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On this day 130 years ago sir Arthur Conan Doyle first published A study in scarlet.

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It’s Not Lupus


Summary: You need to take Sherlock, your boyfriend, to the doctor because he’s sick. You cannot ask John to examine him since he’s on holidays with Mary and Rosie so you resort to the best doctor you know, your father Dr. Gregory House.

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader (ft. Dr. House)

Title: ‘It’s Not Lupus’

Content: Lines from House M.D. / Humour

Warning: Mild swearing

Word count: 1.972

A/N: Ok, thank you for the opinions, guys!! Now, if you’re going to read this USE YOUR IMAGINATION, please. It makes everything funnier. I really miss Greg, I hope I made justice to the character.

PS: If you wanna die laughting, please listen to “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” by The Rolling Stones while reading and looking at this marvellous GIF.

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You were both walking down the corridor. “John said I would be alright,” Sherlock lied.

“You didn’t even call him. Actually, I wanted to call him yesterday and the line was dead, so shut up,” you snapped.

“For the last time Y/N, I’m alright. I’m just sneezing,” he complained. “I don’t need to get examined.”  

“Please, Sherlock. It’s for your own sake. Don’t make mention your high temperature, your coughing,” you sighed. “Just gave him a chance,” you said and gave you a faint nod.

You turned around the corner of the corridor and walked towards the first office. The door was closed, with a notice stuck on it that said: “GO AWAY”. Sherlock’s eyes narrowed as if he could not believe you made him come to the hospital and not get examined.

You didn’t mind whether your father was busy or not, you wanted your boyfriend to get examined for his own sake – or yours. Since Sherlock got sick, he has gotten utterly unbearable.

Taking a deep breath you opened the office door.

“Hello, sick people,” he said as soon as he heard the door open. The radio was on, he was listening to ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ by The Rolling Stones while pretending to play guitar on his flaming cane and singing along. “You must be joking,” he breathed as you looked at your father incredulously.

He turned around to face you two. “Trust me, this is all real,” he shouted and then with the cane turned the radio off. “So, Wilson said you called. The bastard told me you wanted to come around,” he gradually turned his gaze to Sherlock, “and I now I see why.”

“Dad, this is-” your voice trailed off when your boyfriend cut you off.

“Oh, Dr House, I’ve heard your name a several times,” he stretched his hand out to him so they could shake hands. Your father glanced at you noticing that you were giving him a faint smile.

“Most of the people have. It’s also a noun,” he said and shook hands with Sherlock, who rolled his eyes. The sarcasm and those jokes that go too far, they were so typical coming from a man like him.

“Sherlock Holmes,” he introduced himself. ”Your limb,” Sherlock tilted his head to your father’s leg. House looks down at his leg and the cane danced awkwardly. “It’s psychosomatic, I assume” he said.

“Not this time, Sherlock,” you corrected him.

“Right,” the doctor vaguely said. He sourly walked to his desk and tossed the ‘Flame Cane’ to the side. He slowly fell into his chair. “It’s a long story, buddy. I don’t think you’d like to hear it,” he pursed his lips.

Sherlock sat down on one of the chairs opposite the doctor’s and crossed his legs, his hands were clasped. “Oh, I insist,” he replied.

You rolled your eyes and joined them. “You should better shut up,” you snapped and Sherlock glanced at you perplexed.

House leaned his back against the backrest and folded arms. “I’m sorry?” he frowned.

“He had his dead muscle surgically removed. Although this most likely saved his life, it left him with permanent intense pain in his right leg,” you informed. “Months later, he became addicted to Vicodin.”

“There you go,” he finger pointed at you, though you were glaring at him.

“You’re still taking the pills,” you said through gritted teeth.

As much as you could deny it, you were used to live surrounded by a certain kind of people. That kind of people that would break the rules just to be right, knowing that they might die trying. Your dad and your boyfriend for example; always exposing themselves to dangerous situations.

“Interesting,” he grinned. “Then, I suppose we could get to an agreement,” he said and clasped his hands. “I’ll get you Vicodin if you get me Cocaine,” he said. The corners of House’s mouth turned up as if he was interested in the offer.

“Oh, for goodness’ sakes! We’re here because you’re sick, Sherlock,” you cried out making him jump a little. Turning to your father, you ask him.“Could you just please examine him?”

“Seriously? Do I have to examine him to tell you that it’s just the flu?” He said. Swallowing profanities, you sat there shut down.“Oh. I can make some tea. Y/N, told me-”

“No, thanks. I’m not that stupid. I know you’d drug me,” Sherlock replied with sass.

“Ok, it’s official. You’ve got a problem,” he pointed at the detective.

The phone rang all of a sudden. House checked the caller ID and heaved a deep sigh. You and Sherlock exchanged gazes.

He put it on speaker but before he could answer, Wilson blurted out. “House, did you just fake cancer to get high?”

“You what?!” you shouted and frowned incomprehension. “Oh, my God!” You gripped with a sense of suffocation and panic as you buried your face in your hands.

“Is that Y/N?” he asked, his voice full of excitement.

“Piss off, I’ve got a headache,” he shouted and hung up.

Sherlock scoffed. “Oh, come on, cancer? That’s the best you can do? I pretended to be dead for two years!” Mockery crept into his voice tone.

“Sherlock-,” You spoke up again but were interrupted.

House leaned forwards the desk and support his arms on it. “Pretend to be dead? Sorry, genius, not such a big deal,” he pouted sarcastically. “Get a pathologist, pay them and scuttle for a two years. Well done,” he mocked and gave thumbs up to him. Sherlock, confused, began mumbling gibberish you both couldn’t understand. “How’s your relationship? Huh? How is it going?” He looked at you and then fixed eyes on Sherlock. “I suppose you’ve already got that when she’s angry, she gets sarcastic. When she’s annoyed, she’s funny,” he paused and sighed. Sherlock frowned and quickly glanced at you. Your mouth clamped shut, lips drawn in a bloodless gash while your arms were folded. He went on, “But when she’s frustrated, she gets pissy.”

You glowered at your father as if you wanted to punch him right in the face. “May I speak to you privately?” You finally asked. He turned gaze to you, nodded and gestured down a corridor to the large, well-lit office. Sherlock watched you walk out of the small yet comfy office.

Once outside, you turned to him. Eyes slightly darker now, you trailed one of your hands to your hip. “Could you please stop it?” you snapped.

“Oh, what? Is he going to run away?” he joked.  “Would you like to get a drink?“ You didn’t said a word. “No, I’m serious. I drink, you drink. We could do it at the same time, same table. Father and daughter, together. Again. Do you eat? We could do that too.”

“Look, I know you hate him.”

He looked down at you. “No. I’ve never said that. I don’t hate him,” he said as he waved his hands in the air.

“Then what the hell is wrong with you?!” you shouted gesturing with your hands. Everyone’s eyes were now on you, your cheeks turned red.

“Good,” he said and gave you a slight nod. “You know how to get everyone’s attention. I wonder myself if you learned that from me.” He played with his can, looked down and then began walking towards his surgery again. “Now if you excuse me I’ve got an arse in my office and I’d like to resume the talk we were both having,” he said.

As he limped painfully into the office while leaning all his weight on his cane, your father saw Sherlock holding a file in his hands. House gave him a dirty look. “Would you be a love and close the blinds? It’s too bright in here. My eyes are burning,” he said sarcastically trying not to jump on Sherlock just because he took his patient’s file.

“It’s not lupus,” he randomly deadpanned.

“What?” House jumped and marched over to him.

“I said that it cannot be lupus. Here says ‘lupus’.” Sherlock showed him the file. House smirked for a second. “It’s not lupus. Whose stupid idea was that?”

“That’s my case. Get yours, chap,” he said and took the folder from Sherlock’s hands. The detective off-lined momentarily, his eyes flickered between him and mid-air. “It’s the best Cuddy gave me until now. Have you been reading?” Seriousness lurked in the depths of his eye while rereading the file again.

You face-palmed. “Sherlock, what are you doing? You’re not a doctor.”

“I’ve got bored,” his voice was monotonous and there was no expression on his face. “I’m a graduate chemist. Couldn’t resist myself,” he said and your father looked at him surprised. A chemist and a detective, what a surprise; yet he’s not better than me, he thought. “She’s six; tiny. She lives on chicken fingers and milk. Her father doesn’t look like the type to read labels. He’s probably buying stuff packed full of hormones,” he spit out.

“It must be a tumour,” they both said simultaneously and then shared looks. That was a quite strange moment.

“Tumour? What tumour? H-How?” you broke out. You leaned forwards the desk and tried to reach the phone. “Dammit! Give me the damn phone, I’m calling Cuddy,” you said angrily.

House was fast. Fast enough to put a hand onto yours to make you leave the phone on its place. “Sorry, darling. Watch your mouth,” he looked at you.

“Grow up!” You yelled through gritted teeth. A vein was popping out from your neck. You finally gave up and took the hand off the phone.

Suddenly, you all could hear a phone buzz. It was the detective’s one, he got a text. Sherlock’s eyes widened when he read the message and grinned in excitement. Your father looked at him confused. “Good news. Excellent, in fact,” he said giving you a smile.

House spoke, trying to get your attention. “Are you two getting married?” He said and gave a smug look at your disbelief.

“Lestrade has a case. Scotland Yard in an hour, let’s go.” He said as he began putting on his trench coat and his cosy blue scarf.

“Are you two leaving just like this?” He shoved his hand into his pocket and took out a bottle with Vicodin pills. Sherlock’s blue eyes were now observing his moves.

“Are you even working?” You gave him a sarcastic look.

House throws a Vicodin up in the air and catches it in his mouth. “I did not even prescribe him medicine.”

“Uh, then, Cuddy will,” you snorted a laugh. “Will you take care?”


“Just texting the sentence ‘I’m fine’ would make enough. Would you do that?” you asked him with a tender look.

“I’m not fine as in fine, but fine as in ‘you don’t have to worry about me’,” he confessed.

“Well, I’m sorry but I will always worry about you,” you muttered softly and rushed out the office so you could catch Sherlock, who left without bothering to say goodbye.

Wilson walked along the corridor and immediately spotted House. He walked up to him.

He pointed at him with anger. “Hey, that was not funny. I talked with Cuddy, you owe me a huge one,” he fumed but House ignored him.“Oh. So, what are you gonna do with this one?” He asked as he watched you and Sherlock walking down the corridor.

House kept his eyes on you two as he thought. “He said it was not lupus,” he finally said.

Wilson began to look at him in surprise “Oh, that’s…new,” he pursed his lips. “Anyway, that means you’re going to kick his ass out?”

“Give him time, Wilson,“ he said as he put an arm around Wilson’s shoulders and then walked away.

James, with a puzzled face, turned to him. “Sorry?” He asked but there was no answer, as usual. “House,” he yelled with the hope that his friend would turn around and explain him what did he mean with that. “What are you doing?”

“Moving on,” replied House. “In the direction of my office where I’ve got some extra pills.” Wilson chuckled.

  • Brain: Hey, you need to publish that Sherlolly fic that you've been procrastinating about.
  • Me: What? No way. I'm already writing two multi chaptered stories and I still have three one shots to publish.
  • Brain: Er, make that seven one shots. I added a few more yesterday while you were on the toilet.
  • Me: Oh, my God.

Brand New Pictures from Sherlocked Oct 2017 Pt 55 - Museum & Costume pictures Pt 23 - Sherlock modern outfit close-ups - These are my photos, so please do not repost Anywhere. You may make Edits with these if you wish, but please put a link to this post as credit, thanks!

Sherlocked 2017 Photos here: (Rupert Graves Talk) (Pt 2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22), (Sian & Louise Talk) (Pt 2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10), Rupert Quotes here: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10), Museum & Costume pics: (Mycroft painting) (Thatcher bust) (Culverton Suit) (Pt 2) (Molly S4 Outfit) (Eurus Prison outfit) (Faith’s Red Dress) (Display Box 1 Pt 1) (Pt 2) (Display Box 2 Pt 1) (Pt 2) (Pt 3) (221B Burnt stuff) (Culverton Smith Props) (Paintings Galore) (Signs Pt 1) (Pt 2), Memories here: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18), (Greg audio clip / translation), (Sherlock wigs) (Hair & Make-up inc new pics), (All Sherlocked posts)

First Snow

Sherlock X Molly- fluff, no warnings

This one-shot is for my 4000 hits celebration, the prompt was first snow by @stlgeekgirl. Sorry it took me four forevers to get it posted, it’s been a crazy few weeks, but here it finally is. Hope you like it!

Originally posted by lematworks


Sherlock bolted upright, nearly toppling out of bed. A rather sweet dream was suddenly interrupted and he let out an annoyed huff in response but quickly redirected that annoyance at how cold it had become. Reaching for his dressing robe he padded across the room muttering to himself, “S'bloody freezing.”

That annoyance quickly faded to worry, though as Molly screeched, “Sherlock… come quick!” He dashed down the hall and into the sitting room, stumbling over his own feet in his haste, to where he found Molly standing with her back to him and came up short, suddenly terrified of what might be wrong. “Molly?” he intoned cautiously approaching, “What is it?”

His shoulders relaxed, the worry melting away quickly as she looked back over her shoulder and smiled dazzlingly, “It’s snowing!” Molly bounced on her feet with excitement, “The first snow of the season, it’s so beautiful, isn’t it Sher?” She sighed softly hugging her arms around herself.

Sherlock took in her slightly flushed cheeks and the twinkle in her eyes with a little smile. He couldn’t resist coming over to slip his arms around her waist pulling her back to his chest as they gazed through the window together at the soft white flakes drifting to and fro.

He took a deep breath watching Molly as she watched the snow and whispered, “Yes, beautiful…” Molly looked up at him and smiled blushing slightly, “It’s cold though, how about we have a nice hot cuppa?” Nodding in agreement Sherlock went over and tossed wood into the fireplace to kindled it as Molly filled the teapot and placed it on the stove.

When the tea was finished brewing, Molly took a warm sip, then came over and settled on his lap curling into his warmth before the fire. Sherlock let out a contented sigh this time and held her closer pulling a blanket around them as they watched the flames flicker and dance and the first snow continued to fall outside.


Brand New Pictures from Sherlocked Oct 2017 Pt 54 - Museum & Costume pictures Pt 22 - Sherlock modern outfit Pt 1 - These are my photos, so please do not repost Anywhere. You may make Edits with these if you wish, but please put a link to this post as credit, thanks!

Sherlocked 2017 Photos here: (Rupert Graves Talk) (Pt 2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22), (Sian & Louise Talk) (Pt 2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10), Rupert Quotes here: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10), Museum & Costume pics: (Mycroft painting) (Thatcher bust) (Culverton Suit) (Pt 2) (Molly S4 Outfit) (Eurus Prison outfit) (Faith’s Red Dress) (Display Box 1 Pt 1) (Pt 2) (Display Box 2 Pt 1) (Pt 2) (Pt 3) (221B Burnt stuff) (Culverton Smith Props) (Paintings Galore) (Signs Pt 1) (Pt 2), Memories here: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18), (Greg audio clip / translation), (Sherlock wigs) (Hair & Make-up inc new pics), (All Sherlocked posts)

The Devil Came to 221 B - Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Requested by @thefandomfairy567 : Can you do a sherlock x reader were the reader is dating sherlock in secret and irene adler starts flirting with sherlock and the reader gets jealous so she roasts irebe and kisses Sherlock?

Beta’d by the ever beautiful @cute-mirei  

Note : I changed it up a bit, Love, I hope you don’t mind. And I hope I gave what you asked for. I had fun writing this, too! Thanks for requesting!

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Originally posted by senshitracey

Y/n L/n and Sherlock Holmes has been together for the better half of a year. But of course, no one knows, Sherlock had asked to keep it all hushed, for his reasons. And Y/n never minded, it made the moments when they were alone even more special. She’s had her doubts, on many occasions, but Sherlock had always reassured her. And even though he could be quite a prick, he had his head in the right place.

But now, Y/n wished she had made it known, she knows she should have, but she wanted Sherlock to feel comfortable. She didn’t want to push him out of his norm, or push him away for that matter.

But would it have made a difference?

Sherlock is a handsome guy, nothing could beat those dark curls, high cheekbones and eyes you can’t really tell the color of. He was bound to turn heads, especially the head of this devil.

Y/n had been around when Irene Adler was a threat. A threat to British Royalty and her potential love life. She and Sherlock hadn’t been together at the time, but boy did she hate her. With her pretty face and perfect body and her great hair. She was sure that after that dilemma Sherlock wouldn’t have bothered to look at her once. But then she was no longer an issue, or so Y/n thought.

Y/n and Sherlock had come back from a lovely evening; dinner and a walk by the Thames. They had talked about finally letting everyone know and joking about the possible reactions of their friends. But a perfect evening turned to a nightmare when they found the Devil herself in their flat. Dressed in a form fitting black dress, dark hair falling elegantly over her exposed right shoulder, a smile on her blood red lips.

“Hello, Sherlock,”

Y/n felt her stomach churn at the sound of her sultry voice, dripping with liquid seduction. Sherlock seemed surprised, at seeing her there, as she was supposed to be out of the country and out of their hairs for good. Y/n takes off her coat, eyeing Irene coldly. Sherlock was the first to speak, walking towards the woman, “What are you doing here?” he asks, Y/n couldn’t see his expression from where she stood a few steps behind him and she couldn’t guess it. “Now is that anyway to treat an old friend?” Irene asks, taking a step towards him as well.
“What are you doing back in England?” Sherlock asks, unmoving and Y/n watches the scene with uncertainty. She couldn’t help but feel that burning sensation in her chest, as she smiled up her boyfriend. One that made her clench her fist and grit her teeth and made her want to throw Irene down the stairs. “You never answered my texts,” Y/n watched as Irene walked around so that she could clearly see Sherlock’s face.

“I had no reason to,” Even as Sherlock said this, Y/n saw something in Sherlock’s eyes, the way he was looking at her. Like he was seeing her for the first time all over again.

Y/n closes her eyes, and takes a breath.

“So, now that I’m here. Let’s have dinner,” Y/n eyes opens at that and she looks between the both of them, the burning in her chest only escalating. “And, perhaps, pick up where we left off.” She says suggestively, she had her hand on Sherlock’s arm, and Sherlock… she could tell he was thinking.

He wouldn’t dare consider that offer.

Y/n clears her throat loudly, reminding them both that she is actually there. Trying to remind Sherlock that she is there. She was staring at Irene though, her e/c eyes narrowed dangerously.
“First of all, you’re not welcomed here.” Y/n says coldly, “And second, no. He would not like to go to dinner. I don’t appreciate you trying to work your charm on my boyfriend. Now if you don’t mind,” Y/n steps away from the open door, pointing out, “Get out." 
Y/n feels Irene’s blue eyes scan her form, and the woman laughs, looking back at Sherlock. "Oh, I like her, and I could see why you do, too. She’s feisty,” she smiles, “Can I keep her?”

Get. Out.” Y/n seethes, watching as Irene chuckles, clicking her tongue against her teeth. “I’d keep a close eye on this one, Sherlock.” Those were her last words before she walks out the door, and Y/n closes it harshly behind her. She closes her eyes and takes a few breaths. “Y/n,” she hears Sherlock call, without looking at him, she walks through the kitchen, towards their shared bedroom.
“Y/n.” Sherlock had a grip on her arm now, she refused to turn and look at him. She didn’t want him to see the tears that had already fallen. “Look at me, please?”
Y/n turns around and looks up at him, “Why are you crying?”

“You were actually considering her offer,” Y/n says, her teeth worrying at her bottom lip. Sherlock’s eyebrows furrow in confusion, “You know I… ”

“–No, no. Don’t say that. Because if you say you weren’t, then you’d be lying to me.” Y/n sighs, closing her eyes for a brief moment, “It took you very long to notice,”

“Notice what?”

Me.” Y/n smiles sadly, “And it only took a matter of seconds for you to notice Irene Adler when she walked into a room wearing absolutely nothing. I could lose you just as fast,” Y/n whispers the last part, afraid that if she spoke any louder, her greatest fear would come to life and she just be
left there. “You silly girl,” Sherlock says with a chuckle, “She means nothing to me,”

Y/n feels Sherlock’s thumbs wipe at her damp cheeks, “You think I’d take one look at her and I’d leave you,” Y/n nods and Sherlock chuckles again, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her to him. “Then who would I have to get jealous when another woman even thinks to look my way?”
“I wasn’t jealous.” Y/n states, smiling because she was, and there’s no point in hiding it when Sherlock already knows. Like she’s mentioned, she’s had her doubts, and right now, doubt is clouding her mind. But, Sherlock had always reassured her, and she doesn’t think that Irene Adler would ever be a problem. “Yes you were,” Sherlock says seriously, looking down at her, “And I don’t want you to worry your pretty little mind over silly things such as Irene Adler.”
Y/n sniffles a bit as Sherlock tilts her head upwards and kisses her sweetly, “Okay?”


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Brand New Pictures from Sherlocked Oct 2017 Pt 50 - Museum & Costume pictures Pt 18 - Pilot 221B Baker Street model Sets - These are my photos, so please do not repost Anywhere. You may make Edits with these if you wish, but please put a link to this post as credit, thanks!

These models are from the pilot, the structure of 221B was changed somewhat or the actual series, I’ve tried to highlight the changes and things to note in the first 2 pictures. Also - Holmes & Watson’s flat!!!!!

Sherlocked 2017 Photos here: (Rupert Graves Talk) (Pt 2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22), (Sian & Louise Talk) (Pt 2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10), Rupert Quotes here: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10), Museum & Costume pics: (Mycroft painting) (Thatcher bust) (Culverton Suit) (Pt 2) (Molly S4 Outfit) (Eurus Prison outfit) (Faith’s Red Dress) (Display Box 1 Pt 1) (Pt 2) (Display Box 2 Pt 1) (Pt 2) (Pt 3) (221B Burnt stuff) (Culverton Smith Props) (Paintings Galore) (Signs Pt 1) (Pt 2), Memories here: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18), (Greg audio clip / translation), (Sherlock wigs) (Hair & Make-up inc new pics), (All Sherlocked posts)

While I love reading about Sherlock Holmes, it is rather painful sometimes. 

For example, The Sherlock Holmes Book seems great, but it also describes Doyle as “robustly heterosexual” …

Then, later on, he says that the relationship of Bunny and Raffles (A.W. Hornung’s amiable criminals inspired by Holmes and Watson) is “faintly homoerotic,” but hastens to assure his readers that this is “quite unlike the brisk bachelor sexlessness of Holmes and Watson’s affection for each other.”

I mean he’s entitled to his own opinion and all, but really …