I'm glad that the tumblr apps block the "gay", "lesbian", and "bisexual" tags.

Yes, you heard me; I’m glad they did it. I’m glad they censored porn in public places because it really doesn’t need to be there. You want porn? Go look at it at home.

Those three tags are swamped in porn and have been since before I joined Tumblr. It is disgusting (at least for public viewing) and is really pretty sad that it had to be done.

It isn’t an attack on gay, lesbian, or bisexuals. It’s an attempt to keep porn out of the public eye.

So shut up with your ill-informed complaints.

The fresher’s handbook for my Uni has “LGBTUA+” seriously written in it

Can somebody please tell me what in God’s name does the U stand for? I have literally no fucking clue please help.