nard and saffron,
          calamus and cinnamon,
                       with every kind of incense tree,
                                                        with myrrh and aloes,
                                                                             and all the finest spices 


Does 1.0 music count? I mean… its in the game as scrolls. ;> >

On Windy Meadows! One of my favorite songs of the XIV series. Its light and calming, giving a bit of a positive swaying feeling. It sounds like something you’d hear in the background when traveling; a perfect fit for the wanderlust D'ly.

Rules : What FFXIV theme do you associate to your character ?
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Meet the Character: D’lyhhia Lhuil

➥ What is your character’s full name?: D’lyhhia Lhuil
➥ Do they have any brothers or sisters?: She has a handful of tribal half siblings(no full), most of which she never met, nor know of their names due to moving to Limsa at a young age. There are only two whom she remembers thanks to her mother’s reminiscing: a half sister,  D’halah, and a half brother, D’zal, both whom are older than D’ly. She has another half brother, X’vett, who she met once before, however neither know of their family ties. 
➥ What kind of eyes do they have?: Up-turned and almond shaped. Moss green in color.
➥ What kind of hair do they have?: Straight and auburn with highlights, more prominent around the tips. Its length ending around her shoulder blades. 
➥ What is their complexion like?:  Sun-kissed.
➥ What body type are they?: Athletically rectangle-like, molded by soft curves and b-size breasts.
➥ What is listening to their voice like?: Her voice sounds like >this<.
➥ What do they hate most about themselves?: As of late, having her mind muddled by an array of emotions playing tug-of-war between her desires and a handful of self-told lies that she believes with a hint of uncertainty. (Can I make that anymore confusing?)
➥ Do they have a favorite quote?: “I’m right here.”
➥ What sort of music do they enjoy?: Harp, along with most string instruments and the low bass of drums.
➥ Have/would they ever cheat(ed) on a partner?: No. She doesn’t believe she ever would. 
➥ Have they been cheated on by a partner?: She’s never been in a relationship, so no.
➥ Have they ever lost someone close to them?: A handful of people; her biological father to murder framed as an accident(unknown to her, but her mother suspected something, but never had proof), both her biological mother and adopted father by an unknown illness, and some friend who simply drifted apart.
➥ What is their favorite sound?: The sound of the ocean off in the distance being carried in on a warm breeze.
➥ Are they judgmental of others?: She tries not to be, but there are some traits that others display that causes her to lifts a judging brow.
➥ Have they ever been drunk?: Yes, many times.
➥ What are they like when they stay up all night?: Cranky, tired, and feeling out of sorts. She’s a Seeker, its rare for her to not be asleep at night.
➥ Have they ever been arrested?: No.
➥ What evokes strong memories for them?: The aroma of chocolate and the ambiances of ship docks.
➥ What do they do on rainy days?: She despises the feeling of wet clothing and will try and find shelter if caught it begins to rain, unless she’s with company. Then she’ll do her best to politely usher said company to an area where she can keep dry. If she’s not being rained on, she’ll relax to the sounds and the scents of the storm. She finds both to be calming, even more when in Limsa.
➥ What religion are they?: Azeyma/The Twelve.
➥ What word do they overuse the most?: “Oh.”
➥ What do they wear to bed?: Usually a black, neck tied camsie paired with white bloomers or panties. Sometimes she wears nothing at all. It all depends on where she’s sleeping that night.
➥ Do they have any tattoos or piercings?: Currently, she has neither.
➥ What type of clothing are they most comfortable in?: Light, loose, and easy to move in.
➥ What is their most disliked food?: Pea soap, especial if its been watered down. Gross.
➥ Do they have any enemies?: Only a few. Not enough to count on one hand.
➥ What does their writing look like?: Simple, flowing cursive.
➥ What disgusts them?: Slavers and octopus.

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Flaws and Strengths


moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny | controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | lies | impatient | bratty | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry | greedy | lazy | sarcastic | judgemental | forgetful | impulsive | vengeful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky


honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave | patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky | intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous | merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming | cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm

Rules : BOLD what applies to your muse, ITALICIZE what your muse low-key shows to some people or hides ! REPOST, DO NOT REBLOG !
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There wasn’t a lot of flaws in the original that fit her, so I added some of my own.


Lifting his head, the dwarfed dodo glanced back at his friend seated up against the base of a tree, silently running her fingers along pressed petals decorating parchment of a journal she carried on her person, among other possessions.

He huffed as he watched her torso heave, lifting her shoulders, taking no more that a second’s time for them to fall back into place.


Displeasure claimed the women’s lips in the form of a line, which only as drew thinner when the rotund bird breathed a breathy chuckle, sounding as if he had a bout of heavy panting.

“Hush your break.” she insisted between hiccups, all while scrunching her nose, giving the bird a shake of her head. “You would not laugh if it were you.”


The bird, pushing into the side of the women’s calf, ignored her demand, laughing away at his friend’s misfortunes.

She knew he wouldn’t listen. “You ought to be ashamed of yourself.” She shut her journal with a soft ‘thump’ of air pushed from between the pages, sticking her tongue out at him as she did.


“Do not think I will be giving you any treats with that attitude.” She folded the book back against her arm. “Nor think about asking anyone either.”

He tilted his head back, huffing once again, this time through his nose aimed at his friend’s face, blowing about her locks that framed her face.


She leaned forward, book in hand, giving her feathered friend a soft leather swat against his rump, before gently throwing herself back against the tree. “Brat.” she pouted, returning the journal open to a random page near the front, while keeping an ever watchful eye as he laughed.


Name: D'lyhhia Lhuil

Race: Seeker of the Sun, Miqo’te

Sex: Female

Occupation: Adventurer, Liaison for BPT

Personality Type (laid back, militant, high strung, etc.): Calm and composed, she is one for public subtleties, both in words and actions. That being said, she is not without bite. Known for quiping back with a mix of witty and dry comments when bored, irritated, or if insulted.

What does your character look like?: Standing at 5’0” with a sun kissed, athletic body molded by soft curves, the youthful Miqo’te often dons her figure in lightweight, easy to move in gear sprouting a small array of pouches(attached to a belt) and bags(hanging from her shoulder) for traveling, along with sturdy above-the-knee boots. Her straight hair, colored auburn fades into highlights, prominent at the tips. Its length ending around her shoulder blades. When pulled back, her loose locks help frame her soft features, including her mossy green hues complete with slit pupils.

Favorite Hobby: As of late, pressing flowers into a hard leather journal that she travels with. If visiting her friend, playing her harp which she left in his possession.

Motto they live by: She doesn’t have one.

Favorite type of Environment: Growing up in Limsa she developed a soft spot for the surrounding grasslands; wide open, trees dotting the rolling hills, with clear skies overhead. 

Friends: Due to being constantly on the move she has more acquaintances than friends. Those she deem friends she hold dear, doing her best to keep in contact be it face to face or by a handwritten note. There is only one friend who she sees daily, that being Dodo, a dwarf dodo raised by herself, mother, and adoptive father since he was a chick. They travel practically everywhere together, unless she deems it too dangerous.

Who They Admire: Her mother, adoptive father, and Vorsaile; they taught her most everything she knows, from life skills, to how to skip a rock on water, and many things between.

What do they hope to do 10 years from now: Traveling. In fact, she plans on traveling until the day she passes.

Are they single? If not, who is their spouse/partner/life mate?: Yes, she’s single. 

What do they look for in friends?: Kind, caring, positive people. And those who don’t want to eat Dodo. Dodo is friend, not food. 

If they walked into a bar and saw a talking slug, what would their reaction be?: Stare for a bit, wondering if she was on something before either asking someone if they too can see the slug, or slowly walk away completely confused and questioning her sanity. 


Usual Playtime:
EST/GMT-5 Timezone
• Mon - Thrus: After 6pm to 12am.
• Fri: After 6pm to 1am+.
• Sat: All day.
• Sat: All day to 12am.
Honestly, my sleep scheduled is a fickle mistress, but above is some-what accurate.

Server: Balmung

FC/Guild: Black Pearl Trade Co <<BPT>>

Looking for (friends, ships, hate ships, shady connections, etc.): Most anything, especially more friend, be it past connections or newly formed! D’ly often travels between Limsa/La Noscea and Ul’dah/Thanalan. You’ll find her more outside of the city then in them.

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