Just saw the new trailer on the Nintendo Japan website. ZELDA IS SO COOL! And the flower… I wonder what they could mean….  

Anyway, choosing the colours for this piece was really hard…

It is often difficult to recognize the connection between early-life feelings of imprisonment, and our subsequent need for space and distance in our adult lives. This can be manifest in many different ways: non-committal relationships, career indecision, a perpetual need to live alone, social avoidance, perpetual mistrust of the world etc. For a time, these manifestations can actually serve a counter-balancing purpose, as our spirits breathe a healthy sigh of relief after years entrapped. If all you know is engulfment, it is essential that you have a taste of safety and spaciousness. But, taken too far, our escape hatches can actually become a prison of their own, one that deepens our isolation and prevents us from forming positive associations with the world. Any imbalanced reality has an imprisoning quality. Just because our early-life environment felt like a prison doesn’t mean that we can’t create a different reality-one that is rooted in healthy connectiveness.
—  Jeff Brown
“you can’t just say that!” he yells. “you can’t say that you will always love someone who has hurt you time and time again. it doesn’t make sense,” he says with his hands running through his hair.
“of course i can,” she replies. “the world isn’t black and white. there’s a whole array of colors. we have been taught to see things as either good or bad. to judge things as either evil or virtuous. but it’s not. yes, there were bad moments, but how can i remember the bad and forget the good? how can i forget the love we shared? i won’t do that. society has made us believe that love is ephemeral, short-lived, transient. but it’s not! don’t you get that it’s not? you don’t stop loving someone. ever. no matter what they do or say, love doesn’t just disappear. the love you feel towards someone starts the first day and continues until the day you die. that doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human. love is forever. so yes, i can say that i love him because i have and i always will. he’s not the first thing on my mind in the morning, and he’s not the last thing on my mind before i go to bed at night anymore, but he lives in my heart. he holds a space just like every person i have ever loved. please try to understand that,” she pleads.