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Regarding one of our last asks

This one. Is about writing Latinxs in first person being yourself a white person.

I’d like to address two specific responses.

theyaoiarcanaI feel like anyone can write a character no matter what the race is. As long as it’s a good character. To say someone who’s a different race can’t write for another race because “you’re not one of us” is really stupid. Doesn’t matter if its in first person, second person, third person whatever. As long as the character is well written and the plot is amazing. I mean all Latina/Latino people don’t act the same. So. Yeah. That’s dumb. And they shouldn’t ask if they have to write for a certain race. Because it’s literally just a character, not the customization of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

I’ll repeat myself here. Latinxs are not one race, nor we can be defined as one. You don’t get to reduce us to one to fit the categorization of your worldview.

The first thing you have to do is to set up your audience when writing a story using a Latinx character as MC.

If your audience will be white people, why are you writing from a Latinx perspective? Let me tell you something. We can tell when a Latinx character has been written by one of our people and when they have been written by a white writer. On the contrary, if your audience will be Latinxs, well, read the lines above as well.

As soon as you publish your story, doesn’t matter where, you stop having control over it. Every story needs to be self-explanatory, if you have to explain yourself to your readers, sometimes bordering poor excuses, then your story was not written the way it should have been. By this I don’t mean leaving unanswered questions about the plot, those are necessary if you’re planning more than one book. 

What to do here.

  1. Set up your audience.
  2. Research.
  3. Narrow down your research.
  4. Ask the people who fucking matter. (Set me up on fire if you want to for this, but if you are writing about Latinxs, ask a Latinx for fuck’s sake. Don’t ask white people).
  5. Research again.
  6. Repeat as many times as you have to.

smallwrittenkingdoms Honest question: under this reasoning, is it ever okay for white authors to write non-white characters?

It is okay to write non-white characters, but there are ways and there are ways. Many times we don’t get the same representation, the same endings, the same description as white characters. In many stories we are only to support the white character without a story for ourselves, we get killed only because someone has to die, and it seems two, or more, non-white characters can’t co-exist in the same place at the same time. Change that. Write non-white characters with the same depth as white characters, give them interests and goals outside the white character.

Every stereotype perpetuated about non-white people sustains and endures sistematic violence. You get to read it, but we get to live it.

You want to write non-white people being yourself white?

  1. Research.
  2. If you are into character’s charts, create them for non-white characters as well.
  3. If you aren’t into character’s charts, try to keep track of your non-white characters as the story develops.
  4. Be respectful. Is free.
  5. There are stories that are not for you to write, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write other stories. We do not exist so your book can be labeled as “diverse”.
  6. The universe won’t collapse on itself if there are more than two non-white characters who don’t supply emotional support to the white character, or need to be defended by them. Save your white savior complex and your white guilt for someone who cares (i.e. not us).

So, are you gonna listen to our voices and read what we write or are you gonna wait for a white person to say the same words so you can finally consider what we’ve been saying for ages now?


Family Weekend - WillNE

Originally posted by ohsidemen

Pairing: Will Lenney (WillNE) & Y/N 
Words: 2.6k+
Warning(s): none
Summary/Request: Can you do a Will imagine where your visiting home with your boyfriend Will and your sister has a 3-year-old girl and she loves him straight away and he keeps making her laugh and smile and all and ahhh just some fluffy cute shit also please include his jumpers there’s my favourite BUT SOMETHING FLUFFY AND KISSES PLEASEEE I LOVE YOU
A/N: i stg if Will reads this I will delete my life. Anyway, hope you like it!

You were visiting home for the weekend with Will. This was nothing new for the two of you, you had been dating for around 5 years and known each other for forever before that.

You opened the front door to your family home, calling for your parents saying that you had arrived.
After your call, you heard a stumbling and a pitter patter of feet running down the hallway towards you. You crouched down, opening your arms for your incoming 3-year-old niece, Amelia, that was bolting down towards the front door where you stood. She ran into your arms, quickly wrapping her arms around your neck. She giggled as you picked her up, spinning her around.

As quick as she said hi to you she was already asking where Will was. Ever since they first met they were the best of friends, always playing with each other and making each other laugh.
Just as you were about to answer her you heard his voice come from outside the door as he walked through it with your bags for the weekend.

“Of course, I’m here. I wouldn’t pass up the chance to see you, you cheeky monkey,” he says, setting the bags down and opening his arms.
Amelia giggles at the nickname, and ran into his arms when you set her down. He picks her up and tickles her sides a bit to release all the giggles that she had. She rested her head on his shoulder as he moved to hold her with one arm.

“I missed you guys,” she said sweetly, moving to cuddle into Will’s warm frame.

Your sister comes down the hall and takes a few of your bags as Will is still holding Lia. 
You move to the kitchen where your parents are sitting with mugs of tea in front of them. You catch them up on a few things that have happened since you last saw them, them doing the same.
There was a small lull in the conversation so you looked over to where Will was and saw him contently sitting on the floor, children’s makeup smeared over his face and a pink tiara sitting on top of his fluffy hair.
You sister sees where you’re looking and smiles at the sight. 

“He’s really good with her. I’m glad you’re with him,” she says, a broad smile on her face.
 You hear him tell her a stupid joke and poke her in the side to see her cutely giggle.

You were on the sofa watching a movie, a cosy blanket thrown over you. Initially it had been just you and Will on the sofa but Lia had quickly joined you, cuddling up in between the two of you.

Half way through the movie you look down to see her eyes slowly closing and then opening quickly again, trying to keep herself awake. You looked over at your sister, getting her attention and nodding down to the sleeping toddler.

She stood up from where she was sitting, reaching down to lift her up, Lia’s eyes opening slowly at the movement.

“Time to go to bed missy.” At this a small whine left her mouth.

“Want uncle Will to put me to bed,” she said, reaching her arms out towards him, and making grabby hands at him. Your sister gave him a look that told him he didn’t need to do it if he didn’t want to, but he stood up, lifting her out of your sister’s arms and made their way up to her room, the two talking and giggling the whole way.

When he begins to walk out of sight you feel your parents staring at you, cheesy grins stretched across their face at what had just happened.

“Stop it,” you say, hiding your face slightly with the blanket that was still wrapped around you.

After a while you go up to see what’s taking him so long. You get to the cracked open door and stand in it and hear him reading Lia one of her books, accents and funny voices in full effect, tired giggles from Lia quickly following.
“Right, it’s time for you to go to sleep now,” you hear him say.
Peeking your head into the room ever so slightly you see him tuck her in as she begins to tiredly babble a little bit.
“Do you love aunty y/n?” she asks. 
He smiles down at her.
“I love her a lot. Now it’s time for you to go to sleep I’ll see you in the morning.” He leans down and presses a quick kiss to her forehead, making his way out of the room.
As he kissed her on the head you made your way to the landing area, leaning against the banister. He shuts her door and turns to see you standing there, a small smirk on your face.
He walks over to you, a blush rising on his cheeks, a bashful look on his face. He wraps his long arms around your waist, hiding his head in your neck.
He runs his hands up and down your sides lightly, “How much of that did you hear?”
You laugh, reaching your hands up to run through his messy hair.
“I heard enough,” you answered, placing a small kiss on his shoulder.

He pulls back, both hands on your waist still, moving your top up so he could run his thumb over your skin as he leans forward, pressing light and frequent kisses to your lips.
One of his hands leaves your hip, making its way up to your cheek, cupping your jaw with his large hand as he makes the kiss longer, your lips getting heavier, beginning to part when you heard someone clearing their throat.
You pull away rapidly, looking to the source of the noise.
You see your mum standing there, arms crossed but a smirk on her face.
“I hope Amelia didn’t see any of that.” she said, walking around you to her room, “Oh and no funny business tonight!” she called, closing her door.
Will let out a relieved breath, a shaky laugh following it.
“I thought she was gonna kill us,” he said jokingly, grabbing your hand, and making your way to your room.
“She’s caught us doing a lot worse than that,” you say, going to get your pyjamas from your bag.
You felt something light hit you on the back, looking down you saw it was a pillow. 
You looked up at will who gave you a look, “Don’t remind me of that time, your dad almost chopped me in half,” he said, a chill running down his spine at the memory.
You laughed as you both got changed into your pjs, making your way under the cosy duvet, slowly gravitating towards each other.

You lay your head on his chest, his arm coming around to rest on your back, making its way slowly up and down your back.
“Lia loves you,” you say absentmindedly, breaking the small silence that had come over you.
You felt him smile above you, “She’s very cute, I like making her laugh,” he says, his hand moving your top up so he could draw little patterns on your skin. “She reminds me of you,” he continued, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. 
You could feel yourself falling asleep with his calming movements on your back when he said softly, “I can’t wait until we have one of them." 

You woke up to Lia poking your side. Your parents and sister had to go out for the day, leaving you and Will to look after her.
You got out of bed, leading her down the stairs to allow Will to sleep for a bit longer.
You look her into the kitchen, lifting her up onto the counter. 
"Do you want to make some pancakes for breakfast?” you asked, delighted when you saw her little face light up. 
She clapped her hands as you went to get all the ingredients and equipment that you would need for making them.
You had music playing, soft giggles leaving Lia’s mouth as you danced ridiculously around the room with her, pretending to do the tango and then some very bad break dancing.

When breakfast was done both you and Lia crept up the stairs to go wake Will up. He was laying on his front, his face snuggled into the pillow, fair as messy as ever.
You lifted Lia up into the bed, allowing her to jump up and down as much as she liked on the bed as long as it woke Will up.
You laughed as you could see him wake up from the sudden movements and the angelic laughter. He moves quickly and suddenly, grabbing a bouncing Lia and tickling her sides relentlessly.
She let out laughs and giggles until she was out of breath begging for him to stop.
Eventually he does and you all make your way down to breakfast.

After breakfast was done you asked Lia what she wanted to do. In of course a 3 year olds style, bake a cake was the first thing out of her mouth.
But a pleading look from Will as well as puppy dog eyes from Lia meant that you had to give in.
You weren’t going to make it from scratch, thinking it would be too messy if you didn’t just start with a ready mix.
You got out all the ingredients and chocolate buttons to decorate it with, leaning down to get the mixer you head a small giggle and a swift ‘shhh’.
You turned your head and saw both Lia and Will looking overly innocent.
“What’s going on over there?” you ask, a smile on your face.
You see Will shrug, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
You laughed and went back to getting things out of the drawer. You heard the same thing again. You whipped your head around and saw a slightly guilty looking Will and Lia with a giant grin on her face.
You turned around to them properly, “What are you two doing?”
Lia laughed, walking over to you, and held her hand out.
“Here aunty y/n, you can have some too.” you take the chocolate button from her hand, looking over at Will and gave him a joking dirty look. You picked her up as Will crossed his arms and started talking.
“Oh, so you’re ratting me out, now are you? After everything I did for you.” he said, shaking his head and letting out a laugh at the end.
She lets out a laugh and you move her over to stand on a chair so she can reach the counter top.
You stand behind her to make sure she won’t fall off or hurt herself.
Will comes over behind you and wraps his arms around your waist, placing slow and silent kisses on your neck as you watch her mix what’s in the bowl.
As you feel his hands wandering a bit too much you shake him off with a laugh, moving to help Lia before she over mixed the cake batter.

After the cake was baked and was cooling you all made your way up to get washed and changed, you were all covered in some type of chocolate while you were baking.
You were now going to the park with Lia.
It was a lot of laughs and pushing her on the swing, Will making a fool of himself just to get a laugh from her or you. You couldn’t stop laughing when she insisted he go down the baby slide with her, however Will’s long stature made it very difficult for him to not get stuck.

On your way home, it started to get cold, and even though Lia was bundled up in her warmest coat she was snuggling into Wills neck and clinging onto him for warmth the entire walk home.
He sets her down on the ground for a minute, taking off his soft jumper and putting it on her.
She let out a laugh when her head emerged from the massive amounts of fabric. She was completely drowned in fabric and she didn’t have her hands to be seen for days because of how long the sleeves were. But she was warm and she was comfy so she didn’t care.
He picked her up again and moved her to one arm, interlacing his fingers together with yours with his other hand. Lia nuzzles her head into his neck and relaxes now that she’s warm.

You stop into the shop on your way home to allow her to pick out a treat for being so good today.
You walked over to the sweetie aisle, pointing out the different sweets that she usually likes and asked her what she wanted. She pointed at something but wasn’t specific enough, and as Will moved closer to where she pointed. She made a grabby hand to the thing she wanted, Will pulling away jokingly every time her little hand got near it. You stood smiling at the two of them when an older lady walked up to the three of you.
“You are a beautiful family. It reminds me of when I had my first child.” she says, a smile on her face at the happy memory.
As you went to correct her about Lia not being yours, Will butts in quickly.
“Thank you,” he says, running a hand up and down Lia’s back in a comforting manner.
The lady looks back at you with a smile, “You’ve got a keeper there.”

It was now the next morning and you had to go home, much to the dismay of Amelia. 
You were now standing at the door, your bags were already in the car and you were hugging your parents and sister, who had a sobbing Lia in her arms.
You reach out and take her into a hug, her tiny arms wrapping around your neck tightly.
“I-I’m just going t-to miss yous a lot,” she sobbed out, “I like it-it when you’re here.”
You rub your hand up and down her back, pressing kisses to her head and her cheeks while you rocked her back and forth gently.
“Shhh, it’s okay. Hey, what if really soon you come see me and Will? Come have a sleepover with us?” you ask her, hoping that it would cheer her up.
Her sniffles died down a bit and her head rose to meet your eyes.
“Really?” she asked, her tiny fists rubbing at her eyes.
You nod your head sincerely, pressing one last kiss to her cheek before setting her down.
Will crouches down beside her, wiping away some stray tears that were running down her chubby cheek with his long finger.
“You’ll see us soon, okay?” he reassures her, bringing her in for a hug, rocking back and forth on his toes as she knocked his balance a bit.
He let her go when her crying stopped. You both began to walk to your car, Will getting in the driver’s seat.
You looked in the rear-view mirror as you drove down the driveway, seeing them all waving at you, smiles on their faces.
As you were stopped at a red-light Will turned to you slightly, taking your hand and giving it a kiss on the back of it. He moves that hand down to your stomach, his thumb rubbing back and forth over it. 

 "Lia’s going to be excited that the next time she sees us she’s going to have a companion.“

Trevor’s Sister - Kian Lawley Imagine


‘Whoa, babe..’ Kian’s eyes widened as he entered his room where he found me standing in front of his mirror in just a swimsuit. ‘You look so fucking hot.’ He said wrapping his arms around my body and leaning his chin on my shoulder. 

‘Thanks babe.’ I smiled and kissed his cheek. 

Tonight, Kian and Jc invited Ricky, Sam, Connor, my little brother Trevor, Lia and me to a pool party. We figured, since we haven’t hung out all together in a really long time, that it would be so awesome to have some small party or something like that so Kian and Jc came up with the pool party idea at their place. 

‘Mmm, Kian..’ A small moan escaped my lips as he kissed down my neck nibbling on my skin. ‘Babe, stop, the guys are downstairs.’ I said stopping his hands which were about to start sliding down my panties. 

‘I just want you so badly.’ He said as I turned to him and kissed him putting my arms around his neck. 

‘You can have me, but not right now. My brother is here.’ I said. 

‘It’s not like he hasn’t already caught us when we were about to fuck.’ Kian smirked gripping my butt. 

‘Shut up.’ I chuckled and he kissed me again and right in that moment the door swung open. 

‘Oh my God, not again!’ Trevor screamed covering his eyes. 

‘Shut up you idiot,’ Kian said chuckling ‘We weren’t doing anything.’ 

‘Yeah, you weren’t doing anything the last time too, were you?’ Trevor mocked and I lightly punched his head as I got out of the room along with Kian. 

‘Let’s get into the pool!’ Sam yelled running outside. The guys ran after him and all of them jumped into the pool except Lia and I. We sat on the edge of the pool and put our legs in the water. 

‘Babe, get in the water.’ Kian said as he stood between my legs. 


‘Oh c’mon, it’s fun and I want to kiss you.’ He said. 

‘Then get out of the water if you-’ And then I was cut off by Kian pulling me into the pool. ‘Kian!’ He chuckled and pulled me to him. I wrapped my legs around his torso and he took us in one corner of the pool. 

‘You okay?’ He asked me ‘cause I was still coughing since I was pulled in unexpectedly. I nodded and he pressed his lips on mine. 

‘Aw, you guys are so cute.’ Lia said looking at us. 

‘Ugh, they’re gross.’ Trevor said as he swam up to where the three of us were. 

‘Fuck off, Trevor.’ Kian said. 

‘She’s my sister!’ 

‘And my girlfriend and you can’t change that even if you want to.’ Kian smirked. 

Then Ricky, Sam and Jc came and dragged Kian away from me as they started messing with each other and jumping into the pool. I sat again next to Lia. We started talking and laughing and then both, Lia and I, felt someone jump on us and pulls us with himself into the pool again.

‘Jc!’ We both screamed laughing. We started splashing each other and messing around and we were just having too much fun. 

‘Sam, you’re choking me!’ I said to Sam who was on my back and had his arms wrapped around my neck. 

‘Sam, leave my girl alone!’ Kian said jokingly. 

‘Or what, huh? What’re you gonna do? She’s not yours, she’s mine’ Sam said joking as well making me laugh. Kian took him and threw him under the water. 

It was getting late and we were still in the pool, but now everyone were a bit calmer. Kian and I were again in our corner inside the pool and in the other were Jc and Lia. 

‘Mmm..’ As Kian and I were making out, his hands travelled down my back to grab my butt. 

‘Babe..everyone’s here.’ I whispered as he grinded himself on me. 

‘Let’s take this to the bedroom, yeah?’ He said and I smiled and nodded. 

‘You guys really can’t keep your hands off of each other tonight, can you?’ Connor said smirking at us as Kian and I got out of the pool and he took my hand in his. 

‘How could I keep my hands to myself, I mean look at her.’ Kian said. 

‘Stoop.’ I blushed a little and hid my face behind his arm. He smiled and kissed my temple and then started leading us inside the house. 

‘Oh and, Trevor, I suggest you not to enter my room for a while.’ Kian said making everyone laugh. 

‘Oh my God..You guys are unbelievable.’ Trevor said. 

‘Yeah, no one wants you to be traumatized, Trevor.’ We heard Jc says and we chuckled. 

‘Now, where were we..’ Kian said as we entered his bedroom and he pressed me against the door. 

You and Me

Originally posted by yugyeom

“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

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Part 12 is here~ 

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You were walking up the stairs and as soon as you reached the second floor you suddenly began to hear a noise and your eyes widen. Did someone break into the house? You slowly walked closer to the noise feeling your heart race faster and faster as you got closer and got closer and you stopped when you noticed the noise coming from Lia and Yugyeom’s room and took a deep breath.

You were sure it was nothing… right? You finally reached the door and before even putting your hand on the knob you had a strange feeling. You ignored it and opened the door and as soon as you looked up there you see Yugyeom standing right there looking your direction.

“Can we talk?”

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late night scares

this was requested 

When I wake it 3am and I’m lying in bed by myself, a shiver runs up my back and I bring my own arms around myself. When I turn over to see Shawn made it bed at all I’m not surprised to find that he isn’t. I get out of bed and use my phone as a flashlight, it takes me about 3 minutes to find Shawn. He’s sitting at the kitchen table; his head is against the table and he’s snoring idly over his paper work. I walk up behind him and before I can wake him up his head randomly shoots up, nearly whacking me in the face. I scream at the sudden movement.

“honey don’t do that” I say breathing quickly

“do what?” he says groggily.

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reading this made me laugh so i’m going to share it with you. i wrote this maybe two? years ago, after I watched Sleepless in Seattle to avoid studying. It doesn’t feel like my writing or me at all lol.

It’s called “Wandering in WolverHampton” lol and this is all that I wrote (I would end it the way I did and never start back up lmao) 


“Hello this is The Sound of London, you are live with Dr. Zee Javaad. What’s your name?”

“Lia Karen.”

Zayn stares at the mic for a moment, hesitating before he readjusts his head set to hear better. “Hello there, Lia. You sound much younger than our normal callers. How old are you?”

“Eight,” Lia says without skipping a beat.

Zayn bites his tongue around a ‘I’m not Santa, kid.’ He’s been doing this gig part-time for about three years now, and he’s not sure he’s ever gotten a phone from anyone under the age of forty. “Well, Lia. What’s your Christmas wish this year?”

“It’s not for me, Dr. Zee. It’s for my Papa. My wish is that he finds a wife.”

“A wife?” Zayn repeats. He bites around a smile, hoping to hide the fact that his words kind of came out as an amused chuckle more so than anything else. “D’you not like the one he has?”

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spiritlove777  asked:

How do I get people to follow me on Tumblr ?

On this website there are many factors to consider.

First: what’s your blog about? Movies, books, people, photography? Different blogs use different tags. If it’s writing, there are tags like writblr and writing you can use.

Second: what’s the theme of your blog? Some themes work better than others for what you post. If it’s writing, you might want a clean theme, with few to none distractions from your writing. With a friendly background, a color that won’t hurt your eyes. Some themes work on mobile phones, some others don’t, so check them on your laptop and phone before saving changes.

Third: Is tumblr your only option? Do you have a different site where you can post your writing? If so, add the links somewhere in your blog, and vice versa.

Fourth: This is a highly unpredictable site. I’m sure there’s a correlation between what you post and the amount of followers you have. Ihaven’t found it yet.

Fifth: Promote your work. There are tumblrs that provide writing promps and such, give them a try.

Sixth: Don’t focus only in the amount of followers you have, or don’t have. You’ll only get frustrated, and that’s not healthy. 

Seventh: My first answer was gonna be this one: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because I have no idea how to get people follow you on tumblr. As you can see, I had second thoughts about that. My advice here: Be yourself, but don’t push too hard on people to like what you do, and at the same time, don’t lose yourself for others here.

Eighth: Aliya answered a similar ask before. Here’s the link

Ninth: Follow people with similar interests to yours. Some of them will follow you back, some others won’t. There’s a chance you’ll stumble upon a network you might like and enjoy be a part of.

I could go further but I think that’s enough for today.

Good luck!


You & Me

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“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

Previous Parts:

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Part 11 is here~ 

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“Listen… If you truly wanted to be serious with me in the first place you would of let go of Lia a long time ago… We wouldn’t have to be sneaking around and we wouldn’t have to be scared to get caught.. But clearly you knew you have some type of feelings for her and you know what I am going to accept that… Yugyeom.. I’m not going to be anyone’s second option.. I deserve better.. And I don’t want to do this but I have to do what’s right for me.. Yugyeom.. we need to end… you and I. whatever this is..”

Yugyeom looked completely surprised. You tried to remain calm but in the inside you felt like your whole world was slowly getting crushed. You have to let go of something that’s not even yours.. even if you think it’s not a good idea..

“Y/N.” Yugyeom tried to get a hold of your hand but you quickly removed your hand from his and without saying a single word you walked out of the closet and left him standing there alone…

“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

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‘i’m late’ - 1/1 - scalia

prompt: “I’m late”
ship: scott/malia

read it here or on: AO3
↳ please try to leave kudos/comments!

Scott is standing just outside of the restaurant, nervously fiddling with his tie, while he waits for Malia to arrive. He checks his watch for the third time in two minutes and sighs. They had a reservation for 7, but it’s already 7:05 and he’s been avoiding looking at the maître d’ since he can feel his stink eye burning into his back.

Finally, when he’s just about to pull his phone out and give her a call, a yellow taxi pulls up in front of the restaurant. Malia leans forward to pay, shoving a handful of wrinkled bills in the driver’s hand before hopping out. She smooths the skirt of her dress and walks toward him, attempting at and failing to smile. 

Scott frowns. “Are you okay?”

“What?” She startles. “Yeah. Yes! I’m completely fine. Why?”

“Because you grimace-smiled. You only do that when you’re upset about something. And also, you took a cab…” 

“What’s wrong with a cab? Taxi driver’s need to make a living, too.” She’s not looking at him, instead looking into the restaurant and frowning. “Did we have a reservation?” 

“Yeah, but we’re late, so–” 

“What?” She turns to him, eyes wide. 

“I said we’re late. Not by much, only like five minutes. But they’re kind of strict on things like that here…” 

“Oh. Right. That makes sense…” 

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You & Me

Originally posted by yugyeom

“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 //

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Although you knew calling Yugyeom yours was wrong, it also felt right. Yugyeom and you cuddled with each other looking up at the night sky talking your mind out. Yugyeom was clearly preventing you from going back to the room and sleeping with Bambam which was quite cute. But eventually without even realizing it, you had your head again Yugyeom’s shoulder and you drifted off to sleep.

You wake up feeling the sun beaming right at your eyes. You opened your eyes and the first thing you noticed was, you weren’t even in bed. You looked around and you noticed that you were on the living room couch. You felt a hand holding on to yours and you looked down the floor and there he was, Yugyeom on the ground sound asleep still holding on to your hand. You couldn’t help but to smile. You couldn’t help but continue to admire Yugyeom as he was sound asleep till.. suddenly you began to hear a door open. Shit. You tried to let go of Yugyeom hand, but he had a strong grip.

“Yugyeom?” You could hear Lia call out and you looked up and could see her searching for him.

Your eyes widen and again, you continued to release yourself from Yugyeom grip. At last you were free and just as you sat up you sighed.

“Y/N?” You looked up and see Lia standing there looking at you and Yugyeom on the floor.

“Yugyeom?” Your eyes widen.

How were you possibly suppose to explain this?

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...You're Home Part 5

(5/10) thats the farthest the series will go I’ve decided that it’s way to hard to not do it in 10 parts because theres a lot of backstory to your character about her & her family members. so here is Part 4: ( its fucking messy cause i copied and pasted it from my notes sorry for that but im not sure how to fix it )
Summary: you come home after a year and a half long mission and when you come home you find out a horrible surpise

(Warning: Cussing,Kissing, bucky action!!!!!!!!)
onwards with the story ÷

I went into Tony’s room and put asprin and a glass of water on his table i kissed his head “i wish you were my real father tony” i whispered under my breath and walked back into my room

I know im 26 years old and maybe i should get over the whole father thing but henry never treated me like his own tony does..

I gotten dressed and went into the living space waiting for steve to leave
I heard whispering humans i listened at the door because im a sneaky asshole

“Tony did you not know what happened last time she was here! complete chaos happened!” a loud whisper came from natasha

“She’ll enjoy it don’t fuck this up for me agent” tony did the same loud whisper

“I have to tell her she needs to be prepared” natasha said in a whisper of course

“Don’t, leave tony in his disaster” wanda said a little louder than a whisper i heard her foot steps getting closer to the door i ran full speed to the other side of the room

Steve finally coming down

“You’re out of breath?” steve said in a questioning voice

“Shut…up… lets go” i paused inbetween breaths

The day went on slowly four hours passed and we we’re bound to come home sometime so thats what we did

“Hey steve i have a question” the green light flickered red and we walked across the road “shoot”

“I heard tony nat and wanda talking about some girl coming over or something? Chaos happened last time?” steve made an o with his mouth

“You are a sneaky bastard that wasn’t suppose to hear that!” he pointed his finger at me walking back to the tower

“I hate when secrets are kept please tell me steve” i clucthed onto his arm
“Please please please -”
“Alright fine i’ll tell you just stop, tony invited malia”

“ HE DID WHAT” i stopped in my tracks in a side street of new york city something that wasn’t safe to do

“And there’s the reaction!” steve laughed pulling me into his side “act suprised when we get home”

“Steve she doesn’t know about me and bucky she’s gonna have a fucking shit fit oh my god” my mind spinned in circles

My sister malia y/l/n was a snobby rich asshole who thinks she’s the favorite which she is, amongst my father imagine having one daughter who lived up to all your expectations became the rich doctor with the laywer husband and the other a superhero agent that “saves the world”, mom knew i was special my strength and hearing enough but the way i could fight was just the right amount to send me to her best friend tony stark the man who is like a father to me instead of my real father, mom passed when i was 13 and henry who is my father apparently disowned me told me i’ll never be like the avengers i’ll never own up to what they stand for and malia took his side 99.9% one percent she felt guilty for leaving me so the day after i got finally recruited into the avengers steve came months later they threw me a party,

Malia came and told embarrassing stories about me and got drunk and broke tony’s iron suit with spilling some drink on it i threw her right out

And then years later another party brews she comes and im in a serious relationship with bucky and she flirts with him tries to feel him up buck get uncomfortable tells me what happens, she finds out its my boyfriend and starts a huge fight that bucky is to good for me and i don’t deserve him and punched me in the face and walked out that was last time i seen her

Everytime shes here nothing good happens

“Im not going home you have to drag me there because i promise im nOT GOING WILLINGLY PUT ME DOWN ROGERS” steve picked me up over his shoulder

“Well you said drag you?”

“ i hate you”
“You are a liar!”
“Fine i DONT hate you”


“Im nervous” i fight people who would literally blow up the earth if they felt like it and im nervous and shaking about my sister ruining a party again

“Don’t be i have you.” resuraing words helped we opened the door

“SUPRISE” was yelled loudly by the whole team i was suprised actually

“Oh my god”

Stood in front of me,

Tony in the middle nat on his left bucky and wanda on his right thor and bruce behind them malia and chelsea on the side of bruce

I hugged everyone even bucky his hands fit nicely on my waist his head in my neck it felt real, like he genuinely was glad to see me, i waited for this for the first arrvial when i came home i get it four days later with malia in the background and his girlfriend to my right, strange..

“You’re sister thinks we’re still together and chelsea still doesn’t know we we’re together at all..” he whispers into my ear “i don’t know what to do or how to fix this situation buck, malia’s here something horrible is going to happen regardless” we pulled awah from each other it was a good 10 second hug

I wish i could be in his arms, but he screwed me over! WHY DO I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!

“Fucking y/n! Can someone applauded my little sister a year and half long mission without a fucking scratch hell yeah” some cheered and clapped it was funny

“Thanks lia, how you been?”

“Fine are you gonna ask about dad?” she said with a steady voice

“I don’t care about your father.”

“He’s our father and you haven’t talked the guy in what 6 years?” she was getting angry

“When your father tells you he wants nothing to do with you and for you to lose his number thats what happens, and also its not my job to call him he told me to stay away thats what im doing” i took a shot of something i seen a jello shot and took that

“I get it, well he has a fiancé she works on wall street there getting married in two months”

“Fan fucking tastic” i was already mad tony threw this party and to top it off he invited her

“Can we talk?” bucky said trying to pull me aside

“Take her boyfriend, take her virginity like the first time again” she laughed and sipped on whatever she was drinking

“We broke up two years ago, also do me a favor shut up” i said taking another shot walking with bucky

“What? Ask for another favor? Because i told her we broke up two years ago” i was pissed off at this point i wanted the night to end it was only 7 p.m.

“Don’t let her tell chelsea we ever dated we’ve always been friends since the past 5 years that’s all we’ll ever be okay i don’t need your sister ruining this for me” bucky hated the words that spilled out of his mouth it was harash on his tongue he didn’t want those words coming out he just wanted a normal life

“Wow bucky you get lower and lower every single fucking day, do you not realize im a human fucking being with feelings?? We wasn’t a fucking quckie in a bathroom bucky we was together for 4 years bucky next month would’ve made 5 years and you except me to go out there and lie - you know what thats what am gonna do i’m gonna pretend you never existed im gonna pretend i dont know you, it officially 100% over after tonight i’ll tell you what my father told me 6 years ago lose my number”

I walked away angry as ever

“Malia do me a favor don’t mention to chelsea that me and bucky was evee together i want to be associated with the scum that is bucky barnes” malia was shocked at the words her sister said she wasn’t prepared but took what she said to heart and respected her

I stormed out my own party the loud the people everything was getting to me i ran to the roof top screaming my lungs out until it became hard to breathe, i came home to a bigger nightmare to when i was in russia i was tortured there but i feel worst coming home. I felt a hand on my back

“Whoever you are just kill me”

“Why would i kill my most prized possession?” i knew the voice like the back of my hand

“I thought the suit was your prized possession?”

“I don’t think the suit would eveerr come close to how special you are to me, what happened kid?” tony turned me around to face him

“All that my life is, is chaos the people am around the life i live i can never be normal, im moving out” her voice sank into herself as those last words left her mouth she regretted saying them to tony

“I’ll throw out bucky in one minute if thats the problem” he was getting mad that i wanted to leave because of him

“Its not” i lied

“Then what?”

“I want something normal, an apartment i pay rent on or a job that doesn’t involve breaking someones arm or killing someone to get something, i need time to figure my shit out” i sat on the rocky roof top

“whatever you need im here -” his voice was cut off by a door opening

“Leave now” tony yelled in whoevers direction

“Let me talk to h-” bucky said but was cut off by tony “no let me talk to you, you’ve done enough tonight you hurt my kid again barnes how many times are you gonna hurt her in four days she’s leaving because of you.” tony turned towards bucky “you’re a fool barnes” he left

“You’re leaving… Because of me” buckys voice cracked

“Its always you.. It’s never not about you” i bit my lip to stop the tears from falling i was looking into the sky bucky was looking at the ground

“Please go i need to be alone.”

I felt his foot steps get closer to me and he sat next to me

“I’ll move out, i cant let you leave your fanily because of me”

“Well it doesnt matter im leaving nobodys gonna stop me, be happy with the life you chose and leave me out of it im done” tears fell i wiped them quickly and in anger

“I dont want her i want you, its always been you, y/n i keep her because i know you hate me and im disgusting im horrible human being i don’t deserve you”

“Bucky i cant..-” i was in the worse possible state a person could be in anger mixed with sadness and regret and he pulls me into the most passionate kiss.. Ever you felt his love and sadness radiating off of him i pushed him gently

“You have a girlfriend and you’re cheating on her like you did me. Pretend this didn’t happen. Leave me alone bucky” sadness washed over me again as i pushed him away for the fourth time tonight i stood up firmly

“Goodbye Bucky.”


The New Empress

Title: The New Empress

Characters: Lia and Whitlock

Author’s Note: This is for #ChoicesCreates Round 21 word prompt, “What if…?” In this story, Lia is conflicted about being the new Empress. She fears she will fail, until Whitlock comes along and reassures her. @hollyashton and @catsrtheboss thank you for hosting #ChoicesCreates! Thank you @justapapercut for helping me format this and thank you @elenasanchez and @justapapercut for kind of inspiring this story. I hope you enjoy! (~750 words)

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You & Me

Originally posted by yugyeom

“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.”

Summary: The right words always seem to come too late. One set of words can stop you from getting what you want in the first place.. He was everything you wanted but what was stopping you? Oh that’s right… Your best friend was now his new girlfriend… What will happen when one mistake leads to trouble?

(Swearing Involved)

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Part 16 is here~

The Ending:

Part 17



I guess goodbyes are the only perfect things left for us. I’m gonna smile like nothing’s wrong, pretend like everything’s all right, act like it’s all perfect, even though inside it really hurts. How strange it is, that after all that we are strangers again. But one day, you’re gonna remember me and how much I loved you then you’re gonna hate yourself for letting me go. One day, I’ll be what you need…

Goodbye Yugyeom.. It was about time I let you go.

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A post to let you know what i do


I don’t know if you guys know me, but you can call me Lia. I’m a 15 years old girl who writes ^^

Here, i’m going to make a list of what kind of requests i take ><

So, lets go to the list:




Seventeen/BTS as

And i think thats all… And requests are open, if you want me to do one of those things, just send me an Ask >< (i’ll only do for BTS and Seventeen for now)

discolor all the worries (Raydan x Kenna)

Summery: The events following the end of the latest “the crown and the flame” chapter (book 3 chapter 11).

Author’s note: My entry for this week’s “Choices Creates” for the prompt - Betrayal. I feel like a lot of this week’s works will be around raydan and kenna, but i’ve yet to write about them so i had to! 
I recommened listening to take me by MISO while reading, i feel like this song really fits them right now! 😊 also the name of this piece is a line from the song.
@hollyashton @firefly-hwufanficwriter  💕

Raydan ran as fast and quietly as he could, navigating in the secret passage easily, one thing on his mind.
The most important thing. His queen, but before that – the woman he loved most, and her safety.
He didn’t mind that at the moment he was a Traitor, that if he got caught they could (would) kill him.
She was more important than all this.

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