Japan is amazing 


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25 - Saddest Death

  • Yuuki’s Death

This…this is the saddest anime I have ever seen. This tops Anohana from how sad it is. It’s also probably the most realistic anime I’ve seen as well, in terms of story. I went through a deluxe box of tissues watching this show because I have a younger brother with the same age difference so I cried my eyes out. This boy was 8 years-old GODDAMMIT. HE DID NOT DESERVE THIS. 

I really hate it when people limit themselves when it comes to music. Like, don’t just shoot down a song just for it being from a specific genre or completely hate a genre because you didn’t like two songs from it way back when. You got to give that song a chance.


【Free! PV】The Swimming Anime is coming in July 2013! NEW Character! 京都アニメーション

The swimming anime is coming in July. Prepare yourselves.


I didn’t know about this deleted scene from Knocked Up. It’s just Jonah Hill going all out about Brokeback Mountain. As funny as it is, I have to agree. 

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I recently watched this new show on HBO about how one day 2% of the world’s population suddenly vanish. The show starts with a time-skip of three years later and it  follows the day-to-day life of a small town family in New York, and that’s where the story really begins. The show also has many recognizable actors like, Christopher Eccleston, Liv Tyler, and the twins Max and Charlie Carver. 

My first thought was that this show was about the rapture, but later you learn that terrible people vanished as well, so that might not be the case at all. Some people completely lose it, animals and pets are acting strange, and cults start to form. Also, some nudity is involved. You get to see a hot dude’s penis in the first episode, which is a total plus if you’re into that. Anyway, this show kinda looks like a more grown-up version of Lost (because of swearing, nudity, and raw emotions), however you’re slowly getting answers without being totally confused. You guys should give it a chance, especially if you like mystery.