Hana/Luke: First Kisses

Anon request for a Hana/Luke fic, maybe a first kiss scenario. Thanks for the request! I’m, like, half asleep right now so I hope the fic is alright and/or coherent, lmao ~Mod Lia

“Hana!” Luke exclaimed, frantically running across the hallway to catch her before she went back to her dorm. He saw the flash of pink hair disappear behind a corner and found himself rudely pushing past people to catch up to her.

“Sorry! My bad! Excuse me!” Luke exclaimed. He skidded around the corner just in time to see Hana exit the building through the front doors, her hair bouncing as she bobbed down the steps. “Hana! Wait!”

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【Lia】「Animelo Summer Live 2016 刻-TOKI-」終了!

8月27日(土)さいたまスーパーアリーナで行われた「Animelo Summer Live 2016 刻-TOKI-」2日目にLiaが出演しました。


Animelo Summer Live 2016 刻-TOKI-

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potionsandkittens  asked:

💝 Bring your muse chocolates. (maybe lia has pregnancy cravings XD)

Lia was so hungry and not just for normal food, of course she loves food and even more so when she didn’t have to move to get it. Seriously she was so pregnant she couldn’t even move. She tried to move from the bed to like the bathroom and that was it. “I hate you….but I also love you.”