I don’t quite understand people that say Electra Heart is a mess. I mean, it’s a fabulous concept, a way to see love, relationships, life itself from four different perspectives. A way Marina had to embrace different personalities and somehow build a whole concept, a full story, that she’s told song by song.

I honestly couldn’t care less about those who say it’s an excuse for making “more commercial” music. Marina herself has said it is so. It’s not a bad thing.

But it’s much more than that. You are probably blind if you cannot see it.

Furthermore, even if we consider EH as only “an excuse” for making more commercial music, so what? It may be “more commercial” than TFJ but it’s still Marina. She actually tells something with the lyrics. She actually means what she sings. You can actually tell she’s describing feelings we all have deep inside. And in a fabulous way with fantastic melodies.

I don’t think Electra Heart is a mess. Not at all.

I think Electra Heart has been a fabulous idea, a wonderful album and an unforgettable project brought together by an amazing woman and artist who I couldn’t love more.

“I hope you will always remember

You’ll always be a LHC member”