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Neduni Stormlance: Shan’do

Shan'do is a title of respect in the language of the Kaldorei meaning honored teacher.

The harsh, bitter chill of the winter air cuts through Neduni’s armor and lashes against her skin. She has never liked the cold, always preferring the warmer climates of southern Pandaria to the snowy peaks of Kun Lai. Trudging through the snow, she fights through the continuing blizzard to reach the Peak once more, the corpse of her Shan’do suspended in the air, following her up the mountain.

She would rather have just leave, forget things had ever come to this, and retreat to isolated combat against the Legion. But for him, for Zan-Wei, she’d deal with the cold. She’d have punched a bear in the face, plunge into the fiery furnace of any stronghold, piss off a dragon. Anything for him.

She’d killed him, or helped do so. She’d held his attention throughout the entire fight, allowing the damned Watchers to finish him off. At least Kathy had enough honor to finish it quickly, even as Zan-Wei cursed the deserters into the ground for their actions. He had fallen down a dark path, and they had needed to end things before more innocents died. Before more people ended up like Marlett.

Expelling a sigh, Neduni moves the body into the fresh mound she…”dug” for her teacher. It was everything short of what he deserved, but she knew the moment she went flashy with his grave, the moment she began designing the tomb he deserved, people would return to deface everything they had tried to build. So, he would get a quiet grave, a small plaque dedicated to the man she knew before Nesrom. The teacher who had won her over after the damned Horde and Alliance blew up Theramore and launched into a full scale world war against each other. The man who had given her purpose after the Alliance had proven unworthy of it.

And she killed him.

Part of her questioned whether this was even right. Should she have stayed loyal, even back during the Nesrom days? Should she have tried to fix it? Would that have saved him from himself, from his ambitions?

Angrily, she shakes her head, knowing that these thoughts will do nothing for her. Zan-Wei is dead. Marlett is dead. Physali and Lia are alive. Worrying about it won’t change things, no matter how much she wants to go back to Stormwind and settle the score…It won’t change things. But her presence might make things somewhat better.

With a sigh, she knees next to the freshly dug grave and brushes away the snow already collecting on the plaque and slams her spear into the grave. Satisfied, she puts on her helmet and rises to her feet once more. Hefting her swords, she walks down the path she came.

Although the snow and wind threaten to blot out the plaque once more, it will take much longer to destroy the words etched on it.

An Honored Teacher.

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“One must be careful with words. For words have the power to change us.” - Cassie Clare The Infernal Devices.

Hey guys! So I did a mini photo shoot today and here are some of the pics! This shoot also reminds me an awful lot of my own book, Blood Bites because of the foresty theme, and also the way I was dressed reminds of me the main character Lia!