‏هذه الخطة ياء ، لم ينفع مع هذهِ الحياة سبعٌ وعشرون خطّة
—  a suicide note by an anonymous.
movie nights with bestfriend!luke would include:
  • taking turns picking the movie
  • “what’re you doing it’s my turn to pick the movie”
  • but we watched that last time
  • him giving into your choice of movie “just because i love you”
  • “awwwwwww lukey you love meeeeeeee”
  • him getting all flustered when he realizes what he just said
  • you teasing him for well over an hour
  • him always being on popcorn duty
  • getting settled on the couch with him at the very end of the it and your head in his lap while you lie down
  • him feeding you popcorn and you feeding him :(((
  • giggling when the popcorn doesn’t get into each others’ mouths
  • “luke you’re getting popcorn in my hair”
  • “oh shit, sorry sweetie” while trying to pick out the bits and pieces
  • cuddling up to him later on in the movie
  • ^^your arms around his waist while you sit on his lap with your head tucked beneath his chin
  • you falling asleep near the end
  • “i know you can’t hear me, but fuck you look really cute right now”
  • him smiling fondly at you while debating whether or not to just fall asleep on the couch
  • him carrying you up to his room so you can both be more comfortable
  • “go back to sleep. i’ve got you” :’(
  • him finally setting you down and tucking you in and getting into bed after
  • you scooting over to his side to bury your head into his chest
  • him letting out a sigh of contentment as he falls asleep with you wrapped up securely in his arms :-(

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Could you write something about how Luke would be with a short girl and how their relationship wld work? Stuff like that pleaseee! <3

I didn’t know how to write this but my anon said something and I could see her pov so inspiration….

Anyways Luke with a short girl like Ash, he would tease her but instead of the making-fun-of way, he would like do it in the playful way.

Like he would just hold stuff over your head smirking as you tried to grab it and you would just call him a freakish giant and he would pretend to be offended as you pouted and just throw you over his shoulder while you yelled for him to put you down, whilst laughing as luke threw you down softly on the massive bed (since it had to fit luke so huge bed) and he would hoover over you and be like do you want to repeat that again?

And then you would repeat it waiting for him to do what he was “threatening” to do (but tbh playful lucas is as scary as a puppy) and then he would just tickle you.

Then when you guys walked places you would complain because his long legs got more distance per the second than you because you are a shorty compared to luke and he would just bend down offering to give you a piggy back ride as you smiled as you jumped on luke’s back

Then when he would go to give you a kiss like sometimes he would stand up straight waiting for you to kiss him and you would try to go on your tippy-toes as he would laugh at you and finally give in and bend down to kiss you.

And like when you guys where in the kitchen he would bend down to kiss you cheek before holding your hips, picking you up, and then placing you on the counter so it is easier to kiss and he would probs make some perverted joke tbh if you want to take it that far (cause you eat in the kitchen (; )

When you would go to say goodbye to him though at the airport he would pick you up easily and just keep you in his arms, holding you.

When you guys would go to cuddle like sometimes he would pull you into his chest and you would be all tiny compared to him as his arms hung over your sides and he would try to bend his long legs to fit into yours but eventually give up and have you lay on his chest while his hand would slide up your bare back under his t-shirt that was like a dress on you

and sometimes he would choose to lay on your chest as you played with his hair and even scoot up to playfully squish you. And like one of the boys would walk in and be like where is Y/N? and you would take your arm out from under luke and wave as the boys would laugh and luke would kiss you on the cheek

and wow I am sad

okay but luke would totally be that guy who’d make you slide around the house with him in your socks and he’d accidentally bump into you and he’d just giggle and catch you before you fall but end up slipping and falling too

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luuuuke as a boyfriendddd


okay so (my heart is hurting btw cause it hurts so good)

Luke is honestly one of those guys where they have to get comfortable before they are themselves completely around you and now that he has shown his true colors (that are beautiful btw) get ready to tear up

Honestly everyone knows luke is a cuddler. Like he would always lay his head on your chest (like boobs) like he would be so content with his arm thrown around your stomach I bet you can spend all day like that AND JUST IMAGINE IN THE MORNING YOU WOULD TRY TO SNEAKAWAY FROM HIS GRASP BUT FAIL AND HE WOULD TIGHTEN HIS GRIP ON YOU PULLING YOU MORE CLOSER THAN YOU ALREADY WERE

and idk if you ever saw him with his gf Aleisha like he adored that girl even after their breakup (which was for band reasons)

like he is SO Affectionate with her and she was always sitting on his lap and kissing her and


Like literally you guys have no clue like Luke would give you the world like he would be so head over heels in love with you I mean there is a reason he doesn’t have a gf cause if she is it he would give anything to be with her I just this boy is going to be a prince to his princess he was raised right

OMG like honestly you could pull a hideous face around luke and it would not scare him away like xfgcvoi’k;ljjw d thank god you guys can mess around

like if you were dating luke, you guys would have all these little inside jokes and tease he each other a lot cause LUKE HEMMJINGS IS SASSY AS FUCK ONCE HE IS COMFORTABLE AROUND YOU like he would mock you and god would he be a tickler

have mercy if you are ticklish he would just do it randomly too cause he would love to see you smile and he is also sooooo supportive too like you don’t understand!

like did you not see how supportive he was with Aleisha I mean he was so cute with her and such a good boyf that even though I am a luke girl I would love them together



The Rise in Visibility of Masculine-Presenting Individuals as Parents

Masculinity has long been thought of as qualities that are associated with men or the qualities that differentiated men from women. However, it has come to be understood now as traits that society associate to gender are typically unrealistic and stereotypical. Men, women, and gender non-binary sexes all share “masculine” traits, but having said that, there has always been a push against females who break gender norms and present themselves in masculine ways. Even worse, masculine-presenting moms or parents have been almost nonexistent in media, until recently.

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photographer!luke au where he’s being really secretive about the project he’s been working on for an exhibit in the upcoming art gala because he wants it to be a surprise. and you can see how hard he’s been working on it because there would be some days when he’s stay up late to work on the photos. and you’d constantly beg for even just a little hint, but he always answers with a “no princess, it’s gonna be a surprise” or “trust me, you’ll love it when you see it”. so when the time comes and both of you show up at the gala for showcasing night, you’re completely blown away. his exhibit, with the little placard reading “l'amour de ma vie by luke robert hemmings”, featured black and white photos; all of you. they’d all been candid, like, sleeping, or cooking breakfast on that one sunday morning, that time both of you had taken a walk in the park, and the time when both of you went on a vacation in paris, amongst a few more others. as you stand back to admire the whole thing, you hear a voice asking luke, “so, this is you muse?” and you turn to see him with the biggest smile on his face and his eyes crinkle up the slightest bit at the corners, and you can see the love and affection in them when he answers with “yes” and an added explanation as to how you’re literally the inspiration for all his work.

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Could you right something about a tall girl in a relationship with Luke:) I just always here one shots of short girls and well Im 5"9 lol

I wasn’t too sure how to write this but then I got kind of into it. FOR ALL MY TALL GIRLS OUT THERE: LUKE IS COMING FOR YOU but he is mine

When I think of tall, I think of long. If you were in his shirts, they would go up higher on you and show more leg which is sexier if you get me. The best thing about being the tall height when you are with someone who is still taller than you is he can actually rest his head on you.


I can picture his also if you wore high heels with incredibly high heels that would make you taller than him he would like pout telling you to wear something different cause he wants to be taller like just imagine his standing in the doorway pouting his lip and staring at you with those baby blue eyes I mean fml

Because you are taller I am just gonna mention a number that makes it easier to do it you are near the same height *cough* *cough* 69

But cause your guy’s bodies are almost the same, he would like pull you into his chest at night and mold your body into his and his shirt would reach the top of your thighs and he would just slide his hand up and down them inching close and what  tease

This is literaly like the only case I wish I was tall damn




cr. Ju

luke leaving notes and gifts in the most random places around your apartment when he’s away to show you how much he loves you. like imagine finding your favorite flannel of his folded and sitting inside the dryer with a little note attached to it reading “for when it gets cold xoxo”, a stuffed animal buried under the duvets in the closet holding a paper saying “i’m sorry i can’t be there to cuddle you myself, but for the mean time…”, a mixtape he made for you to remember him by in the glove compartment of your car, a shopping bag from victoria’s secret tucked into your underwear drawer with a cheeky note “for when i get back or for skype dates ;-) xoxo”, and a box full of your favorite snacks and movies nestled into the corner of the couch with a note that says “for those days :-) xoxo”

you and camp counselor!luke managing arts and crafts time together with all the little kiddies from ages 4-6. and one day, you come in a little later than scheduled so luke starts the session without you. stepping into the room, you’re greeted by the sight of the tall blue-eyed boy sitting crisscross on the floor with campers giggling and bustling around him and he’s got little stickers all over his face, a few specks of glitter in his hair, and a big grin on his face.