li ya release

anonymous asked:

if you could change the code, which skills on beam, bars and floor would be decrease or increase in value?

Beam - Sheep jump would be a D, every split jump skill would go down a letter (split jump A, split jump half B, etc.), the Grigoras would be put back in the code and given an F, front pikes and any skill requiring a ring position would be devalued more easily, double front dismount would be a G

Bars - piked jeager a D, Li Ya release an F, laid out jeager an E, get rid of the cap on releases and transitions and make the Komova I, Seitz, and Bhardwaj all F skills and the endo full in L grip an F, potentially downgrade the full in dismount to a C since there’s no D dismount requirement anymore and full-ins are SO common (even in NCAA) and too many routines use the stalder/toe on full+full in for an extra .1 in CV.

Floor - DOUBLE DOUBLE A G, more strict on crediting FTDLOs, front 2.5 twist an F, back 3.5 twist a G, back double tuck a C, front double pike a G