liable for abuse

Rotten Enticement (AU)

Money, money, money… Nothing more than pieces of paper and cold, round pieces of metal. As simple as it seemed, it was what possessed the entire world and separated people; it put some on pedestals, drowning in jewels and gold, and forced some into rags, scraping the streets for their next non-lethal meal. It was a deep thought that wandered into Beyond Birthday’s head often.
Adopted into a “purebred”, rich family who kept their noises held firmly in the air and given everything on a silver platter with his name on it since age seven, he had reason to boast, reason to throw aside those considered lower than him. Yet, often, he found himself gazing down to the street, thinking of things other than clothing and housing that separated him from them. They were the same, liable to manipulation, abuse, charm and charisma as much as anyone else. Some may even see through acts easier.
Recently, the man’s thoughts had been falling upon his family’s new servant. A man who named himself Aoba. From their short interactions, he had developed a fondness towards that man. Perhaps one that could be delved into.
On a usual Tuesday afternoon, this man entered his room after a short knock. Beyond responded to the presence with a smile. “Finished earlier than usual today?”

Playlist from Something Cold 10.5.12 wsg LIABLE / DREAM AFFAIR / RITUAL HOWLS

Silk Flowers - Sand
Front 242 - Operating Tracks
Silent Servant - Temptation & Desire
The KVB - Always Then
Somnambulist - Facing the Moon
Tranquil Eyes - Take a Plane to Venice
In Aeternam Vale - Dust Under Brightness
Neud Photo - In the Fray
Severed Heads - Twenty Deadly Diseases
Martin Lloyd - L'Amant Electronique
Medio Mutante - Another Land
Police Des Moeurs - Tremblements
Austra - Beat and the Pulse
Autumus - Your Blue Eyes (Ft. Xiu)
Xeno & Oaklander - Non Senti
Especially Good - Shucking
Scorpion Violente - The Cherrypopper
John Bender - Records
Antonym - Return to Normal
V West - Catching Me Cold
Mark Lane - Who’s Really Listening?
Karl O'Connor - I Understand
Cccandy - Lonesome Berlin
Television Set - Consumer Price Index
Borghesia - Graffiti No. 1
UNUR - Pillows
18:e Oktober - Efteråt
Lisfrank - In the Surface
Strange Devotion - Danger Line
1000 Ohm - AGNES


Violence Conjugale - Plaisirs Solitaires
In Trance 95 - Fairweather Friends
Newclear Waves - Black Hand
Severed Heads - Petrol
New Order - Truth
Mt. Sims - Morning Birds Scream
Ashrae Fax - Ultravaca
Chrisma - We R
Mono 45/RPM - Romance Adieu
Circuit 7 - Video Boys
Trust - Candy Walls
Solid Space - Destination Moon


The Wake - On Our Honeymoon
Soft Cell - Girl with the Patent Leather Face
Rational Youth - Coboloid Race
Gay Cat Park - Bit of Charm
John Maus - Benington
Design - Fashion & Seduction
Berlin Express - Die Russian Kommen
Stress - The Prayer Clock
Ptose - Eat Your Fish
Crash Course in Science - Cakes in Homes