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Arti visive. Poesia visiva / Visual Poetry by Women, an International Exhibition in Venice, Organized by Mirella Bentivoglio, Studio d’Arte Contemporanea, Roma, 1976. With Annalisa Alloatti, Irma Blank, Paul Claire, Lia Drei, Ulrike Eberle, Anna Esposito, Amelia Etlinger, Gisela Frankenberg, Ilse Garnier, Boumila Grogerova, Ana Hatherly, Annalies Klophaus, Liliana Landi, Giulia Niccolai, Anna Oberto, Anezia Pacheco e Chaves, Marguerite Pinney, Betty Radin, Giovanna Sandri, Mira Schendel, Mary Ellen Solt, Chima Sunada, Salette Tavares, Biljana Tomic, Patrizia Vicinelli

Fairytale-Inspired Color Pencil Illustrations by Lia Selina

Russian artist Lia Selina has an obsession with fairy tales. After the birth of her daughter, she combined her passion for drawing and her love of fairytales in a series of enchanting illustrations, which feature a range of whimsical, woodland creatures and familiar fable personas, including fairies, and witches.

She says on her Instagram blog:“Every doll is a unique story for me. My inspiration comes from the nature — flowers, trees, birds, wind and water. Every season of the year brings new ideas and, of course, I love fairy tales.”

Composes with colored pencils on a simple notebook, the charming drawings instantly transport you into a magical realm, where animals speak and coexist with humans closely.


Daniel Horowitz has been selected to participate in the prestigious Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA) located in a incredible old massive factory cultural complex, The Spinnerei Art Center in Leipzig, Germany. This sprawling art mecca with artist studios, galleries, and a communal art center, is revered for its concentration of remarkable painters, including Neo Rauch, Titus Schade, and Matthias Weischer.

Help to support his residency by contributing to his Kickstarter HERE

current uni assignment is to create a website - and i’m doing mine on bioshock! (i figured i might as well do something i enjoy and want to spend time on)

it’ll be a choose your own adventure game based on the plot of the original bioshock game - though hugely simplified because i have a page limit of 8 pages lol. it won’t be anything fancy, but i figured it might be a nice way of recapping the story of the original game for those who want to remember but don’t have time to play it. it’ll also touch on the whole player and choice twists in the game as well (spoilers for those who haven’t played!) i’m planning to embed some audio diaries into the site as well throughout the story from the game too. 

i wanted to show you all since you guys would probably appreciate this far more than my uni tutors ever will, but yes my question is: would you guys like to see it after i’m done?