lia liveblogs the artbook

Ok so this is interesting…

Mako learned lightning bending from the leader of the Triple Threat Triads- the LEADER. That’s a pretty tight relationship with someone who used to just “run numbers.” I wonder what Mako had to do with his new bending skills in exchange for the lessons?

Unless Lightning Bolt Zolt was more of a father figure to Mako, helping him out and giving him (an uneducated orphan) a job running numbers even though he was unqualified? But wouldn’t Mako and Bolin have been more upset about him losing his bending were that the case?

I’m guessing Zolt taught Mako lightning bending in the hopes of melding him and eventually Bolin into two grade a thugs. I don’t think Mako ever let Bolin do any real work with them (at least pre-series). He probably lied to Bolin about what he was doing (stealing and/or helping others to steal, hurting people, maybe even helping to kill them, etc).

Mako was probably becoming more and more unsettled by the jobs he was doing and was getting more and more anxious when Bo asked him what he was doing or why he was gone so often. He was probably looking for a way out when Bolin came to him with a flier or something of the sort with information about a search for new pro-benders…

Honestly, discovering how much time it took Bryke to create Avatar is inspiring to me. The original sketch was of a SAD, FUTURISTIC, MIDDLE AGED BALD MAN, A ROBOT MONKEY WITH AN ARROW ON HIS HEAD, AND A POLAR BEAR DOG.

It took them many months to actually make Avatar AVATAR, and that’s inspiring to me. It’s nice to know that your ideas don’t have to be perfect right away.