Ill Intentions: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: A Sordid Sort of Muse

           He really, really shouldn’t have picked it.

           In between the concern about the prostitutes being targeted and the police refusing to see it as more than normal criminal-on-criminal violence and the wonder at how a killer walked free due to the abuse of evidence, he put the enticing blurb in, although he refused to put the name on the end.

I adored your analysis of the Minnesota Shrike. How quickly you boxed him into a corner and revealed his hand! Surely the ladies on campus will sleep better knowing to avoid anyone that looks remotely like them with a father in tow. That, or perhaps you’ve inspired them all to dye their hair a poignant shade of blonde until the next killer comes along.

I wonder if your clever little mind would be able to catch someone like me, however; would you be interested in playing a game, Mr. Graham? I’ve grown bored as of late, and the city is not much to entertain these days.

           He thought it’d give a bit of a teaser to the readers, something that would give them enough to ask for clarification. He wanted interest, not panic. He also liked the exciting way that it made a small zing of pleasure curl down his spine. He hadn’t been excited about many things for a long, long time. His world since graduating from GWU left much to be desired, no matter how much he enjoyed writing. When he presented it to Charlie, the man grinned around his cigarette and nodded.

           “I like it.”

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xx-lia  asked:

Hi, wolf. I have this question that I've been asking myself since the ape / beast titan appeared in the manga. The soldiers keep saying that he looks like a monkey. Maybe this is a stupid question but how would they even know what a monkey is ? Considering they shouldn't know about the outside world and all that stuff.. Figured maybe you would know.

I have been asking myself the same question. Maybe they have Monkeys???? I honestly don’t know. What’s funny about this though, is in the anime scene in season two where Ymir asks Reiner what the deal with “that monkey” is, the true translation to what Eren actually said is “What’s a monkey?” 

Maybe they read about them. Maybe they’ve seen old drawings or seen a book definition of the word. Or maybe, and this is the most likely option, it is a simple overlook of the detail by Isayama lol. 


So, due to the feedback and general support of you guys both on here and on Ao3, I’ve decided that I’m going to launch a patreon account on August 1st!

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If you have any questions about the different tiers of subscriptions, just message me! I’m so excited for this next step in my writing, and I hope that you are, too :)

drew something for a school project
can you tell my laziness;; I can’t draw males to save my life haha;;