lia character

I quick drawing of Lia and Azali I found in my art folder (been super inactive, I know bleh)

this couple is extra cute to me bc when I was working on the comic it was never intended for them to end up together. I just slowly began to ship these two subconsciously lol

role reversal ; avery & lia

continued from [ x ] @queensofthedamned

It felt like hours had gone by since he was tied to his bed. He trusted Lia, and this was a side of himself he rarely showed anyone. She’d been teasing him for what felt like forever, getting him so close only to let go. Avery was losing control, he needed something else and before he could stop himself he was begging her. “Yes,” he moaned, his back arching up off the bed a little. “I’ve been good for you - just like you wanted,” he added, licking his lips from how dry his mouth was. Toes curling and hands fisting together as he squirmed in his restraints, he turned his head in Lia’s direction where her voice was coming from. “God, please Lia? You’re killing me.”



So after a month of going off and on on this video project, I think it’s good enough to call it done! FINALLY.

I could have done this better, but there was a delay in the project-file I didn’t know of until I saw the rendered file. However, I can say that I’m quite happy with the story in this and the little details I added in.

Cherry for playing her character Elizan
JT for playing his characters Akim Blazeheart, Sierra Nightsky and Elizan’s pet Zeph
Jen for playing her characters Lia The Golemancer, Kieran Oakfall and Jezen Ivy

The named characters + many more that were not featured in the video because of obvious reasons (I can’t log in on multiple characters from my own one account) mean a lot to Zethim and has a big role in his life.

Song: “King” by Lauren Aquilina

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Dragon's Lullaby

(So…I made a thing. I am neither singer nor songwriter, my microphone is awful, and Asmodean would probably kill me for crimes against music if this weren’t so far beneath his notice, but the first few lines appeared in my head as I was humming nothing in particular, and then this happened, and apparently I have no dignity left, so here it is).

Dragon’s Lullaby
(A song for Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn)

Dreams of dying, how they haunt you
and dreams of living only taunt you
duty’s mountain heavy lies upon you.
Look to the world that you’re defending
though sometimes you fear that you’re just pretending
Every story has to have its ending.

You must walk this road
face the task that you’ve been set
give all you have and maybe everything you are
You must walk this road
paved with daggers and regrets
you have far to go, but beware you don’t go too far

Order burns to ash and cinder
as lightning shatters the heart of winter
all is balanced, poised to fall and splinter.
A world in chaos all around you
a tide of memory threatening to drown you
in this gathering storm of destruction that surrounds you

Still you must go on
though all your tears have dried
you’ve given all you have; do you even know who you are?
Still you must go on
though all your laughter’s died
With so far to go, have you already gone too far?

A soul turned steel, a land turned sere
the threads of fate entwining
The land to heal, its pain you must bear
the ties of fate are binding

You have looked behind
it’s this past fate that you dread
you have seen the shadows that wait in the night.
You have looked behind
now it’s time to look ahead
to a dawn that’s breaking, to a memory of light. 


“One must be careful with words. For words have the power to change us.” - Cassie Clare The Infernal Devices.

Hey guys! So I did a mini photo shoot today and here are some of the pics! This shoot also reminds me an awful lot of my own book, Blood Bites because of the foresty theme, and also the way I was dressed reminds of me the main character Lia!