corner and he sow y/n standing , her eyes locked at something in front of her.

“uh, what’s going on here?” He asked , his eyes wild once he noticed the body in front of her feet.

She turned around eyes for the face time showing sign of emotion “I promise, he was like that when I got here.”

“…Is he… dead?” Liam quietly questioned , already knowing the answer.

“Well, either that, or he should really get that gaping hole in his chest looked at" She said looking up from body over to Liam with a smile but the fear visible in her eyes.

“Y/N you can’t just stand over a dead body , that’s the fucking janitor. We have to call this in” Liam basically yelled at her pulling out his phone to call the sheriff office.

“Don’t ” she said grabbing his hand that held the phone in hers “its been taken care of”

Liam gives her a questioning look but puts the phone away , before she could pull her hand away , he held them in his “ You are gonna tell me everything. Over a large ham and pineapple pizza”

A smile broke out on her features and she made herself nod a little. They walked out of the school is silence , liam too afraid to ask about anything cause he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

“Hey , y/ns staying over for dinner ” liam said to his step father stepping into the car as y/n got into the backseat.

“Y/N , that sounds familiar ” Dr. Geyer replied giving the girl a smile in the mirror “I’m guessing you want to order in for dinner?’

’‘Yeah we were thinking pizza” liam saying turning up the music to avoid any further conversation in the car.

a few minuetes later they pulled into the driveway of a big house and both kids got out , Y/N started walking to the from the front door as liam waited in the car for a moment talking to his step dad before him exiting the car and the car driving away.

“ Where did you step dad go?” Y/N asked while Liam slightly struggled to unlock the front door.

“He had to work” liam replied pushing the door open and letting her walk in first.

“It’s nice here ” She said as they started walking up the stairs and too his room “ I gotta say , I liked the old place better”

Liam stopped in his track for a moment before dropping his bag on the bed and turning to face her “ yeah i liked your old place too before it became a crime scene”

She stopped to think for a moment , as if she was considering telling his the truth or not when she finally sighted and shook her head“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

“You killed your entire family” liam replied slightly disturbed by the girl’s lack of emotion.

“…I’m really sorry?” She tried with a questioning voice “ liam listen , I had too and you know tha-”

“You father was an evil bastard , what about your sister? Your mom? They were innocent people Y/N and you know that” he only noticed he was shouting at her when she flinched the slightest and something inside of her looked broken “ I’m..I’-” he started apologizing before he was cut off by the phone ringing. With a last apologetic voice he picked the phone.

“There’s been a murder at school , the janitor. He had been drained of blood and guess what, Y/N backpack was there as well and we looked through, not my ideas but lydias , and liam we were right. The scent , the everything. We know what she is” Stiles rambled on once Liam picked up the phone , he slowly turned around seeing Y/N sitting quietly on the bed looking through an old photo album.

“ yeah mom , i call you if we need anything , i have a friend over now ” he hung up leaving the boy on the other end rather confused.

“Hey you still keep the pizza places number on your refrigerator?” She asked standing up right after he hung up.

“Yeah , you can do the honor to call if you want , I’m just gonna call Lydia about a school assignment ” he said offering her a smile as she nodded leaving the room.

The phone only rang for a few minutes before lydia picket up “ Stiles told me”

“Stiles thinks its something to do with Theo ” lydia explained and Liam could hear stiles voice in the background.

“I found her there, over the body right after the practice” Liam whisper yelled as he could hear her voice downstairs, suddenly his eyes fell on her phone laying on the bed. He knew it was wrong and god he was gonna regret it but he had to check and curiosity took the best of him.

“Liam where is she now” she said over the phone as he heard her yelling something to the others before stiles voice was heard over the line as he most likely took the phone from her “ Liam is she with you now?”

“She is ordering pizza” he said not really listening to what the older boy was talking about as he was going through her text “ all of her recents are to one person”

The line was quit for a few seconds before stiles voice was heard again “ you are going through her phone liam tha-”

“I’ll call you back” he said and threw the phone on the bed beside him as he starte reading the texts between her and one and the only Theo raeken.

“3rd period. Meet me in the parking lot” -Theo

“Police still blames the family on you. Don’t give them any proof, I will take care of dinner” -Theo

He felt a weight being lifted of he shoulder , cause he knew she hadn’t the blame in the murders but what did Theo have to do with this? The thought of her covering something for him almost made Liam sick to the stomach but the relief didnt last for long before he read true last text.

“Dinner served. Janitors closet 6:30”-Theo

“Curiosity killed the cat” Y/N voice made him drop the phone and turn around seeing her leaning against the door frame.

“You lied , you said you had no idea what happened to the janitor” he said standing up from the bed , the IED getting the best of him.

“Calm down wolfie , it’s not like you’ve told me everything” She smirked taking a step forward and they were almost face to face now before she dropped her gaze to the photo album. His eyes followed her seeing that her cocky smirk was gone , replaced by a smile sad smile.

He follows her eyes to the album both looking at the last picture of them “How did you find out? ”

“I’ve picked up a few things along the years” She said with a shadow of a smile sitting down on the bed picking up the album.

“so you are one of us?” He asked , his back turned on her and his voice quite.

“I can assure you I have a shit time once a month as well but that is for complete different reasons” she said with a slight chuckle but the laughter died down quickly “ Do you remember this day?”

The boy finally turned around standing in silence in a few seconds before sitting down beside her looking at the picture that had previously caught both their attentions “ We took this a week before you…left” he replied being rather careful with his choice of word “ I gave you one of those dollar necklaces and we promised we would always be there for each other and we planned out future”

“Liam-” she mumbled before being cut by him.

“That’s the girl I knew , that is my best friend” Liam continued.

“You have no right to say that” she said standing up dropping the album simultaneously “I am this way cause I needed to survive , you have no idea what it’s like when everyone blames you for everything , where your dad buried all his anger in booze and would beat the crap out of daily , when everyone blames you for the death of your mother and sister, none of you were there I tried doing something but when I came down stairs he… he I could stop hi-”

“Him?” Liam questioned standing up from the bed as she calmed down eyes wild in terror of what she said.

“I should go” she said grabbing her stuff running out before he could react.

He was right , she was innocent. Well atleast when it came to the murder of her family.

// Part 3?

Brits 2017

Well, I did some thinking and have come to the conclusion that yesterday was a strategic battle between Simon and the boys. And the boys won at least for the public eye and that is what counts.

Simon presenting was kind of obvious. He had three acts in for the win, so chances of some shameless self-adulation were good. I think that is why he was so smug in the beginning.

If I were salty, I would say 1D winning became a done deal during the day, so the boys decided to make it their own, even if they couldn’t be there.

I am not convinced that they didn’t want to be there. Niall went to the after party, so he could have easily attended. Louis was in London during the day. As much as I love him spending time with his siblings it could have easily been done on another day and I guess there are enough people around to babysit, so Lottie, Tommy and Dan could have gone with Louis.

So they got this show on the road. It started off with Louis asking the fans to vote, showing that the band still cares. All the other tweets from friends and family created an all around positive vibe showing that those close to the boys still believed in them and supported them. Especially Anne tweeting showing that Harry still cares. She would not have done this if Harry didn’t feel ok with it.

They chose Liam to go, because he is the diplomat. They got him in unnoticed and in the worst case (losing) would have gotten him out unnoticed. Him getting up there and stealing Simon’s thunder was the first blow, him not thanking Simon and Syco/Sony was the next.

The final blow was all the boys tweeting afterwards. They played it perfectly.

The only question is does OT have any leverage for retaliation or are we seeing the coffin finally sealed for good.

Personally I think the boys are not there yet but they made a very important point by standing up and calling their fans to gather behind them. It worked.

Love them, love us.


Reader x Derek

Requested By Anon

“Where’re you going?” Derek asked as you slowly slid out of bed and started getting dressed.


“Stiles texted repeatedly about an emergency with Scott and he won’t call you because it’s a Momma emergency.” You yawned and lent down to kiss the Alpha who smiled and tangled his hands into your hair as he cupped the back of your head.


“Be careful and try not to wake the Betas.” Derek grumbled as you pulled away and ran your fingers over his stubble before heading downstairs.


You hurriedly started the car and pulled away from the house, chuckling when you saw all the lights flicking on one after the other, knowing Derek would probably end up under a pile of sleepy Betas.


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Drunken Problems//Carl Gallagher

Teen wolf/Shameless crossover

warnings: smutish, alcohol abuse, mentions rape, protective liam, drinking, mentions weed

Word count: 796

(Y/N)’ s p.o.v

“hey carl pass me another bear, will ya”

i said while slamming my now empty bud light onto my moms glass coffee table.

“on one condition” carl responded with his stupid smirk.

i smirked back knowing what he had in mind. i wasn’t drunk-well not yet, at least.

“if you really want another bear, kiss me”

his eyes dropped down to stare at my lips.

i smiled. “just kiss me already gallagher”

carl wasted no time in closing the gap between us.

i ran my fingers threw carl’s hair, he had recently taken out his cornrows and damn did he look fine with his hair down.

he pushed me back onto the leather couch and started rubbing his arms up and down my body.

a shrill moan escaped my mouth as I felt carl lift up my top and draw little circles on my hips.

his hands were cold, but yet something about them made me feel warm all over.

carl then groans against my mouth and ripped my top off leaving me in my shorts and bra.

he then started attacking my neck with love bites.

carl and i have been dating for three months, we only told his family and my best friend malia.

yeah she was a senior in high school and i’m only in eighth grade but she treated me like an adult, just the way carl does.

and that’s how I wanted to be treated. carl never held out on me. he told me shit straight up.

a thing no one else could, not even my older brother liam.

that’s why I chose not to tell him, he would say some stupid shit like ‘I’m to young to be dating’ or ‘he’s not good enough for you’.

bullshit. yeah carl was fifteen, drank, sold drugs, and occasionally got high but that doesn’t make me love him any less. hell it makes him even hotter in my eyes.

i whined when I realized carl’s lips were no longer on my body. i looked at him and saw him taking off his shirt.

i smirked up at him and pushed him down and started kissing his jawline and stopped at his neck.

i started kissing around trying to find his sweet spot. once i found it, i attacked it with bites.

“mhhhh, right there babygirl” carl moaned out.

i licked the love bite and blew on it making carl shiver underneath me.

i smirked knowing only I had this effect on him.

“WHAT THE FCK (y/n)!?!”

my head shot up from looking at carl to see my brother liam and the pack all staring at carl and i.

“for fucks sakes” i mumbled.

i slid off of Carl’s waist and quickly grabbed my shirt from off the floor. I put it on and stood with carl.

i saw malia smirking at us.

“what the actual hell (y/n)” liam said

i rolled my eyes. liam’s eyes scanned the room, hey stopped when he saw the coffee table.

“no…you didn’t!”

i looked away, a few months back my dad walked out of my life. i went out for a drink with carl and within a week i was 'addicted’ to booze.

my mom took me in for rehab and hid all he alcohol in the house. i wasn’t really addicted, i knew when to stop.

today was the only time I drank, it had been five months. i would never become an addict. after meeting frank, carl’s dad I realized I didn’t want to end up like him.

“you said you would stop!” liam beamed.

“yeah, i did say that. but it’s not like I’m addicted to this shit ok!?, i know when to stop. i’m not some type of junky!”

“oh yeah! that’s not what you said five month ago when dad walked out and you developed this stupid addiction! i walked in on you with a bottle of vodka in your hands, half the bottle was empty, your eyes were bloodshot, you were wearing shorts and a bra with your top ripped to shreds by a guy who tried to rape you!”

i stared at him mouth agap.

“well thanks for broadcasting my fucking personal life to everyone!”

i grabbed carl’s hand about to walk out.

“(y/n) stop, you can’t leave. lydia just cracked the second deadpool list and your on it, we can’t let you out of our sight” scott said.

i looked at him as if he was crazy, “i really don’t need this shit right now, i just want some alone time, with carl”

carl kissed my forehead and walked me outside.

“i got a blunt, want to light it and get high?” carl asked.

i smirked “hell ya i do”

Part 2?

So here it is the long awaited, probably not, follow up to my fetus ziam drabble. I’ve already started part 3 because I hate myself and think people actually like my stuff.

“Out of my way lads, I’ve got my own room this time,” Niall announced once everyone was off the buses in Vancouver. He turned and looked directly at Harry and Louis. “Luckily it’s away from some people.”

“You’re the perv that was listening in,” Louis replied defensively. “Not mine and Harold’s fault.”

“How about we get a move on and get to the lift instead of arguing?” Paul suggested, raising his eyebrows at the boys. “Meet me by the lifts while I get the keys.”

The five boys dragged their feet behind Paul, all exhausted. The three hour bus ride ended up taking close to four and a half due to getting tied up at the border. A stop for gas once they entered Canada ended up being a production that got a few people to laugh, even if it was out of sheer exhaustion and not something actually funny. Bags were thrown over shoulders and luggage was being dragged behind them. They only upside to everything was that they had the day off, the only thing on their schedule was a radio interview in the midafternoon. Eight more shows, two more weeks and they could see their month long break in front of them. It was just something they needed to keep reminding themselves.

“You sleep on the bus?” Zayn asked Liam as they were huddled in the corner, away from everyone.

“A little,” Liam answered with a shrug. “I was too knackered to sleep, if that makes sense.”

“Perfect,” he assured him, especially after he saw the worry lines appear above Liam’s brows. All he wanted to do really was move his thumb across the creases, feel his skin on his skin, maybe even kiss the worry feeling that was probably in the pit of his stomach. Fuck. Stupid Louis and his stupid checklist. “I was knackered too but you know how Lou is, always bouncing off the wall.”

“You’ll sleep well tonight,” Liam promised, his worry lines now flattened and a wide smile on his face. “Get to sleep on a bed this time instead of a crammed bus.”

“We cuddling?” Zayn asked with a smirk. Despite his new found realization Zayn didn’t want to make things awkward between them, they needed to stick to their routine, and cuddling was part of that routine. “I need my teddy bear to help me sleep.”

“Of course, Zed, always,” he told him, hiking his bag further up his shoulder.

Liam’s cheeks were faintly turning pink, a bashful smile on his face, this was when he was most beautiful. Zayn got to see Liam in varying degrees, Liam the popstar, Liam the businessman, and just good ole plan Liam James Payne from Wolverhampton. Liam the popstar was someone to be dazzled by, the way he commands a stage, the presence he has in front of thousands of fans was outstanding, surely something to be admired. Liam the businessman was a take no prisoner type of man, very attentive and aware of his surroundings. He made sure everyone was taken care of, he was the voice of reason within the band.  

Liam James Payne from Wolverhampton was who Zayn fell in love with though. That was the authentic Liam, the one many people rarely got to see. He had to be the other two Liam’s a large majority of the day. The regular Liam, the boy behind the man, the one who giggles at everything he finds funny, the one who blushes whenever he get complimented. He was so selfless and caring and understanding, always patient. Honestly, what took Zayn so long to realize he was in love with Liam? Anyone who ever met the true, authentic Liam would fall in love with him instantly. Karen and Geoff raised a good man.

“Come collect your keys and get on the lift, gents,” Paul called to them, knocking Zayn out of his daydream.

Liam gave Zayn a little shove towards the lift while he volunteered to get their keys. While the keys were being distributed the noise level started to rise a little. People were way past exhaustion but a minimal change in the atmosphere always riled people up, especially Louis. Harry, like always, was trying to quiet him, drag him onto the lift and away from the death glares of a few of the crew members. Caroline just rolled her eyes as she collected her key from Paul, patting an exhausted looking Zayn as she past, kissing his forehead and wishing him a goodnight. Liam returned, placing his free arm around Zayn’s shoulders, almost lifting him up as helping him onto the lift and eventually their shared room. They were both exhausted, the faces looking worn out from the long day and even longer tour schedule. A quick goodnight was said to those who remained on the lift as they exited on their floor.

“I’m gonna change in the loo,” Liam announced once they got into their room and dropped their things on the soon to be vacant bed. “So you can do what you gotta do out here.”

“Thanks,” Zayn replied softly, followed by a yawn he didn’t even try to cover up.

Liam grabbed his bag that contained a change of clothes and his toiletries, it was a luxury when they stayed at a hotel. Trying to shower, shave, or even change on a constantly moving bus was a hassle. Something all five of them learned to conquer rather quickly. He hummed around his toothbrush as he brushed his teeth, some song that was playing at the arena earlier that day from whatever playlist they used to hype the crowd before the show. It felt good to be in a hotel, even better that he got to share that room with Zayn, his best mate. He loved all four boys equally but things just felt different with Zayn. They bonded over more than just being in the same group. Movies, music, comics, everything about them was alike. It was great to have someone who was so compatible with. He had the best mates in the world, a dream job, and a dream girlfriend, someone who understood his lifestyle so perfectly and never once complained.  Liam was just so excited that in a few days’ time Danielle was set to arrive in Las Vegas and spend a few days with him before flying back home. He couldn’t ask for anything more.

“You decent?” Liam asked, opening the bathroom door ajar.

Zayn snorted at the questions. “What a loaded question Payno, but yea, I am.”

Liam laughed at Zayn’s reply and opened the door. Zayn was already sitting on the bed, laptop resting on his legs. “What are we watching tonight?”

“Thor,” he informed him, shuffling up on the bed to rest against the headboard, patting the spot next to him to indicate he wanted Liam to sit down. This could all be looked at as pseudo romantic but Zayn knew he needed to keep this as friendly as possible. Which was probably going to be hard, in more way than one.

“The new one?” Liam asked in excitement as he reached the bed and sat next to Zayn. He lifted the laptop and placed it on the spot where their legs met. A perfect place for both of them to see it properly. “You know being famous does have it perks sometimes.”

Zayn nodded swallowing the lump forming in his throat. He’d touched Liam numerous times within the last few years, hand holding, gently placing a hand on the small of each other backs, even while wrestling backstage at arenas. Even tonight they touched, always did during I Want, it was a routine of theirs. Now it felt different, their outer thighs pressed up against each other, skin on skin. He could feel the hair on Liam’s legs rubbing up against his. Zayn really did hate Louis, making him realize he was in love with Liam. Now everything happening around them made Zayn hyperaware, noticed every little detail now. Some mate Louis was. Thanks bro.

“You okay?” Liam’s gentle voice brought Zayn back to reality. He was rubbing at Zayn’s knee, trying to coax him out of whatever trance he was stuck in. “You spaced out on me for a minute.”

“I-I’m okay,” he assured him, his eyes glued to where Liam’s hand was. “Let-let’s just watch the movie, yeah?”

“I heard it was better than the first once,” Liam told him as he pressed a few buttons on the laptop to start up the movie. “Let me know if you want anything to eat or drink and I’ll pause the movie, okay?”

Zayn just nodded in response as the movie began, the Marvel credits flashing on the screen. He was so excited to watch the movie but couldn’t get his mind to focus. Everything around him was too much. He slowly regretted sharing a room with Liam. He didn’t want things to be awkward between them, to draw any attention to the situation, but it was going to be difficult. Now that he had a name to the gnawing feeling he’d been feeling for so long, it was hard to shove it away. This wasn’t Liam’s fault at all, never would be. Just sitting close to Liam in a bed where they’d eventually lay down and cuddle, a staple of theirs when they share a room. It was going to be an obstacle, he was definitely going to think about all the romantic undertones of cuddling with his best mate who he happened to be in love with.

Never mind the fact that Liam was dating Danielle. Zayn liked Danielle, mostly. She was never around so it was an out of sight out of mind type of relationship. He would never get the way of Liam’s relationship, would never jeopardize it at all. He loved Liam and a part of loving him was respecting those he chose to have in his life, and Danielle was in his life. Zayn tried to focus back on the movie but just watched Liam as he watched the movie. Seeing how animated his face got at certain scenes that were probably highly entertaining and pivotal. He loved seeing Liam’s face light up every time Loki was mentioned or on the screen. He loved the character so much he ended up naming his dog after him. It was the little things that just made him so endearing.

“You stopped watching,” Liam observed, pausing the movie, looking at Zayn. “You want to stop? We can stop if you want to sleep or whatever.”

Zayn faked a yawn and nodded his head. “I’m knackered, maybe we can pick this up tomorrow seeing we have downtime, yeah?”

“Of course,” he agreed, turning off the movie and shutting off the computer, reaching over and placing it on the nightstand. He turned back around and saw that Zayn was already under the covers, getting himself as comfortable as possible. Liam turned off the light and turned in himself, shuffling down the bed to get properly under the covers. “Nothing beats a night in a swanky hotel with me best mate.”

“Yeah,” he tentatively agreed, slowly nodding his head, turning his back to Liam. He sucked in his breath as Liam’s arm snaked around his waist, his insides immediately felt like lava. It was strictly platonic but everything had changed, had shifted, now his body was betraying him.

“Goodnight Zed,” Liam whispered in his ear, scooting closer to tangle their legs together.  

“Night Liam,” he replied, his mouth dry and he closed his eyes and wished himself to fall asleep and fall asleep fast.

Sunshine and Blankets (Drake x MC)

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC

Rating: M for innuendos…?

Word count: 1300+

Summary: They might be different, but they were perfect. And the wait was over. All was well. See how Drake and Riley spent their morning together.

A/N: This is my FIRST FF EVER of Pixelberry universe! After the latest TRR chapter, which was (very) unsatisfying, I couldn’t help but write something about my favorite OTP. I’ve already had the idea quite long ago, especially when I watched/heard Sabrina Carpenter’s song and music video, Why. I’m sooo sorry for the simple words (because English isn’t my first and I hadn’t been writing much in English either. ;___;). Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it! (p.s.: I know there’s no canon yet for Drake’s last name, but the whole fandom seemed to agree with Hunter, sooo…. 😂)

You like New York City in the daytime
I like New York City in the nighttime
You say you like sleeping with the air off
I don’t, I need it on

The bedroom was dimly lit and the sunlight was peeping through the gap of the closed curtains, but Drake had already woken up. He was lying on the bed, about to rub his eyes, when he felt his arms were too heavy to be moved. As he glanced sideways, he found Riley wrapped close on his bare chest, resting her head on one of his strong arms as she slept soundlessly.

He couldn’t help but smile. He always liked this vision whenever he opened his eyes in the morning like this.

Without any intention to disrupt Riley, Drake planted a soft kiss on her forehead. Apparently, either she could feel it or she wasn’t as deeply asleep as he thought she was, because she mumbled with eyes still shut, “That’s not where I usually get my kiss when I wake up.”

Drake snorted, but his tone was gentle. “So demanding even before we got out of the bed, aren’t you, Whitby?”

Riley slowly opened his eyes, her irises looked up to meet his darker pair. A grin spread across her face. “Is that a complaint I’m hearing from you, Hunter?”

He chuckled. This was one of the things he liked about her. She wasn’t just cheerful and funny, but also fierce and witty at the same time. If his hands weren’t brushing gently against her cheeks right now, he would’ve thought this all was a mere fantasy.

“No,” he replied. “It’s supposed to be, but you’re lucky that I’m obedient.”

“Are you?” Riley smirked teasingly, and their lips met.

They kissed for so long, lips searching hungrily for one another as they embraced passionately under the blanket. This had become their habit now whenever they woke up together—but they never seemed to get enough. It was as though they wanted to make up for the time they had lost back then in Cordonia, between the stolen moments alone that used to be forbidden. The entire universe once forced them to build a wall against each other, trying to convince them that whatever they had been feeling wasn’t supposed to exist…

But they weren’t convinced.

You like the light coming through the windows
I sleep late, so I just keep ‘em all closed
You ignore the music on the radio
I don’t, I sing-a-long

He never foresaw this would even come close to happening. They, he and Riley, were so different—or at least were supposedly destined to have a different life. Sure, they both didn’t come from the royal family, despite he had been spending his life growing up in Cordonia and she had been through some ridiculous royal competition almost two years ago.

But she was a beautiful starlight and he was a dark night sky.

She could’ve been a queen, and he could’ve ended up somewhere, in a place incomparable with her position. But she never gave up on him, despite how rude he had been when they first met. She had never been anything but forgiving and kind. He tried to brush it off, yet he realized he had failed, and everything he had put up to keep himself distant finally crumbled down. He thought she matched so well with Liam, who could’ve given her so much more… but she chose him instead.

It was unbelievable.

Of course, all of this only revolved in his mind. Riley never, nor would ever, let Drake get away with these thoughts. Or with anything at all. She always said that she, Riley, had no regret when she told anyone who needed to know that it was him, Drake, whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She knew too well she didn’t need a kingdom or a crown to be happy.

Heck, she didn’t even want them.

I don’t ask for you to change, baby no no no
And you don’t ask for me to change

When they pulled apart, her baby deer eyes gazed at him again.

“Don’t give me that look,” he said quietly.

“Or what?” her brows were raised playfully.

“Or we both know none of us would get up from here.”

But he stopped her from trying to protest as their lips locked once again.

“Right,” Riley groaned after the kiss. “It’s Monday. You really have to remind me, don’t you?”

Drake had a work to do and she had classes to attend. Ever since they moved in together to a humble apartment in the heart of New York, Drake found a job as a technician in an automotive company, and Riley, to her own surprise after several exhausting tests, managed to receive a scholarship in a college, majoring in social science. Although choosing not to be a ruler in Cordonia, she knew her interests laid on leading people. And Drake couldn’t be more supportive for her decision—he always said she’d make a great queen. Yet, Riley still kept her part-time job as a waitress, having found a new place with a better manager. She insisted that she wanted to help and wouldn’t let Drake do it alone to support them together.

“Can’t we stay for five more minutes?” she snuggled against his chest. He could smell her hair, and he felt like he never wanted to move from their position.

Man, he could do this the whole day.

“… Make it fifteen.”

Riley looked up and beamed. “I’ll be late to my class, then.”

“Yeah?” He looked back at her, unable to hide his grin. “I don’t hear that as a complaint either, though.”

“Oh, Drake,” she giggled. “And you’re lucky that I like you so much.”

And he watched her close her eyes, savoring herself in the moment; a genuine smile shaped across her face. He scanned every detail of her visage; the curves of her lips, the faint freckles on her nose…

“Hey, Riley…”


He hesitated. He was never good with words. He didn’t know how to say it properly. All he was able to do was just blurting out whatever he had in mind, but that was only possible for his snarky remarks. This one, the one about how much he was grateful for her, was particularly difficult—especially when he knew no words would be capable enough to convey it.

“Thank you… for putting up with me all these times.”

Tell me how we’re not alike
But we work so well and we don’t even know why
Funny how the stars crossed right
‘Cause we work so well and we don’t even know why
You can call it fire and ice
But we work so well and we don’t even know why

She always had faith in him, no matter how messed up he thought he and his life were.

Riley seemed to be half-asleep, but she replied nevertheless, “Am I just imagining things, or am I facing a Marshmallow Drake right now?”

He usually would display his frown whenever she started teasing him, but this time he grinned. “Maybe both.”

Her smile was kind. But he wasn’t finished. He was so scared for being not enough. He wasn’t ready to lose someone who meant so much for him—not for the second time.

“You know, I… I just thought—”

Somehow we end up on the same side
And you wouldn’t think that we’d be alright
Even our eyes are different colors, but we see fine

“Shhh,” Riley shook her head. “I know what you’re thinking, Drake. I know everything still feels so… surreal,” she muttered slowly. She buried her head deeper on his neck, feeling comfortable—feeling like she was home.

And without having to explain each other’s thought, Drake knew she understood. And he understood her all the same. There were no more words necessary. This was enough.

He even had predicted what she was going to say next. But he pretended, “And you’re saying…?”

“I’m saying,” she continued, impatiently but delightfully as they were entangled together. “For now, you better shut up before I do it myself.”

He smirked. “I’d like to see you try.”

“Drake!” She squealed. “We only have ten minutes left before we really have to get up!”

“Oh, well,” he shrugged. “Why not make the most of it? I thought Riley Whitby liked challenges.”

She slapped his arms mischievously. “I’ll show you the real challenge.”

And they both dived under the sheet.

We like it in the daytime
We like it in the nighttime

Welcome to Hell 2/6

Quick note: this story doesn’t really follow the normal Teen Wolf timeline. I honestly don’t know where exactly it fits in. I’m using Miss Martin as the principal of BHHS in this chapter (because I don’t know the names of any former principals) and Miss Monroe as the guidance counselor (Also because I cannot remember the names of any previous guidance counselors. However, she is not an evil hunter in this story, she’s just a normal guidance counselor).

Waiting at the bus stop, Liam hoped it would be an uneventful day. He thought about the events of the day before. There had been a kid following him the entire day at school. He had no idea who he was, but he looked oddly familiar. The kid did not say a word to him the entire day. Liam wanted to ask him what his deal was, but he decided to just ignore him instead. He hoped whoever was following him yesterday would leave him alone today.

Liam spoke too soon. To his dismay, the same person that was following him the day before appeared next to him at the bus stop. Liam just sighed and decided to ignore the stranger again.

When he got to school, Liam met up with his friends Mason and Corey. He was surprised that they never mentioned anything about his shadow.

“Ugh, this dude’s been following me since yesterday. I don’t know what to do about him, he’s starting to creep me out,” he whispered to his friends.

“Is he still following you now? I don’t see anyone suspicious. You’re probably just paranoid,” Mason responded.

“Yes, he’s still following me! He’s standing right over there,” Liam said, trying to gesture at the stranger without being too obvious. Mason and Corey both looked at where Liam had gestured. “So much for being subtle,” Liam thought.

“Liam, there’s no one there,” Corey said.

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Even tho a good chunk of this fandom chose not to support him, while another part chose to sabotage him, Liam still broke a few records and continues topping charts. Proving that where this fandom failed him the GP didn’t. And Im for one am so happy to see him gaining new fans that will really appreciate his true talents. Good things always come to good people and this is just his beginning.


Hey guys I written this finally! Isaac and Liam are my favourite characters so this was extremely hard to write.



Character: Liam//(Y/N)

Request: Can you do a liam imagine where you used to date Isaac until he went away to france. Anyways when he comes back you are dating liam and they both get jealous and stuff but you pick liam and wow this is rlly specific

Warnings: None


It was one week after Aiden and Allison died. Ethan and Aiden were your brothers so when one of them died it was like half or you was missing. They made you complete. The day seemed to be looking like you were feeling. Gloomy and sad. Actually, gloomy and depressed. You hugged the pillow tighter to your chest and let tears roll onto it. Your throat was burning from choking down sobs so your brother wouldn’t hear. He seemed to be sad but wasn’t crying 24/7 like you. The rain patted on the window in front of you and you stared until you heard a soft knock.

“I know you probably won’t want to talk to me but I need to tell you something.” You would recognise that voice from anywhere. It was your boyfriend, Isaac. Your body relaxed as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you.

“I wish he was still here. And Allison. Everyone seems different and distance ever since they died, like we were thrown together in a room from different countries. It’s like you can’t put into words how sad we are.” More tears rolled onto his shirt.

“Speaking of different countries…” He looked down and rubbed the back of his neck. You pulled away and gave him a look of confusion.

“I am moving to France.” It felt like your heart had been rolled in glass.

“What? W-why?” You asked trying not to break down again.

“After all the deaths I don’t think I can stay here anymore. You could come with me! We could buy a place together.” He suggested a few more ideas.

“I can’t do that. I have school and my family here.” You grabbed his face and looked at him.

“Oh okay.” You caught a glimpse of a tear roll down his face. You pulled him into a hug and held for what seemed like hours but in reality, only a few minutes.

“What time does you flight leave?” You asked.

“Tomorrow at 7:00am.” He only said it loud enough so you could only just hear. “And I promise I am going to stay here all night.”

{Time Lapse}

It’s been one year since Isaac left you and you had moved on. After 4 months everyone started to realise he wasn’t going to come back because if he did, he would have come back by then. Liam and yourself were the ship of the pack. Everyone thought you two looked perfect together. But not as perfect as when Isaac was still here.

You heard a rattle on Scott’s door. The pack was having a meeting once again and they were arguing about something but to be honest, you zoned out a couple of minutes ago. No one seemed to notice the repetitive knocking on the door so you got up and opened it. What stood in front of you was like running down memory lane.

“Isaac?” You couldn’t believe your eyes. The room went quiet. You looked at Liam and he was trying to contain his jealousy but obviously didn’t work. Isaac was looking at you the way he did before he left. He looked at you like you were the only person on earth.

“Yeah. Can I speak to you in private?” He looked anxiously around the room.

“Sure.” He walked around the corner outside and stopped.

“I know I left a long time ago but now I’m back and I was hoping we could continue where we left off?” He grabbed your hands but you quickly grabbed them back.

“You left me with so much grief it physically hurt to think about Aiden or you and now you want me back? You can’t just leave someone you love and expect them to be fine after you had left them Isaac. While you were gone, I found someone else so don’t start telling me that you could be so much better because if you were, we would still be together.” Tears ran down your face, thinking back to the day when your brother died.

“W-who is it?” He stuttered.

“Liam. He doesn’t leave me when I’m sad.” Liam must have heard you yelling because he wandered around the corner asking if everything was ok.

“Everything is fine and really him?” Isaac snapped and Liam and my jaw dropped.

“Yes him.” You felt your blood boil.

Liam butted in and said, “ you left her and now she is with me.”

“Who are you going to chose?” He pointed at himself and then Liam.

He was making you chose. He wasn’t the same Isaac before he left. It was like someone had taught him to be heartless and you never thought he would speak to anyone in the way he just did.

“Liam.” You said without thinking.

“Wait what?” He seemed confused that you didn’t chose him.

“I said Liam and you know why I chose him so leave.” You explained again.

Even though you love Liam, deep down you would always love Isaac no matter what people say.

What if Zayn did ask Louis to leave with him and he said no but the real issue wasn’t that Louis had to decide because he knew all along who was really his first choice, but that Liam was left with a broken heart when he asked Louis to leave and didn’t even consider him. What if Liam lyed awake at night thinking about how Zayn chose Louis and not him and how stupid Louis was to just let him go, how Liam would never let Zayn go had he decided it was Liam he really needed. What if he constantly thought about how the most important part of the band for him was always Zayn and how hard it would be for him to continue on without him. How much happier he would be making music with Zayn, just the two of them, in a genre they were both more comfortable with. What if the issue wasn’t that Louis picked Harry over Zayn but that Zayn picked Louis over Liam?

5 Mins Writing Challenge (2)

hiii!!! i’m doing this again because i was tagged by @kate-lusive and what i wouldn’t do for someone who writes as awesomely as kate, really.

this took even longer than the previous one, lmao. 15 minutes for the writing alone, in fact, because i didn’t want to end it too abruptly. but really, at this point i don’t even care anymore.

this is mermaid au where zayn and louis are merfolk soldiers who are tasked to kill admiral payne and prince harry of the human kingdom but fall in love instead.


“He won’t come, Liam.”

Liam turns abruptly from where he has been shouting Zayn’s name by the sea for what feels like hours. Louis is standing there, for once without Harry by his side. He doesn’t look at Liam. His blue eyes are trained on the setting sun. His whole face looks sadder than Liam has ever seen.

“He will never come up again,” Louis says again, looking down at his feet. “He was… He was supposed to kill you, Liam. And he didn’t. Now that you’ve rejected him, the idiot chose to go back instead of running away and they…”

There is silence. Louis lifts his head and Liam gasps. Tears are running down Louis’s face in rivulets. The shorter man wobbles on his unsteady feet for a second before collapsing completely. Liam always forgets that Louis is so small, thanks to his larger-than-life personality. But crumpled on the ground and sobbing for his best friend, he looks even smaller. Liam is frozen on his feet, unable to move yet unable to take his eyes off Louis.

“They will never let him go,” Louis’ voice shakes terribly. “The punishment for what he has done is prison. Down there in the darkest and deepest part of the ocean where sunlight never touches. Our kind…are not build to survive long there. He’ll go mad there, Liam. He’ll go blind and mad and before long he will forget you completely.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Liam shouts in frustration, tears blurring his eyes from the imagery that Louis’ words create. “You’re supposed to tell me how I can save Zayn! I’m supposed to tell him that I love him and that I don’t care what he is anymore, I just want to love him.”

Instead of answering, Louis reaches for his pocket and pulls out a small capped vial filled with viscous silver liquid. He holds the vial on his palm and offers it to Liam, hand hanging in the air between them.

“My potion,” Louis explains. “The same one with what Zayn took before he went back. We were supposed to take this after we are done with our job. It’s supposed to change us back to our original form. I don’t exactly know what will happen if a human takes it. You’ll either turn into a merman or you’ll stay the same…I guess. I don’t think it will kill you. Or so I hope.”

Liam takes the vial and studies it dubiously. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Louis, but what’s inside the vial is merfolk magic and merfolk magic is usually designed to harm humans.

But Liam remembers Zayn’s golden eyes. He remembers Zayn’s bright smiles and innocent confusions. He remembers Zayn’s smooth skin and adoration whispered into Liam’s ears amidst passionate coupling. He remembers the wetness of Zayn’s tear-soaked lips when they were pressed against his own cold and unresponsive ones just the day before.

With those memories flying around his mind, Liam hastily uncaps the vial and downs the content.

He will save Zayn, whatever it takes.


i tag @iwanttowriteyouafic, @paynefulperiods, @ziamnbeyond, @aleigham, and @daddariomalik. i know that some (all?) of you had done this. i just want to tag you in case you (PROBABLY HOPEFULLY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) want to do it again.

also tagging anyone else who wants to do it (σ・з・)σ

scariest part is letting go

So I of course also jumped on the spec train of Killian having to choose between Liam and Emma on the ledge.

Note: I love Emma, Killian, and Liam so no hate towards any of them.

He looked over at her, standing between her parents and Henry, so beautiful and strong.

Her jaw was set firmly, her arms crossed over her chest as she stared intently at the ground. To anyone she would seem like a determined woman, and perhaps she was in the moment, fighting and controlling her emotions. But he saw it, saw her – the slight wobble of her lower lip, the way her thumb brushed against her arm soothingly, her hunched shoulders, and the gleam in her eyes of holding back tears.

“Come on, brother” he felt Liam’s hand on his shoulder, slightly pulling him, “The sea awaits us”

Killian turned then, getting a peak at what seemed like a bright sunny morning, a slight breeze in the air that reached at the ledge where they were standing and ruffled his hair. Along with the seagulls, he could hear the noise of too many men talking and shouting orders, trying to maneuver their way on a ship.

It was familiar, it was his home. Was.

Looking into his brother eyes after the beautiful sight, he realized he didn’t feel the pull, didn’t feel his heart (well, dead heart) wanting this peace. The possibility of spending eternity with Liam at sea seemed like quite a peaceful life, all he’d ever wanted as a young Lieutenant – to follow his brother to the ends of the earth.

But he was no longer that man. This man would follow her to the ends of the earth or time. Looking back at her as she stubbornly stared at the ground, he felt it again – the pull of home, the feeling of belonging, of living.

They say your life comes flashing in front you before you die, but Killian sees that flash right now, a future that could be his. A white-picket fenced house, a bed too big, Henry’s hair ruffling on the Jolly, David’s rolling eyes, and Regina’s smirk. Emma’s golden tresses tickling his nose, her emerald eyes shining as she looks at him in the morning light with a smile on her lips, the smell of coffee, and taste of cocoa and cinnamon on her tongue…perhaps, a little baby with his eyes and her hair. He wants that, wants it more than anything.  

He didn’t want to let go, not just yet. 

Turning back to his brother, Killian gulped hard, “Brother…I can’t”

Liam opened his mouth as to protest, but instead sighed at first and then smiled, “You were always too stubborn for your own good”

“I got it from you” Killian smiled, watching his brother trying to hold back tears.

“All I want is for you to be happy, little brother” he slapped Killian’s cheek softly, “If the lass there is what you want, go

“I’ll see you there, Liam” Killian spoke, pulling his brother into a tight hug, blinking back tears of his own.

“Hopefully not soon” Liam squeezed Killian’s shoulder before releasing him, “Just be happy, Killian, you deserve it. I love you”

“Aye, Captain. I love you too” Killian nodded as he watched his brother turn and walk into the light with a final smile thrown to him.

Killian turned around and walked back, offering a smile to Henry and her parents who all grinned happily, Snow even squeezing Emma’s shoulder before they left to give them privacy.

Yet Emma kept staring at the ground – even when he stopped in front of her, when he brought his hand and hook to rest on her hips, when he tilted his head to look at her.

“Emma” he whispered, and finally she looked at him, her eyes full of tears.

“Why? Why me over him? You could be happy; you love him. Why me?” she asked firmly, her strong and beautiful Swan unwilling to let her voice crack, reminding him of just how much the lost and abandoned girl was still inside her.

“Liam’s my past, and he will be there finally when I go. But at the moment, my present and future is you and everyone else who came down to save my arse” he chuckled, pursing his lips when Emma stood still, not even huffing a laugh or rolling her eyes at him.

“It’s always been you” Killian breathed, watching as Emma’s eyebrows rose and her eyes fluttered.


“I love you Emma, I want you, I want that future with you” his hand gripped her hip tightly.

And she broke.

Her face scrunched before her tears fell rapidly over her cheeks, painful sobs wracking through her body. He gathered her in his arms just before she was about to collapse on her feet, holding up her weight as she buried her face in his chest and her hands curled around his waist as she sobbed.

His heart ached hearing her tears for him, every drop twisting his heart and yet again he wondered how she could love him so much. He blinked rapidly, trying to control his own emotions and not join her sobbing, “Emma…Emma, love”

“Hm?” she finally separated from him, keeping her arms around his waist as she looked up to him, her nose red and her eyes puffy.

“I told you Swan, I was hoping it would be you”

As Emma rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around him, he could feel his dead heart wanting this.

anonymous asked:

"Just leave me alone" with Liam or Harry where you're like pushing them away because you do that to everyone in your life only they know that and read right through you and won't let you? I hope that made some sense! Xx

Plenty of sense! (I chose Harry because Liam had one more blurb than him and I like to be fair) I hope this is what you wanted!

“I don’t want to,” he whispered to your distraught words. His eyebrows pinched together in confusion as you told him to leave you alone. He didn’t want to. Not physically, and certainly not emotionally.

“Please, Harry,” you begged and frustrated tears filled your eyes.

“Kitten, I’m not going anywhere, so just take a deep breath and–”

“Harry, please, I’m begging  you to just go away,” you hiccuped on your breath. Harry was worried you were going to make yourself pass out or throw up you seemed so upset.

“Baby,” he whispered. “Please,” he cupped your face and you tried pushing against his wrists. “I’m not leaving you like this,” he said, the promise evident in his tone.

“Harry, stop touching me,” you whispered.

He released you immediately. There was something about the way you said it made him feel just awful. “Can I hold your hands please?” He asked.

“No,” you shook your head as tears dripped down your cheeks. His heart felt a crack in it, but he could only imagine how upset you were. “You’re gonna leave me anyway, so why don’t you just go,” you croaked.

“Kitten, why would you ever say that? I never want to leave you,” he said. “Please let me touch you,” he begged. You didn’t say no, nor did you say yes so he decided the worst fate of the moment is that you would tell him to stop again. And he would, even if it would kill another part of his heart. He pulled you toward him. One hand cupping the back of your neck and the other around your waist. You didn’t say no so he just held you. “I would never leave you…Not even if you want me to.”

“Everyone else goes,” you mumbled.

“Not me, sweet girl,” he rubbed your back.

“Why are you here?” You snffled.

“Because, sweet. No one else has been, huh?” he asked rhetorically. “I want to be here for you and you don’t have to push me away like you do everyone else. I’m here for the long run, yeah?” He whispered and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Okay? No pushing me,” he said sweetly into your ear.

“Is it that obvious I push people?” You asked.

“Maybe to me it is because I don’t want you to push me. I love you, kitten. You can push everyone else out of your life. But not me. I’m not going anywhere,” he promised with another kiss to your forehead.

And that’s all you really needed–Harry pushing you back when no one else tried.

1D Pref; You're his best friend and you don't like his girlfriend (Liam) part 2

“Wait.. what’s going on?” Liam grabbed your wrist, turning you around.

“It’s noth-”

“Liam, babe, let her go.” Anna said, pulling Liam to her side.

You were really hoping Liam will stand up for you and tell Anna that he has to know if his best friend is okay.

But that never happened.

Liam nodded slowly, “I’ll see you around, Y/N.”

“Liam-” You were cut off once again with Anna’s quick talk about a party. She then began to tug him away from you, a smile on his face every time he heard her voice.

Your heart broke.

You ran out of there as fast as you could, to get as far away from everything as you can. 

To know that your best friend doesn’t care about you and will put you last for everything, it hurts. From being his #1 priority along with his family, to his last priority.

It hurts so much.. You knew you had to get away from here, not forever, but for a little while.

You got on your laptop and booked a flight to Bora Bora to have a relaxing few weeks to heal your broken heart and just forget about everything.

The next flight was in a few hours, so you began packing everything that you needed. After 3 hours of packing and going for a quick run at Target, you were ready. 

Just in case anything happened, you wrote a little note and stuck it on the fridge.

‘headed out for a relaxing getaway. I have a lot in mind and want to have some time to myself. don’t contact me, i’ll be back in a few weeks. x -Y/N’

Giving your flat one last look, you headed out the door and got into a cab, on your way to the airport.

By the time you got to the airport, they announced that the plane to Bora Bora was leaving in 30 minutes. That was your cue. 

As you were checking in, you received a text message. 

'Can we talk? I miss talking to you, Y/N.' 

From Liam.

Contemplating between replying or ignoring him, you chose to ignore it. You turned off your phone and hoped you wouldn’t regret this decision. 

A/N: Part 3? ;)

You and Hayden fight / Liam Dunbar imagine

You are sick and tired of Hayden and the way she was using Liam and you didn’t like it at all . You knew that Liam will be heart broken when Hayden break up with him you wanted to tell him but Hayden have other plans .

She was telling everyone how she’s having a party and that she’s inviting everyone “ hey (y/n) your invited to ” smirking

Then Liam came omg the kissed scene you were sick to your stomach with all the kissing and the hugging basically the intimacy stuff with them . You couldn’t understand how Liam went from hating the girl to liking and dating her it was grhhh no words to explain.


Night of the party as you were at the party it was crowded and it was so hot inside you can barely breath so you had to go outside in the garden . Then “ you know it’s fun playing with you ” you turn around it was Hayden “ what do you mean ?”

“ I mean that Liam chose me over you and clearly he didn’t see you having feelings for him did you think I don’t know they way you look at him”

At this rate she keeps going you’ll going to punch her face “ alright Hayden you win but I won’t do anything you know why because some day Liam will see what you’re doing and I won’t or anyone else be there to save you so have your game but I won’t be the one who needs saving when the time is right ”

Then she pulled you by your hair and you had enough and started to punch her then Liam and Brett and broke the fight


Turning to Brett signalling to let you go as you were let go you went to your car “ hey (y/n) what was that all about ?” Liam looking concerned “ Liam go ask your girlfriend I don’t have the time m injured if you can see I just want to go home this was a mistake ” turning your heels to the direction of your house


Once your home you got the disinfect cream and other bandages you clear up yourself before you head to bed ,

The next day you didn’t look that bad but what’s worst is the school everyone knows about yours and Hayden fight so it clearly was not going to be an easy day for sure .

As you walked the halls people starting to talk then mason came and said “ she’s alive ”

You smiled “ so how’s the slut then ”

“ actually she and Liam had a fight after the party they’ve broken up and to the truth Brett told Liam about your feelings and right now Liam is coming over ”

Mason left and you can see Liam coming over you weren’t ready then Liam came rushing to you and kissed you without hesitation just fully kissed you

You take back “ Liam — ” you don’t finished he kissed you again and that’s when you realise what’s he doing

“ am sorry for not seeing your feelings and how you felt for me I should of known what Hayden was doing am sorry ”

“ it’s okay ” “ your mine now that’s all that matters

anonymous asked:

why is this fandom so fake ?like i see a lot of people that hated liam before and now they are like "LIAM SAVE ME I LOVE HIM SO MUCH"(because of the breakup rumors) -.-', some people only care about liam when its convenient for them

liam liam liam. he’s taken for granted, shit on and dismissed. UNTIL. until you need the rock. until you need your security blanket. and he’ll be there. he’ll always be there.

liam will always be there. not because you earned it, but because he is who he is. his love is unconditional. he is fiercely protective of us. not because we deserve it, just because he will always be there.