To Ruran Vas(@weepingknight),
       I shall be above The Coffer & Coffin after the seventeenth bell this week. Please bring a blank journal, twine, and the flowers you want to press.
                                                                                                      D’lyhhia Lhuil


Believing to be in the clear, Dodo shuffled himself even closer, shrinking the distance between him and his goal: the shiny armor. Slowly, so very carefully he ilmed out his beak but suddenly, he went for a sharp peck at the metal that encased Ruran’s leg.

While D'lyhhia Lhuil busied herself with her page, Ruran kept his attention outward.  A light sound of concern muffled behind his mask as he regarded the distant group below the ridge with weapons drawn. “What do you suppose is happening down there..?” The stone at this chest flickered, and he straightened a bit, as if he would stand and go check for himself. 

D'lyhhia returned her gaze to those below. “I am not su—”

A loud TINK of beak meeting metal snapped Ruran out of his daze. 

“O-oh, Dodo, um—” Ruran quietly objected, though he didn’t know how to handle the creature.

D’lyhhia jumped at the sound, jerking her head around to her feathered friend who stood there, now in a daze from rattling his poor little head. “Dodo!” she snapped, her voice ending with a small squeak. “Do not be so rude!” She shook a reprimanding finger the bird’s way, only to reach out and grasp his leg as the bird went in for another peck, obviously not learning the first time. “Cut that out! G-get over here.”

Dodo flung open his beak as he tossed back his head, his wings wiggling a malm a minute as he tried to step out of her grip.

“H-have I done something to offend him..?” His masked face tilted, voice filled with hesitant concern. After the tile, he dared not move a muscle in case it would incite the dodo further.

D'lyhhia held the tin against her journal, keeping both set on her lap as she twisted around, trying to gently drag Dodo away from his goal. “N-no—he simply—Dodo please do not be so st—” She was met with resistance; with squirming and a squawk of protest. “If you behave I will let you go.”

Ruran fidgeted in his spot. “Sh-should I perhaps give some space..? Last time we met, there was—ah, a great deal of tree between us…”

Dodo cast his friend a furrowed gaze, only to be met with the same. His incessant squirming came to a slow, and D'ly let go as said. At the moment’s freedom he bounded off, halfway toward the stone platform.

D'lyhhia Lhuil shook her head at the bird. “Do not mind him.” She rolled her eyes over to Ruran. “He always gets this way when he has been cooped up.”

The knight hummed quietly as Dodo waddled off with all haste. “Was it the armor?” his soft tone asked, looking to D'lyhhia inquisitively. “Some people are unsettled. I suppose the same could go for birds as well.”

She tilted her head to one side with shut eyes topped with furrowed brows, trying to hide a tinge of embarrassment. “Twas the shine.” She opened one eye, then the other, giving the knight a look of sympathy. “My apology. He should…” she looked back toward her feathered friend who stood a yalm or so behind, watching. “…be good.” With her hand still on the tin and journal, she shuffled herself around to face Ruran, gifting him with a weary smile, “May I see the petals?”

Ruran gave Dodo a side glance. “The shine..? I see…” He looked back to D'lyhhia and nodded, reaching for the small pouch and handing it to her. Inside, there were a few thin yellow petals, some wider white petals, and a single red one. There were also some broad leaves, presumably from a tree, judging by the size.

D'lyhhia so very carefully took the pouch, peaking inside at the various petals. “Ah—” she cooed, her lips curling into a soft smile. “These are beautiful. Where did you get them?” she asked, handing back the pouch.

Ruran tilted his head, giving the pouch a small look. “Ah… The yellow ones were given to me, by a friend. The white and red…I grew myself,” he mumbled a bit sheepishly. “The leaves are from a large walnut tree in the Shroud, one I oft visit in my travels northward.”

D'lyhhia lifted her gaze to the knight’s concealed face, an ear of her’s turning forward, toward him while the other remained facing those still by the rails. “You grew them?” she asked, leaning forward with her arms pressed against her journal, her features lit with soft excitement.

He paused, then gave a small nod of his head. He shifted and gazed down at his hands, fingers flexing thoughtfully. “I am…not very good at it. It is a miracle that those survived as long as they did…”

The Seeker sat up straight, lowering her hues to the different stalks resting in the tin, focusing more on the pair with blooming pink flowers than those underneath. “Everyone starts somewhere.”

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