Você disfarça a tristeza com apenas um sorriso e veja bem, ele é maravilhoso.
—  Minha casa na árvore.

In Skull Woods, Lorule.

“You know, whenever I used to just lounge around… I would think how I’m just a tiny speck in a great, big world. And I still believe that I’m a teeny, tiny, little speck in a world that’s SO much bigger than I ever thought! But even a speck can change the world if he puts his heart into it.” - Ravio

Character : Ravio from The Legend of Zelda : A Link between Worlds (female version)
Cosplay by : galactixa (me) | FB page
Photography : paredeserik | FB page

Não é fácil parar
De te querer
De te amar
De te ter
E de ser nós.
—  Minha casa na árvore.