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Dread and Hunger: Ch 16

You can read Chapter 16 on Ao3 Here

Chapter 16: Mourvédre

           Will woke with a start that was hampered by zip-ties that strapped his wrists to the arms of a chair. He looked about, his heartbeat tripping before beginning to quake in his chest, his eyes leaping from his bound wrists to his soaked jeans, then about the room that looked like an unfinished basement with random partitions creating small, shabby corners in the dim light.

           Where the hell was he?

           He shook his head, more than just confusion creating a haze that left his breath short and his palms clammy. Just seconds ago, he’d been falling –falling where? Why? The rain, the storm, and a needle that punctured deep and sent a sleep through him that knocked what futile defenses he had down with a merciless talent.

           He’d been drugged.

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Magnum Opus: Chapter 18

You can read Chapter 18 on Ao3 Here

Chapter 18:

           Marissa was waiting for him when he pulled up to the school the next day. In lieu of a quality Fall coat, he wore the silly FBI windbreaker, backpack strapped across the back to hide the letters. He didn’t want to admit it, but the hoodie and jacket were the best clothes he had, apart from some fishing gear his father had bought. He climbed out of the truck, and he ignored her, zipping up the jacket against the brisk cold. He looked out towards the soccer fields, brown with the incoming weather, and he avoided her expectant stare.

           “How’s…Abigail?” she asked when he didn’t speak. She was dressed warmly, a pea coat and scarf buttoned and wrapped with fashionable ease.

           “She’s fine,” he said, an autopilot response.

           “Everyone’s talking about it…you’re some kind of hero, she’s some kind of freak.” Marissa scuffed the boot of her shoe on the ground.

           “Maybe they have it backwards,” Will said, shrugging.

           “Maybe,” Marissa agreed. She paused, then folded her arms tightly across her chest. “Do you think she’d want to see me?”

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Thank you so much, anon!! That honestly means so much to me, seriously :)

When not in the throes of moving/unpacking, I generally update every 5-6 days! Things are progressing nicely right now with the whole ‘getting everything put in its special place’ so I’m hoping to have that regularly scheduled updating process back on track (I’m pacific time, west coast USA).

If you’re looking for other fics to tide you over in the meantime, I am also working on ‘The Fault in My Code’ and ‘Magnum Opus’! Both are well past chapter 10 and coming along nicely if you’re looking for multi-chapters. I’ve been told they’re pretty darn good ;)

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Your writings (The Fault In My Code + Dread and Hunger) absolutely blow me away every time I read them! I wanted to drop a comment here before I forgot to express how much I love your work, but I'm gonna take the time to properly r&r both on ao3 because hot damn. You inspire me with the way you can really spin a damn fine story! And your characterization of both Hannibal and Will make me smile/cry/run the whole gambit of emotions ;P have a great day, and keep writing 👌🏽👏🏽

Thank you so very much!! I’ve had an absolute blast writing these fics tbh, whenever there are sassy characters to be had, you can bet that I’ll be there because apparently the only characters in the world that I have fun writing are all 100%, non-gmo, free-range sass. :)

Dread and Hunger: Ch. 15

Sorry for the late post on here! But you can also read Chapter 15 on Ao3 Here

Chapter 15: Old Fashioned

           Abigail found him on campus that Monday, perusing help wanted ads pinned to one of the community boards.

           “Hey,” she said, shifting from one foot to the other. Will pulled a phone number tab from one of the papers with a little too much force.

           “Was it Tobias Budge that complained about me?” he asked.

           “…Yeah.” She made a face, and they walked along the sidewalk, shoulders occasionally bumping with uneven steps. Somehow, he didn’t mind it. “He made a huge deal about being charged wrong, you using foul language whenever he came in, and things like that. Even when I said it was a lie, she got a hold of that Freddie Lounds article and it was all downhill from there.”

           “I’m giving up bartending.”

           “Your dream?” she asked, brows lifted in mock surprise.

           “I’ll make a new dream…dog walking.” He held up the scrap of paper to show her.

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Large groups of girls are sometimes the worst, tbh. Like, they come together and as they walk everywhere, they see a girl alone and decide that, yes, that girl is the one I must tear down to make myself feel better.

Joke’s on you, darling.

I’m kind of an asshole.

“Omg, do you see that girl? Do you see her hair?” And they do that look that girls in groups do where they glance at one another and then, as one, turn to look at you to look you up and down. Now, normally, a girl alone looks away and pretends she can’t see them because there are more of them than her, and tbh it’s scary to be in that situation. If you have anxiety, it’s even worse.

Instead, I do this:

“Hey, it’s cool. If I was in a large group of people I, too, would whisper and talk about my hair and giggle. Please, continue to stare. I appreciate the compliment that you’re somehow threatened by my existance.”

The expression on their faces as they sped-walked away will keep me warm for days.

Girls, be nice to each other. If we really want equality and to break down the walls of sexism, we must first abandon the notion that men have given us: that in order to be as good as men, we have to step on other women to do so. I don’t want to be as good as a man. I want to be better. I want to behave better. I want everyone to behave better. I want to see girls in groups look at another girl and not feel like they’re alpha because there are more of them. I want us to get there, someday.

But that doesn’t mean I have to take shit to get there.

Solastolemyvhenan has hit a milestone! Which is amazing, seriously. You guys are honestly the best, and to show my appreciation, I want to do a giveaway!

The rules are as follows:

1. Must be following me. I know, I know, rude. But, this is a giveaway for my followers, and I want to do something wonderful for them. If you follow after this begins, that’s fine. But don’t unfollow afterwards…that’d make me sad.

2. When you heart the post, that is one entry. When you reblog, that counts as two entries. So, if you heart and reblog, your name counts for 3 total entries. The max amount that you can have is 3. After the end date, the entries will be run through a random name generator and will give me my winners.

3. You will have three days to respond to the message sent in your ask box declaring you the winner. If at this point you don’t reply, I will move on to the next name.

4. The giveaway begins the moment you see this post, and ends on the last day of April. On May 1st, I will begin logging entries to generate the names of the winners.


Because this is a giveaway, obviously there will be prizes!

1st Prize: A multi-chapter fic with the pairing of your choice and plot of your choice.

2nd Prize: A one-shot with the pairing of your choice and plot of your choice.

3rd Prize: A drabble of 1000 words or less with the pairing of your choice and plot of your choice.

Have fun! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, send me an ask and I will see what I can do to help you out. Anons accepted for questions, but obviously not for an entry since I won’t be able to see who was entering. Again, thank you so much for your continual support and love, it means so much! -LiaS

Hungry Eyes

Prompt: Emeli is in her third year of college as a Liberal Arts major at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her friends have been bugging her to join them with a night out; a break from studying. After a few nagging attempts, she and her friends go bar hopping.

Chris had just finished with premieres and interviews for his new movie “Push”. He, his brother and family friends decide to have a guys night.

He sees her first. Laughing, smiling, slightly buzzed. After a bunch of guys from campus join them, she gets brave and heads over to the bar to order something stronger. Chris still has his eyes on her. That’s when he notices one of the college boys slip something in her drink, he intervenes and the rest is history.

unedited and I apologize for this shit fic

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My exact thoughts when I saw this.
Whoever made this is clearly delusional! But can a Stalia shipper just explain what you guys see that makes them better than Stydia. Do you guys see how much more real Stydia is? Stalia happen too soon. Do you see that?!?

Stalia will never be better than Stydia! When you watch Stydia you forget they are acting but when Stalia (stale-lia) is on you seriously see two actors. Stalia is so forced you don’t see anything but two actors acting.