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so you are telling me that you had to feed your own child, that you had by your own volition? wow what a lucky child to not be murdered by starvation on purpose! They should bow to you and never hold you responsible for any kind of damage you cause to them, because after all, you didn’t kill them, and you could have! You should always get credit for not murdering your child, as murdering them is the norm! You say you also gave them a roof over their head? You mean to tell me you already had a home, and your blessed kind soul, you didn’t kick your own child out to die on the street? And your child still tries to make you feel bad for traumatizing them? Wow what an ungrateful monster, it’s clear from your insane amount of sacrifice that you had the right to do whatever you want to them, after all they’re your property, and not alive human being who has the right to survival and resources and safety from harm! You gave them clothing also? Well then you are a parent of the year, how will your child ever repay you this enormous service of being allowed to own clothing, it wouldn’t have reflected bad on you at all if you forced them to walk around wearing nothing when it was clear you could have afforded them clothes!

Sharing resources and providing living place to your children is the bare minimum, and your fucking duty. You owe that to your children. If you want credit for that much, you shouldn’t have had children at all. If you think not murdering, starving and humiliating your child is something you can hold as a leverage to threaten them, make them feel guilty, make them feel like they owe you, and force them to repay you, you’re not a parent, you’re holding your children hostage. You’re a burden on their lives, and a fucking parasite who should be disposed of. All that you own should belong to your children immediately.

me looking at the new nendroids but knowing i won’t be able to afford them
Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban
She appears to have been confused about arrests of two Iraqi men in Bowling Green, Ky., in 2013 for plotting to ship money and weapons for terrorism in Iraq.

The bigger the lie, or pack of lies, the more people will believe it!


Old Nine Gates : The Nine Gates of Changsha

– If you want to do business in Changsha, you have to choose between one of these nine powers.

The Three Upper Gates are officials/aristocrats. They are constituted of Zhang Qi Shan (1), Er Yue Hong (2), and Ban Jie Li (3)

The Three Middle Gates have a reputation as criminals. They are Chen Pi A Si (4), Wu Lao Gou (5), and Hei Bei Lao Liu (6)

The Three Lower Gates are merchants. They are constituted of  Huo Jin Xi (7), Qi Tie Zui (8), and Xiao Xie Jiu (9)

Everyone should watch Lao Jiu Men/The Mystic Nine! 

(◕ᴗ◕✿) I have the softest spot for Ba Ye/Qi Tie Zui, but each of the nine gates are endearing and the concept is a-ma-zing

i did a bunch of idol bois in harts : ‘ )

happy valentines!

What do you all know about The Catholic Association? I’m currently incredible skeptical of their validity because a) I’ve never heard of them and b) this statement is false because Gillespie is on record as supporting the death penalty. So. I’m chalking this up to “just another heretical Facebook ad” but I wanted to hear what the Tumblr Catholics had to say. :)

I’m so disappointed by my republican friends’ silence in this season of America’s history.

Am I THAT liberal now that I can be so outraged by the AHCA, the Muslim ban, the lies, the cabinet appointments, the continuing talk about a wall, etc… and my republican friends think everything is fine?

I would feel SO heartened by one republican friend (I have many) saying, wow, this makes me upset! This is wrong!

It’s crushing to me to be surrounded by Christian folks who aren’t upset about things that are evil. I had a friend tell me that, as a Christian, I shouldn’t be upset and I should be looking for the positives.

I’ve been in a state of perpetual unrest since January. It is affecting me very negatively, but I refuse to be uninformed and blindly trust this government full of rookies.

I wanted to write about Xin, and I couldn’t wait a reasonable time to type it up.

I think the best thing a creator can do is give me a character, make them seem nice, think they had the best for everyone in mind. Then make me fucking hate them and I hate Xin, we all hate Xin. Xin seemed like a promising character, even when he had his spectral form when he was “battling” Gregor for Tevillians Tear, he seemed to be trying to do it for more than his overall selfish reason. Even through the episodes your realization of Xin being terrible is slow, it dawns on you slowly but when it hits it hits hard.

Xin is a character with a seemingly good reason to be the way he is, he does it all for the spiritfolk, he wants to make then equal to humans or so he says. He wants to make them gods, he wants spirirtfolk to rise back up to that tyrannical stoop they were once on. He’s a terrible man, he thinks because he was once worshipped he should continue and that humans should not become more than his loyal subjects.

They trapped dangerous spiritfolk and not so dangerous spiritfolk. He makes Ashe think that the people in Xincala are the wrong ones, the seel should be open even if the spirits underneath are dangerous. He’s a terrible manipulative man that he even went and told his war adviser that the only ones hurt were the ban. He took human lives, the tragedy of loosing those people, destroying homes to be underneath the pain of the ban. He lies to Horaven, Horaven trusts him, believes him and think he’s doing best for everyone. Xin manipulates him in a way that’s beyond just a bit of trickery. He twists his trust just because he believes he’s doing the best.

When Xin is faced on the fact he’s a shitty guy and his plan is terrible and he’s a big fucko, he knows. He already knows. That’s the final thing, it leaves you to think was Xin terrible on purpose or is he playing the act given to him?

There was a conflict, one that was quiet but there none the less. The more it sat the the worse it would be when someone made a move. When you fight someone is in the wrong, he chose to be the wrong admist the right. The bad in the good. Even if he’s terrible he taught Ashe something she couldn’t forget. How to live her life, she was falling apart, she was in pain and he taught her that when in it hurts you let it hurt til the pain is gone. He showed her that there is no easy way out, no skip button, no quiting before it’s over. Just deal with it.

Xin is undeniably bad, terrible and awful, but is it him or is it an act, cause he falls into the seal and when he is let back out he complies. But even with all these thoughts, fuck that guy.