I Don’t Ever Mind Sharing Oxygen

summary: “I’m here, baby. What were you dreaming about?” He asks, attempting to soothe the brown boy. Calum just shakes his head. “Was it a nightmare?” Luke can’t imagine how bad it must have been if Calum doesn’t want to talk about it.

Calum shakes his head again as a way of reply and Luke is confused now. “What’s going on, Cal? Tell me.” Calum sighs shakily and moves away from Luke. Luke is about to protest when Calum takes the hand that Luke doesn’t have in his hair and places it on his crotch. Luke makes a sound of realization as he feels the hardness in Calum’s pajama pants.

or Calum has a wet dream and Luke helps him out.

Pairing: Calum Hood/Luke Hemmings

Rating: Mature

anonymous asked:

Do u have any good luke stans recommendations? im new and need to follow some good blogs! Please and thank you :)

yeah, i do! im gonna tell u my personal favs and trust me they adore the nerd ;) @flathairluke @lukerhemmings @deadassluke @lhemmings @fletcherirwin @softlukes @celmmings @fvesos @hemmoful @hemmnerd @irweicake @lukesclique @daddieluke @okbutluke these are the only ones i can think of right now <3