liam and louis are actually dating no one is surprised

460. "It's not a date."
  • Harry: “I am surprised you asked to meet me here,” he says, as you take a seat across from one another in a restaurant, “I thought you weren’t looking to date right now.” You feel yourself blush, “This isn’t a date.” He smirks. “Oh, it’s not a date,” he repeats, knowingly, “I guess I was wrong.”
  • Liam: Too nervous to actually ask you on a date, he only asks you if want to go dinner; quickly reassuring you that he isn’t asking you out. “But what if I want it to be a date?” you say, boldly, knowing he has feelings for you. “Well, then it’s a date,” he says, feeling excited and relieved.
  • Louis: After asking to meet up so he can help you study for a big exam that is coming up, he cannot stop teasing you about how you asked him on a date. “I cannot wait for tonight,” he texts you. When you remind him it’s not a date, he replies, “Why can’t you just admit that it is?”
  • Niall: Acting like a best friend should, you were only doing him a favor by being his ‘plus one’ to a dinner party. As you chat with other guests, one person ask if you are his date. “We’re not dating,” you quickly reply at the same time, leaving the person confused by such distinction.
  • Zayn: Over and over again you repeated those words in your head – trying to remind yourself he only asked you to meet up for coffee. There was no need to be anxious. However, upon seeing his face light up at the sight of your arrival, you could not help but feel butterflies.