lhc tour


For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to see Marina, or won’t get the chance this tour - here you go. It’s also for anyone who wants to relive the moment you saw her live, living and breathing in front of your eyes.

May 29th 2013 was honestly the greatest day of life.
I don’t think anyone will ever understand how happy it made me seeing Marina live. Like she is a real person and I saw her. She is my idol and I can’t even describe how I felt when I first saw her step on stage. Everything was perfect. I don’t even care if people get sick of me talking about the concert. It was the one night I let loose and I just didn’t care about anything else but her and the music. I was having actual fun and I was truly happy. Tbh I’m not very happy anymore but that was the one night where I felt real happiness. That is the great thing about singers and their music, they make people feel good.