signal boostage. also, powerful poem! so. yes.

Although it is yet to be 12:00 here, and the day has not fully ended, I will say a final birthday wish to a very inspirational fellow with big dreams and a big heart, Mr. Chris Colfer. Again Thankyou so much for being a perfect role model for the #LGBTTQ community, I don’t care what people say I honestly think that #Glee changed a part of society, or maybe not changed but added something to it. It created a big impact for people of that community and well all communities In general really, and I’d like to believe that was the main goal and I am so happy to say that you guys, hands down, achieved it. I am so proud of what you achieved Chris and I am so honored to be able to watch you progress through this life creating more goals for yourself and constantly achieving them, well at the same time encouraging and supporting others to do the same. You are truly a pure person, whether you think you have a bunch of mistakes or not. That’s just what makes you more realistic to me. You being able to admit that your not perfect, makes you a perfect example to me. For us. So Thankyou, for just being you. Thankyou for ‘subconsciously’ helping me and millions of others by living your dreams to the fullest. I love you to the core. And I can’t wait to experience what you achieve next. ~Love: the people of the world. #ChrisColfer