“as much as everyone thinks its the easiest job to be a band’s front man we all have to realize its the exact of opposite”

Luke kissing you for the first time would be so sweet and endearing. He would made sure to cup your face with his big hands and slowly lean in after looking to you for consent. After you give him a quick nod he would push his lips against yours slowly. Both of you wouldn’t be able to help the smiles from spreading across your faces as you break away from each other. Luke would still hold your face close to his while he just takes you all in. Luke wouldn’t be afraid to initiate a make out right after your first kiss and show you everything you’ve been missing. Sweetly after the make out, he’d ask you to be his girlfriend and of course you would agree.


ot4 above any ship

do u ever look at ur fav and just sigh bc they r so beautiful and ur whole body just kinda floods w emotion and ur heart swells w love and u can’t think of a singular reason to not love and support them? and like they do stupid stuff sometimes and u hate them but u don’t leave bc u r here til the end?? like ur ride or die whether or not u wanna be.


Person: Do you like 5SOS


(creds to @motivatingmuke on twitter)