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♫ Tale as old as time~ Song as old as rhyme~ Hanners and McCree~ ♫

This is a self indulgent AU. I just wanted to draw young Hanners in a creampuff dress. This is what happens when @homobench and I end up making a batb AU. 


So ! Since so much people liked our work on Chloe’s letters, and we loved to work on it together, we decided to do some others projects like this !

Here’s our first project ! “Arcadia Bay Pirates”, it’ll tell the story about young Max and Chloe !
To start this, here’s the cover and the first page of it ! We hope you’ll like it ! <3</p>

(PS : If you see errors, spelling mistakes/canon mistakes, don’t hesitate to tell it to us ! We’re french, so it can be difficult sometimes :) )

Fan art : Me
Writter : @ashleyaddams

There’s something wounded about her, if you ask me.
—  Big Little Lies

I began reading books when I was 9-10 ish. And I seem to be stuck in this genre for teens and young adults that involves adventure, mystery, magic and a touch of darkness. Some people have told me I should “graduate” from these “children’s books”, but I don’t really find it all that strange to still be reading these? it seems like an unnecessary pain to force myself to read anything that doesn’t come as a natural interest. Besides, a book series updates like, what? once a year? Of course I get older along with the book series, I can’t just quit just because I’m “too old” for it now? The adventure isn’t done or over yet!

And it is interesting to see how these stories has had an impact on my life, and the stories I make myself now \9u9/♥

Whoever wants to share the books they like and love!


MD: Early on, Bryan and I had the idea that Zuko would travel with a mentor figure. For a while, we thought he was just Zuko’s sifu, a teacher with a gruff personality who trained Zuko in Firebending. It wasn’t until we wrote the premiere episode that we thought the story would be more interesting if Zuko’s sifu was actually his uncle, though his personality didn’t evolve much. It was Aaron Ehasz who brought a softer side to the writing of Uncle’s character. And later, when we cast Mako as Uncle’s voice, he added another layer of wisdom, compassion, and some unexpected humor that made Uncle one of the most beloved characters on the show. Key animation by Jung Hye Young. Concepts by Li Hong, Bryan Konietzko, and Aaron Alexovich.