merman!luke who loved to watch you on the beach. he remembered the day he first spotted you  walking along the shoreline, hair blowing in the wind as you collected seashells. he remembered the second time he saw you, perched on a rock close to the water and a book cradled in your lap - hair still blowing in your face. it was then that he disappeared back to his home, raiding through his mother’s stuff until he found it. it was a hairpin that she never wore anymore, but he thought it was beautiful. it was made from a starfish with smaller seashells decorating the front of it. luke swam back to the beach, crawling out of the water slightly to position it on the rock he was sure you would return to later that day to read. and sure enough, you did, fingers grasping the small barrette but not before looking at it curiously. luke watched on as you clipped it into your hair, keeping the strands out of your eyes as you read from your favorite book. luke sank below the surface, a wide smile on his lips and a blush burning in his cheeks - he had fallen in love with a human.

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cutest boy ever


i’m too eager to hit my first k so i thought, why not start a 5sos follow train?

so basically:
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…i’m new to this shit by the way, i hope this doesn’t suck.

For quiffedluke and featuringluke disney!5sos blurb night!

Going out with uncle Calum, Luke and Ashton to Disneyland and Michael trusts them enough to go out alone with his babygirl while he’s away but not before giving them a lecture on how to take care of her and dare if she gets lost. And little girl clifford is super excited to spend the day with her uncles even though they’re not really her uncles but she always calls them that and it’s adorable. As they’re walking through Disney she’s taking uncle Luke by the hand and uncle Calum by the other one so she’s in between them. Ashton guides the way and soon enough the little girl finds one of the princesses and drags the guys over. And all the many roller coasters and games and she wants to do everything and the boys have no choice but to agree even at the end of the day and they are all so exhausted and just wanna give Michael back his child but they absolutely can’t say no to the little girl when she’s looking at them with a beaming smile and hopeful eyes while pointing to another attraction. So when they finally get back and babygirl clifford is running in Daddy Michael’s arms who is smiling happily to see his girl after that long day. He can’t deny that he was a little worried leaving his precious little girl with his bandmates, so he asks sternly if anything happened to her and if she got lost at one time but Calum, Ashton and Luke swear that they never left her out of sight and she’s telling Michael how she met her favorite princess Belle and she got Mickey mouse ears and it was the best day in her life.

You’d be laid in bed next to half-asleep luke debating whether or not you should both go out for breakfast when he would roll over and crush you, grazing your neck with his stubble while sluggishly mumbling something along the lines of “do you think i’d look good with my septum pierced?” and you’d kind of raise your eyebrow in surprise because where did that come from?? but before you could answer he would place a clumsy kiss on the corner of your mouth and prop himself up with a grin, the idea already swept away by the thought of breakfast with his favourite person

morphine drugged calum mindlessly rambling about how much he loves you after having his wisdom teeth out and deliriously reciting compliments like “your hair lookfs so preftty” and “what did I do to deserffe you” until the dentist stuffs his mouth with more cotton just to shut him up, leaving him to play with your fingers and moan through a mouthful of gauze about how his head feels like a fishbowl

She’s kinda hot ships

Since 5sos is doing some shit I thought I’d do some ships for y’all lovelies <3

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Drinking buddy: LH | AI | MC | CH

Cuddle buddy: LH | AI | MC | CH

Who kiss the other first: YOU | HIM

Who says “I love you” first: YOU | HIM

Who takes takes the other on spontaneous trips: YOU | HIM

Who cries more than the other at movies: YOU | HIM

Who takes more pictures of the other: YOU | HIM

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