Just got braces today! they hurt like a bitch! But now i have a LI2P! Iit2 2o fuckiing awe2ome! did ii mention ii got them iin red and blue? ii dont thiink ii diid! 

for all normal people/ non home2tucker2 who are completely confu2ed by thii2 all ii have two 2ay ii2 dont worry bout iit bro.


OKAY SO I KNOW ALMOST NO ONE WILL READ THIS! but come oooon. so whenever anyone voices Eridan, they do the wweh thing with how he writes. like instead of saying ” water ” they say ” w-water ” well WHAT ABOUT SOLLUX!!!!!! he doesnt just li2p! he stutters his i’s and shiiz! why doesnt anyone say things like ” i-in ” instead of ” in “! like why isnt this a thing! this is stupid I know. bet really, he already has a lisp. so he is already known for having speech problems! so! ERIDAN ISNT SPECIAL! Rant over