lia my love


I’ve buried my love in the moon dust .

“In Another Universe” - Digital Oil Painting

In another universe, where the tattoo on Billie’s finger says 10" instead of FOX. Hehe! (To be clear, I have nothing against Georgia or Lawrence, I think they’re grand, I just like thinking about David and Billie in a ‘what if’ sort of way.)

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

ruff boi


Whatever Lia had been feeling when she walked out the door, Michael would have seen it. And my gut was telling me that he’d felt it, too. Of all of us, Michael and Lia were the most similar to each other. It was why they’d been drawn together when he’d first come to the program, and why, as a couple, they’d never worked long-term.

“Date Night” - Digital Oil Painting

I’ve been having lots of David x Billie feels since writing in the “Lia, My Love” universe. This goes along with the story I’ve been writing, where they go out during the week between gigs at the faire on the weekend. ^_^

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

last night, I went over to my mom’s house and my 9-year-old sister was listening to stronger than you from steven universe. I went over to talk to her about it and she got really excited and started naming all her favorite episodes (including ‘a lot of sad episodes’). she jumped up from the couch and started bragging about how her birthstone is ruby and that means that she makes up half of garnet, who she thinks is the coolest character in the show. I laughed and told her that was awesome, and then she told me that all she had left to do was find her sapphire.

my nine-year-old sister offhandedly mentioned herself in the context of a queer relationship and didn’t think it was at all abnormal. and she knows ruby and sapphire are together romantically— she also picked up on the rose and pearl relationship, which a lot of the fandom still struggles with. she knows that ruby and sapphire are lgbt, and she didn’t see anything wrong with being associated with that. I don’t know if she’s lgbt or not— she’s 9. but the fact that she is comfortable identifying with lgbt characters and treats those relationships as normal is SUCH a big deal.

straight relationships have always been the default. kids are assumed straight until proven otherwise, and compulsory heterosexuality is everywhere. the fact that steven universe has made it possible for kids — even just one kid, even just my sister — to see lgbt relationships in a positive light and to potentially envision themselves in one? that’s revolutionary. that would have changed my whole life when I was younger. and I always knew the power that representation could have, but I never really felt it until I talked to my sister about steven universe. I mean, this is a child whose grandmother told her she wouldn’t come to her wedding if she married a girl, and she’s still brave enough to talk about 'finding her sapphire?’ that’s huge. that’s important. and I’m so grateful that su has provided that for her.