People are just boycotting Ghostbusters because girls are playing it, but imagine this

What if when the trailers came out, they didn’t show any of the girls. What if they just showed the ghosts and Chris Hemsworth? Like people would think he’s the main dude and then when they went to go see it they find out all the ghostbusters were girls. Imagine how angry they would be. Imagine how many guys would go back to the ticket counters demanding to get refunds and being refused them. Imagine how much more money the movie would’ve made. Imagine all the piss babies. I would’ve been so happy.

“Chris Hemsworth’s character in Ghostbusters was so useless! He was stupid and he was just there as eye-candy for the female audience! And he was the only male lead character!”

Dear haters:

Does it bother you when the only lead character in a show who’s the same gender as you is brainless useless eye-candy

Does it

Does it really

That must be so terrible for you 

#Repost @chrishemsworth with @repostapp ・・・ @melissamccarthy is the strongest women in the world, often in moments of joy she would pick me up like this and the combination of her powerful grip on my foot and my incredible core strength we would hold this pose for hours sometimes days. Go check out @ghostbusters in cinemas now !! #ghostbusters #strongwomen #teamwork

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