I thought it would be cute to put the kids at Newlyn Hills Academy in school uniforms, but I didn’t realize they’d lose their glasses! Finnigan Bloom (red-haired kid) and April Underwood (pigtails kid) both have glasses in their everyday clothes. It makes sense, since accessories are tied to outfits, but it’s kind of a bummer. Might have to nix the uniforms!

Fairytale-Inspired Color Pencil Illustrations by Lia Selina

Russian artist Lia Selina has an obsession with fairy tales. After the birth of her daughter, she combined her passion for drawing and her love of fairytales in a series of enchanting illustrations, which feature a range of whimsical, woodland creatures and familiar fable personas, including fairies, and witches.

She says on her Instagram blog:“Every doll is a unique story for me. My inspiration comes from the nature — flowers, trees, birds, wind and water. Every season of the year brings new ideas and, of course, I love fairy tales.”

Composes with colored pencils on a simple notebook, the charming drawings instantly transport you into a magical realm, where animals speak and coexist with humans closely.


#itsBANGday |

900331 | Its my husband’s birthday! Darling, you are the most sweetest person i’ve ever met. The most adorable 23 yr old guy with such an amazing heart and made me a better person everyday. You cheer me up with your gummy smile and calms me down with your hoarse deep voice. Thank you for being born, thank you for being the most respectful leader and thank you for showing me such a wonderful world i’ve never see before. Happy Birthday Bang Yongguk /kiss <3