Chloe Elizabeth Price (1994-2013) is the daughter of Joyce and William Price. A resident of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, she is the childhood friend of Max Caulfield. Chloe lost her father in 2008 to a car accident and dealt with the hardships of her loss on her own after Max left for Seattle and her mother remarried to former soldier, David Madsen. Before her expulsion from Blackwell Academy, Chloe met and later fell in love with a girl named Rachel Amber. Six months before the return of Max Caulfield, Rachel disappeared. Chloe maintained a search for Rachel following the closure of the Arcadia Bay Police Department investigation. When Max returns to Arcadia Bay, Chloe is shot and killed by Nathan Prescott, a member of the Prescott Family. Her death triggers Max’s ability to time travel and rekindles their friendship. The two begin a search for Rachel together after Max deduces that her disappearance was connected to the bullying of Kate Marsh. Their search eventually unearthed the serial abduction of young women and the grave of Rachel Amber, who had been killed by her kidnapper. A vengeful Chloe is later shot in the head by Rachel’s killer, Mark Jefferson.


When Lizzie dropped those pictures


That’s my Angel. Don’t usually like people knowing about her.

starsapphics  asked:

what I wanna know is, does Katie's mom know about the whole Pidge thing? I would think she wouldn't but then how the hell was Katie able to get into the garrison without her mom knowing?

Hi @starsapphics

While the show doesn’t say one way or the other, my HC is that Katie’s mom is totally in the dark about her plans to sneak into the Garrison. She thinks Katie is still going to school in her extremely expensive and world-renown boarding school for STEM students. She’s sad that Katie doesn’t come home on the weekends to visit her, but she saw that she cut her hair and thinks it’s an angry phase that she’ll grow out of. Her counselor tells her that everyone mourns differently, and that she needs to give Katie time to heal.

Whether Trump wins, or Hillary Wins...I am not worried. Black people have been surviving for centuries. Ya’ll can’t stop us - no matter which oppressors you choose next. Africans adapt. It is one of our many talents.With each face of evil the world shows us, we learn and we move forward. Ch.

Fuck the bullshit.

Alex Rider: The TV series? Anthony Horowitz reveals he’s in talks to bring his teen spy to television

“Not the big [screen] - back to television! Which, when you think about it, is absolutely the natural place now for him to be. I think the chances of it happening in the near future are quite high.”

Horowitz is also writing an 11th Alex Rider book, explaining that it’s all part of “rekindling the brand” ahead of the TV project.