When I first started doing freelance social media strategy, a website owner reached out to me about managing his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since I was just starting out, my hourly rate was pretty low, but he still thought it was too high.

Client: Instead of me paying you per hour, why don’t I pay you per $20 per every hundred new followers you get for me? So, if you get me 500 new Facebook or Twitter followers, I’ll pay you $100.

Me: The best way to grow your followers is to have a strategic and holistic social media plan involving audience analysis and a social media content calendar. There would be quite a bit of upfront work before we could expect to see a spike in followers. Furthermore, the number of followers isn’t really as important as the rate of engagement is.

Client: What do you mean?

Me: Well, I could easily go onto and pay five bucks to get you a thousand Twitter followers, but they’re just empty profiles. What really matters is if they’re engaging with you via social media, if they’re clicking through to your website to make a purchase, or if they’re favoriting, retweeting, or otherwise sharing your content with their own followers. 

Client: Wait a second. Do you mean that I could go that that site and buy a thousand Twitter followers for five bucks?

Me: Yes, but they’re just fake profiles, not potential customers-

Client: (interrupting) Then why would I pay you $xx per hour? You’ve got a real racket going on, and I’m no sucker. I’m just going to use instead.

Whoever turns his heart to Allah, Allah responds by turning the people’s hearts towards him.

One Direction - Good Morning America Interview (August 4, 2015)


TFW you get invited to your first modelling gig and some pricks are trying to jack your style but then they turn out to be your favourite footballers so instead of getting mad tears come.