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Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban
She appears to have been confused about arrests of two Iraqi men in Bowling Green, Ky., in 2013 for plotting to ship money and weapons for terrorism in Iraq.

The bigger the lie, or pack of lies, the more people will believe it!


Old Nine Gates : The Nine Gates of Changsha

– If you want to do business in Changsha, you have to choose between one of these nine powers.

The Three Upper Gates are officials/aristocrats. They are constituted of Zhang Qi Shan (1), Er Yue Hong (2), and Ban Jie Li (3)

The Three Middle Gates have a reputation as criminals. They are Chen Pi A Si (4), Wu Lao Gou (5), and Hei Bei Lao Liu (6)

The Three Lower Gates are merchants. They are constituted of  Huo Jin Xi (7), Qi Tie Zui (8), and Xiao Xie Jiu (9)

Everyone should watch Lao Jiu Men/The Mystic Nine! 

(◕ᴗ◕✿) I have the softest spot for Ba Ye/Qi Tie Zui, but each of the nine gates are endearing and the concept is a-ma-zing

i did a bunch of idol bois in harts : ‘ )

happy valentines!

• stanley lied about being banned in nj (there was no x on the map)
• shermie is in his 40s, which isn’t exactly prime grandpa age
• this continues to prove that the kids don’t know anything about their father’s family because the existence of stanley pines was a surprise
• if anyone left this episode believing stanley, then CONGRATS you’re trusting a professional liar ;) remember that this is only the first of stan’s mistakes from his past coming to light :)))

Mixed martial arts – once a disorganized, unregulated Fight Club that sold itself as (i.e. lied about) being “banned in 49 states” – is now big, big business. The UFC alone is worth anywhere from one to three billion dollars, and secondary markets like Invicta FC and Bellator also do very well for themselves. But unlike juggernauts like baseball and football, MMA has been a public darling for barely a decade. As such, many people don’t know a damned thing about it. That’s why we spoke with Dallas Mann and Terrence Chan, two MMA fighters who have learned some very interesting things about the world’s latest head-punching craze.

Stink Is A Weapon: 5 Facts Of MMA Fighting (Not Seen On TV)

It is almost impossible to join the mainstream media without getting a BA in journalism. One might think that this is done to ensure that the “cub report” has learned the basic technical skills needed for the job. It’s not. It is to ensure that the new kids have been indoctrinated into the correct mindset. that they think right.

Objective reporting seems to be passe. Now, the kids are given a lot of ideas about “social responsibility” and other buzzwords that sound awfully close to thought control in a do-good disguise. The indications are the current crop of reporters are being taught not to tell us what happened, but how to think and feel about it, and how to put the event in a context of right and wrong. Inclinations, feelings, not facts. The distortion of reality if doesn’t fit the program. White lies. Gentle lies, and in some guises with “hated” personalities, vicious lies.

—  Secret and Suppressed: Banned Ideas & Hidden History, edited by Jim Keith; Introduction by Jim Keith, pg. 3