Another Psych rewatch! - Episode 1x02 (Spellingg Bee).
“Kids - high school kids especially, they’re just ruthless, judgmental, horrible little bastards.”

Imagine a thallen soulmate au where just their first names are marked on each others body. Imagine barry being like “how the hell am i supposed to know which edward? there’s at least ten of them within a 5 mile radius” Now imagine eddie like “bartholomew??? bartholomew??¿¿ gee i sure hope hes from this century and not the middle ages”

Title: #1 Crush
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: Dean teases you about the movie you’re watching until you show him just how hot it is.
Warnings: Drinking, Smut, Swearing
Words: 1940

You where sprawled out across the couch in your living room in sweatpants and a tank top a beer in your hand. You had a movie up on your Netflix debating if you where in the mood to watch it. The doorbell rang and you yelled out to your roommate assuming she had ordered a pizza. She didn’t answer and the doorbell rang again so you groaned and got up off the couch. You opened the door and reached behind you to grab some cash out of your wallet. A familiar voice shocked you out of your grumbling.        
You dropped your wallet and slowly turned to face the door. “Dean?” you looked up at him and he smiled.

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I find it so odd that they never show any emotion in pictures together lately..

And it’s so weird scrolling through the comments. They range from “OMG your babies will look so hot” to “relationship goals AF” to “get married already JESUS” to “best couple IN THE WORLD” to “mom & dad” to “SO CUTE I WANNA DIE” to “this picture defines a perfect life” to “ADOPT ME”… It’s a little creepy at times..