우리 엄만 매일 내게 말했어
언제나 남자 조심하라고
사랑은 마치 불장난 같아서
다치니까 Eh

If things were different… (Drake X MC) - Part 4

Book: TRR

Who:  Drake X MC (Riley Brooks)

Summary: In a different timeline after Drake been shot protecting the king, he wakes up and reveals his feelings for Riley. How will she react? Was the attacker found?

Author’s note:  In this part, the main event did not happen in the game, but I really wanted something like that, so I made some adjustments. So guys, I truly hope you enjoy it! ♥. The characters belong to PB I’m just borrowing them. Be aware English is not my mother language, so if you find a mistake feel free to show me.

Word count: 4708 (sorry guys)

Recommended Song: Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better

P.S= Thanks @a-teardrop-blog for helping me with the grammar and review, and much more for your patience with me. Thank you so much girl. ❤

P.S 2=  You can read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 .

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________X ________

Drake and Riley are on the balcony kissing each other, the sunlight on their skin. He couldn’t hide his happiness. Between the kisses, he smiles against her lips and she is so involved in the moment that she doesn’t want to stop. When he tries to press her body against his, he flinches and Riley takes a step back, but before she even apologizes for causing him pain, she sees Liam closing the room’s door and sneaking out. She looks at Drake’s face and her eyes narrow.

“Oh, is this why you kissed me?”

Drake, not understanding what is going on, looks at her with questioning eyes.

Riley points to the door. “Liam! Let me guess, you were trying to show him you got the girl now, right? Fine.” She turns, opens the door and leaves the room so quickly that she pushes Liam on her way out. He runs after her. “Riley! Wait!”

With tears in her eyes, she doesn’t respond anything.

Riley is going to the exit when she sees Hana in the hallway, being carried on a bed. When Hana sees her, she asks the nurse to stop. “Riley, please forgive me. After the attack, I was so scared to die without your forgiveness… and now that I’m alive I can’t live without it either!”

Riley wipes the tears in her eyes and sighs. “You know, Hana, I’m sorry about what happened to you. And just so you know, I may forgive you…” She frowns. “…but be sure about one thing in your life: I’ll never forget.”

Riley turns and leaves without looking back.

________X ________

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TRR AU- Teachers (part three)

Make sure to read previous parts!

Part 1    Part 2

Summary- Mc (Elle Garden) is a new teacher in the small Cordonian elementary school, and she is starting to have confusing feelings with the teachers who work there…

Pairing- Drake X MC

I’m so sorry this took me so long! I have just been stressing with school and finals! And while working on it, it kept not saving and I would have to write the same thing over and over again and I was so freaking tired of it, but I got back on track. Sorry again for the delay! 

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I pull away quickly, staring in shock at Liam. My friends stare at him as well as he flushes a deep shade of red. “I- I’m sorry-“ he stutters out, turning away and walking out quickly. Fuck. I glance over at Drake, who is looking at me, his eyebrows pulled together and his jaw clenched. I follow Liam out the door, going out into the night air. “Liam!” I call, looking around until I spot him, leaning against the wall of the bar, his head down. I sigh and I walk up to him. “I’m sorry I did that Elle,” He says, his head in his hands. Pity grows in me and my anger fades away. “It’s alright Liam,” I say softly. “No, it’s not. I just- I’ve kind of had a crush on you before I met you. Hana always talked about you and showed us pictures, I just feel like I knew you already.” He says, messing with the string on his pants. “You just look so beautiful tonight, and I really wanted to ask you out, but the alcohol kind of made me lose control.” He admits, finally looking over at me.

I look down, thoughts racing through my head. “I’m sorry if I made the wrong impression Liam. I already care about you and I want to get to know in a non-romantic first, before anything happens.” I say, trying to defuse the situation. He immediately brightens up a bit. “Thank you, Elle, I really appreciate it. I would love that.” He says, grabbing my hand and kissing it before he goes back inside. Shit. I might have given him hope. But he seems like a nice guy, maybe dating him wouldn’t be so bad. But I know I have really strong feelings for Drake. They top anything I have for Liam.

I groan and lean my head back against the brick of the bar, looking up at the sky above me. My first day in and I’m already being torn between two guys, even though I‘m only attracted to one of them. Ugh, I’m a mess. Good thing it’s a Friday and I can have a couple days to recover. I sigh and try to lose myself for a moment, lost in the stars above me. “That was something,” a voice says next to me. My eyes snap open at his voice. I turn and look at Drake. “Oh… yeah it was,” I say, my heart hammering just from looking at him. “I think Liam likes you,” Drake says, a small smirk on his face. I roll my eyes playfully at his teasing. “No really? I wouldn’t have guessed.” I say sarcastically, making Drake laugh.

“So.. are you going to date him?” Drake asks, seeming more serious. “Do you think that’s a good idea?” I ask, turning fully to him. Please say no. Say no and prove to me that you have feelings for me too. Prove to me that I’m not in my head about everything. Drake smiles bitterly. “Yes. I mean, he is a really good guy, and he’s only had a few girlfriends but they were long-term. He’s the perfect guy to date.” Drake smiles, looking down at me. I try to ignore the burning of my eyes as I look back up at him. So he’s not interested then. Everything was just in my head. I clench my jaw to fight the rising lump in my throat. “Fine then. I will.” I say, pushing past him, ignoring how it hurt to push so forcefully against his large strong body. I don’t bother going back to the bar and I just keep walking, heading home.

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I’m so stupid! How could I ever think Drake would actually like me? I let the tears fall from eyes this time, cold against my skin. I zip up my stupid jacket which barely helps against the cool night air. Why would he even consider me? Kiara is clearly all over him. I bet he loves that. Ugh! I hate how dumb I am. So desperate the minute I saw him. I mean, he bumped my knee back! That couldn’t have been a mistake! Stop. It’s not going to change anything. When I reach my apartment, I flop down on my bed, crying.


After having the weekend to reflect and calm down a bit, I’m ready to come back to school and face everyone. I just need to be strong. I wear a long flowy dress today and when I get to school I don’t bother looking for anyone, I just head straight into my classroom.


Drake’s POV- Friday night-

“So are you going to make a move on her Drake?” Liam asks me, raising his eyebrows playfully. I roll my eyes, covering the fact that my stomach churns nervously at the mention of Garden. “Well better decide soon, she’s here.” Maxwell grins, looking behind me. I turn around and my breath hitches in my throat. Behind Hana who is briskly walking toward me, stands Elle, smiling at me, tucking a strand of her brown hair behind her ear bashfully. Beautiful. She starts walking towards me in her new outfit. Instead of gawking at her dress flowing around her figure like I did earlier, my mouth is drying up looking at her legs wrapped in tight black jeans and her very low cut shirt.

“Hey, guys!” Hana says, walking right up to us. Elle follows, her incredible smile brightening her face. “Hey!” She grins, as she sits down next me and I swallow thickly, trying to ignore the urge to put my hand on her thigh. “Woah, you look great Elle,” Liam says, making her flush slightly. Jealously suddenly pangs within me and I clench my jaw to hide my anger. Why am I jealous? I’m not dating her. She isn’t mine. God, I wish she was. But no. She is all flustered because Liam told her she looks great. Why didn’t I speak up? “Thanks, Liam!” Elle says, shifting in her seat. I’m still in shock as I stare at her. She turns to me her eyes making my stomach flip.

“You look like you just walked out of Grease, freaking cool!” Maxwell says, making Elle’s cheeks redden more. “Alright enough about my dumb outfit. How was your guys’ first day?” She asks, leaning forward in her seat. Her outfit isn’t stupid, why would she say that? The rest of the night everyone discusses their day and I think about earlier during PE. I wanted to impress her so bad. Running around wasn’t doing it enough, she was still working on work. I wanted her to look at me. So I took off my fucking shirt. Who does that? I was so dumb. So fucking desperate. Trying to impress her so much.

Enough is enough and I stand up, clearing my throat. “Alright, enough with work talk, I need a drink,” I say, getting up. “I’ll help bring them over, Drake,” Liam says, but hesitates as he noticed he’s in the middle. “I’ll go, don’t want to make everyone else get up,” Elle smiles, getting up and brushing herself off. She glances over at me and I smile slightly, before heading to the bar. I need to to contain my feelings.

We reach the bar and I start ordering the drinks as Elle leans against it, watching the woman sing drunkenly on karaoke. “What will you have Garden?” I ask, and she turns to me, her green eyes meeting mine. “Oh a whiskey please,” She says casually, turning back to the singer like nothing had happened. Whiskey? She can’t know.They haven’t made any jokes about my favorite drink around her and she isn’t messing with me, she genuinely means it. “It’s like you were made for me,” I mutter underneath my breath, shaking my head. “Is there something wrong?” She asks, an eyebrow raised. Shit, did she hear me? “No, it’s just I’ve never met a woman who likes whiskey,” I smile, making her laugh lightly. “Well it doesn’t seem like you’ve met the right woman yet,” she jokes, lightly biting her bottom lip.

I look at her for a second, my stomach erupting in butterflies just looking at her face. Her eyes. I’ve seen green eyes before but none like hers. None have made me feel this way. None have immediately made me crazy about them. None have made me crave to see them looking at me all the time. “No, I think I might have…” I trail off. Before I can even panic if I scared her off, the bartender comes up with our drinks. Elle grabs a couple and leads the way back, her hips swaying dangerously.

When I get back I learn that Elle apparently has given Hana the cosmo by accident and switched with it, Maxwell. “I didn’t take you for a cosmopolitan type of man Maxwell,” Elle teases, making me snort. “Then you definitely haven’t gotten to know him well enough yet,” I smirk, making everyone laugh. Maybe tonight won’t be so bad. Maybe tonight I will get to know Garden better and be able to make a move.

- 2 hours later -

What. The. Fuck. Anger boils within me as I see the scene unfolding in front of me. Liam pressing his lips against Garden. Her eyes are wide as he kisses her and she pulls away quickly. He mumbles an apology and leaves, Elle chasing after him. Anger fills within me. How could he do this?


On Monday I’m still pissed off about Friday night. Why would Liam do that? He knows I have a thing for Elle. He wouldn’t stop talking about it as well. When Liam came back I had followed her out and told her dating Liam would be a good idea. why am I so fucking stupid? As soon as I realized what an idiot I was, I tried to follow her, but then a swarm of women came out of the bar- mostly women in their fifties- very drunk. I tried to get past them but they started to wolf whistle as they spotted me. I distinctly remember one of them saying, “Susan look, finally, a real man!” They then proceeded to jump me. I survived, suffering from multiple lipstick marks and a little disheveled, but all around alright, except for the fact that my dream girl slipped from my fingers.

When I arrive at school, locking my bike, I turn and see Elle walking into the school, her long dress flowing gracefully as she walks. I follow her but get blocked by Kiara. “Hey Drake!” she says, beaming. “Hey Kiara, sorry I was just-” she cuts me off excitedly “-I just heard about Liam and Elle! don’t you think they are so perfect for each other? J’aime l’amore!” she says, making dread fill within me. “Are they together?” I ask. She grins, “Not really, but they are having a date tonight, according to Liam, and he asked me to invite someone to ease the awkwardness, do you want to come with me?” she asks hopefully, her eyes almost sparkling. “Yeah.. okay,” I say, and she laughs with delight. “Okay see you tonight, but remember no drinking, it’s a school night!” she teases, walking away, a bounce in her step. I pinch the bridge of my nose. How the hell did this happen? All I fucking want is to be with garden and now I have to go on a double date with her and my best friend. Just my fucking luck. 

-Elle’s Pov-

Despite the fact that im dreading my date with Liam tonight, I greet my class happily. “Hey guys, I hope you are well rested and ready to work! Take out your packets from Friday and start working, you may work with a partner, but use your inside voices.” I smile, and they eagerly find partners, chatting as they work on their math packets. I hear a soft knock at my door. I get up and answer it, hoping to see Drake there, ready to tell me how much he loves me. But no, it’s Kiara. Perfect.

“Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up, your date tonight has turned into a double date.” she says, smiling. “wait, what?” I ask, looking at her confusedly. Who could we possibly be going on a date with? I mean, I know Hana has started dating this girl names Kaitlyn whos in a band and they are super cute, but I don’t think that’s their kind of thing. “With me and Drake silly!” she says, laughing. I stare at her for a second, processing what she just said. “Well I’m going to go… see you later! Au revoir!” She says, waving and walking away. I close the door and go over to my seat, thinking.

I don’t bother going to lunch, I don’t feel like talking to them. Before I know it, it’s time for PE. Drake appears in my doorway, looking better than ever, making me swallow thickly. “Okay, kids, time for PE with Mr. Walker,” I say, but don’t stand up with the kids who run over to Drake excitedly. “Are you coming?” Drake asks from the door frame and I look over to him. I look into his deep brown eyes and sigh, looking down. “No, not today, I don’t really feel like going outside.” I say, and Drake coughs uncomfortably, “we aren’t going outside, it’s raining,” He says and I turn to look outside, where rain falling down. “Oh, well I have a lot of work to do, I’ll talk to later yeah?” I say, he nods, seeming disappointed.

When they come back, Drake doesn’t return but the kids walk right in and sit down, humming the same melody and mumbling song lyrics. I knit my eyebrows together in thought. I recognize that song. “Butterfliesss!!” Some kid belts out, making other kids laugh. Wait. The song that I sang on Friday? “What are you guys singing?” I ask, making them giggle. “Mr. Drake kept playing this song on repeat, he said it’s his favorite!” A girl says, her voice sweet. “What?” I ask softly. He played my song? The kids laugh continue to sing and I glance over at the door frame and see Drake walking by. He stops and glances over at me. He smiles and winks, before walking away.

*end of part three*

Thank you for reading! Sorry that it took so long and isn’t that great, as I said I’ve been struggling with finals! Thank you for your patience and kind words! Love you all 💕

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ohhh man can i get headcanons for a poly relationship with liam/scott/reader? i love them both so much

;) a mood

- Liam is frequently jealous with how easily Scott can grab your attention

- He’s also jealous with how easy it is for Scott to just hold your hand in public

- Liam showers you in affection in private though

- From the beginning, the three of you explained it was a poly relationship to clear up and prevent any confusion

- Scott is usually the big spoon around you and Liam is laying facing you.

- Sometimes, it changes depending on the moods of the others

- Scott will sometimes be in the middle of you both in public just so he can hold both of your hands at once

- Liam takes pictures of both of you

- You and Liam frequently surprise Scott at his games and Scott gets s o happy his tail wags so fast

- The boys surprise you with little gifts as well

- You guys are each other’s support system! 

Like would Michael Blackson say “ MY HATERS HAVE ARRIVED “  here is edit for eeeeevyrone ! Use this as your ICON or HEADER or whatever YOU WANT  GUYS THIS EDIT IS REQUEST FOR ALL YALL :D even tho you havent requested it  . Love , @klaudiana-beaumontkk


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Headcanon of being in a poly relationship with Damien and Liam? :3


- Damien is more sexual than Liam but this is sfw so thats the most nsfw ill get into, for right now ;)

- Liam loves giving you cheek kisses and stuff but takes a bit to warm up to it

- Damien gives you both cheek kisses CONSTANTLY 

- he (D) loves making liam flustered and he loves making you smile

- Liam also likes making you smile

- for shits and giggles, he (L) will slap Damien’s ass just to get a funny reaction and to see you laugh

- They both love to make you laugh and smile

- tldr; they just want to make you be happy! they would both die for your smile, really

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yo!! can i get some headcanons for a trans male reader who's friends with liam and vera, and reader decides to come out to them during lunch? (like, their reactions?) sorry if this is a bit specific!!!

its alright!! i hope i did your request justice!

- you had been very nervous and shy all morning

- even more so than usual (if you are usually shy)

- it was worrying liam to no end

- even vera was concerned

- after some quiet words of concern and affection, you decided it was time

- thankfully, the cafeteria wasnt as busy and full as it usually is

- “Vera.. Liam… I’m trans. I go by y/n and I am a boy..”

- Both were silent for a moment, taking in the information

- Liam’s face grew into a wide smile 

- “thats so cool! Im happy you felt comfortable enough to tell us”

- vera gave you a rare, soft smile

- “we still love you nonetheless and are proud of you.” 

- they still love you and do alot of research to help you transition!

Taliesin: I hang back just for a second, and wait, and I very quickly, just gently, socially pin Caleb to the wall.


Taliesin: Face to face, as awkwardly close as I can get.

Liam: I’m definitely not looking you in the eye.

Taliesin: No you’re not.

Molly: Hey Caleb?

Caleb: ……was?

Molly: I’m fine if you skim something off the top, that’s fair. But, be clever about it. Just.. distributed 60, 70% of what you find. ‘Kay?


Molly: Good boy.

Taliesin: I give him a little slap on the face and I go up.


feat. Travis, Marisha and Laura in: OoOoOhhh! Caleb’s In Trouble With Dad!!