#pointless *a typical Lia & Jam conversation.
  • lia:tama na juliet. HAHAHAHAHAH
  • jam:wwtf
  • lia:anu un wwtf?
  • lia:HAHA
  • jam:wtf lang
  • jam:HAHA
  • jam:sorry naman typo
  • lia:akala ko whoa what the fuck
  • lia:hahahaha
  • lia:pauso
  • jam:weh.

the first person to submit a pacifier to me now has a child with my muse!

It’d been two days since they’d been at the hospital, unshed tears in Bonnie’s eyes as they’d gotten to hold their baby. Now, as she was still unnamed and settling in, the witch tried to smile sympathetically towards her partner– who was clearly stressed out by the wails coming from the other room. Worried. She moved towards the vampire who had her back to her, Bonnie’s hand reaching out to rest upon Caroline’s shoulder supportively,  "She’s– always hungry. I think that means she somehow takes after you– right?“


*coughs and splutters*

Here are my selfies ahaha

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liaaaa_26 y su ADV

Hoy, mientras estaba estudiando, me ha llamado por numero oculto un chico. Me ha dicho que me queda muy bien esa camiseta azul con lunares. No he salido de casa en todo el día. ADV

Something That I Want | Talex AU

Tegan combed her hand through her hair and fixed her lipstick, before straightening out her dress. Her son was up for Entertainer of the year for youtube and she couldn’t be more proud. She felt somebody brush against her arm and looked over to see Ruby fixing her lipstick with the back of her dress completely undone. “Need a little help there?” she laughed, causing Ruby to give her a little smile. “Would you mind?” Tegan nodded, pulling up the zipper on the dress. 

She heard somebody clear their throat from the door and turned to see her husband at the door. “Hey, sorry, we’re girls we need time to get beautiful.”