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Endless List of Favorite Characters: Princess Arabella Celestine Idris Jezelia (The Remnant Chronicles)

“Who was this girl who thumbed her nose at two kingdoms and did as she pleased?”

Miserable Lester, Part 28: Makin’ Their Way Downtown

In an anticlimactic downer plot twist on par with the revelation that Mabeuf wouldn’t use the money in Valjean’s purse and so just continued to starve to death slowly, it turns out that Gavroche only harbored his younger brothers in the giant elephant statue for a single night. He intended to look after them longer, telling them to meet him back at the elephant later when he left on street urchin business the following day, but they went out and got lost, or were taken in by a traveling circus, or captured by human traffickers, or picked up by the police and thrown into whatever appalling horror you had instead of the itself-pretty-appalling foster care system in Olden France (Oliver Twist-type workhouses for children? orphanages? Fantine grew up in an orphanage, right? I don’t get the sense her childhood was pleasant, but at least she seemed to have turned out all right prior to Tholomyes deadbeat dadding it back to affluent society and leaving her and Cosette to fend for themselves). Or hell, who knows, maybe they both got run over by a cart and died. All the realistic options here are kinda grim and depressing, so until further notice I am just going to pretend that these two little boys were abducted by kindly alien explorer-scientists and raised by them, like reverse Clark Kents or space Mowglis or something.

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i write characters with no beginning nor end. i write people who live long in hearts but die instantly on pages. its not life that i write, its impact that i create. its force driven through the hearts. its what they call feelings. and all connects with it.

I made stickers out of some of my favourite OC’s! The creation of these OC’s range from when I was 10 years old to now. :) I’m sure my younger self would be very happy to see these… 

Characters left to right:

Findroid (recent): An android prince who was searching for the key to open his left eye. He’s been asleep at the bottom of the ocean for quite a long time. 

Lia (recent): A vagabond travelling the land in search of her childhood friend. She records all her adventures and findings in a notebook given to her by her childhood friend. 

Diadum (10 year old me’s oc): Seemingly happy-go-lucky leader of an organization that does good deeds and probably later saves the world from his evil step bro’s organization’s plan of world domination (or destruction). He’s got too many family issues.

Xin & Tian (created in HS): Fraternal twin brothers. Their story changed constantly and I never settled on one, but they were always pitted against each other because of the environment and people around them. Despite it all, they deeply care for each other. 

Lightning Girl (another 10 year old me oc): Leader of a band of orphans who get shipwrecked on an island with a mysterious magical shed and an all girls school. I never developed it further than that lol 

I did a fanart of @cranberry-soap‘s OC, Lias, with my new bab Sheoul~ 

Idk why Lias is terrified or what he’s so scared of, but the big ol’ fluffy samurai will be sure to protect him. (i swear half the time i draw other people’s ocs they’re either terrified or just being cute)

Lias belongs to Cranberry-Soap
Sheoul belongs to Me

tfw your friends get insecure and sad and you’re all just thATS IT. I AM TAKING OVER YOUR BRAIN. THIS IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE. 

[ insert stubborn piglet icon that i don’t have bc i’m at work writing this ooc post bc i’m a fuckin rebel m8s ]

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Why do you think so many people hated season 4 of TW?

For a couple of reasons.
1. No Allison Argent and no worthy tribute to her.
2. St*lia and how Malia’s character was written. This ties into Allison being gone, people didn’t want an abrasive character messing up all the dynamics of the group and didn’t even understand who the pack was missing. 
3. Lydia was sidelined a lot. There was hype for this season that it would be a Lydia-centric season and it was not. The focus was on the Benefactor, fighting assassins and then the subplot of Malia finding out about her father.
4. This is according to @rongasm, who has actually rewatched s4 (unlike me): It’s pacing is very very slow when you’re watching it live but this isn’t as much of a concern when you’re binge watching.
5. The villain made no sense and was anticlimactic. Lydia’s grandma made the list but Meredith started the deadpool because Peter wanted to remake Beacon Hills but what convinced her was Aliison’s death?? Um, what? I almost wish that they’d left out Lydia’s grandmother starting the deadpool list and just had Meredith be a powerful banshee who had a henchman (like Brunski) update the list and send it out.
6. Season 3 was really good and Season 4 was nothing like it.
7. OH and no Isaac Lahey, obviously.

Dragon's Lullaby

(So…I made a thing. I am neither singer nor songwriter, my microphone is awful, and Asmodean would probably kill me for crimes against music if this weren’t so far beneath his notice, but the first few lines appeared in my head as I was humming nothing in particular, and then this happened, and apparently I have no dignity left, so here it is).

Dragon’s Lullaby
(A song for Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn)

Dreams of dying, how they haunt you
and dreams of living only taunt you
duty’s mountain heavy lies upon you.
Look to the world that you’re defending
though sometimes you fear that you’re just pretending
Every story has to have its ending.

You must walk this road
face the task that you’ve been set
give all you have and maybe everything you are
You must walk this road
paved with daggers and regrets
you have far to go, but beware you don’t go too far

Order burns to ash and cinder
as lightning shatters the heart of winter
all is balanced, poised to fall and splinter.
A world in chaos all around you
a tide of memory threatening to drown you
in this gathering storm of destruction that surrounds you

Still you must go on
though all your tears have dried
you’ve given all you have; do you even know who you are?
Still you must go on
though all your laughter’s died
With so far to go, have you already gone too far?

A soul turned steel, a land turned sere
the threads of fate entwining
The land to heal, its pain you must bear
the ties of fate are binding

You have looked behind
it’s this past fate that you dread
you have seen the shadows that wait in the night.
You have looked behind
now it’s time to look ahead
to a dawn that’s breaking, to a memory of light. 



Elliot Murphy just wants to die. He has since he can remember. But, with his newly adopted family’s father out of the picture, one of his sisters causing mayhem and a mother who only can do so much, Elliot doesn’t know where to turn. After all, his therapist says he’s doing great, and he doesn’t want to go back to the hospital.

It isn’t until an old friend, Lia Hernandez, makes a way back into the 16 year old’s life. They have been paired up for an English project– one that requires both of them to open up. 

And that could be the beginnings of a good universe.


Dylan O’Brien as Elliot Murphy
Jessica Kennedy Parker as Beth Murphy* 
Gina Rodriguez as Lia Hernandez*
Reese Witherspoon as Savannah Murphy
Phoebe Tonkin as Orion Murphy
Caleb Mclaughlin as Drew Murphy

* thank you to @charlotteroleplays & @thefrogprincesswrites for letting me borrow Beth and Lia, two characters who are vital to Elliot’s story!

** also, before y’all jump on me, Lia doens’t fix Elliot!! She is not there for that trope, or any trope for that matter. I know how it ends though, and he isn’t miraculously fixed!!