lia's design

so ages ago i saw this poster made by ericaleong and i felt inspired to make one myself for portal! it was really fun vectoring and putting the poster together and i figured maybe this could be a series of posters or something that i do in my spare time. 

[ created with Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6 ]


Daniel Horowitz has been selected to participate in the prestigious Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA) located in a incredible old massive factory cultural complex, The Spinnerei Art Center in Leipzig, Germany. This sprawling art mecca with artist studios, galleries, and a communal art center, is revered for its concentration of remarkable painters, including Neo Rauch, Titus Schade, and Matthias Weischer.

Help to support his residency by contributing to his Kickstarter HERE

current uni assignment is to create a website - and i’m doing mine on bioshock! (i figured i might as well do something i enjoy and want to spend time on)

it’ll be a choose your own adventure game based on the plot of the original bioshock game - though hugely simplified because i have a page limit of 8 pages lol. it won’t be anything fancy, but i figured it might be a nice way of recapping the story of the original game for those who want to remember but don’t have time to play it. it’ll also touch on the whole player and choice twists in the game as well (spoilers for those who haven’t played!) i’m planning to embed some audio diaries into the site as well throughout the story from the game too. 

i wanted to show you all since you guys would probably appreciate this far more than my uni tutors ever will, but yes my question is: would you guys like to see it after i’m done?