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 300 FAVORITE MOVIES (in no particular order)

231. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

“However, if you like stories about clever and reasonably attractive orphans, suspicious fires, carnivorous leeches, Italian food and secret organizations, then stay, as I retrace each and every one of the Baudelaire children’s woeful steps. My name is Lemony Snicket, and it is my sad duty to document this tale.”


I can picture mama Meryl Streep’s reaction on Jennifer Lawrence’s Essay Slamming Gender Wage Gap!

And the response to little whiners online : “DEAL WITH IT”


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another world is prob one of my fav songs they perform bc brads vocals in it are heavenly


Dylan Sprayberry by Tyler Shields and Brad Everett Young - lockscreens withous psd

•Damnnn Dylan….


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am i the only one with mini-obsessions with older men, like seriously???????? 

freakin gerard butler and your freaking scottish accent

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freaking matthew mcconaughey and his freaking southern accent

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flippin bradley cooper and his eyes and hair

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and brad freaking pitt like ughhh

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and george clooney, stuntin like a boss

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“excuse me tom hiddleston, are you dtf?”

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and liam neeson you sexy irish man ughhh

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and daniel craig in a suit as james bond holy shit take me rn

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WTF michael fassbender this isn’t fair

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15 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015* 


American Honey, Andrea Arnold, UK/USA

Expect Oscar winner and perennial Cannes favourite Arnold to show up at the festival once more in 2015 with American Honey. Her first film to be shot in the U.S. follows a wild teen who travels across the country one summer following in the footsteps of a bunch of delinquent door-to-door sales kids.

Beeba Boys, Deepa Mehta, Canada

One of Canada’s most celebrated directors, Mehta’s latest project is new territory for her: a biopic on Indo-Canadian Bindy Johal, a B.C. gangster and drug trafficker. While the film already has distribution from Mongrel Media it seems like a likely bet it’ll show up at TIFF, where Mehta has deep roots, first.

By the Sea, Angelina Jolie, USA

Jolie’s third feature film is said to be an intimate European drama set in the 70s, about a disaffected married couple (played by Jolie and her real life husband Brad Pitt) who become obsessed with their neighbours.

Day Out of Days Zoe R. Cassavetes, USA

Cassavetes first film since her 2007 debut Broken English follows an unknown middle-aged actress (the star of her first short Men Make Women Crazy Theory, Alexia Landeau) as she tries to hack it in Hollywood. 

The  Dressmaker

Australian director Jocelyn Moorhouse helms her first feature film in 18 years with The Dressmaker, in which Kate Winslet plays a fashion designer who returns to her small backwater Australian hometown in order to get revenge on those who wronged her. 

6-10, 11-15

*List does not include 2014 festival releases that will be distributed in 2015.