On Flight Rising I encountered an acronym I absolutely love, for the “invisibles” of the MOGAI/LGBT+/queer community. So, with thanks to SakuraDryad, I offer up the acronym:

BATPANDA. Bi, Ace, Trans, Pan/Poly, Aromantic, Nonbinary, Demi, Agender.

We’re here and we can recognise and support each other. <3 (Intersex folks, you may not have been in that acronym but I wanted to give you a special shoutout. You’re valuable, you’re awesome, and you’re not forgotten.)

EDIT: Thanks to the contribution of an intersex person who pointed out that a post footnote is not enough, because intersex people definitely deserve better and should not have been left out of the original acronym (for which I apologise), I’ve thought about it and come up with another possible acronym:

BATPANDANII: Bi, Ace, Trans, Pan/Poly, Aromantic, Nonbinary, Demi, Agender, Neutrois, Intersex, Indigenous genders (for culture-specific genders like two-spirit.)


Dear Anon,

First off, I’m sorry for taking such a long break and not getting to this request. I’m a buttface.

Anyways, I think it’s great that you’re brave enough to confide in someone, that takes a lot of courage. It doesn’t matter whether you do it on anon or not, it’s still the same you talking about it. You know, whenever I get requests having to do with a character coming out, it always makes me think. Like…wow, isn’t it just amazing there’s such a variety of sexualities out there? I mean, there’s tens and tens of them a lot of us don’t even know exist. But this…this is how it starts.

Things like these use a way to get something like that out there. It may start with just one person, but it can just grow and spread throughout the community. Ever hear the term “it’s hard to kill an idea”? It is. Millions of people are living secret lives that nobody knows about, and they can be really good at it. Yet there are still others that are labeled as something they aren’t, which, depending on the situation, could be equally frustrating. It has to be hard living your life as someone you’re not, and you’re the only one who knows. Or maybe a select few know, but you hide from others so they won’t see you as odd. Broken. Disgusting. Different.

Each day there is more signs of awareness and acceptance sweeping across the world, and this “may” be just my opinion here, but that is absolutely fucking fantastic. Things aren’t really that bad compared to several decades ago. Homosexuality was seen as a horrible disease, and anyone with it was dangerous. Heck, it was even contagious. You were sick in both ways, in the head, and in the body. It was illegal, but that didn’t really seem to stop everyone, did it? If it did…then why are there people like that still here today?

Don’t you dare give up, ever. Even if all hope is lost and no one will listen. But don’t you worry, I know for a fact that will never happen.

I’ll listen.

What you’ll more than likely experience once you’re on testosterone.

1.You’re gonna sweat A LOT,You’ll sweat when you do any kind of physical activity,You’re gonna sweat if you work out,prepare food,get out of a shower,You’re pretty much gonna sweat all the time.Be prepared to change your clothes especially your shirt several times a day.Remember stay hydrated.And most importantly keep lots of deodorant on hand.

2.You’re gonna be horny all the time.You’ll be attracted to every man or woman you see or whatever gender(s) you’re attracted to.You’ll be turned on in the strangest situations by the strangest things and at the strangest times.There’s not much advice to give ya besides take care of it yourself or find a lover.Even then your lover/partner won’t be able to keep up with you until your hormones balance so you’ll have to go solo at times lol.

3.You’ll have a lot of emotional changes,Whether it be lack of emotion or greater emotions.You’ll more than likely still feel all the emotion you did before,You just probably won’t be able to cry even in the most stressful emotional situations.It’s ok though,If people say you’re being insensitive because you can’t cry doesn’t mean you aren’t feeling the sadness,anger,loneliness etc just as much.

4.Anger is something everyone in general need to watch and keep under control,But going from estrogen to testosterone is a huge hormonal change,And testosterone does make anger higher.You need to get people in your life to tell you if your anger is getting out of control if you aren’t aware of it so you can get it under control.If you are having trouble managing it any kind of sports,video games,fishing,household repairs,cooking,painting,building things etc are great ways to focus your anger and turn it to something calming and positive.

5.Hair is going to sprout up everywhere.You’ll have hair you never thought anyone ever could grow.I have hair on my back,my arms,my legs,my ass and basically everywhere.And if you’re like me and was excited about being hairy it’s not as great as you think,You stink worse and if you shave it’s gonna itch like you have a rash or something.Plus in the summer it’s basically like a bear wearing clothes,It’ll make you feel like you’re gonna pass out and sweat to death at times.

6.Get prepared to buy new clothes.It doesn’t matter if you’re muscular,Heavy,skinny etc.You will need to change sizes because everything will change in shape.Thrift stores can benefit greatly until you get to a steady clothing size.

7.No matter what your chest size is it will lose a lot of fat.It will bug the hell out of you because more than likely it’ll be loose skin somewhat like if a big guy looses weight and has the man boob skin left over.In my opinion i hate it worse than my chest before but until top surgery you have to learn to cope.The plus side of it is it makes binding less difficult and probably will have to go down a binder size.

8.Dysphoria can worsen,I and many others i know have worse dysphoria about chest and genitals after T.I think it’s due to the fact that when you feel and look so masculine and start to pass well you get way more angered about what shouldn’t be there.But it’ll be alright just breath and take it one day at a time.

9.When you first start T and probably your first year you will have growing pains from hell.You truly don’t know growing pains and won’t fully understand it until you start T.It sucks but it’s oh so worth the pain.

10.You will always feel like you need to stretch and it will be sorta painful if you don’t.Working out and stretches every morning will help lessen it.

11.You’ll be tired a lot.You’ll get extremely tired after pretty much any physical activity whether it be sex ,working out,yard work doesn’t matter.You’ll need to take a nap every now and then to get used to the change.And going to bed a little early couldn’t hurt either.

12.When you take your T shot it’ll take a while to get used to it.It’ll probably hurt like a bitch the first few months,But after a while you’ll build up thick skin where you usually do your shot and it’ll hurt less (in my experience at least.And when you do your shot do it right before bed because personally it makes me have a rush then crash and i knock out within an hour.

13.I’m not sure if this is everyone,But from my experience i have way more trouble focusing now.I can be mid conversation and tune out without even meaning to.It’s not that i don’t care about what the person is talking about,It’s that i have the attention span of a marble.

14.You probably won’t be as offended by insults and stares.I get fed up at times,But i usually brush it off now.I used to cry constantly if i was made fun of or stared at,Now i tend to find myself laughing at the fact an idiot has nothing better to do than make fun of me.If someone says something rude i just say something witty back or smile and say hey,Then they have nothing to say back because they’re stank asses got caught and didn’t get to me.

15.You will have dumb ideas.You know how most fail videos of guys doing stupid things are 99 percent of youtube and funny video shows? I’m now sure that it is an idiot male thing.Men can be smart,But i’m pretty confident in my belief that testosterone has to have one draw back and that is that we don’t always think before we decide to rig up stupid stunts and do stupid things before we actually do them.

16.You will go through a phase where you question everything you enjoy.Every band,song,movie,show,hobby you will question.You’ll probably still love them after a while but it does take time to transition from one hormonal mindset to another and shouldn’t feel bad if there’s things you liked that you just don’t care for as much now.I think it’s pretty normal.

17.You will expect to become what you imagined yourself as a man when you get your first shot.It’s normal,But don’t beat yourself up because you don’t look like a model after one shot of T.Building your body how you want it takes time and patience.

18.Your period could continue up to 6 months on T.Mine stopped at two months and that’s the norm usually.If it’s still there past 6 months go to the doctor asap there could be problems.Oh and you will get cramps even when there’s no blood.I still do at times and they make me feel sick.And until you get all that shit out of you ,you’ll more than likely get cramps from time to time.

19.Your facial hair will come in at it’s own pace.It comes in based on genetics and how your body responds to the T.It can come in within a few months or a few years.Don’t fret over it because it’ll just make you stressed and beardless vs just being beardless.It ain’t worth stressing bro.

20.Your voice will probably start cracking about two months in.It can take a few months to a year or more for your voice to get to where it’s gonna be.Your voice will crack from time to time during a conversation even when it’s as deep as it’s gonna get.You’ll also have a sore throat and a slight cold for a while when it starts changing.

21.Pimples,They will literally pop up everywhere.You will have pimples on places you never did before.Also when new hair grows in don’t be surprised if you have a pimple for every hair you get.Also ingrown hairs are very common.

22.You will be hungry and thirsty all the time.Keep something to drink on hand at all times.As far as hunger eat low calorie filling foods and lots of protein to avoid pigging out constantly.The occasional fat boy day is cool though.

I’m not sure of anything else at the time to give you advice on but if anyone has any questions i’m here for you.All i can say is be patient and everyone reacts differently to hormones.Don’t be too upset if you don’t have a super deep voice or if you’re not super hairy,You’ll be fine,Just be you and it’ll all come together in time.

I’ll hold your hand when it threatens to break apart. I’ll lay next to you when you’re on the ground and I’ll help you to get up when you determine to look in the future. I want to feel your taste on my lips, because it’s my home. Because you’re my home. I want to be the reason why you fight, why you look positive in the future, why you smile. I’m here for you when you face your biggest fears. Trust yourself, I’ll always stand behind your back.
—  me, for my girl

Man one big thing that bothers me the most about the LGBTQIA+ youth of today is how little we know about HIV/AIDS. This is a huge part of our history, and something that is on going. It’s not a thing of the past. It still effects our community greatly and we need to be knowledgable about it so we can do our best to eliminate it. We need to read up on our history, as well as read up on the disease itself and how to prevent it.

So here’s some reading material to get you started:

History of the LGBTQIA+ community and HIV/AIDS:

Signs and Symptoms of HIV/AIDS:

HIV/AIDS Prevention:

But seriously, do your own research too. Ignorance is not bliss in this situation, ignorance is the chance that you will end up being victim to HIV. Even if you aren’t a part of the LGBTQIA+ community this is still something you should read.





















Save this gif and make it your tumblr picture or banner on Twitter or Facebook and any other social media to show that those in Orlando fight for their lives or those who already lost theirs are NEVER going to be alone. This will haunt our community forever and we can not let this action go unjustified.

Sigils for the LGBTQUIA community

The Orlando shooting affected us all and here in the @nachoaveragepagans chat we decided to make some sigils to aid in healing, protection, and justice. You can use all of them or some or one, depending on your needs and aims.

This is a protection sigil for LGBTQUIA folk, made by @druidpixie.

This is a sigil for healing for the LGBTQUIA community, made by Mystic Mars.

For justice, we decided that @problemglyphs‘s Hex of Obsolescence was proper because it was created in response to a trans person’s need for the ideas of those oppressing them to not outlive them. Right now the voices and ideas of bigots are crescendoing and threatening to wipe us out. Making them not matter, making their ideas never take root, making their voices fall on deaf ears: that’s a very valuable magical measure right now. Anyway, I linked to it so you can use it for this purpose if you want.

Then there’s this sigil that I made ( @da-at-ass ) which uses/charges/calls upon all three at once, if you want to pull them all together and do some combo work:

Use them as you need to and stay safe, find happiness, heal.