hunter parrish vampire request info!

face: hunter parrish (obvs)

  • vampire, older than 3209, appears 22ish
  • i’d like him to be celtic, maybe even having lived in skara brae.
  • maybe the reason skara brae was abandoned is because he died there, but he brought back as a vampire and the people of skara brae were superstitious or something?
  • he doesn’t have to be celtic, just make sure he was born before 1200 BC, and that where he’s from matches what he looks like.
  • he traveled to troy to see what all the fuss was about, in the midst of the trojan war, witnessed the fall of troy, and helene being taken as a slave. even at her young age she was beautiful and he became obsessed with her. tracking her to her new home, watching her, protecting her almost.
  • as she grew up, he fell in love, and when she was brutally beaten and raped by her master and left to her fate, he saved her. embracing her.
  • even through all helene’s crazy he’s stood by her. loved her, and watched over her. when she threatened to kill herself if he didn’t leave her alone, he left, out of love for her. and the knowledge that she needed to learn to survive on her own.
  • throughout the millennia, he has checked in on her, each time being forced to leave, as his presence forces helene to remember parts of her past she’s fought to long to forget. now he can’t take it, and he’s in barton hallow trying to convince her that killing this last descendent will not turn her human.
  •  personality wise is totally up to you. the only thing that is necessary is his love for helene, and the need to protect her, even from herself.