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I read your post about how the Riverlands have wealth that doesn't reach Riverrun, and how if it was better managed could also yield way more fighting men. If you were Lord of the Riverlands during a period of peace, what would you do to fix the issues it has to make it wealthier/more powerful?

Excellent question. The question sort of depends on the period, but let’s drop me in as a Tully of Riverrun. They’re in a pretty good position, being right on the Red Fork and the River Road, but they don’t have too many resources - however, the relatively undeveloped nature of the Riverlands means that a canny lord could acquire more. 

I’ve often thought that the mouth of the Trident is a hugely unexploited resource, so one of my first moves would be to build a second Riverrun (complete with a moat to wall off the third side) at the confluence of the Blue Fork and the Red. With a sufficient riverrine navy (which I would put no small amount of money into) and marine support from Riverrun, that position should be unassailable and allow me to dominate traffic on all three Forks, which should give me the upper hand on the lords of the Trident and the more easterly parts of my dominion (odd that the Lords Paramount of the Riverlands are so far away from the center of their region) and a major source of revenue from increased tax collection and a modest tariff. Riverrun-2 is also an excellent place for a cadet branch of the family and ensure that supernumerary brothers and sons can be made useful. 

Next, I would work to combine regional alliances with regional development. :

  • a Blue Fork to Ironman’s Bay canal would hugely increase trade, to the benefit of House Mallister and my own (since the ships would have to pass by Riverrun-2), and allow House Mallister to better check the Freys (although I’d definitely insist that the Mallisters put some of the extra cash into more oceangoing ships - I want them to be the Riverlands Redwynes). At the same time, Riverrun-2 should ensure that the Mallisters’ new dependence on riverrine trade means a certain deference (make sure those ships’ keels are too long for the canal).
  • An extension of the River Road from Maidenpool to Lord Harroway’s Town would do a similar thing with House Mooton (which is too far in King’s Landing’s orbit thanks to the Rosby Road, as we saw during Robert’s Rebellion). In addition to boosting trade along the River Road and improving access to seaport trade, this also means that I can move my armies faster to the eastern Riverlands - historically a region where the Kings of the Trident have struggled to project authority. 
  • Finally, I would put some money into the improvement of the defenses of Stony Sept, both by improving the fortifications of the town and by building a canal to link the Red Fork to the Blackwater (which also provides some competition to the Mallisters) to allow me to move reinforcements down from Riverrun and create a water barrier along the southern border. Indeed, if I can manage it, I’d try to take 
  • and creating a new center of gravity in the southern Riverlands since Harrenhal is such a deadweight.

All of these things should be paired with marriage alliances between House Tully and Houses Mallister, Mooton, Roote, etc. Hopefully, these links to these strengthened Houses would give me a constituency to back me against the likes of the Freys, the Blackwoods and Brackens, etc.

Third, political reform. Given so many fractious and divided vassals, I would institute a Great Council of the Riverlands as a permanent legislative assembly. This would serve multiple purposes - first, having a voice in consensus-building increases willingness to pay taxes; second, it allows me to play Houses off against each other through patronage; third, it hopefully puts some hostages in my grasp a la Versailles and Edo; forth, as we’ve seen from Alayne, lesser Houses eat up drama and pageantry. (Possibly look into a knightly Order of the Trident to further encourage this?) At the same time, to bolster my power vis-a-vis the lordly houses, I would establish city charters for LHT, Seagard, Stoney Sept, and Maidenpool as a way to create new direct relationships between House Tully and the merchant class of those places and further boost trade and economic development (and city militias are a good way to improve military readiness). 

After that, technology and culture would be key. Import Myrish and Braavosi artisans and merchants (encourage them to bring theater and the like with them), establish guilds of artificers and engineers, build some watermills. Lobby the High Septon to upgrade Stoney Sept to a Great Sept with a Most Devout, maybe build up Humphrey Teague into a Riverlands quasi-saint a la Baelor the Blessed and encourage pilgrim traffic. Build church schools in the cities and towns to expand literacy. 

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Hi, first, sorry for the English here, I am using the translator: / Well, I'm joshifer shipper since last November, when I watched Mockingjay Part 1. I had seen the other two films, but was not a fan or something, like the history and also I had not read the books so it was M1 that made me fall completely by the franchise, for Katniss and Peeta, and then watch the promos and when I saw how Jen and Josh behaved around each other, immediately thought, "Wow, these two are in love with each other ",

I researched and saw that Josh had a girlfriend in Spain and Jennifer was dating C Martin, and so I was totally disappointed. Then I met you, Idealfry, Hiccupbudies and several others, and then you gave me hope, I was not wrong. I mean, I did not know about PR and all that existing smoke screen, of course, I had a notion that Hollywood was unclear, but not that way, I was the kind of person who believed what was played in the media and then you me They opened their eyes. And I’m now following the fandom, and all that came out yesterday just made me be absolutely sure that Joshifer is real, very real. As much as Jen has spoken everything on the tatoo, girlfriend and bla bla bla, I know it’s total lie, because she’s a great actress and how she even said as a child loved to lie. Now we know with absolute certainty that they follow what is being discussed in fandom, and all their behavior yesterday, only translates into: “Hey, we know you know us, but we need to go in another direction, the story must be told in a more fine line, and we know you will understand. ” So yes, the real Joshifer shippers fully understand and will always believe. And I’m very happy to be part of it, even just watching everything, and I know I’ll never stop believing in Joshifer, and just want to thank all of you for always remain firm and do not stop believing. So I would ask you to help me send a big hug to everyone that I follow daily.

idealfry, hiccupbuddies, xshipper, doubleweddinganon, starsmahogany, ohmyjoshiferr, que-sera-sera88, joshjenhutcherson, conniestl, drivebyanon, studmuffinscupcake, ibelieveinjoshjen, iwantjoshandjenlove, iknowmyjoshifer, joshiferbeauty, purelyjoshifer, bakerssmurf and hgamesfan. I know there are discrepancies in the fandom, but what matters is that everyone believes in Joshifer and just like to thank everyone. A big special hug for you LHT, know that whoever you are, I think you are amazing.

hi, I’m the one who sent all those messages into pieces :( I’m sorry, but I have not tumblr, and did not know who had character limit. I’m sorry for all the mess, I’m ashamed :( The last part was sent before this, I’m really sorry T.T

first off, don’t be embarrassed!  that was one of the sweetest messages and i absolutely adored it!

i’m so glad that you became a fan of the series and joshifer.  they’re hard to not love, at least for me.  and their chemistry is palpable.  i joined tumblr looking for friends that had similar interests and i was so lucky to have found people on here that not only liked what i did, but fully supported my theories and offered up their own, opening my eyes to a lot of things i never would’ve noticed.

it makes my whole day to think that i, along with others, was that person for you.  because i certainly remember my first days on here, trying to navigate through everything and everyone and trying to find my place, and a lot of the people you mentioned were there for me.

the joshifer fandom is a vast group, filed with a lot of theories, and we don’t always agree, certainly.  and there are definitely subgroups, but at the core, we all believe that there’s something about those two that is a bit more than friendly.  and that’s pretty great to know that you’re not alone in what you’re seeing.

i took the liberty of mentioning everyone that you wished to give thanks to you, and hopefully, despite whatever hard feelings they have against me, they’ll appreciate your message at the very least.

again, i’m so happy you decided to message me and feel free to do so whenever you want.  have a great day!

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Hello. Anong gagawin ko? O mararamdaman ko. Big deal ba eto... Birthday ko last week ng surprize girlfriend ko. Puno room ko ng pictures ng mga close friends kong nka fan sign na happy bday etc. nang hinggi siya isa isa sa mga friends ko.. tapos today nakita ko 3yrs ago hinigiaan dn pla nya lht ng kaibigan ng ex nya gnwan nya ng slideshow. Hnd ko alam kung ano gusto ko pero parang masakit lng :(((

Nasasaktan ka dahil iniisip mong hindi lang ikaw yung ginawan niya ng ganung surprise. Ganun ba? 3 years ago andun ka na ba sa buhay niya? Wala pa di ba? Kaya hindi mo sakop yung lahat ng pangyayari sa nakaraan niya. Ang mahalaga, ikaw yung ngayon at bukas at sa mga susunod pang mga araw.

Sa halip na iembrace mo yung kung anumang feeling na nararamdamam mo ngayon, mas patunayan mo sa kanya na hindi na ulit mababalewala yung effort na ginawa niya hindi kagaya nung nangyari 3 years ago. Patunayan mong ikaw yung mas deserving sa ganung klaseng atensyon at pagmamahal na binibigay ng girlfriend mo. Alam mo, ang swerte-swerte mo dahil may girlfriend kang katulad niya, sana naiisip mo yun. :)


Driving standards historic


  • Red - driving on right; also known as Right Hand Traffic (RHT)
  • Light Red - driving on right; but in the past, this country drove on the left.
  • Purple - driving on right; but in the past, this country had different rules of the road depending on one’s location.


  • Blue - driving on left; also known as Left Hand Traffic (LHT)
  • Light Blue - driving on left; but in the past, this country drove on the right.

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Hey LHT! I was wondering, since I missed the printing ceremony and the interview with Josh Horowitz as well, could you list me all that crazy stuff that happened and is all over my dash? I understand if you think I am asking for too much, but I think many people would approve it as well.

sure, i don’t mind.

jen tickling josh…

josh reaching to touch her crotch with his cement hands…

jen rubbing josh’s back…

hands around each other as liam gives his speech…

josh thrusting back and forth while whispering something dirty to her…

jen kissing his entire face…

jen wanting him to hold her hand as they watch the real or not real scene…

holding hands in the cement…

her hand on his upper thigh…

jen kissing his mother on the cheek…


Got a First in my first essay since graduating uni in 2013. I’d say “I’ve still got it”, but honestly it’s more a case of “I didn’t really have it back then and I’m confused as to why I’ve suddenly got it after two years out of academia”. That’s less catchy, though. Still got it.

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Hello LHT, what made you believe that joshifer is not friendship, but relationship goals?

i don’t like the term “relationship goals,” mostly because i can’t hear/see that without thinking of doubleweddinganon posting that gif of someone being pushed out of the way into a tree. lol

for me, like many others i’m sure, it’s not that there was one big event that proved to me that they were together.  it was all the little things adding up that kind of just make you pause and go “uhh, they’re so together.”  and with every interview, it’s like you get another piece of the puzzle, with a slip up here, a touch there.

and those are just the ones i could quickly find.  there are so many more.

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Dear LHT, One weird thing i observed is that Jen uses oh my god a lot of times! Even during escobar interview josh when asked to imitate jen said, oh my god where is the donut! Now jen at comic con, said oh my god, i really do love him and oh my god, my dog! They are alot closer than we think! Right?

what can i say, josh really knows his woman.

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Hi LHT, ur blog is awesome as well as ur replies. Its my favorite followed by HB. I read in one of your replies regarding theory about how closh came up against jen rekindling with nick. Could you please share it with us. Thank you.

thank you, that’s so very sweet.

my theory is that something obviously happened in hawaii.  there’s no doubt in my mind.  they talk about it so fondly, there’s no way something didn’t happen.  just look at the behind the scenes.  their body language is insane.

and it was just after they’d wrapped catching fire that they both split ways to film other projects.  both “officially” single.  josh in panama and jen in boston and later montreal.

and then all of a sudden, within weeks of each other (twenty days to be exact), we had pap pics of jen back together with nick and pap pics of josh together with c.  coincidence?  personally, i think not.

if you have pap pics together, it’s because you wanted the public to know, it’s because you wanted that story to be out there.  and it was quite obvious that both jen and josh wanted to make it clear that they were with other people.  at the same time.  after hawaii.  and then spent the catching fire promo acting like they were each other’s significant other *cough*…

though the most telling slip-up during the promo, for me, was when jen was talking about the difficulties of filming in hawaii, and she said, “morning sickness” instead of “motion sickness.”  and josh corrects her with the line, “if there’s something you want to tell ME, maybe now is not the best place or platform for this.”  they were in a room full of people.  why would he be talking about himself, specifically…?  most people would’ve said, “if there’s something you want to tell US, maybe now is not the best place…”  but no, he referred to himself, specifically.  like if that were the case, he’d be the one responsible.  just sayin’…

but yeah, i found both “relationships” to be quite convenient with their timing.  and on an ending note, i’ll just leave you with this gem.

and “last night” just happened to be nick’s birthday.  and she was with josh.  after promotion for catching fire had ended.