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my #1 problem with all cp fancasts: not muscly enough!!! none of these boys could play hockey. where are the beefy arms. the broad shoulders. does it even matter if the jack fancast is a dreamboat if he couldn’t literally lift shitty up and throw him on his bed?? hM??

seriously though, I don’t understand this fandom’s obsession with typical-Night-Vale-weirdness-Cecil and straight-laced-boring-Carlos

Like, not when the canon is so much BETTER

Cecil, radio professional, goes to his job every day. Comes early, stays late. Is dedicated to the town as much as anyone can be. Then a new scientist comes to town and he FALLS IN LOVE INSTANTLY and things start to change

Because that scientist?? He’s dorky and brave and wants to know EVERYTHING and loves SCIENCE and EXISTENCE and has AMAZING HAIR. And he’s awkward and doesn’t always get social cues and they stumble through a year of crushing? Not crushing? And Cecil’s professionalism chips away and his life becomes less and less about his work and more about himself too.

And then Carlos does something dorky and brave and not at all sensible (standing in the middle of a city, albeit tiny, full of people who are declaring war on you? really??). And he gets hurt, and Cecil is sad, Cecil is CRUSHED, but they finally, finally get together. Carlos finally calls “for personal reasons.”

And you cannot tell me that Carlos is the serious and suave one, not when on their first date he wears a weekend lab coat and suggests they experiment on trees, not when he kisses Cecil and is probably wooed and flustered by his tunic and furry pants even as he’s wildly scientifically interested in the weird blob people.

So then it’s Carlos and Cecil together, teaching EACH OTHER. Cecil learns not to idealize Carlos, and Carlos learns to prioritize people over science sometimes, because they’re both two dweebs in love trying to figure it out and they both make mistakes and fumble through things. And it’s good! It’s beneficial! It’s a relationship — not one person always shooting the other down, but two people, growing together, reblogging each other’s wood carvings of cats and probably cuddling on the couch after long days.

It’s good for Cecil, for Carlos, for both of them, together and apart. As Steve Carlsberg said, Carlos softens Cecil, in all the right places. He doesn’t harden him, doesn’t make him less weird and wonderful. He softens him. Makes him more open.

And I know this separation arc is hard, and so many people are ready to turn against Carlos for not being physically there with Cecil. But this is a part of their relationship too. They have to learn to be independent so they can really be happy together. Cecil has to respect Carlos’ individual career aims, and Carlos has to continue his lessons on when and where science belongs vs. his personal life. And in all honesty, a conflict like this was inevitable. Cecil follows the Night Vale code of secrecy and silence, and Carlos’ whole life is dedicated to knowing things. If they never addressed that, it’d be a serious weak spot in their relationship.

I have so much love and optimism for this couple — for their canon characterization and interactions. I just wish the fandom would too.

last night, I went over to my mom’s house and my 9-year-old sister was listening to stronger than you from steven universe. I went over to talk to her about it and she got really excited and started naming all her favorite episodes (including ‘a lot of sad episodes’). she jumped up from the couch and started bragging about how her birthstone is ruby and that means that she makes up half of garnet, who she thinks is the coolest character in the show. I laughed and told her that was awesome, and then she told me that all she had left to do was find her sapphire.

my nine-year-old sister offhandedly mentioned herself in the context of a queer relationship and didn’t think it was at all abnormal. and she knows ruby and sapphire are together romantically— she also picked up on the rose and pearl relationship, which a lot of the fandom still struggles with. she knows that ruby and sapphire are lgbt, and she didn’t see anything wrong with being associated with that. I don’t know if she’s lgbt or not— she’s 9. but the fact that she is comfortable identifying with lgbt characters and treats those relationships as normal is SUCH a big deal.

straight relationships have always been the default. kids are assumed straight until proven otherwise, and compulsory heterosexuality is everywhere. the fact that steven universe has made it possible for kids — even just one kid, even just my sister — to see lgbt relationships in a positive light and to potentially envision themselves in one? that’s revolutionary. that would have changed my whole life when I was younger. and I always knew the power that representation could have, but I never really felt it until I talked to my sister about steven universe. I mean, this is a child whose grandmother told her she wouldn’t come to her wedding if she married a girl, and she’s still brave enough to talk about 'finding her sapphire?’ that’s huge. that’s important. and I’m so grateful that su has provided that for her.

consider: in the last panel jack is looking at his hands because he’s too ashamed to look at bitty again because he thinks he let him down. because he thinks he let the whole team down. because jack takes every loss as a personal failure and spends so much time striving to ‘be better’ that he can’t appreciate what it means to be good enough

ok but consider: the haus has a horror movie marathon. 

ransom and holster try to act brave, shitty and bitty scream and get scared, and jack is the only one who’s actually minimally affected. he doesn’t really get the whole horror movie genre, so he spends most of his time like ‘why are they acting this way. why did they go outside. why don’t they call the police.’ bitty tries to livetweet it but he keeps getting scared and forgetting. and, of course, they have to play a horror movie drinking game. the end result is everyone (but jack) being super drunk, super scared, and clinging to each other as they spill all over everything. 

after it’s all over, shitty’s like ‘there’s no fucking way I’m sleeping by myself tonight’ and crawls into jack’s bed. jack tries to reason with him, but quickly sees that there’s no way out of this, and he lets shitty cuddle up to him. ransom and holster’s bravado slowly disappeared as they got drunker and drunker, and they stare up the attic stairs for a while before giving up and crawling into jack’s bed too. bitty tries to stay strong, but he keeps hearing noises in his room and there are so many dark corners, and eventually he takes señor bunny and goes into jack’s room. there’s like four bros all sleeping sideways on the bed, their legs hanging off or tucked into their chest, snuggling against each other. jack opens his eyes and smiles sleepily and gestures for bittle to join them, and bitty squirms his way in the middle of them all and falls asleep feeling happy and warm and safe and not at all scared

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What's the weirdest Avatar thing you ship?

Ohhhh this is a hard question because I have a LOT of weird Avatar ships and I tend to ship things in really weird, specific ways.

I guess I’d have to say Suki/Ty Lee, though. It’s mostly just because my reasoning is so different than most of my other ships.

I’ll explain it under the cut.

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I'm going to talk about how I think Katara's feelings for Aang developed in the series.

This was originally supposed to be a short little blurb, but it grew to an unedited, obnoxious mix of run on sentences, gifs, and random feels.

EDIT: jfc this has been sitting, finished, in my drafts folder for MONTHS and finally I just thought “either delete it or publish it, Lia” and so here it is

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Holllllllyy shit I just checked this blog and noticed for the first time that I had 764 followers hi guys! Sorry I don’t check in much!

For those unaware, my name is Lia (of penguinsledding and kataangprompts fame). I made this blog just so that there would be more Kataang on my dash. I’ve done this with another sideblog before - astridforchief, to be specific. The way it works is that I go on MASSIVE Kataang fanart splurges where I go on Deviantart and find literally hundreds of pieces and queue them. This means that I don’t check this blog or its follower count for months at a time - I just enjoy seeing the fanart again on my dash whenever it posts.

Because I do not create any of the art, it’s very important to me that their artists get their credit. Please, please, please click on the links every once in a while. If a fanart makes you smile or laugh or cry or frown, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell the artist. I’ll sacrifice a reblog, a like, a note if it means that the artist gets a comment to brighten their day. I’m really glad that you all follow this blog, and I’m really glad that I get to help bring some awesome Kataang to you, but don’t forget who’s REALLY working here.

Again, thank you all for following! Drop by my main blog for a chat sometime!

Okay, so I keep seeing people talk about Pearl as Rose’s “lieutenant” but like… this just doesn’t make sense to me

Yeah, Pearl made it seem as though she’s was Rose’s right hand, but we saw that she didn’t have a realistic understanding of their relationship. She also said that Rose told her everything and had no secrets from her, which is obviously untrue.

And it just doesn’t make sense that Pearl would’ve been the second in command. The gems respected Rose and listened to her decisions — if she thought Pearl was the most qualified to lead besides herself, they would still be following her. Also, Pearl’s behavior doesn’t match someone who has always had some degree of authority. Rather, Pearl is constantly turning to Garnet to tell her what to do. So is Amethyst for that matter. So are all of them. Even when you look back to the picture of the four of them in the past, Garnet is clearly framed to be Rose’s strong right arm. She is punching the shark, brave and heroic, while Rose stands regally… and Amethyst and Pearl scramble to grab a human. Not exactly the most lieutenant-y behavior from Pearl.

So what if Pearl was less of Rose’s lieutenant (which has battle/leadership implications) and more of her lady-in-waiting? It fits all the theories about Rose being gem royalty, but it works even without it. And honestly, it makes more sense to me in terms of Pearl’s characterization. She’s fussy and constantly worrying over other people. Her whole life seems dedicated to caring for Steven. When she said “Everything I ever did, I did for her” that didn’t feel like something a lieutenant would say — but it would make sense if she was her lady-in-waiting of sorts. If she were a servant and a friend, someone dedicated not to the home world in general or to the army in general, but to Rose specifically. It would also explain why Rose might’ve been more comfortable confiding in Pearl — Pearl was there during all of her intimate moments and may have been close to her for the longest. Or why she had that special, you don’t have to stay conversation with her — she might’ve been worried Pearl would feel obligated because of her position.

I just think it makes more sense as far as their characterization goes.