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hey, could you explain what happened in Vegas betweet zayn and liam?

What happened? That’s a really good question.
Basically Zayn ignored Liam throughout the concert, AND THIS IS SOMETHING because Zayn never ignores Liam.

Look at the other concerts

But in Vegas something happened. Zayn didn’t touch Liam, he didn’t even try to look in his direction despite Liam’s pleading eyes. (How did he even manage to resist those puppy eyes?)

So yeah, Zayn was angry. And he was angry with Liam, ‘cause he behaved normally with the other three boys.

Did Liam do something wrong? Maybe, we can’t know for sure, but that same morning Liam and Zayn were fine at the meet and greet.
Though during the day something clearly irritated Zayn and he ended up arguing with Paul.

(btw he’s being cornered by two big guys, that’s only my supposition, but I think they were trying to stop him from doing something dumb, trying to reason with him, even if he didn’t want to)
Anyway he was so upset that he skipped dinner while the other boys went to Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse

When the concert started Zayn was still upset, he tried to behave normally with the others, but totally ignored Liam.
Also, the weird thing is that his hand was perfectly fine at the beginning of the day, but

again, what happened? Did he punch something? Someone? We’ll never know (ugh)

So, the interesting point which connects everything is that Danielle was there.
Our guess is that nobody expected this, or at least Zayn didn’t expect to find her there. Maybe it was a last moment decision or maybe he was the only one who didn’t know that and didn’t take the news very well.

(I swear I can picture him softly punching Liam and yelling: WHAT DOES SHE DO HERE? WHY IS SHE HERE?) (it’s no secret that Zayn clearly didn’t like her)

Anyhow the boys knew what was going on, and they tried to fix it, changing their usual position and making Zayn and Liam squeeze against each other

wow, good plan guys, how evil

but you failed

Anyway, Zayn and Liam clarified (maybe that same night after sending away Danielle) and the day after everything was fine.


Bioware: hey we’re going to have new romaces in andromeda i wonder if there is anything we should consider about that


Bioware: ah yes!! 

Bioware: we should make at least one of the three male squad members straight :)

i’m adding to the trend of making a list of all the gr8 things about Liam:

  • the lil wave, even though he has no idea who you are ?? he’s just so excited and Ryder is one of the first people he sees after waking up
  • when you lose gravity, everyone else is staying really still, but he’s cartwheeling through the air
  • “Been waiting six hundred years for this.”
  • the fact that he can’t help, but he’s seen pacing while Lexi and Charlyle work on Ryder (and that means he’s there to help them carry Ryder to SAM node)
  • not only did he watch over Ryder, he checked on their twin
  • “I was fiercely bearded.”
  • his little “nope” when you find the back room full of dormant assembler bots
  • The way he stands ?? with his hip cocked and his hands on his hips
  • “When we’re old, and people ask us how we got together…”
  • the fact that in that scene, Ryder leans her head back with her eyes closed, but Liam looks at her, just at her.

  • i will probably feel like adding more later but these are all the ones i could think of right now